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What Do You Think Of This? Featuring Alex Tanner and Justin Matthews

What Do You Think Of This?

Featuring Alex Tanner and Justin Matthews
Next Door Studios | Next Door Taboo

November 20, 2019

"New step-brother Justin Matthews might have just arrived home from school, but he's already up to something as soon as he gets there. For Alex Tanner, his blissful life as an only step-child is about to get a lot more interesting, when he finds out his step-brother is not only packing a big, hard dick, but that he's also willing to share. Alex is confused. His brain is telling him it's wrong, but his hard-on is telling him it's right. If Justin has his way, he knows which one Alex should listen to right now. Enjoy!"

Caught You Bro

Featuring Alex Tanner and Dacotah Red
Next Door Studios | Next Door Taboo

November 20, 2019

"As he watches his step-brother from the door, Alex Tanner rubs his cock through his shorts. Step-brother Dacotah Red has a huge dick, and Alex is really turned on watching him stroke it. But he leans in a little too close and manages to hit the door. Dacotah hears him and tells him to stop hiding. Alex, caught red-handed, reveals himself as Dacotah tells him he doesn't have to hide. Embarrassed, Alex tells him they shouldn't be doing this, but Dacotah insists that no one will know, and that everything will be fine. Alex is hesitant but he decides to give into Dacotah's offer. Will they have enough time before someone comes home? Will their parents find out? Alex doesn't know the answer to these questions, but he does know that he's finally got his shot to fuck his big brother's meaty cock, and he's ready to risk the consequences for such a sweet reward. Enjoy!"

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Sneaky Fun

Featuring Alex Tanner and Charlie Pattinson
Next Door Studios | Next Door Originals

April 5, 2019

"Alex Tanner has a secret, and his name is Charlie Pattinson. Alex's parents don't know about Charlie, and that's exactly how he'd like to keep things for the moment, but Charlie's cock sure is tempting. Alex doesn't want to get caught, but he can't stop imagining Charlie's thick meat inside his mouth, sliding down his throat, then flipping him over and pounding him until he can't take it any longer. He decides to sneak Charlie in for a quickie, and Charlie proves to be quite the back door man, stripping Alex out of his clothes and sucking him off before fucking his brains out all over the bed. Alex doesn't know why he waited so long to invite Charlie in, but now that he's there, he's making it his. He fucks the cum out of Alex, who moans without fear of getting caught as Charlie blasts him with his back door load, before sneaking out the same way he came. Enjoy!"

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Secret Obsessions

Featuring Alex Tanner and Steven Lee
Next Door Studios | Next Door Raw

February 23, 2019

"When Alex Tanner comes home from work, the last thing he expects to find is roomie Steven Lee spread out on the couch jacking off to gay porn, but there he is, smiling wide on the sofa with his dick out. Alex spies on him, rubbing the bulge in his pants while fantasizing about all the things Steven could do to him with that hard dick of his. He imagines taking Steven upstairs, and sucking him off as he strips out of his clothes. He imagines Steven eating his ass before using that big cock to pound Alex every which way he can. He pictures kissing Steven hard on his mouth before Steven proceeds to finish the job, fucking the cum out of Alex before dousing him with his hard earned load. Alex can see all of it so clearly, the only thing left to do is turn fantasy into a reality. Enjoy!"

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Is it Cheating Now? (BAREBACK)

Featuring Alex Tanner and Quin Quire
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

October 11, 2018

"Since their impromptu threesome, Quin Quire hasn't seen much of Alex Tanner lately, but when he finally tracks him down, he notices Alex is wearing a pair of fuck me shorts that just scream for attention. Quin tells Alex he's ready to do it again, and Alex tells him it was a one time thing, but his eyes say something else entirely, and Quin follows him upstairs, throwing him down on the bed as he rips off Alex's shorts and dives into his pink little hole face first. He tongue fucks Alex and then sucks him off, and once he's satisfied his craving, he face fucks Alex and then bends him over, shoving his hard cock deep into Alex Tanner, fucking him all over the bed before pulling out and feeding him his load. Quin tells Alex he can be in a relationship as long as Alex will still be his little fuck slut, and Alex, covered in jizz, licks his lips and agrees. Enjoy!"

