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Raging Stallion Studios Show Hard

Show Hard, Scene 3

Featuring Drew Dixon and Sean Maygers
Raging Stallion Studios

May 14, 2021

"Drew Dixon is alone and cruising in a restroom when Sean Maygers shows up and stands at the urinal. As soon as they notice each other, Drew shows Sean his ass to let him know it's a go, and Sean turns around with a rock-hard dick. Drew likes what he sees and sinks to his knees to get a mouthful. After gagging on his restroom buddy's dick, Drew bends over to let Sean prepare his hole for a bareback pounding. After some tongue and finger action in front of the urinals, Drew bends over and Sean fills his hole with cock. After pounding him doggy-style, Sean lifts up Drew and drills his prostate. Sean doesn't ease up with the ruthless pounding on Drew's hole. While bent over, Sean keeps delivering cock until he can't hold back and shoots his load all over Drew's ass. Before Drew can get off, they hear someone pull up outside, so they grab their clothes, and scramble to get dressed and head out."

WATCH Show Hard, Scene 3 Featuring Drew Dixon and Sean Maygers















Raging Stallion Studios Show Hard

Show Hard, Scene 1

Featuring Beau Butler and Sean Maygers
Raging Stallion Studios

April 30, 2021

"Needing a release after being on the road for a while, Beau Butler pulls over at a rest stop. While he's in the stall, Beau hears Sean Maygers getting some action at the urinals. Sean catches Beau trying to peek and heads in the next stall to slide his cock thru the gloryhole. As soon as Sean's thick cock emerges, Beau is on his knees eagerly tasting Sean's meat. After sucking through the anonymous glory hole, Beau gets off his knees and backs his hot ass up on Sean's cock. They decide to ditch the barrier and take the action outside the stall. Beau gets bent over the restroom sink, so Sean can lick his hairy hole. Beau begs for more, so Sean mounts up and slides his thick meat inside Beau's hungry ass bareback. The cock sucking, ass eating, finger fucking, and pounding continues until Beau sits back on the sink and gets his ass pounded. The action hits a fevered pitch sending Sean over the edge as he pulls his cock out and shoots all over Beau's hole before pushing it back in. With his ass loaded up, Beau strokes his cock while Sean fingers him until Beau erupts all over his stomach."

WATCH Show Hard, Scene 1 Featuring Beau Butler and Sean Maygers















Raging Stallion Studios Scrum

Scrum, Scene 5

Featuring Chris Damned and Sean Maygers
Raging Stallion Studios

March 19, 2021

"After a rough game, Sean Maygers and Chris Damned head to the locker room where the rough play continues. After a quick rinse in the showers, Sean makes his move and fills his mouth with Chris' uncut pole. While Chris plays with his own nipples, Sean works Chris' inches in and out of his mouth. When the roles are reversed, Chris pulls down Sean's shorts and buries his tongue in Sean's hairy hole. Now that his hole is slick with spit, Chris works in his cock and drills Sean from behind. Bracing himself on the lockers, Sean takes the relentless, bareback pounding that Chris is delivering. They move to a bench where Sean takes an intense drilling in multiple positions before bouncing on Chris' cock until he shoots his load all over. With Sean's balls drained, Chris lays back and strokes a load out that Sean makes sure to lick up."

WATCH Scrum, Scene 5 Featuring Chris Damned and Sean Maygers















Raging Stallion Studios Scrum

Scrum, Scene 3

Featuring Eman Zod and Sean Maygers
Raging Stallion Studios

March 5, 2021

"Hoping a hot shower will help him wash away the disappointment experienced by the big mistake he made that cost his team the win, Eman Zod relaxes under the rushing water. Sean Maygers catches Eman Zod in the showers and reminds him of the mistake he made at the end of the game. When Eman talks back, Sean shows him who's in charge and pins him up against the wall. When Eman realizes what Sean is going for, he lets Sean bend down and lick his hairy hole. After getting his hole licked, Eman switches positions with Sean to deepthroat Sean's thick cock. Eman gags on Sean's hefty dick, turns around and let's Sean drive his cock deep in his crack. In mid thrust, Eman dismounts and wraps his lips around Sean's cock that was just inside of him. Sean puts his teammate on the floor of the shower and shoves his cock back in the find Eman's prostate. When Sean needs a break, Eman climbs on top and rides Sean's cock down to the base until he cums handsfree. Sean scores a thick load out of his cock that Eman takes into his mouth, sharing a kiss and his own load with Sean."

