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Aiden Ward & Sebastian Green

Featuring Aiden Ward & Sebastian Green

August 3, 2021

"Aiden Ward returns and he's with Sebastian Green making his pro porn debut with us at CockyBoys! Sebastian is a dom top and versatile Aiden is more than ready do what he's told..right from the start. He watches and feels the bulge in his crotch as Sebastian lies back on the patio, rubbing his hard chest and his growing cock. Aiden waits but when he pulls out his fully hard cock to stroke it, Sebastian gestures for him, saying "Come here, boy".

Aiden kisses Sebastian passionately making his cock jump and he takes the obvious hint to suck it. Sebastian loves it while encouraging more from Aiden with sex talk, holding him by the hair to guide him and face-fucking him to make him choke. When he does Sebastian kisses Aiden and reciprocates, marveling at his big cock and sucking every inch. He comes up for air just once to tell Aiden "damn boy!

Sebastian lays on more deep, passionate kisses and soon after turning Aiden around, he goes down to eat his hole. After prepping him with spit lube & finger probes, he makes sure Aiden wants his cock and then fucks him. Sebastian pounds Aiden's hole like he owns it...because he does! and when Sebastian deems it's time, he flips him on his back to fuck him.

Sebastian drills Aiden but also treats him like a good boy by stroking his cock and even as he pounds him, Sebastian deep kisses him. It's when he fucks him from the side that Aiden tells Sebastian what he already knows, "it's yours". Soon Sebastian pulls out, leans him back and shoots his load over Aiden's hole. Breathlessly, Sebastian gives Aiden permission to shoot his load and after he does, he gives him another big kiss. And as Sebastian looks down at Aiden's face, they both know that was GOOD!"

Aiden ward-sebastian green-5974

Aiden ward-sebastian green-6175

Aiden ward-sebastian green-6012

Aiden ward-sebastian green-6053

Aiden ward-sebastian green-6074

Aiden ward-sebastian green-6104

Aiden ward-sebastian green-6213

Aiden ward-sebastian green-6233

Aiden ward-sebastian green-6249

Aiden ward-sebastian green-6283

Aiden ward-sebastian green-6291

Aiden ward-sebastian green-6321

Aiden ward-sebastian green-6340

Aiden ward-sebastian green-6372

Aiden ward-sebastian green-6375

Aiden ward-sebastian green-6408

Aiden ward-sebastian green-6455

Aiden ward-sebastian green-6466

Aiden Ward & Jacen Zhu

Featuring Aiden Ward & Jacen Zhu

June 9, 2021

"Jacen Zhu is back! He brings joyful energy to Cocky Boys and makes a fun & sensual connection with Aiden Ward on the path to a passionate flip-fuck. Their chemistry is instantaneous when they start kissing and making out, enjoying each other's bodies as well as their lips. Aiden's mouth soon makes its way down Jacen's bod to suck his cock down to the base and make him softly moan with pleasure. Jacen wants to give Aiden pleasure too, so they ease into a 69 where Jacen eats his and tongue-fucks hole while Aiden continues to savor his cock.

At one point, Jacen is almost giddy as Aiden brings him to close to the edge, so they slow down and switch it up. Jacen sucks Aiden's ever-hard cock and Aiden fucks his mouth in response, again getting close to the edge. Aiden resume sucking Jacen in a 69 but soon he's rimming him while Jacen gulps down his cock. Jacen only stops when Aiden fingers his hole, and while he is eager to get fucked it's Aiden who goes first by sitting on Jacen's cock and riding him deep.

Aiden bounces up and down on Jacen's cock and takes his deep thrusts and they get into a groove. Jacen has to stop before he orgasms, but Aiden's tight hole around his shaft will not be denied as Jacen shoots his load inside Aiden! As he slides his cock out of Aiden, Jacen's thick load starts to ooze out BUT he's not done. Still hard, Jacen fucks Aiden on his back and pounds deep, riding the crest of his sexual stamina as they kiss passionately. And yet, seemingly tireless Jacen keeps going flipping Aiden on his stomach to get on top of him and drill him deep and neck with him.

