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ALIAS: Cason
SITES: Gayhoopla, Hot Guys Fuck, Thunders Arena


Muscle All-Star Max Warner Shows Off And JERKS OFF

Featuring Max Warner

January 1, 2018

"What a way to start 2018. Max Warner's body is one of the best we've ever seen. He's body proportions are almost perfect and his face is one you want to wake up to every morning. Max Warner has probably the best ass we've also ever scene shaped to perfection. Can anyone introduce a better model in 2018! Just Wow!"

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Max Warner Fucks Rachel Ford

Featuring Max Warner and Rachel Ford

June 11, 2018

"Oh boy, oh boy...

Member favorite, bodybuilder, All-American, STUD Max "Work of Art" Warner is finally back to smash mega hottie, Rachel Ford.

Max is definitely the hottest guy Rachel has ever fucked. She just couldn't stop staring at him in awe! Rachel felt like a VERY lucky girl when she walked in and saw this giant Adonis waiting to ravage her.

Talk about soaked panties.

This guy is so massive that he makes Rachel look like a rag doll next to him... and Rachel isn't just going to be standing there. Max tosses Rachel's petite body around and does with her as he pleases. Oddly enough, Rachel never complains once... Imagine that! Her mission is to do whatever it takes to PLEASE this handsome alpha male HUNK.

Enjoy watching this gorgeous couple have some hot, sweaty, passionate sex! Any video starring either of these two is a must watch... Is it too early to talk about 2018 scene of the year??"













Real-Life Fitness Couple FUCKS: Max Warner And Jennifer Roy

Featuring Jennifer Roy and Max Warner

January 19, 2018

"Well Fuck... How do you top a scene like this. Max Warner & Jennifer Roy are unbelievable. This real life teen fitness couple's bodies are fucking amazing. Could both of them quite possibly have the best bodies of all the guys and girls on the site? These 2 fuck so passionate like they've been doing for years. They fucked so hard, that Jennifer drew blood from scratching Max's thigh so hard. Max returned the favor finger blasting her so rough, that she squirted all over the place. These 2 animals fucked like they were trying to win an Oscar... and shit they may have. The good news is for those who actually read this description, you will get to see more action from Max coming soon. Comment below and let us know what you thought of this ALL-STAR pairing. I rank this video in our TOP 5. Fucking Fire!"













Mat Wars 110

Featuring Loki vs Cason
Thunder's Arena

"Bearhug fans, have we got a match for you! We begin with a test of strength, a good old fashioned arm wrestling competition! Cason locks up with Loki (Sean Cody's Stu), a former swimmer/pro bodybuilder turned wrestler. The vet struggles in the rookie's viselike grip as Loki's bigger, bulging biceps easily overpower Cason's arm. "I'm waiting for you to start pushing!" They switch arms, but it's same outcome. "So how does it feel to lose to swimmer?" asks Loki. "I couldn't care less. I still own this ring." The rookie poses, "Is that why you're so small? I'm a little bit thicker, a little bigger!" "Thicker is the right word," laughs Cason. "Show me a front double!"

The naive rookie flexes as Cason sneaks up and traps him in a tight full nelson. Loki groans in pain as he's dragged around the ring. "You're lite!" The muscle beast flexes out but is taken down in a cradle so tight he is eating his knees. "You're flexible; I'll give you that!" admires Cason. Loki breaks away rolling the vet to his back but can't keep the big man down. They tie up. Cason wraps his powerful pythons around Loki in his signature bearhug pinning the rookie's arms to his sides. The bodybuilder struggles but is able to slide his hands around Cason's waste and returns the favor. They break away each getting a small taste of each other's true power. The muscle titans lock up again, and 3 minute BEARHUG BATTLE breaks out! Muscles popping, sweat pouring, grunts and groans, these big boys are out to destroy each other. Cason ends the battle with a takedown straddling Loki's gorilla sized chest, "How's it feel to be on the bottom? Strong little beast!" The rookie pushes the vet off him, straddles him, pinning him down, "You gonna give up?" Cason moans, "You're a fat dude bro!" "Fat? I'll show you how powerful I am!" Loki delivers a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors. "You give?" "No, I don't give. Let me out!" Cason tries gut punching Loki's rock hard abs to break the hold, but it's not working. "How's me being fat working out for you now? You're about to take a nap!" The muscle beast takes his scissors to the mat. Cason's face begins to turn red; his muscles powerless to escape the grip, and the vet taps out!