WATCH Scrum, Scene 3 Featuring Eman Zod and Sean Maygers

















Raging Stallion Studios Maximum Torque

Maximum Torque, Scene 2

Featuring Logan Stevens and Sean Maygers
Raging Stallion Studios

December 11, 2020

"Logan Stevens is busy working under the hood of a car when Sean Maygers comes over and helps himself to a taste of what's under Logan's hood. After Sean slides Logan's jeans down, his face instantly gets planted in Logan's crack. Sean quickly moves from Logan's hairy hole, over to his thick, uncut cock to deepthroat it down to the balls. After gagging Sean with his dick, Logan sinks to his knees to polish Sean's knob. Stroke by stroke, Sean's cock slides to the back of Logan's throat. After sucking Sean's cock, Logan spins him around, eats out his hole, and slides his bare cock deep into Sean's crack. Bent over the hood, Sean takes a relentless pounding from Logan's monster meat. Sean gets his hole stretched good, so now it's Logan's turn to get on his back and get his hole opened rammed bareback by Sean's rock hard gear shift. The cock slides right in and Sean keeps drilling until Logan blasts off a thick load that coats his pubes. Sean pulls his dick out of Logan's sore ass and adds his cum to the mix."

WATCH Maximum Torque, Scene 2 Featuring Logan Stevens and Sean Maygers
















Rideshare, Scene 2

Starring Sean Maygers and Seth Santoro
Raging Stallion Studios

June 29, 2018

"Seth Santoro invites his hook-up Sean Maygers, over for some casual fun. When Sean arrives, the two skip the small talk as Sean peels off his pants and hops into bed with Seth. Seth can't wait to get Sean's big cock in his mouth and opens wide to let Sean face fuck him balls deep. Seth gobbles it up, taking it deep down his throat until it's Sean's turn to return the favor. The two take turns sucking dick until Seth is ready for his ass to be stretched. Seth hops on Sean's giant cock and rides it relentlessly, grinding on Sean until he takes over and flips Seth around to fuck him on his back. Sean pounds Seth's prostate, getting himself close until he pulls out and dumps a load in Seth's eager mouth. After tasting Sean's load, Seth is the next to blow and shoots a geyser of cum all over his hairy crotch and abs. All the fucking has made Sean tired and when he falls asleep, Seth calls his fuck buddy a 'Rideshare' to send him on his way."

WATCH Rideshare, Scene 2 Starring Sean Maygers and Seth Santoro

95150_01 95150_02

95150_03 95150_04

95150_05 95150_06

95150_12 95150_13







Raging Stallion Vice

Vice, Scene 3

Starring Derek Bolt and Sean Maygers
Raging Stallion Studios

March 2, 2018

"Derek Bolt is an undercover Vice officer poking around Sean Maygers' distributing headquarters when Sean catches him in the act. Derek instantly rips off his shirt and gets on his knees to service the hung kingpin. Sean face fucks the horny cop with his massive curved dick until he's ready to give the officer's hairy hole a taste. He opens it up with his probing tongue and leaves it dripping with spit. When Sean is sure that Derek is ready for his monster cock he shoves it balls-deep inside. Sean fucks him from behind as Derek grunts and groans with each thrust from the giant cock pounding in and out. Derek wants to be on top and hops on to ride Sean's pole. He bounces up and down taking a direct hit to his prostate. Derek's tight muscled ass feels so good clenched around Sean's dick that it brings him to the point of the ultimate release. Derek doesn't want to miss a drop and hops off to offer up his face as a cum dump for Sean. Sean lets out a deep moan as he slathers Derek's face with his thick load. With Sean's load dripping down his face, Derek dumps his creamy load all over his own ripped abs."

