Kaleb Stryker (2)
Pierce Paris (4)
Brett Dylan


SITES: Chaosmen, Colby's Crew, Falcon Studios



Service Me!, Scene 4

Starring Alex Mecum and Brett Dylan
Falcon Studios

April 27, 2018

"Brett Dylan is frustrated trying to assemble his new furniture so he calls hunky handyman Alex Mecum to come over and help. Brett is doing his best to help but keeps getting distracted by Alex's stunning looks and impressive assets. Alex notices the glances and goes for it, locking lips with Brett as they feel each other up. Brett rips Alex's clothes off and sinks to his knees to service the fat cock in front of him. Alex feeds the hungry hunk his cock until he decides his own taste of Brett's tight hole. Licked and lubed from end to end, Brett begs for Alex to stuff him with his thick rod. Alex gives Brett what he wants and eases his massive dick into Brett's welcoming hole. Brett takes a hard pounding doggy style before moving to his back to give Alex full access to drilling his prostate. Alex keeps pumping hard until Brett nuts all over his own abs leaving Alex to blow his load on Brett's chest."

WATCH Service Me!, Scene 4 Starring Alex Mecum and Brett Dylan

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Service Me!, Scene 2

Starring Brett Dylan and Pierce Paris
Falcon Studios

April 16, 2018

"Pierce Paris comes to the tanning salon to get a little darker. Attendant Brett Dylan accidentally walks in as Pierce is applying some tanning lotion. Since he's already there, Pierce asks Brett to get his back with some lotion. Brett's hands wander from Pierce's strong back, across his abs and down to his dick. Pierce lets the horny stud keep exploring, and soon Brett is on his knees slurping on Pierce's giant cock. Pierce returns the favor and gets Brett out of his uniform to showcase his own cocksucking skills on Brett. Pierce keeps working his mouth up and down Brett's shaft until Brett unloads thick ropes of cum on Pierce's face. With Brett's load dripping from his face, Pierce stands up and jerks his cock until he busts in Brett's open mouth."

WATCH Service Me!, Scene 2 Starring Brett Dylan and Pierce Paris

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A Night At The Entourage


A Night At The Entourage, Scene 3

Starring Brent Corrigan and Brett Dylan
Falcon Studios

February 19, 2018

"Brett Dylan is cruising the halls of the sex club when he happens to walk by Brent Corrigan. There's no question that Brent is ready for some fun, so Brett drops to his knees to take Brent's hard dick in his mouth. The dick tastes so good that Brett can hardly control himself as he continues to work the shaft and head up and down. Brett makes sure to give special attention to Brent's balls as well. Brent is so horny that he needs a taste of Brett's delicious bubble butt. He spreads the cheeks apart to get in deep with his tongue. With each lick, both studs grow hornier and soon, Brent decides to taste what Brett's front side has to offer. Brent sucks on Brett's throbbing cock, taking it deep as he jacks his own rod. Brett loves the feeling of Brent's lips tightly wrapped around his swollen dick, but he's not going to leave without the one thing he craves most. Brett gets back down in front of the hung stud to finish what he started. He keeps a bobbing up and down until he gets the cum reward he craves the most in his cock-hungry mouth. Brent's load on his lips puts Brett over the edge and he polishes the floor with his own thick ropes of cum."

WATCH A Night At The Entourage, Scene 3 Starring Brent Corrigan and Brett Dylan

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A Night At The Entourage, Scene 1

Starring Brett Dylan and Sean Maygers
Falcon Studios

February 9, 2018

"Sean Maygers is horny as hell at the bathhouse cruising guys who check out his bulging biceps as they pass by. Sean is being picky tonight as he waits for just the right guy to come along. When Brett Dylan passes him in the hallway, Sean claims his prize and pulls Brett into a private playroom. Brett celebrates his luck by getting on his knees to service Sean's extra large member. Brett is hungry for as much dick as he can get and opens up wide to get Sean all the way down his deep throat. When Sean is as hard as he can possibly be, he bends his new young stud over and eats his irresistible bubble butt to get it nice and loosened up. Sean can't take the anticipation of getting inside Brett any longer and slides his fully erect cock deep into Brett's eager ass. The two studs pant and moan as Sean keeps a steady pace giving Brett a hard pounding. After stretching out Brett's hole, the studs switch up their positions for maximum penetration and end with a grand finale, Brett bent over and Sean fucking him from behind. Sean drills down onto Brett's g-spot with his throbbing hard-on and fucks the cum right out him. After giving all he can, Sean pulls out and sprays a massive load all over Brett's hot and spent ass."

WATCH A Night At The Entourage, Scene 1 Starring Brett Dylan and Sean Maygers

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Mojave Heat, Scene 2

Starring Brett Dylan and JJ Knight
Falcon Studios

January 19, 2018

"JJ Knight and Brett Dylan are alone in the desert when they take some time to hit the sheets. The ripped jocks kiss and lick each other until their clothes come off and the real fun begins. Brett can hardly contain the anticipation of seeing JJ's massive dick for the first time as it bounces out of his tight jeans. Brett gets to work servicing JJ, making sure to pay attention to every inch of the hung stud. Brett gets JJ horned up and ready for his ass while he bends over to 69. JJ loves what he sees when Brett spreads his cheeks and goes deep with his tongue to open Brett up. When both studs are ready to go, Brett hops on top of JJ and takes him deep inside his fuck hole. Brett rides the smooth monster dick until JJ takes control and bends Brett over for maximum penetration. JJ enters the hunk from behind and pumps deep as Brett moans out in ecstasy. With JJ still keeping a constant pace behind him, Brett is the first to let go and shoot all over his own body. JJ takes his cue and pulls out to cover Brett's face with cum. With the taste of JJ in his mouth and the sight of JJ's body shuddering from the intense climax, Brett releases a second load, adding to the mix that covers his satisfied body."