Finally, Jacen slows down so Aiden can take the reins and fuck him. Still reeling from the unexpected thrill of being bred, Aiden wants to return the favor, so he gets Jacen on his back to plow him intensely. Aiden is a fuck machine, partly fueled by passion kissing and Jacen's vocal encouragement, but it's when he takes Jacen' hole from the side that he reaches the point of no return. Aiden pulls out to shoot his load between Jacen's muscular thighs then finishes his orgasm inside his hole. Jacen is all smiles once again as they kiss with Aiden's cock still resting inside him."

Aiden ward-jacen zhu-

Aiden ward-jacen zhu-10

Aiden ward-jacen zhu-13

Aiden ward-jacen zhu-17

Aiden ward-jacen zhu-19

Aiden ward-jacen zhu-23

Aiden ward-jacen zhu-24

Aiden ward-jacen zhu-28

Aiden ward-jacen zhu-31

Aiden ward-jacen zhu-34

Aiden ward-jacen zhu-38

Aiden ward-jacen zhu-53

Aiden ward-jacen zhu-65

Aiden ward-jacen zhu-69

Aiden ward-jacen zhu-72

Aiden ward-jacen zhu-74

Aiden ward-jacen zhu-76

Aiden ward-jacen zhu-85

Aiden ward-jacen zhu-86

Aiden ward-jacen zhu-87

Aiden ward-jacen zhu-89

Aiden ward-jacen zhu-91

Aiden Ward & Declan Blake (BAREBACK)

Featuring Aiden Ward & Declan Blake

November 12, 2020

"Meet sexy Declan Blake who makes his studio porn debut at CockyBoys with Aiden Ward! As you'll find out their happy chemistry is the result of some hot previous experiences and just reminiscing about it brings them joy...and gets Aiden rock hard! And so after some brief making out Declan is eager to start sucking him.

Declan savors all of Aiden's cock and hungrily sucks his big balls, licks his pits and nipples and makes out with him again. They soon get locked into hot 69, in which Declan deep-throats Aiden and keeps at it even as he gags. reflex kicks in. Aiden's desire for Declan's memorable hole takes over and with Declan bent over the bureau he tongue fucks & cock-teases it, all to Declan's vocal delight before he pounds him.

Aiden thrusts in deep and no matter how hard he fucks, an ecstatic & vocal Declan just can't get enough. Eventually Aiden takes Declan over the edge of the couch where drills him in a pile-driver. Aiden can't get enough either and gets Declan to ride his deep-thrusting cock and bounce up and down with increasing momentum.

With the sexual heat at fever pitch Declan shoots his big load over Aiden and milks out every drop, happily satisfied. But his hole is ready to satisfy Aiden who fucks him on his back again. With Declan cheering him on, Aiden keeps going until he pulls out, cums over his hole and breeds him. Declan's broad smile says it all but when asked if he's happy and told that Aiden destroyed his hole, Declan has a simple answer: 'Fuck Yeah!'"

Aiden ward-declan blake-256

Aiden ward-declan blake-558

Aiden ward-declan blake-162

Aiden ward-declan blake-383

Aiden ward-declan blake-46

Aiden ward-declan blake-564

Aiden ward-declan blake-270

Aiden ward-declan blake-7

Aiden ward-declan blake-67

Aiden ward-declan blake-415

Aiden ward-declan blake-468

Aiden ward-declan blake-212

Aiden ward-declan blake-235

Aiden ward-declan blake-92

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Aiden ward-declan blake-139

Aiden ward-declan blake-614

Aiden ward-declan blake-412

Aiden ward-declan blake-482

Aiden ward-declan blake-238

Aiden ward-declan blake-329

Aiden ward-declan blake-347

Aiden ward-declan blake-463

Aiden ward-declan blake-242

Aiden ward-declan blake-406

Aiden ward-declan blake-519



Aiden Ward & Shane Cook (BAREBACK)

Featuring Aiden Ward & Shane Cook

February 19, 2020

"Shane Cook & Aiden Ward are into each other from the get-go,especially when their desires mesh: Aiden wants to be controlled & manhandled and that's just what Shane likes. Wrapped in his arms Aiden is extra-excited watching this and everything going forward happen in the mirror. As Shane grinds his bulging crotch against him he releases Aiden's big boner and it isn't long before Shane is choking him the way he wants it while Aiden jacks his cock excitedly.