WATCH Vice, Scene 3 Starring Derek Bolt and Sean Maygers

93447_01 93447_02

93447_04 93447_06

93447_10 93447_14








Raging Stallion Vice


Vice, Scene 2

Starring Beaux Banks, Jack Hunter, and Sean Maygers
Raging Stallion Studios

February 23, 2018

"When kingpin Sean Maygers leaves his hunky minions, Beaux Banks and Jack hunter, alone in the warehouse, Beaux ends up getting Jack's massive cock down his throat. When Sean returns, he's annoyed but decides that it's better to join in on the action than to stop it from happening. The hung studs form a pyramid of cock sucking until Sean is rock hard and ready to fuck. He bends Beaux over first and slides his giant dick deep into Beaux's eager ass. Beaux takes a major pounding until Jack decides he wants a piece of the power-bottoms ass too. Jack happily takes his turn bringing up the rear on Beaux's stretched out hole. He fucks the stud hard until he wants Sean's fat cock in his ass too. Jack positions himself in the middle with Beaux's sore hole in front of him and Sean's throbbing pole up his ass. The three fuck until all of them are ready to nut. The studs form a circle and pound their meat when Sean declares that he's going to be the first cum. His cock squirts a massive load and as it hits the floor, Beaux follows along to add his jizz to the mix. The sight of both throbbing cocks spraying everywhere is all it takes for Jack to finish the job and drops his load with the other two."

WATCH Vice, Scene 2 Starring Beaux Banks, Jack Hunter, and Sean Maygers

93446_01 93446_03

93446_04 93446_05

93446_06 93446_12










Swim Meat, Scene 3

Starring Casey Jacks and Sean Maygers
Hot House

June 14, 2018

"Sean Maygers gets out of the shower and is surprised to see Casey Jacks in his house looking for a buddy. When Casey sees Sean's raging hard-on, he immediately drops to his knees to service the hung stud before they move it to the back yard. Casey continues his work servicing Sean's massive cock and balls. When Sean is rock-hard, he returns the favor with taking Casey's big dick down his throat. After a quick taste, Sean bends the young stud over to eat his hairy hole and open him up for the stretching he's about to receive. Neither hunk can hold off any longer and Casey begs Sean to slam his massive dick deep into his open hole. He pumps in and out at a frenzied pace until Casey asks to sit on it. Sean happily gives the young stud what he wants and sits back to let Casey bounce on his cock. He rides the Sean's massive meat up and down, pushing himself to the limits of what his hole can take until Sean takes over one last time and gets Casey on his back. A few pumps later, Casey is ready to blow and blasts his load all over his own furry patch of pubes. The sight of Casey getting off is all it takes for Sean to follow suit as he drops his load all over Casey's face and tongue."

WATCH Swim Meat, Scene 3 Starring Casey Jacks and Sean Maygers

94857_01 94857_03

94857_04 94857_05

94857_06 94857_13









Gear Play


Gear Play, Scene 3

Starring Austin Wolf and Sean Maygers
Hot House

February 8, 2018

"Baseball practice is over and back in the locker room, Austin Wolf is sitting on a bench watching Sean Maygers strip off his sweaty jockstrap. Austin approaches Sean and gets him into submission on his knees as he presents his bulging package. Sean knows he's way past third base and gets hard almost instantly as he reaches into Austin's pouch and finds a big, thick dick. Austin reams Sean's wet throat and when both studs can't possibly get any harder, Austin bends Sean over to eat his ass. He opens up the begging jock with his tongue and fingers to get him ready for his thick slugger. Sean can't wait to have Austin inside of him and opens wide for his teammate to do his thing. Austin enters Sean's from behind and cuts right to the chase with a rough and constant pounding that leaves Sean's dugout wrecked. Sean wants it even harder and after climbing on top and riding the muscle stud, he lies back on the bench to let Austin drill his hole one last time. With Austin still sliding in and out of him, Sean blasts his load all over his own glistening abs. Austin is ready to cum too and pulls out to blast one out of the park. It's a home run that leaves the two athletes shuddering, panting and wet with sweat and sperm."

