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SITES: Chaosmen


Bronson & Thompson: RAW

December 29, 2017

"Bronson sure flipped a switch in this video.

He is a lot more passionate and I think we can owe that to Thompson's kissing skills. They kiss a lot! Not only that, but Bronson sure seems incredibly interested in pleasing Thompson instead of being serviced.

This is Thompson's first full-sex film, and he had an amazing time. He was very into Bronson, and was eager to play with him. He still says he is split down the center on the Bi side, which actually makes it easy to pick a porn to have playing in the background, but this video makes me wonder if he will take a firmer stand playing on our team.

He is a very capable Bottom, and I really would love to see him top. His cock only falters a bit when he is riding Bronson's cock on the side of the bed. His quads pull some energy out of his cock as he bounces around on Bronson's cock.

Thompson also came easy from being fucked. Thompson lives a little off the beaten path, but I am eager to get him back because he really enjoys doing these videos.

Bronson cums all over his hole, fucking him with his cum."














Bronson & Zane: RAW

December 22, 2017

"I had Bronson come in a day early to do a shoot. We had lots of time, and Zane was nearby, so we setup a quick shoot. I thought their two muscular bodies would look great together, but I really forgot about the height difference!

Bronson still dominates this entire video, using Zane as his suck and fuck toy.

My favorite is watching Zane lay flat on the bed while Bronson hammers him with his cock.

Bronson gets him on his back and fucks a load out of him, then paints his whole with his cum.

This is a quick fuck and suck video that I thought would be great for the Holiday Marathon!"













Bronson & Timmy: RAW

November 17, 2017

"Bronson is moving along on his limits. I keep trying to put him in situations that feel natural. I thought a massage themed video would keep him in familiar territory, but didn't want to be restricted to the balancing act that can occur having sex on a massage table. So we started with a massage on the bed.

Timmy oils him up, relaxing Bronson immediately, maybe too relaxed? He pulls his underwear off. Initially, I think Bronson was being tickled with beard stubble between his ass cheeks. But he perks-up when Timmy's tongue dives in deep. Bronson gets a dominate vibe and pushes Timmy's face further into his hole.

Timmy flips him on over, rubs oil on his chest, and kissing Bronson with the taste of his ass on his lips and scruff. Timmy moves down to his cock and gets Bronson hard. After servicing him, Timmy crawls up and sits on Bronson's chest, making Bronson suck his cock. Timmy is half hard, but looking down and seeing Bronson working on his cock, made Timmy all hard.

To give Bronson some neck relief, he flips Timmy onto his back and tries his best to get as much of Timmy's cock in his mouth from a better angle. His skills are rapidly improving!

Next, Bronson fucks Timmy doggie-style. The dude can really fuck, and he has a smooth, experienced style.

They even spoon fuck, which is Timmy's favorite position. Though I think Timmy prefers to be the Big Spoon. They sneak in some kissing, and there is a lot of sensual energy. Bronson gets on his knees so he can power fuck Timmy.

Finally, Bronson pulls him to the edge of the bed, and hammers his hole until Timmy shoots a HUGE load, even giving himself a facial. I think Bronson cracks a smile of wonder (or silliness) because it was such an outstanding cum shot and who can't help but giggle when someone shoots themselves in the face with their own load.

Bronson sure knows how to use his cock to fuck, and also cums easily, breeding Timmy's hole with ease. I would love to see him bottom, but he always brings his 'A' game when topping and breeding.

You might have guessed that I love working with Timmy, and I will continue to get Bronson in as much as I can, and continue to push his limits!"






















Bronson & Lorenzo: RAW

October 9, 2017

"Bronson really took some time and thought into coming back. He wavered on doing more with a guy. I don't think money was a deciding factor, just trying to determine if he could do it. But when he committed, he said he was 100 percent sure.

He is very used to being photographed and filmed naked, so that was not the issue. Just the regular nerves about staying hard and sucking a cock for the first time.

I put him with Lorenzo because he is the most laid-back model, plus their body sizes matched. And Lorenzo is patient and he loves the idea of these straight guys exploring with him for the first time.