Shane soon sits back and gets Aiden show him his hole so he can play with it while Aiden teases his cock. After a little more passionate manhandling makes Aiden even harder, Shane takes the challenge of sucking & swallowing his big dick. He perseveres prompting Aiden to take the "bigger" challenge of sucking Shane's beercan cock. He too persists, only stopping for an acrobatic 69 and Shane's rimming, before sitting on his cock and riding him.

Aiden rides Shane's cock both ways before giving up control. Shane savors Aiden's stretched out hole, then lays him on his tummy to slobber on his cock. He then pounds him in a version of the "bumper cars" position before pounding Aiden on his back. Adding a little choking & toe sucking spice, Shane doesn't stop until he's fucked a load out of him. Finally as Shane lies back, he pumps his cock giving Aiden a big thick facial and sharing a big kiss.

And still Shane is rock hard presenting Aiden with a temptation he can't resist so of course goes back to sucking him. Did this lead to an off camera "round two"? Our lips are sealed."

Aiden ward-shane cook-8937

Aiden ward-shane cook-8972

Aiden ward-shane cook-8982

Aiden ward-shane cook-9017

Aiden ward-shane cook-9035

Aiden ward-shane cook-9044

Aiden ward-shane cook-9069

Aiden ward-shane cook-9095

Aiden ward-shane cook-9101

Aiden ward-shane cook-9114

Aiden ward-shane cook-9139

Aiden ward-shane cook-9157

Aiden ward-shane cook-9199

Aiden ward-shane cook-9228

Aiden ward-shane cook-9341

Aiden ward-shane cook-9373

Aiden ward-shane cook-9396

Aiden ward-shane cook-9414

Aiden ward-shane cook-9433

Aiden ward-shane cook-9465

Aiden ward-shane cook-9475

Aiden ward-shane cook-9525

Aiden ward-shane cook-9579

Aiden Ward & Manuel Skye (BAREBACK)

Featuring Aiden Ward & Manuel Skye

January 25, 2020

"Aiden Ward really likes it when a hot, older takes control and tells him what to do and that's just what he gets from Manuel Skye in this condom-free scene. Not long after joining Manuel in the shower, as ordered Aiden is on his knees sucking his cock & balls. A pleased Manuel sucks him back, finger-probing & rimming him at the same time. But Manuel soon needs more room and bends Aiden over the sink to rim him more and suck his engorged cock from behind.

Manuel gives Aiden a taste of his oozing precum then eases his cock into him and fucks him hard, totally owning his ass. Manuel stops only once to give Aiden another taste of precum & eat his hole again before pounding him hard. Carrying him to bed. Manuel slides Aiden over the edge of the bed to tease his hole and get him to suck him in this acrobatic position---which Aiden stays in to take Manuel's deep cock thrusts. Manuel finally puts Aiden up on the bed to rim, suck him, and finger fuck him again before giving him more passionate pounding.

Manuel again takes a time out to probe & eat Aiden's hole before resuming his relentless drilling and pinning him down. Manuel also picks up Aiden to fuck him in mid-air, lower him slowly and feed him more pre-cum. At last Manuel fucks a big load out of Aiden, sucks him dry & licks up the rest. Manuel then turns Aiden on his tummy to screw him to the bed until he goes over the edge and erupts in a mammoth gusher all over Aiden. What Manuel doesn't feed Aiden, he fucks into him..and he again eats up and shares with Aiden is one last cummy, satisfied kiss."























Aiden Ward & Nico Leon (Bareback)

Featuring Aiden Ward & Nico Leon

September 26, 2019

"There's more condom-free fun at the Camp CockyBoys pool, this time with Nico Leon & Aiden Ward! After getting Aiden hard & teasing him, Nico gets him to suck him while floating atop the huge peacock pool inflatable. Soon Aiden climbs aboard the raft to relentlessly suck Nico so well that Nico just has to pleasure him right back. BUT, Aiden wants more.

Aiden flips over Nico to rim his hot ass and get it wet for fucking...just as Nico begs. Aiden slides in his cock and fucks him slow and deep, but soon picks up speed with a rhythm created by the rocking pool toy. And actually Aiden's pounding propels the raft forward in the water. After deep drilling him, Aiden flips Nico over on his back to propel them into the middle of the pool!