WATCH Gear Play, Scene 3 Starring Austin Wolf and Sean Maygers

92977_01 92977_02

92977_03 92977_04

92977_05 92977_06








Gear Play

Gear Play, Scene 1

Starring Ryan Rose and Sean Maygers
Hot House

January 25, 2018

"Lacrosse players Sean Maygers and Ryan Rose don't need spectators to take their competition to the next level. With the bleachers empty and their cocks hard, they get down and dirty when their bulges get a meet and greet through their sweaty uniforms. Ryan can't control his urges and gets on his knees in front of Sean's thick cock. Sean happily caters to Ryan's whims and face fucks the eager stud by going pubes deep down his stretched-out throat. Ryan keeps a steady pace until Sean wants in on the action. Sean takes a taste of Ryan's throbbing dick before he bends him over to eat his ass. The taste of Ryan's sweet hole keeps Sean rock hard, and with nothing more than spit for lube, Sean rams his cock into Ryan's eager ass. He pounds the panting stud with his massive pole until he decides it's time to get some cock for himself. Ryan sits back and lets Sean slide down on his lubed up stick. Sean does all the work and rides Ryan up and down, taking it deep in his ass as his cock flops back and forth. Sean is the first to blow his load and he lets it go into Ryan's hand who quickly uses the fresh warm load as lube to get himself off. Ryan lets out a final guttural moan and lets the cum fly all over Sean's still-dripping boner."

WATCH Gear Play, Scene 1 Starring Ryan Rose and Sean Maygers

92886_001 92886_002

92886_003 92886_004

92886_005 92886_006

92886_007 92886_008

92886_009 92886_010

92886_011 92886_012

92886_013 92886_014

92886_017 92886_024











Private Practice, Scene 4

Starring Josh Conners and Sean Maygers
Hot House

December 14, 2017

"Interns Sean Maygers and Josh Conners are the last two people in the clinic after everyone has gone home for the night. They're both horny as hell and when they get out of their scrubs, Josh is the first to go in for some dick. Sean lies back on the exam table and offers up his massive meat for Josh to gobble down his throat. Josh takes good care to make sure that every inch is serviced, and keeps up the work until he's ready to take it up his ass. Sean is attentive to Josh's needs and gets on his knees to open up his co-worker's shaved asshole with his tongue to make it easier for him to take his extensive member. When Josh is bent over begging for cock, Sean finally gives the hunk what he craves and slides it deep inside the horny intern. Sean pounds away as if it's the last asshole he'll ever plunge, stretching Josh to the absolute limits with each slam from his swollen groin. The sweaty studs keep a steady pace until Josh lets loose and covers his smooth stomach with jizz. Josh is in the mood to eat some cum and gets down between Sean's muscular thighs to take every last drop the stud has to offer on his face and in his hungry mouth."

WATCH Private Practice, Scene 4 Starring Josh Conners and Sean Maygers

91998_001 91998_002

91998_003 91998_004

91998_005 91998_006

91998_007 91998_008

91998_012 91998_014












Service Me!, Scene 5

Starring Sean Maygers and Skyy Knox
Falcon Studios

May 4, 2018

"Pool boy Sean Maygers is skimming the pool for leaves when homeowner Skyy Knox comes out to offer him a fresh glass of tea. Skyy disrobes and quickly shows Sean how things work around his place when he reaches for his cock. They both strip naked poolside before taking things inside. Skyy is first to get on his knees and forces his face down to the base of Sean's swollen dick. Cupping the balls and dripping with spit, Skyy uses his mouth to show he appreciates the pool boy's efforts. Sean wants to show he appreciates the job and plants his tongue dead center into Skyy's tight hole. With Skyy lubed up and ready, Sean stuffs his cock into Skyy and drills hard and deep. Skyy takes every thrust like a champ with ease until he wants to be in control. Sean gets on his back to let Skyy climb aboard his cock and rides it relentlessly. Skyy keeps grinding away until he can't hold it any longer and shoots off a hot load onto Sean's abs. The studs switch it up one last time with Skyy on the floor taking it deep from Sean. Wearing Skyy's load, Sean puts Skyy on his back and coats his abs in jizz then scoops it up to feed to Skyy before they share a cum filled kiss."