Loki flexes his mountain of muscles as Cason lays on the mat in pain. "You messed my neck up!" The muscle Adonis is PISSED he was forced to tap out to a rookie and takes him down in a RIB-CRUSHING body scissors. "Too easy, you can't be missing those ab days!" Cason slaps Loki's muscle gut. "At least i'm not skinny like you!" groans the rookie. "What do they call you?" asks Cason. "Thick" moans Loki. "We'll take that. You're not gonna get out of it!" The muscle beast tries escaping Cason's TREE TRUNK quads, but the vet is too strong. Time for this rookie to learn a lesson. The behemoth rolls the bodybuilder on top of himself in a belly to back sleeper/scissors combo. Loki struggles to breath and tries to escape. "Stop squirming. Go ahead and give!" "Screw you!" Next a full nelson/scissor combo, Loki's breathing becomes more difficult as Cason struggles to keep his hold on. "Big head too, nothing on you is small!" "That's why I said thick," groans the rookie. The bodybuilder escapes, and the fight continues: cradles, gut punches, a CRIPPLING camel clutch! One of these muscle bulls will face the ultimate submission: a final BACK-BREAKING bearhug lifted high in the air. Their thick muscles go limp as they scream in pain powerless to break away and end up passed out on the mat Who will be left standing?"










Battlespace 105

Featuring Viking vs Cason

"It’s a glorious sunny afternoon in Florida and Cason is by the pool, working on his tan and working out his abs. Muscles pop and bulge as he does crunches and leg raises, his body seemingly carved out of marble! As if that wasn’t enough, he’s doing it all in the skimpiest of trunks! Cason flexes his newly-pumped physique, the sun shining down on his bulging biceps like it’s his personal spotlight! But Cason isn’t alone – never one to be outdone, Viking (James Jensen) works his abs too. His long, muscular torso is ripped to shreds as he tenses and flexes his abs and obliques!

The two musclehunks move into the shade and continue flexing, this time side by side – checking each other out, they match poses for pose! Cason brings his arms up for a double bicep, his ab vacuum reminiscent of Golden Age physiques! Viking’s ego starts to show as he gets up close and personal with the musclestud – suddenly, Viking slips behind Cason and hammer locks his arm! Cason is not prepared for this – Viking twists and turns his arm every which way, before moving to a headlock, humiliating Cason with a noogie! Cason manages to spin out of the hold, but damage has already been done. Viking revels in his confidence, again tensing his abs as if a challenge to the young bodybuilder. Cason is obviously impressed, but he’s not exactly lacking in that department either! Viking goes for another sneak attack, but this time Cason is ready and reverses, locking Viking’s arm up behind his back! Viking’s impressive abs are on full display as Cason works his arm – Viking absorbs the wrenching hold, putting his other arm behind his head and flexing his obliques for the camera – cocky and humiliating! Cason keeps the painful hold on, but Viking slowly reverses out of it, trapping Cason in his own move in the process! Then Viking switches to a devastating Full Nelson, his muscle inexorably bearing down on the musclestud until the combination pain and heat are too much for Cason to handle – he slumps lifeless to the mat as Viking looks on, a foot planted on Cason’s back in mocking victory!

But the day is not done, and neither is Viking – he poses over Cason’s prone body as the musclehunk comes too – “You think you’re all that?” asks Cason as he fires a cheap shot into Viking’s balls, sending the big man crumbling to the mat! Cason shows off his MASSIVE biceps as Viking grovels on the mat – you know Viking isn’t going to take this lying down! Cason pulls Viking up to his knees, clamping on a tight sleeper hold – Viking fades, getting weaker and weaker until he goes out!

It’s all even as Viking wakes up, only to find himself in Cason’s headlock. Viking works to escape as Cason holds on for dear life – but it’s not enough as Viking escapes the hold and slaps on a headlock of his own, CRUSHING Cason’s head with his rock-hard biceps! Viking follows up with a sleeper hold of his own, but he doesn’t want to put Cason out yet – he releases it just in time to trap the stud in a standing headscissors! Sleeper holds, scissors, chokes, nelsons and more muscle on display than you can handle! Who wins? You do!"

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