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Pierce Paris


ALIAS: Pierce Hartman
SITES: Bound Gods, Bromo, Divine Bitches, Drill My Hole, Falcon Studios, Fisting Central, Guys in Sweatpants, Helix Studios, Hot House, Icon Male, Masqulin, Men on Edge, My Friends Feet, Naked Kombat, Next Door Buddies, Next Door Twink, Next Door Studios, Noir Male, Raging Stallion Studios, Say Uncle, Str8 Chaser, Trans Angels, Why Not Bi

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The Trade

Featuring Dillon Diaz and Pierce Paris

December 26, 2018

"Pierce Paris is desperate to be a pro basketball player. He has to pass a physical exam by Dr. Dillion Diaz first, in order to get in. A blowjob seems like a good idea for a guaranteed pass, but why stop at just a blowjob. Get ready for the most intense interracial sex. Including hardcore cock sucking and ass licking. It's time for the biggest cocks to explode with cum! Do not miss this next Noir Male scene!"

WATCH The Trade Featuring Dillon Diaz and Pierce Paris
















Pass or Fail

Featuring Pierce Paris and Trelino

December 5, 2018

"A student, played by sexy nugget Trelino, is trying to get in to a very exclusive college. His big interview is today, with horse-hung Pierce Paris. Trelino must convince the college recruiter that he has what it takes to attend. With no hesitation he jumps into action and services the recruiter quite well with his mouth, tongue and tight ass! Intense blowjobs leads to epic ass fucking and explosive, wet come shots!"

WATCH Pass or Fail Featuring Pierce Paris and Trelino















The Once Over

Featuring Jacen Zhu and Pierce Paris

November 14, 2018

"Pierce Paris is having trouble convincing, Jacen Zhu, to sell his house. Enough is enough it's time to get down to business and give him a reason to sell. Seduction is about to take over, get ready for epic interracial sex. With steamy pool side fucking, intense blow jobs and relentless anal penetration! Things are about to wet and wild, this is a scene you won't want to miss!"

WATCH The Once Over Featuring Jacen Zhu and Pierce Paris

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Basket Ballers

Featuring Jason Vario and Pierce Paris

August 11, 2018

"Pierce Paris & Jason Vario are two prime males meant to dominate the court with their tall muscled bodies while playing basketball. Pierce's shots are droppings, just about every shot is nothing but net. While Jason can't seem to make a single basket, but his eye's are not on the ball they are on Pierce's sweaty, ripped body and juicy ass that's begging for attention. Pierce and Jason get more physical as they play--full court press turns to thinly veiled groping as the two hot jocks grab each other's hard cocks thrusting their pent up desires. The locker room may be needed to finish this game of domination."

WATCH Basket Ballers Featuring Jason Vario and Pierce Paris















The Fetish Bar, Scene 2

Featuring Lain Kross and Pierce Paris

November 8, 2018

"Lain Kross has just had his ass and throat reamed by Pierce Paris and his massive cock. Lain got the relief he craved after cumming on the floor, but now it's Pierce's turn for pleasure. Pierce bends over the pool table and rubs his ass on Lain's hungry face. Lain works the hole in front of him making Pierce moan out before the stud lies back on the table to let Lain suck his lengthy pole. Lain covers every inch of Pierce's giant cock and smooth hole before he gets to work sucking on his gigantic nuts. All the attention that his cock is getting makes Pierce ready to stretch Lain's hole one last time, so he shoves his cock balls deep into the young hunk and pumps hard in a few different positions until he's ready to blow. Pierce instructs Lain to get between his legs and jerk him off and Lain once again, does as he's told. Lain keeps a steady rhythm until Pierce blasts a big white load all over his trimmed pubes. Lain takes a taste and collapses into Pierce's arms as they kiss in a firm embrace."