WATCH Service Me!, Scene 5 Starring Sean Maygers and Skyy Knox

94089_001 94089_002

94089_003 94089_004

94089_005 94089_006

94089_009 94089_011

94089_015 94089_017








A Night At The Entourage, Scene 1

Starring Brett Dylan and Sean Maygers
Falcon Studios

February 9, 2018

"Sean Maygers is horny as hell at the bathhouse cruising guys who check out his bulging biceps as they pass by. Sean is being picky tonight as he waits for just the right guy to come along. When Brett Dylan passes him in the hallway, Sean claims his prize and pulls Brett into a private playroom. Brett celebrates his luck by getting on his knees to service Sean's extra large member. Brett is hungry for as much dick as he can get and opens up wide to get Sean all the way down his deep throat. When Sean is as hard as he can possibly be, he bends his new young stud over and eats his irresistible bubble butt to get it nice and loosened up. Sean can't take the anticipation of getting inside Brett any longer and slides his fully erect cock deep into Brett's eager ass. The two studs pant and moan as Sean keeps a steady pace giving Brett a hard pounding. After stretching out Brett's hole, the studs switch up their positions for maximum penetration and end with a grand finale, Brett bent over and Sean fucking him from behind. Sean drills down onto Brett's g-spot with his throbbing hard-on and fucks the cum right out him. After giving all he can, Sean pulls out and sprays a massive load all over Brett's hot and spent ass."

WATCH A Night At The Entourage, Scene 1 Starring Brett Dylan and Sean Maygers

93206_01 93206_02

93206_03 93206_04

93206_05 93206_08

93206_09 93206_14







What's It Worth To You

Featuring Hans Berlin and Sean Maygers
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

March 27, 2018

"Sean Maygers is selling his boat and it is in desperate need of repair work. Hans Berlin is interested in the boat, but points out the hole in the hull. Once the small-talk is over Sean asks Hans what's it worth to you and they go inside to negotiate. Once inside, they immediately embrace each other and the clothes start coming off. Hans sucks Sean's massive cock 1st and then Sean sucks Hans. Sean then moves to Hans's ass and rims him for a bit. He then starts fucking Hans slow and steady at first and then more intense. They fuck in a couple positions before Sean has Hans on his back in a chair and he fucks him until he cums and then pulls out and shoots his load all over Hans. Enjoy!"

WATCH What's It Worth To You Featuring Hans Berlin and Sean Maygers










93705_03 93705_016

93705_04 93705_05

93705_06 93705_08

Big Cock Vacation

Featuring Cesar Rossi and Sean Maygers
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

February 15, 2018

"Cesar Rossi is hanging out in the pool at the gay resort when he notices Sean Maygers walking around the pool. Sean strikes up a conversation with him poolside as he sits on the edge of the pool and dips his feet into the water. As they are talking, Cesar cannot help but notice the large bulge in the swimsuit that Sean is wearing. Seeing that Cesar has noticed, Sean asks if he sees something he likes. He invites Cesar for a closer look and Cesar swims to the edge of the pool and starts groping Sean's big cock through the swimsuit. He then pulls it out and starts sucking Sean poolside. Sean then tells Cesar that they should take it back to his room and they both towel off and head to the room. Once inside their clothes come off and Cesar continues to suck Sean's huge cock and does his best to deep throat him. While Cesar is sucking Sean, his ass is being warmed up by Sean's tongue. Sean then puts him on all fours and continues to rim his ass before slowly penetrating him with his massive cock. Once comfortable, Sean fucks Cesar deep and hard in several positions until Cesar cannot hold back and he shoots his creamy cum all over himself. Sean pulls out and shoots his own load on Cesar. Enjoy!"

