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Clark Campbell
Justin Dean


SITES: Bait Buddies, Broke Straight Boys, Cockyboys, Drill My Hole, Jizz Orgy

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Axel Kane Barebacks Sexy Justin

Featuring Axel Kane and Justin Dean

June 10, 2018

"Axel Kane and Justin Dean look very sexy together, and it only gets hotter once they start making out, Justin kissing Axel deeply before planting kisses all the way down Axel’s chest to his big cock. Taking that dick in his mouth, Justin sucks it, feeling it grow harder on his tongue as his pulls his lips up and down that shaft. Justin pauses to undress himself, joining Axel on the bed again and giving him a quick massage, running his hands over Axel’s thick muscles before leaning in to capture Axel’s cock in his mouth again.

Axel reaches around to finger Justin’s ass as he gets sucked off, but when Axel’s throbbing dick is ready for ass he pulls Justin toward him and pierces his hole with his bareback cock. Placing a few smacks on Justin’s ass, he drives his cock into it, fucking him hard as he climbs onto the bed and holds himself over Justin, filling him up with his prick as he pounds into him. Justin takes every inch of that hard dick, playing with himself while he gets barebacked until he cums all over himself and lets Axel feed it to him. Axel gets a few more deep thrusts into Justin’s tight ass before pulling out and shooting his load across Justin!"










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Justin Dean Fucks Xavier Ryan

October 25, 2017

"Justin Dean and Xavier Ryan kick off their scene with some light touches, but we call it off pretty quick and ask these boys to give it a second try and to make it good. While they brainstorm better ways to start their scene, they start wrestling playfully on the bed and before you know it, these two studs are making out with their clothes off. Justin goes down on Xavier, sucking on his cock and balls and then bending Xavier’s ass up and rimming his tight little hole.

After Xavier returns the oral, choking on Justin's long thick member, Justin gets him on the bed and pushes his bareback cock into Xavier’s hole, fucking him hard and deep while Xavier begs for it nice and slow, letting his ass adjust to Justin’s fat prick. Xavier climbs on top and lets Justin pound him like that, thrusting his hips against Justin’s long shaft until Justin pulls out and finishes, dousing Xavier with his cum and then putting his dick back inside until Xavier nuts too!"









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