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Daymin Voss


SITES: Raging Stallion Studios, TitanMen

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Furgasm, Scene 1

Starring Daymin Voss and Drake Masters
Raging Stallion Studios

August 31, 2018

"Bartender Drake Masters is slinging drinks when Daymin Voss enters without words. Daymin can't resist touching Drake's rock-hard, hairy body and Drake responds by reaching down to grope Daymin's massive bulge. That's Daymin's cue to get on his knees to take Drake's thick hairy cock down his throat. He services Drake with an urgency, getting the rough and tumble muscle hunk hard as a rock. Daymin needs a taste of Drake's hairy asshole and bends the stud over to spread his cheeks. When both furry hunks are worked up and sweaty, Drake is ready for dick so Daymin slides his throbbing cock deep into Drake's hole. He pumps away and enjoys the feeling of Drake's warm hole surrounding his big dick. It's Drake's turn to feel Daymin from the inside and bends the stud over to plunge deep into his hole. Drake keeps pounding in and out until Daymin's furry hole makes him ready to blow. Drake pulls out and dumps a load of creamy cum all over Daymin's big sack and hairy taint. Drake isn't quite done yet. He wants a taste of Daymin's load and gets in front of the stud to get what he deserves. Daymin drains his balls all over Drake's beard and face to finish off the furry fun at the bar."

WATCH Furgasm, Scene 1 Starring Daymin Voss and Drake Masters

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Raging Stallion Vice


Vice, Scene 5

Starring Daymin Voss, Derek Bolt, and Kurtis Wolfe
Raging Stallion Studios

March 9, 2018

"Daymin Voss walks in on Derek Bolt and Kurtis Wolfe making out in police headquarters. Their lowered inhibitions lead to a hot confession and Derek taking on both hung studs. Kurtis gets on his knees and takes turns servicing the two hung muscle hunks in front of him, taking their cocks in and out of his warm, wet mouth. Derek and Daymin both want a taste of Kurtis, so they bend him over a desk and lather their tongues in his willing ass. Kurtis loves every second of all the attention but wants to stick his dick in any available hole. Derek is happy to offer up his body and sits down on Kurtis' massive fuck stick. Derek rides up and down as he sucks on Daymin, getting a dick in each end. Daymin is throbbing hard and wants more than a mouth to satisfy his needs. He bends Derek over and shoves his dick deep inside the muscled-up cop to plow away as Derek once again, gets both holes stuffed with cock. Derek's bubble butt feels amazing and Daymin pulls out to soak Derek's balls with jizz. The sight of all that cum makes Kurtis blast his load right after. Daymin opens his mouth wide and takes every last drop of the hung stud's cum before he finishes off the fun with his own load on his smooth, ripped body."

WATCH Vice, Scene 5 Starring Daymin Voss, Derek Bolt, and Kurtis Wolfe

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Raging Stallion Vice

Vice, Scene 4

Starring Daymin Voss and Damian Taylor
Raging Stallion Studios

March 5, 2018

"Vice cop Damian Taylor is at police headquarters with detective Daymin Voss. Daymin tells Damian that he 'wants to do gay shit' with him. Damian takes his fellow blue brother up on the offer and frantically unbuckles the detective's belt to release his big hairy dick. Damian takes it in his mouth and sucks it like his life depends on it as he rips off his clothes. Daymin's primal instincts kick in and he's soon the one begging for cock down his throat. The hairy muscle studs peel off the rest of their clothes and Damian takes his position in a chair. He opens his legs wide for Daymin to get in with his mouth as he makes the hung detective gag and cough by stuffing his face with dick. Daymin is like a machine, sucking and slurping and spitting all over as he services the thick shaft and big balls in front of him. His steady pace and talented tongue bring Damian to the brink and he pulls out to spray Daymin's face with cum. Covered in Damian's load, Daymin pounds away on his ready-to-burst cock until he polishes the floor with buckets of sticky white jizz."