WATCH Is it Cheating Now? (BAREBACK) Featuring Alex Tanner and Quin Quire


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Caught in Love - Part 1

Featuring Alex Tanner, Jackson Cooper, and Quin Quire
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

September 6, 2018

"Seeing his secret boyfriend is sans parents for the moment, Jackson Cooper steals his way into Alex Tanner's house and surprises him in the kitchen, telling him they should get busy while the getting is good. Alex is hesitant at first, but Jackson is very convincing as he kisses his way down Alex's neck, quickly stripping him before sucking him off on the kitchen island. As he does, their mutual friend, Quin Quire, makes his way to the front door, but ceases to knock when he sees his two buddies naked and sucking each other off. He surprises them, and caught red handed, Alex and Jackson admit that they've been seeing each other in secret for quite some time. Quin asks if maybe he can share in their secret, fondling his package through his jeans. Alex sees the outline of Quin's cock and quickly decides that they can share. Before Quin knows what's happened, he's gone from fantasizing at the doorway to being right in the middle of it. One moment he's got both of them sucking him off, the next moment he's got both of their cocks in his mouth. He throws Alex back on top of the island and eats Alex's ass, moistening it up before sliding his raw cock into Alex's waiting hole. Alex takes it full to the base as Quin fucks him slowly at first, then faster and faster as Alex intermittently moans and sucks Jackson off. They take turns fucking Alex every which way. Jackson pounds his hole before pulling out and feeding Alex his load. Alex swallows as Quin spins him around and fucks himself to the edge. He pulls out and unloads on Alex's face. Cum covered, Alex shoots his load as the two of them watch, and it sprays all over his body. The three of them laugh as a way of bonding over their newly shared secret. Enjoy!"

WATCH Caught in Love - Part 1 Featuring Alex Tanner, Jackson Cooper, and Quin Quire


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Rental Romp

Featuring Alex Tanner and Charlie Pattinson
Next Door Studios | Next Door Raw

April 4, 2018

"One look at his rental guest and Alex Tanner realizes he's made a good decision. His renter, Charlie Pattinson, is only in town for a night or two, and Alex intends on making his stay as pleasurable as possible. Charlie was just looking for a nice spot to rest his head at night while he's in town, but when he comes home and finds Alex nose deep in his underwear, Charlie realizes he's about to get a lot more than he bargained for. Alex proves to be quite the gracious host, and he proceeds to take care of Charlie's every need, downing his cock in his mouth and working Charlie's hole with his finger before turning around and giving Charlie all the ass access he could hope for. Charlie doesn't squander the offering, plunging his raw cock deep inside Alex' hole, pounding him all over the bedroom. Alex rides his dick like a champ, and Charlie wonders if Alex treats all his guests this way. Charlie, in turn, gives Alex a healthy helping of that good dick, fucking the cum out of him as Alex moans and squirms on the tip of Charlie's cock. Charlie pulls out and shoots a massive load all over Alex, who rubs the cum into his skin and smiles at the setting sun. 'We still have the rest of the night to go,' he says to Charlie, who realizes he might have to extend his stay a little longer. Enjoy!"

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Bangin' Boss

Featuring Alex Tanner and Jason Richards
Next Door Studios | Next Door Raw

March 14, 2018

"Alex Tanner has almost got this job in the bag. Potential boss Jason Richards' initial impression of Alex is that he'd be a perfect employee, but Jason wants to see if Alex has the necessary initiative that the position requires. Alex quickly proves that he's comfortable in multiple positions, and Jason is impressed with his flexibility and versatility, but what really impresses Jason is that Alex seems to be unafraid of doing the hard work necessary to satisfy his duties. Jason can see that Alex would bring quite a set of skills to his team, and his hands-on approach to the job as Jason very excited. It's safe to say that Alex has nailed this interview, but it'd be more accurate to say that this interview is nailing Alex."

WATCH Bangin' Boss Featuring Alex Tanner and Jason Richards

Bangin' Boss Featuring Alex Tanner and Jason Richards

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He's Got A Secret

Featuring Alex Tanner and Markie More
Next Door Studios | Next Door Raw

January 27, 2018

"As he watches his wife pull away for a day of errands, hubby Markie More struggles with his conscience and his desire. Fumbling with his wedding band, he decides to give in to his desire, and shortly after, Alex Tanner arrives at his house. Alex knows all about Markie's straight life, but he doesn't care. As long as Markie gives him that good straight boy dick, Alex is just fine with the arrangement. Markie obliges, sucking Alex off with a hunger that only exists in being deprived. Unleashed, Markie feasts on Alex's cock before tonguing his hole in anticipation. Once it is nice and moist, Markie plunges his raw cock all the way inside, filling Alex up with his nice hard on and taking Alex to pound town. He fucks Alex all over the bed as Alex moans his approval. Alex takes the lead and mounts Markie's cock, bouncing up and down on it before falling off to his side, where Markie fucks the cum out of him. Alex jizzes all over the bed where Markie and his wife sleep at night, but Markie isn't thinking about that at all anymore. Instead he watches Alex lose his nut before pulling out and blasting him with his own pent up load. It coats Alex nice and thick and they both laugh as Alex asks Markie when his wife will be gone again."

WATCH He's Got A Secret Featuring Alex Tanner and Markie More


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