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SITES: Chaosmen, Cockyboys, Hot House, Raging Stallion, Str8 to Gay

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Three Wishes, Scene 4

Starring Beaux Banks, Riley Mitchell, Teddy Torres, Tegan Zayne, and Woody Fox
Raging Stallion Studios

May 4, 2018

"Tegan Zayne finds himself home alone and decides to hit the sex club. He's barely gets in the door when he runs into Woody Fox standing by the lockers with his uncut dick in his hand. The two exchange glances and soon Tegan is on his knees servicing the hung stud's big cock and balls. As Tegan continues sucking on Woody's dick, they can hear another couple having sex nearby. They decide to explore the club and come across Teddy Torres getting railed by Riley Mitchell. Woody and Tegan find a spot near the new couple and as Riley pounds away on Teddy's ass, Woody gets behind Tegan to fuck him deep. Teddy and Riley don't wait for an invitation to join the fun and soon Riley and Teddy have their dicks down Tegan's throat as Woody continues to fuck him. Tegan loves being the hole to be used by every other dick in the room as the guys all take turns on his face and asshole, pounding away to get their own satisfaction. All the hot action surrounding him makes Woody the first to blow. He dumps his load all over Tegan's face and as Riley laps it up; he's the next to go. Watching Tegan get his face doused in cum is all it takes for Teddy to let loose. He covers Tegan's hairy patch of pubes with creamy white ropes before Tegan is the last to blow. Tegan is left as a sloppy, sticky mess covered in the loads of four extra-hung studs."

WATCH Three Wishes, Scene 4 Starring Beaux Banks, Riley Mitchell, Teddy Torres, Tegan Zayne, and Woody Fox











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Three Wishes, Scene 2

Starring Jason Vario and Tegan Zayne
Raging Stallion Stuidos

April 23, 2018

"Tegan Zayne is running from a bad experience with Seth Santoro's spell gone wrong. He's about ready to do something drastic on the edge of a cliff when he's saved by hunky stud Jason Vario, who appeared magically in the desert. Jason brings Tegan back to his luxurious home. The minute they get in the door, grateful Tegan makes it known that he wants to suck his rescuer's big, hard cock and opens his mouth wide to take the massive uncut meat down his throat. Tegan eagerly slobbers and gags as Jason tames Tegan's jaw. The big cock tastes so good that Tegan pulls out his own to jack it as he continues eating every inch that Jason can slam in his face. After getting his cock sucked hard, Jason is ready to reward Tegan for his hard work with a giant creamy load to his face. Jason explodes all over Tegan's beard, and once he's covered in cum, Tegan can no longer hold off. He jacks his rod until he sprays the floor with his own freshly pumped jizz. Will Tegan take Jason's offer of a better life simply in return for sexual monogamy? Will Tegan be able to stay loyal if he accepts the offer?"

WATCH Three Wishes, Scene 2 Starring Jason Vario and Tegan Zayne

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Three Wishes, Scene 1

Starring Seth Santoro and Tegan Zayne
Raging Stallion Stuidos

April 20, 2018

"Tegan Zayne is trapped in a life that is going nowhere and he's wishing for a way to make it better. He meets up with Seth Santoro, who offers a magical spell to turn Tegan's life around. Without a second thought, Tegan takes a drink of a potion as Seth performs some rituals including submitting to his giant cock. The two hung studs take turns sucking dick until they're both throbbing hard and ready for more magic. To satisfy his hunger, Tegan gets down and spreads Seth's ass cheeks and rims him until Tegan is ready to get fucked. Seth is happy to give the young stud what he wants and lies back on the bed as Tegan hops on to ride Seth's giant rod. Tegan bounces up and down, taking it deep until Seth is ready to fuck Tegan his way. He bends Tegan over the bed and slides his throbbing cock deep into the hunk's hairy hole and slams away until he's ready to blow. Tegan needs Seth's load and turns around to take every last drop on his beard and lips. With his face dripping in cum, Tegan gives himself permission to let go and blasts his load all over the sheets. Will this be enough for the spell to work, or will this be the beginning of something much more sinister?"