WATCH The Fetish Bar, Scene 2 Featuring Lain Kross and Pierce Paris













The Fetish Bar, Scene 1

Featuring Lain Kross and Pierce Paris

October 11, 2018

"Pierce Paris spots Lain Kross sitting at 'The Fetish Bar' and likes what he sees. Lain notices Pierce checking him out from across the bar and decides to join Pierce to shoot some balls on the pool table. Lain gets more than a friendly game of pool when Pierce blindfolds him and cuffs his hands behind his back. Lain submits to Pierce's desires and offers up his body for Pierce to use at his own free will. Pierce gets on his knees and sucks Lain's growing cock until he's ready to open up Lain's ass. Pierce gets in deep with his tongue and gets the stranger from the bar ready for his giant dick. Lain has no idea what he's in for until he feels Pierce slide his monster deep between his cheeks. Pierce pumps away with a steady pace going deep inside the new hole. Pierce's massive balls bang on Lain's ass with every thrust from the muscle daddy. After fucking the hunk hard, Pierce decides Lain has been a good hole and needs a reward. He takes Lain out of his restraints and lets him suck on his big cock. Pierce's shaft sliding in and out of his mouth makes Lain blow his load all over the floor. Lain really needs Pierce's load, but Pierce isn't ready to give it up just yet."

WATCH The Fetish Bar, Scene 1 Featuring Lain Kross and Pierce Paris

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Palm Springs Day Pass, Scene 2

Featuring Jack Kross and Pierce Paris
Hot House

July 10, 2019

"Pierce Paris is cruising the back alleys of Palm Springs when he finds horny hunk Jack Kross playing with himself, waiting for a someone to pass by and join him. Pierce walks over to Jack, and Jack quickly gets on his hands and knees to start worshiping Pierce's massive cock. Pierce fucks the back-alley hunk's mouth, making the horny stud gag with each thrust from his ripped torso. Pierce wants more and reaches down to finger Jack's tight hole as he continues plowing the stud's face. After doing all the work, it's Jack's turn to get sucked. Pierce takes Jack's hard cock into his mouth and starts sucking, making Jack moan with each slurp from Pierce's experienced mouth. Pierce wants a taste of Jack's ass and runs his tongue down to open up his awaiting crack. Now, Jack wants Pierce's huge, raw meat inside of him and gets on all-fours begging for Pierce to pierce his ass with his thick cock. Happy to accommodate, Pierce slams his cock deep inside as he picks up the pace and gives Jack the bareback fucking he begged for. Pierce keeps up the relentless pounding until he fucks the cum out of Jack. When Pierce sees Jack's mess, he's more than ready to blow his own load. Pierce pulls out of Jack's used-up hole and face fucks the lucky hunk's mouth one last time until he shoots his massive load down Jack's hungry throat."

WATCH Palm Springs Day Pass, Scene 2 Featuring Jack Kross and Pierce Paris

WATCH Palm Springs Day Pass, Scene 2 Featuring Jack Kross and Pierce Paris [ Falcon Studios ]

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Cross Fuck, Scene 3

Starring Johnny V and Pierce Paris
Hot House

May 10, 2018

"Johnny V and Pierce Paris are having a competitive workout in the back yard and finish up with a quick dip in the pool. To cap off their day, Johnny cools Pierce off with the garden hose before they hit the coach's couch. Both studs are horny but when Johnny comes onto Pierce, he hesitates to get involved with a teammate. Eventually, Pierce gives in and stuffs his massive throbbing cock down Johnny's tight throat. It barely fits in Johnny's mouth but he's not a quitter and keeps up the pace as he chokes and gags on Pierce's thick monster. Pierce wants to taste what Johnny has to offer and gets down between his buddy's legs to work his veiny cock. That's all it takes for Pierce to get rock hard and after lubing up Johnny's hole with his lips and tongue, slams his thick pole deep into the throbbing ass in front of him. The studs switch it up a few times and eventually end up with Johnny getting pummeled on his back with his legs in the air. Pierce hits all the right spots inside Johnny's ass and makes him spray as he continues to fuck the moaning stud. The sight of all of Johnny's load oozing out makes Pierce lose control and he pulls out to finish off on Johnny's abs. Pierce scoops up the cum and feeds it to his buddy, who eagerly laps it up."