We start simple with Lorenzo giving him head. It took Lorenzo some effort to get him hard, while Bronson would look nervously around the room at me or the porn playing. I finally told him to just make Lorenzo his bitch and get dominant. I think that is what triggered his cock.

With girls, these guys know they can be bossy, but with another guy, they just aren't sure what role they need to get into. But having him take charge really worked great.

Lorenzo gets him to stand and sucks on his cock. Bronson also sucks on Lorenzo, and yes, you can tell it is his first time. Lots of stroking sessions between sucking. I am relieved Bronson got over this limit, and from this point forward I think he will improve at sucking dick.

Bronson was actually down to kiss, and it is hot to see him throw some energy into it. Though, he was not quite ready to try rimming. Lorenzo was eager to lick Bronson's hole. It tickled Bronson a bit, which sure gave me visions of a dude fucking Bronson. We can only hope!

As for Bronson fucking Lorenzo, he was a champ. He clearly has a lot of sex skills, and fucks like pro.

Bronson easily fucks the cum out of Lorenzo, then quickly paints his hole with his own load. He is much like Lorenzo, in that he can cum pretty much on command, a rare talent in porn that is always appreciated.

I love this video. It has 'first time' charm, but some expert fucking that draws you in and makes you want to cum along with them!

And damn, that Bronson is a hot 'lil fucker!"
























Bronson & Wright: Serviced

August 23, 2017

"Bronson's sexual activity with dudes was really just art and photo shoots. No actual contact.

With his hot body, I figured he would appreciate working with Wright. Sometimes the straight guys get into a little homoerotic body worship, that is close to being a chemical attraction.

There is a significant difference in height between the two guys, but at 5'5", Bronson will likely be quite a bit shorter than his partners. Still, I think these two look extremely hot together.

I set up the video as a side-by-side jerk-off, hoping Bronson would get into it. Wright is a lot more comfortable these days, so he got hard easily. Bronson watches the porn intently and gets solid, while Wright works his way up to jerking his buddy's cock.

Bronson then reached over and stroked Wright's dick, and I think that hit his limit. He gets a little wobbly, so Wright switches it so he is sucking on Bronson's cock.

You can tell Bronson is interested in Wright sucking him, but if his cock would start to go down, all he had to do was watch a little porn and it would spring back to life.

I know everyone loves to see a facial, but I am also a big fan of guys racing to nut on each other's cocks.

As nervous as Bronson was, he came easily on Wright's cock. Something about that position definitely gibed him a Dom vibe, and I think he enjoyed busting his nut on another guy.

Wright was a little delayed, but he managed to shoot a hefty load before Bronson's cock wilted too much. So not perfectly timed, but still quite good! I know you guys don't think about this, but even gay guys will want to wipe the other guy's cum off their face so they can focus on getting their own nut to fly. So props to Wright for pretty good timing after another dude just shot his load on him.

I would love to get Bronson back for more. So far, he says he might be down to suck dick and Top a dude, and he is scheduled to come back!"








Bronson: Solo

August 16, 2017

"Bronson is a little muscle power house with some bad ass tatts and an amazingly handsome face.

He has done photoshoots, and even has done artistic sketch classes fully nude, aroused, and I thing even ejaculating for a class. I haven't ever heard of art drawing classes going so far, so I hope he was paid well for the live show!

Needless to say, he is very comfortable being naked and aroused with strangers hovering around him.

Bronson has an intense and serious vibe in this video. It is definitely sexual, like a cat about to pounce. In person, he is inquisitive, genial, and very easy to talk with.

He says he jerks-off a lot each day, finding it hard to not do it at the least 3 times a day. He constantly played with his cock while we were talking, always trying keep his buddy happy. Bronson is the kind of guy that likely sits around the house, hands in his underwear, toying with his cock for hours.

For his solo, up on his knees is easiest for him to get hard. I think he imagines he is about to fuck a girl. After that, he shows us his gorgeous ass that I hope one day we will get to see getting fucked. My fingers are crossed, but I am not sure he will go beyond a topping another dude.

For his cum shot, he is slow and methodical, and concentrates on his cock head. He makes great eye-contact with us, and I love watching this guy have an amazing orgasm!"











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