WATCH Three Wishes, Scene 1 Starring Seth Santoro and Tegan Zayne

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Shut Up and Fuck Me!, Scene 5

Starring Spencer Whitman and Tegan Zayne
Raging Stallion Stuidos

April 9, 2018

"Tegan Zayne's hard cock is ready for action when he tells Spencer Whitman to 'get down there'. Spencer does as he's told and gets down in front of the hairy hunk with his mouth opened wide. Tegan grabs Spencer's head and fucks his face, commanding him to take it deeper and to suck his balls. 'Faster!' Tegan yells out, making sure the horny stud sucks it just the way he likes it. Tegan is hard as a rock and needs to feel Spencer down his throat. Spencer is happy to oblige Tegan's needs and sits back to offer up his giant cock and big hairy balls. Tegan is so cock-hungry that he can hardly contain himself as he slobbers and chokes on Spencer's fully erect pole. Tegan is like a sucking machine, taking it deep down his throat as ropes of spit trail down Spencer's thick shaft and drip off his sack and onto the floor. Spencer's fuzzy crotch is a slobbery mess of Tegan's cock sucking expertise and using Tegan's mess as lube, he jacks his rod until he drops his load in Tegan's thick, bushy beard. Tegan has done his job well and when he gets a taste of the hung stud's jizz, he stands up and gives himself permission to let loose. Tegan sprays a geyser, shooting up into the air and slathering Spencer's face with a massive pent-up load that the two eat up with a kiss."

WATCH Shut Up and Fuck Me!, Scene 5 Starring Spencer Whitman and Tegan Zayne







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Shut Up and Fuck Me!, Scene 4

Starring Giovanni Valentino and Tegan Zayne
Raging Stallion Stuidos

April 6, 2018

"Tegan Zayne gets on his knees to take Giovanni Valentino's big monster cock down his throat. It's a tight fit but Tegan manages to get it all down as he chokes and gags and slobbers all over the girthy member. Giovanni doesn't relent and keeps a steady pace face fucking Tegan's open mouth until he's ready to try the young stud's fuzzy ass. Giovanni plants his face deep in Tegan's hairy hole and gets him to spread it wide. After a nice long rim session, Giovanni is ready to fill Tegan with dick. Giovanni slips his cock inside the hairy hunk and pumps away, going balls deep with his extra thick rod. Tegan wants to ride Giovanni's dick and hops on to bounce up and down as his cock and balls flop in all directions. Giovanni gives Tegan a few good slaps on the ass before he's ready to bust. Tegan senses a good mouthful in the works and hops off to take a load on his face. Giovanni lets loose and covers Tegan's beard with a massive wad of cum that clings to his beard and drips from his lips. With Giovanni's cum all over him, Tegan pounds his meat until his cock erupts and covers his hairy crotch with sticky, creamy jizz."

WATCH Shut Up and Fuck Me!, Scene 4 Starring Giovanni Valentino and Tegan Zayne

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Clothing Optional, Scene 1

Starring Hector de Silva and Tegan Zayne
Raging Stallion Studios

January 19, 2018

"Tegan Zayne and Hector de Silva meet up in nothing but their bath towels at the clothing optional spa. Without wasting time, the hunks swap some quick spit, skip the foreplay and head right to the dick sucking. Tegan is the most cock-hungry of the two and gets on his knees to get his greedy face stuffed with Hector's super hard cock. As Hector gets harder, his instincts take over and he fingers Tegan's hairy hole until it's open and ready for more. Tegan can't wait to get Hector's monster up his ass and he mounts up on the stud to ride him hard. Tegan always needs it deeper and harder and after riding Hector's pole, he lets the hunky stud take control and fuck him on his back. Hector uses Tegan like a toy and pumps his hairy asshole until Tegan dumps his load all over his own fuzzy, toned abs. Hector isn't one to be left behind and squats over Tegan to get his asshole licked as he jacks his uncut rod all over Tegan's thick black body hair. Tegan needs one last taste and sucks the last few drops from Hector's swollen cock before the two kiss the taste of jizz away."

WATCH Clothing Optional, Scene 1 Starring Hector de Silva and Tegan Zayne

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24 Hour Boner

24 Hour Boner, Scene 5

Starring Aleks Buldocek and Tegan Zayne
Raging Stallion Studios

January 5, 2018

"Tegan Zayne is still hanging out on the bathroom floor playing with his dick through ripped jeans from his last cocksucking encounter when Alek Buldocek walks in and catches him in the act. No words are exchanged as Alek cracks a beer and lets Tegan suck his monster cock. Tegan takes it all the way down as he gags and slobbers all over Alek's curved shaft and giant balls. After getting nice and hard, Alek bends Tegan over the bathroom floor and spits his beer on Tegan's hairy asshole to lube it up for what's about to come. After licking the beer out of Tegan's fuzzy crack, Alek stands up and slides his big rod deep into the horny bathroom pig on the floor. Tegan moans out with every thrust from the tatted muscle daddy filling up his hole. Alek picks up the pace to make Tegan squirm even more as his hole gets stretched and used. Tegan begs for Alek to fuck him harder as he rolls over onto his back. 'Fuck the load out of me,' Tegan whispers as he drains his balls all over the dark fuzzy patch of hair crowning his spent cock. Alek sees the pleasure he's brought to Tegan and blasts a massive load to mix with Tegan's."

WATCH 24 Hour Boner, Scene 5 Starring Aleks Buldocek and Tegan Zayne

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