WATCH Vice, Scene 4 Starring Daymin Voss and Damian Taylor

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New Rules, Scene 2

Starring Dirk Caber And Daymin Voss

March 14, 2018

“I’m always a bit of an early riser,” says Dirk Caber as houseguest Daymin Voss greets him good morning. “I see you are, too!” he smiles, grabbing the bulge in Daymin’s shorts. They head inside, groins grinding before Daymin deep throats his host. Dirk fucks his face, then plants his nose to Daymin’s bush. They swap another round, Dirk’s ass then swallowing the muscle top’s cock. Dirk’s rock-hard boner slams Daymin’s fuzzy groin as he rides, the top then getting him on his back. Daymin jacks a load out of Dirk as he fucks him (“You’re a big cummer! Jesus!”), then gets fucked by the virile and versatile daddy—Daymin coating himself as they share a final kiss."










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Newr_action_DayminDirk_0086 Newr_action_DayminDirk_0094

Newr_action_DayminDirk_0102 Newr_action_DayminDirk_0205

New Rules, Scene 1

Starring Daymin Voss & Julian Knowles

March 7, 2018

"Julian Knowles and Daymin Voss find alone time on their anniversary getaway. Daymin squeezes Julian’s ass as they kiss, their pecs rubbing. They strip down to their jockstraps, Daymin soon feasting on Julian’s meat—getting a kiss as he comes up for air. Daymin teases Julian, whose tongue is extended waiting to be fed. Daymin whips his dick on his lover’s mouth—then offers his ass, the verbal bottom moaning with each thrust (“That’s so fucking thick…shit, you’re hitting my prostate!”). Julian gets on his back to get plowed, then sits deep down on Daymin before squirting on his hairy stomach—the top then firing off a hot facial on the jock before sharing a wet kiss."


Beef, Scene 1

Starring Liam Knox & Daymin Voss

January 10, 2018

“Nice ink,” admires Liam Knox to fellow construction worker Daymin Voss. Liam shows his own tattoo as they flex. “What do you think?” asks Daymin. “I think we ought to fuck,” says Liam, the two kissing as their hairy bodies grind. Daymin slurps Liam’s boner, getting a kiss as he gasps for breath (“Get every inch of that!”). Liam sucks him back—his nose tickling Daymin’s bush. Liam fingers and rims the jock, then pounds his hairy hole before sitting on Daymin—hard as a rock as he rides. Liam pounds Daymin on his back, the bottom’s body shaking as he gets it deep from the sweaty top. Daymin squirts over his hairy stomach and arm before Liam douses his dick.

Beef_action_1_LiamDaymin_0004 Beef_action_1_LiamDaymin_0006

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Beef_action_1_LiamDaymin_0125 Beef_action_1_LiamDaymin_0154

Beef_action_1_LiamDaymin_0170 Beef_action_1_LiamDaymin_0204











Big Brother, Scene 2

Starring Jason Vario & Daymin Voss

November 22, 2017

"Jason Vario wakes up Daymin Voss, who’s running late for their workout. “I’ve always looked up to you like a big brother,” says Daymin, gazing deep into the muscle man’s eyes. Replies Jason: “There’s nothing wrong with a little brotherly love.” Daymin is soon choking on the alpha’s massive rod, then tongues his hole. Jason sucks the hairy hunk back, then slobbers on his crack before ramming the verbal bottom, who arches back for a kiss. Daymin tops him back, his ab fur slamming Jason’s hole. Jason turns over to take it , his balls soon covered in cum. He feeds it back to the top—then shoots all over his face."

Bigb_action_2_JasonDaymin_0378 Bigb_action_2_JasonDaymin_0384

Bigb_action_2_JasonDaymin_0396 Bigb_action_2_JasonDaymin_0415

Bigb_action_2_JasonDaymin_0433 Bigb_action_2_JasonDaymin_0440

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