WATCH Big Cock Vacation Featuring Cesar Rossi and Sean Maygers
















Big Dick Flip Flop

Featuring Marco Lorenzo and Sean Maygers
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

January 18, 2018

"Sean and Marco have been friends for a while, but have never hooked up. They discover that they have fucked the same guy and both know that he only goes for guys with big cocks. Curious about what each other has, they decide it would be a good idea to have some fun. They start out kissing before revealing each of the 8+ inch cocks to each other. Marco sucks Sean's big thick cock and does his best to deep throat it. Sean then sucks Marco and shows him what a pro cock sucker he is as he takes it all the way down his throat. Marco then rims Sean's ass while Sean continues to suck Marco's big uncut cock. Sean then saddles up and rides Marco's cock deep inside his ass. After getting his fill of Marco's cock, Sean rolls Marco up and rims his ass and tongue fucks him. He then takes his turn and fucks Marco deep and hard until both shoot their thick loads. Enjoy!"

WATCH Big Dick Flip Flop Featuring Marco Lorenzo and Sean Maygers

92579_001 92579_005

92579_010 92579_012














Train My Ass

Featuring Landon Kovak and Sean Maygers
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

December 22, 2017

"Sean keeps himself in exceptional shape and when we see him enter the locker room it is obvious he works out. As he starts to undress in the locker room, Landon walks in and introduces himself. He has been watching Sean in the gym and asks him for advice on how he can get himself into better shape. Sean tells him that he is a personal trainer and gets paid for giving that kind of advice. Landon, seeing an opportunity, asks him is there is anything he can do to persuade him to give some training. He turns around and shows Sean his ass and Sean cannot resist and they are both lip locked and groping each other. Landon pulls out Sean's big cock and starts deep throating him immediately and Sean loves it. Sean then turns his attention to Landon's hairy ass and he rims and tongue fucks him for a bit. He then fucks Landon bent over the bench and Landon begs for it to be harder. Landon even yells out 'Train my ass' at one point while being pushed up against the lockers and fucked. Sean puts him on his back and continues fucking him hard until he cannot hold back and Landon shoots his own load all over his hairy body. Sean pulls out and shoots his load. They both then head to the shower and clean each other up. Enjoy!"

WATCH Train My Ass Featuring Landon Kovak and Sean Maygers

92474_02 92474_03

92474_05 92474_06

92474_14 92474_15










Dustin Steele and Sean Maygers

March 15, 2018

"This week, we bring you another special edition of BaitBuddies featuring two hot men, rocking two hot bodies, and two beautiful and thick cocks. And, those two hot men would be Dustin Steele and Sean!

When Sean appeared on BaitBuddies, Dustin was interested to find out who he was so he asked Caruso. Caruso wanted to know why and Dustin told him that it's because he's hot and that he considers him and very manly man like himself. Oh, and the fact the Sean can rock a mustache!

Caruso decided to contact Sean but wasn't sure how it would go since Sean's last visit at BaitBuddies where he ended up fucking Trey Turner instead of a girl. But, Sean was interested and wanted Caruso to describe Dustin to him and Caruso quickly said that he's a cowboy. And, to Caruso's surprise, Sean must have a new thing for cowboys because he was all about making it happen.

Shortly after the phone call, both guys were on the couch and ready to get started. So, Caruso stepped back and let these two hot studs go at it! Both guys started off by rimming each other's big bubble-butts and finished off with some intense flip-fucking!"

















Sean and Trey Turner

December 7, 2017

"The big, the bold, the buff, Trey Turner is back as our bait guy this week! Christmas is right around the corner and Trey could use a little cash. But, what he really needs is to get his ass stuffed with some straight cock!

Sean is this week's straight guy and he's really ripped as well! At 30 years old, and looking this fine, Sean doesn't have any trouble getting laid. He just wants to get paid as well so he came in to see if he could bang a girl and make some money in the process. Though this stud says he loves Spanish girls with big asses, the only big Latin ass he's going to be shoving his 8.5 incher in today is Trey!

