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Hot Tub Fourgy

Featuring Dillon Diaz, Deep Dicc, Manuel Skye, Nico Santino

December 21, 2018

"Things are about to get wet and wild! Get ready for the hottest interracial sex with the hottest guys in a Fourgy fuckfest! Including the deepest dick sucking, and most intense ass fucking. It doesn't stop till everyone is cumming! Do not miss this Noir Male exclusive!"

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Beach Rats of Lauderdale, Scene 2 (BAREBACK)

Featuring Manuel Skye and Roman Todd
Falcon Studios

January 18, 2019

"It's a windy, stormy night in Fort Lauderdale when dealer Manuel Skye joins Roman Todd in the hot tub. Roman's ready to make a transaction, but he wasn't expecting Manuel to put the moves on him and expect more than the cash. When Manuel takes Roman's cock in his mouth, Roman knows he's going to have to give it up to close the deal. The two studs move it to the bedroom where Roman takes over sucking on Manuel's thick, uncut dick. With Roman's lips wrapped around Manuel's cock, he takes it to the next level by bending the tatted bad boy over to rim his ass. Roman can't get enough of Manuel's dick in his mouth and the two 69 on the bed until Manuel is ready to fuck. Roman bends over to take every inch of Manuel's raw cock deep inside his body. It's a tight fit but Manuel manages to slide it all the way in. The hung stud plows away on Roman's hole bareback until Roman decides to sit on the big dick. Manuel keeps pumping hard as Roman sits and takes every inch from the horny stud. After planting his dick deep into Roman's ass, Manuel is ready to unload. He rolls Roman onto his back and plugs away until he fucks the cum out of Roman's throbbing cock. Manuel loves seeing Roman covered in cum and takes a taste of his customer's fresh jizz. With Roman's load on his tongue, Manuel pulls out to blast Roman's smooth hole and balls with a creamy load of his own. When all is said and done, Manuel licks up all of the remaining cum and finishes Roman off with a cum-filled kiss and a stash of weed."

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HHSN: Exposed, Scene 2

Starring Devin Franco and Manuel Skye
Hot House

October 3, 2018

"Devin Franco is waiting patiently in Manuel Skye's office for his photo shoot with Hot House Sports Network. It's taking way too long and Devin is bored so he starts jacking his hard dick. It doesn't go unnoticed by Manuel who decides to help Devin alleviate his boredom by giving him something to suck on. Manuel sticks his stiff cock deep into Devin's face and pumps away until he's ready to take a taste of Devin's hard meat. Manuel slowly works his way around to Devin's bubble butt and slips his tongue and fingers deep into the horny hunk. He works Devin's ass, opening him up and getting him ready for the massive, raw, uncut cock that he's about to receive. When Devin's hole is open and ready for entry, Manuel stands up and slams his bare cock and balls deep inside. Manuel immediately slams the young stud hard, giving Devin exactly what he wants and needs. After switching positions a few times, Manuel is ready to blow. He pulls out and slathers Devin's junk with a seemingly never-ending flow of cum that he scoops up with his dick and fucks back into Devin. Manuel's warm cum getting fucked deep into his ass is the trigger for Devin to blow. With Manuel pumping deep in his ass, Devin lets loose and shoots his load all over his own tight body."

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Beards, Bulges & Ballsacks!

Beards, Bulges & Ballsacks!, Scene 3

Starring Manuel Skye and Rikk York
Raging Stallion Studios

June 30, 2017

"Rikk York is smoking a cigarette next to a barrel fire in a seedy alleyway. He isn't wearing anything but a leather vest and big black boots. Dirty muscle daddy, Manuel Skye, approaches the hung stud and rubs his cock through his jockstrap as he gives Rikk a peek at his giant, meaty sack. The two muscled up hunks start making out and rubbing beards until Rikk squats down and takes Manuel's big boner down his open throat. Manuel's low hanging balls swing between his legs as he face fucks Rikk's greedy mouth. Rikk needs his hairy asshole serviced and spreads his cheeks to let the daddy get all the way into the pink with his fingers and long, experienced tongue. Leaning back, Manuel savors Rikk sitting on his throbbing pole. Manuel takes over and pounds the stud's hairy bubble butt, stretching him to the limits. Rikk bounces and grunts as every last inch of the monster cock goes in and out of his tight body. Spreading his legs as far as they'll go, Rikk lies back as Manuel stands above him and keeps a relentless steady pace of thrusting his pelvis deep into the hairy hunk. After all the ass reaming, the guys jack their cocks together. Manuel is the first to let loose and shoots a whooper of a load that hits his own face and sticks in Rikk's big, black beard. They kiss and share Manuel's load as Rikk's dick oozes thick, white cum into his hand and all over his fuzzy crotch. Manuel rubs the sticky jizz into Rikk's hairy chest and they continue kissing and swapping cum as they rub their drenched bodies together."

WATCH Beards, Bulges & Ballsacks!, Scene 3 Starring Manuel Skye and Rikk York

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Two Dick Minimum, Scene 1

Starring Manuel Skye and Mick Stallone
Raging Stallion Studios

April 14, 2017

"It's a quiet night at the local cruise bar, which means that studs Manuel Skye and Mick Stallone can do as they please without interruption. As Mick works the pool table, Manuel works the bulge in his jeans. They approach each other and begin kissing deeply with lots of tongue. Mick grabs Manuel's nipple, then his ass. Undoing Manuel's belt and freeing his enormous cock, Mick eagerly drops to his knees and services Manuel's hard meat and hefty balls. Turning around and leaning against the pool table, Manuel gives Mick a taste of his sexy ass for a deep rim job. Rolling on his back, Manuel takes Mick's cock deep and hard. As Mick fucks him, Manuel strokes his thick cock, then pulls his legs wide apart to increase Mick's penetration. Moving to the bar, Mick bends over and takes Manuel's cock from behind. As Manuel picks up speed, Mick's ass jolts with every impact. The intense pounding brings Manuel to the brink of cumming, and he pulls out to shoot a massive, spectacular cumshot that drenches Mick's back with thick ropes of spunk. Perching himself on the bar, Mick strokes his boner until he flings his load into Manuel's open mouth. Standing up, Manuel makes out with Mick, sharing the taste of cum on his lips."

WATCH Two Dick Minimum, Scene 1 Starring Manuel Skye and Mick Stallone

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