Eventually they return to the shallow end where Nico returns to hungrily suck Aiden as he lies back on the side of the pool. Soon though Nico mounts Aiden's cock and rides it, along with taking his deep thrusts...in perfect sync. In no time Aiden pulls out and gives an eagerly open-mouthed Nico his load and is just as read to get a mouthful from Nico. Aiden keeps sucking Nico, stopping only to tell him this was 'so fuckin' hot'."

Aiden ward-nico leon-4007

Aiden ward-nico leon-4100

Aiden ward-nico leon-4186

Aiden ward-nico leon-4232

Aiden ward-nico leon-4251

Aiden ward-nico leon-4271

Aiden ward-nico leon-4426

Aiden ward-nico leon-4669

Aiden ward-nico leon-4724

Aiden ward-nico leon-4838

Aiden ward-nico leon-5001

Aiden ward-nico leon-5011

Aiden ward-nico leon-5036

Aiden ward-nico leon-5060




Aiden Ward & Sean Peek (Bareback)

Featuring Aiden Ward & Sean Peek

August 29, 2019

"Aiden Ward is back to power top French-Canadian Sean Peek in his CockyBoys debut! In this condom free scene Sean feels totally comfortable with confident & friendly Aiden, enough to open up verbally right from the start and exert control. After they make out Aiden goes down on Sean and gives his cock the full blowjob he virtually demands.

When it's his turn Aiden commands Sean to suck his thick cock with the same fervor. And Aiden is turned in even more watching this happen in the mirror. A brief 69 follows but Aiden soon has Sean on his back eating his ass and sucking his cock & balls as Sean wants. Finally Aiden pounds his ass and Sean revved up watching himself in the mirror and Aiden ripped body in action.

Aiden joins Sean on the bed so they can both watch themselves in the mirror as Aiden drills him sideways. They still watch as Sean starts riding Aiden's cock but as they keep going their ficus is on each other. And as Sean grinds on Aiden's thrusting cock he lets loose a powerful cumshot that glazes Aiden's chest and splatters his face. Finally Aiden strokes an intense load out of his thick cock that Sean tries to get for himself. As they kiss, Sean says it simply: 'That was hot.'"

Aiden ward-sean peek-2145 Aiden ward-sean peek-2173

Aiden ward-sean peek-2229 Aiden ward-sean peek-2265 copy

Aiden ward-sean peek-0394 Aiden ward-0285

Aiden ward-sean peek-9860

Aiden ward-sean peek-9880

Aiden ward-sean peek-9916

Aiden ward-sean peek-9930

Aiden ward-sean peek-9949

Aiden ward-sean peek-9962

Aiden ward-sean peek-9970

Aiden ward-sean peek-9973

Aiden ward-sean peek-0006

Aiden ward-sean peek-0069

Aiden ward-sean peek-0080

Aiden ward-sean peek-0125

Aiden ward-sean peek-0155

Aiden ward-sean peek-0173

CockyBoys Fans Only! Aiden Ward & Taylor Reign

Featuring Aiden Ward & Taylor Reign

August 23, 2018

"After two three-ways together, Taylor Reign finally gets Aiden Ward all to himself in a condomless CBFO outdoor flip-fuck! Lying together on a blanket Aiden feeds strawberries and kisses to Taylor, but soon he turns his attention to Taylor's cock. Aiden sucks and licks every inch and give him such pleasure that Taylor is eager to kiss him back and nearly swallow his thick meat.

After they climb out of their jeans Taylor lies on top of Aiden and they make out on a smooth path to fucking. At last Taylor gets to slide his raw cock into Aiden and deep pound his hairy hole. Aiden lies back and just enjoys the ride, his cock staying rock hard the whole time. Taylor switches over to doggy style and rises up to penetrate Aiden deeper and the rougher he fucks and manhandles him Aiden's cock gets harder...without even touching himself.

A brief interlude of kissing and they switch up their dynamic without pause. As he lies on his back Taylor gets his ass rimmed before Aiden plunges his thick cock in deep. When he switches to a scissors fuck Aiden goes even deeper grinding Taylor into submission. It makes it that much easier for Aiden to flips Taylor over into a reverse pile-driver. Aiden goes balls deep and fucks Taylor into giving himself a thick facial. Soon after Aiden creampies Taylor's gaping hole and in the afterglow takes another strawberry slides it on his hole a feeds him a cum-coated fruit bite. Wild strawberries has a new meaning now!"




















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