Trey and Sean stroked their cocks while Caruso went to check on the talent. When he returns, it's bad news. The girl can't make it today but, if both guys have sex with each other then Caruso can double the money! It took a little convincing but Sean finally caved in and Trey went right for his cock!"

PP0A5468 PP0A5490

PP0A5497 PP0A5516

PP0A5522 PP0A5534

PP0A5544 PP0A5550











CALL ME LUCKY: Casey Everett, Josh Moore & Sean Maygers

Featuring Casey Everett, Josh Moore & Sean Maygers

December 4, 2017

"Following their respective hook-ups the night before, boyfriends Casey Everett and Sean Maygers have chosen Casey's date Josh Moore for a three-way. They just don't jump right into it. While hanging by the pool, seductive looks and subtle body language leads to Casey making out with Sean and a turned-on Josh joins them for three-way kissing. It's instigator Casey who takes it to the next level by getting on his knees between the guys and sucking both they make out even more passionately.

Casey's expert sucking, alternating between both jumbo cocks, is rewarded by Sean and Josh who put him on all fours astride a lounge chair and take turns rimming his bubble butt and priming it for fucking. In a couple smooth moves Sean is soon ramrodding Casey while Josh fills his mouth and throat with his thick cock. The guys aggressively & energetically spit-roast Casey but soon Josh wants to fuck, with he and Sean taking turns on plundering his hole.

The adjustable lounge chair proves to be an ideal place for Casey to ride Sean's thrusting cock while making out with Josh sitting right in front of him. AND, it's just as easy for Casey to turn 180 degrees and slide on Josh's cock while kissing Sean. Soon Casey is on his back as Sean & Josh again take turns pounding his ass until his cums over ripped lower abs. As they stand over him the guys shoot their loads over Casey's body, one right after the other.

All three guys are happily satisfied at the end, so much so that they may be on the verge of a regular get together!"

5s0a6738w 5s0a6687w

5s0a6685w 5s0a6678w














CALL ME LUCKY: Boomer Banks & Sean Maygers

Featuring Boomer Banks & Sean Maygers

November 27, 2017

"Sean Maygers & Casey Everett aren't good at tennis but fortunately they have an excuse to cut their game short: they've each got dates with guys they've met online. SO, off they go..with plans tell all the following day. Later a super-horny Sean can barely contain himself when Boomer Banks shows up at his door, looking even hotter in person. Having already chatted online they go right into making out and Sean is fully ready to put himself in Boomer's hands.

Boomer deftly gets Sean naked and sucks him off, making his thick cock grow quickly and putting him in a state of bliss. Boomer continues to set the course by lying naked on the sofa and getting Sean to sit on his face. Boomer's cock is too tempting for Sean to resist and he goes down on it as they get into a torrid 69. Sean gorges on Boomer's cock while Boomer sucks his cock and balls and tongue fucks his hole. Boomer excites him so much that as breathless Sean takes control and starts fucking Boomer!Sean pounds Boomer deep and hard making Boomer the moaning bottom impaled by cock.

Just as quickly they flip and Boomer reclaims his role as power top, fucking Sean from behind on the edge of the bed. Sean is excited to take Boomer's cock and open up for him and thrilled when he fucks him hard and wrap his arms around him. Sean is vocal in letting Boomer know how it feels and when he's fucked on his back Boomer can see for himself. He finds the right spot inside Sean and pounds until Sean can't hold back and shoots. Boomer roars as he follows him by shooting his load over Sean and virtually collapses on top of him to kiss him passionately once again."

5s0a0002 5s0a0016

5s0a0018 5s0a0025

5s0a0076 5s0a0241

5s0a8172 Img_0145

Img_0077 Img_0093










Sean Maygers

August 4, 2017

"Introducing Sean Maygers. A man with ripped, bulging muscles, tight washboard abs, massive cock and nuts, a dashing smile, and an ass that never quits is how we would describe Sean. This week, watch him show off and get off and you will fall for him just as fast as we did."

WATCH Sean Maygers at American Muscle Hunks




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