WATCH Mojave Heat, Scene 2 Starring Brett Dylan and JJ Knight

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Come play with my balls... (16)

Come and Play With My Balls… Basket Balls

Featuring Brett Dylan and Joey D

May 11, 2017

"Joey D is waiting on the court for Brett Dylan and his buddies to show up to shoot a few hoops. Brett, arriving a bit late and alone, explains that the rest of the guys bailed. So, with little time left, they get down to shooting some hoops. After a while Joey announces that he needs to get going. Brett asks if he’s off to hook up with his GF and Joey’s, pretty bluntly, replies that he’s dropped her because she wouldn’t blow him. Brett laments Joey’s predicament. As Joey tanks back some water, Brett senses an opportunity and makes a move on his ball buddy. Out in the open, on the court, the boys lock lips. Joey seems quite pleased as Brett gets down on his knees and springs lose Joey’s stiff curved cock. As Joey’s muscled body and washboard abs tilt back against a post, he is lost in the ecstatic blow job his buddy is providing. The stud wastes no time in getting his cock-sucking buddy to turn and offer up his butt for a hot tongue lashing. Brett’s hole is getting lubed up and worked up for the impending fuck. He squirms and pants as Joey is spreading his cheeks and prodding his boy’s hole open. Joey is ready to fuck and proposes that they hit the shower. As they move inside, Joey takes his turn at his buddy’s dick, blowing Brett’s stiff tool. There’s no water running, but the heat still rises in this shower stall. Brett is just itching to get a stiff cock in his ass, and Joey is more than happy to oblige. The hungry bottom bends forward, first grasping the wall, then clasping his knees as his studly fuck buddy takes him for a ride. Brett still needs more cock. He moves onto all fours, giving Joey even easier access to his hungry hole. As they keep shifting positions, Brett is loving every thrust he’s getting! He jacks off a load in no time, spewing his jizz across the stall. Spent, he spins around onto his knees with Joey’s cock whiskers away from his mouth. Joey then fires off his load, shooting streams of white batter all around, as his buddy plays with his emptying balls. Now’s the time to get the water running!!"

Come play with my balls... (2)

Come play with my balls... (3)

Come play with my balls... (9)

Come play with my balls... (13)

Come play with my balls... (20)

Come play with my balls... (23)

Come play with my balls... (25)

Come play with my balls... (11) Come play with my balls... (8)

Come play with my balls... (15) Come play with my balls... (18)

Come play with my balls... (21) Come play with my balls... (24)

Adam Cub & West: Serviced


February 17, 2016

"I really couldn't tell if Adam Cub was nervous about getting head from a guy for the first time. He is very professional, calm, and had his mind up that he could do this. After doing cam shows for guys, he knew he would eventually level up to full-on porn.

I had the TV on for him to start with, but after West got in there and got his cock hard, he spent most of his time with his head thrown back in ecstasy, or watching his dick get sucked, with an occasional glance at the porn playing.

The most noticeable thing about this serviced videos, is it really looks like Adam is being electrocuted throughout this video! West learned quickly to focus on his cock head, and that kept Adam on the edge of cumming. Adam is literally vibrating throughout this video!

Occasionally West would slow it down, fearing he might make him bust too soon.

West tries to get some rimming in, but you can tell it was tickling Adam too much. He sure does try to stay still, but he can't help but jump away. Whiskers are tickly!

The cum shot is crazy! Adam jerks around with giant spasms. West loses his grip but got back on top of it with his mouth and jerks the rest of his load out. Droplets of cum flying everywhere, with West sucking down most of it.

Adam conquered getting head, and now say he will Top a guy. He isn't ready to suck back so will give him one pass. But I really want to see this hot muscle stud fucking the heck out of a dude! "














West: Solo


July 13, 2015

"When Aubrey came in to do his solo, his boyfriend drove him over. When he came in, I quickly asked him why he was not wanting to do some adult video, to which he replied, "I was hoping you'd ask!"

We waited a couple weeks for his pubes to come back a bit more. For those of you who get mad at me about the pubic shaving, often scolding me that NO ONE is shaving their pubes anymore, well I beg to differ. Gay or Straight, I constantly have to wait for them to grow back, and even deduct pay if they show up without them.

West didn't have to wait too long as they were not aggressively trimmed. He was super eager to please you all, and was excited to start playing on camera as soon as possible.

He also arrived ready to go. He was not nervous at all, and was all set to bust a nut.

West has an amazing smile, and I would say it is his secret weapon when out in public. He is of Black Irish decent, so his hair is a deep black, and his teeth practically glow in his dark features.

His cock is a solid six, and he has great twisty jerk-off technique that allows us to see him stroke his cock.

West is a versatile Top and as a Top he is actually used to cumming in an upright position. He strokes his cock up on his knees until he shots a massive load all over the bed."

1607_chaosmen_west_solo_hires_006 1607_chaosmen_west_solo_hires_017

1607_chaosmen_west_solo_hires_023 1607_chaosmen_west_solo_hires_025

1607_chaosmen_west_solo_hires_046 1607_chaosmen_west_solo_hires_060