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Grayson Lange
Hugo Castellano


SITES: Men at Play


Down n Dirty

Starring Dani Robles and Hugo Castellano

November 10, 2017

"Let’s face it—the best sex is secret sex. The smoking hot guy you’re desperate to fuck you crazy, though you’re not quite ready to introduce to friends and coworkers. Or, as in the case of Dani Robles and Hugo Castellano, the coworker you can’t let anyone else at work know you’re screwing. It’s Down N Dirty, and it’s this week’s Menatplay feature.

Secret fuckers have few options. Dani and Hugo—both stylish in suits and fit their physiques—opt for a warehouse where they work. Once they both arrive, it takes no time for them to get down to rough kissing and sloppy blowjobs. Hugo sports one of MAP’s largest cocks. Dani, a pro when it comes to big dicks, has no problem deep throating Hugo’s meat. Then it’s Hugo’s turn to thrust and swirl his tongue up Dani’s gaping hole. He practically buries his face in Dani’s taut ass.

When they start to fuck, Dani is in complete control. A bottom slut with no boundaries, Dani takes Hugo’s thick inches standing and on top. You’ll love to watch Dani ride Hugo’s stiff cock; he takes full control, and when Hugo is ready to come, alpha-bottom Dani won’t let him. Instead, he slaps another condom on Hugo and goes for another ride before busting his own geyser of cum.

Down N Dirty gives you nasty undercover sex at its best. Check it out!"


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Power Tool

Starring Emir Boscatto and Hugo Castellano

September 22, 2017

"It’s too darn hot. Despite the heat, dedicated employee Emir Boscatto has a job to do. Yet when the air conditioning in his office malfunctions, handsome Menatplay newcomer Hugo Castellano arrives, eager to assist any way he can. A man can’t work when it’s too hot, right?

And when it’s scorching hot, a horny stud has to take matters into his own hands. That’s exactly what Emir does. As Hugo tinkers with the AC, Emir, a corporate perv dressed in a dashing blue suit, pulls out his hard cock and gives it a thorough jerking while he eye-fucks Hugo. But blue collar stud Hugo is no fool: he wants his giant cock in Emir’s mouth just as much as Emir does.

Watch Hugo whip this white collar daddy’s ass for all it’s worth and tongue Emir’s hole before he pounds him good and rough the way he deserves it. Rest assured, Emir’s wide-open hole can take it! Their manic workplace fucking makes them sweaty and even hotter, but the only shower these horny men are going to get is a cum shower all over. Power Tool proves that no matter how hot it gets at work, it can always get hotter!"


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