WATCH Cross Fuck, Scene 3 Starring Johnny V and Pierce Paris











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94263_016 94263_017


Jock Doc, Scene 3

Starring Dean Monroe and Pierce Paris
Hot House

April 12, 2018

"Pierce Paris has a sore shoulder from practice and is waiting to be checked out on the exam table. When nurse Dean Monroe gets a look at Pierce, he puts on a white lab coat and pretends to be the doctor. Dean isn't going to let this stud get away, and after massaging Pierce's shoulders, he can tell that Pierce is receptive to his advances. Dean can see that Pierce's bulge is growing by the second and he reacts quickly by getting the hunk out of his pants. Dean takes Pierce's massive dick in his mouth, and as Pierce continues to disrobe, Dean takes full advantage by sniffing and licking every article of clothing that Pierce throws to the floor. Soon the ripped studs are fully naked and Pierce knows exactly what his new 'doctor' needs. Pierce takes Dean's uncut cock and balls in his mouth and then flips him over to lick his tight ass. Pierce wants to feel Dean from the inside and slides his monster cock deep into his hole. It's exactly what Dean needed and after flipping around to take Pierce's cock in as many positions as he can, he blasts a load in Pierce's hand that feeds it back to Dean. Pierce has worked himself to the brink and needs to bust a nut. He throws Dean down onto the table and straddles the stud until his cock explodes into Dean's open mouth. This is just what the doctor ordered...if only Dean were really a doctor."

WATCH Jock Doc, Scene 3 Starring Dean Monroe and Pierce Paris









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Spot Me, Scene 4

Starring Josh Conners, Pierce Paris, and Ryan Rose
Hot House

March 22, 2018

"Pierce Paris is training Josh Conners at the gym where Ryan Rose takes notice of both hot studs. Ryan can't stop staring and finally approaches the guys to give his compliments on how great Josh's body is coming along. Ryan doesn't waste any time and reaches down to feel Josh's tight ass. Fully taking advantage of the receptive response from Josh, Ryan immediately drops to his knees to rim Josh's hole. Pierce joins in on the action and stuffs his cock in Josh's face. The muscle bottom gets spit-roasted with Pierce down his throat and Ryan deep in his crack. The sight of the two hunks fucking is more than Pierce can handle so he gets behind Ryan to make him the center of a hunky muscle fuck train. Ryan happily receives Pierce's massive tool up his ass as he keeps whaling on Josh, plowing in and out, keeping a perfect pace with Pierce. In the end, Pierce wants to feel Josh from the inside and fucks the hot stud as Ryan steps aside to jack off all over Josh's ripped chest. The feeling of Ryan's warm load on his skin is all it takes for Josh to blow his load all over himself. As Josh lays there drenched in cum, Pierce pulls out and finishes off on Josh's ass and back to complete the gym trifecta."

WATCH Spot Me, Scene 4 Starring Josh Conners, Pierce Paris, and Ryan Rose















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93457_009 93457_011

93457_010 93457_004

Private Practice, Scene 3

Starring Derek Bolt and Pierce Paris
Hot House

December 7, 2017

"Derek Bolt is visiting Doctor Pierce Paris for treatment on a pulled groin muscle. Pierce needs to check Derek's vitals and has him remove his shirt. That's all it takes for the hung doctor to start to swell in his scrubs and it's only a matter of seconds before the patient notices the growing bulge. Derek is hungry for cock and grabs Pierce by the crotch to pull him closer. As Derek opens his mouth wide, he sucks the needy doctor until neither of them can possibly get any harder. Pierce needs a taste of his horny patient and bends down over Derek so the two hunks can 69. Pierce's fat, throbbing cock is calling out for an eager asshole and after gauging Derek's temperature with his tongue, the doc slams his big pole deep inside Derek's hole. Pierce's massive sack flops against Derek's hairy taint with every frenzied thrust as the lucky patient calls out for more. Before the doctor can blow his load, he wants a feel of Derek inside him, so he rolls over on the exam table and lets his patient impale him with his giant dick. He slams Pierce, hitting all the right spots until both muscled-up studs make a mess on Pierce's washboard abs and sweaty crotch."

WATCH Private Practice, Scene 3 Starring Derek Bolt and Pierce Paris

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Falcon Studios Model Behavior

Model Behavior: I Spy

Featuring Devin Franco and Pierce Paris
Falcon Studios

August 7, 2020

"Best buddies Devin Franco and Pierce Paris hop on a virtual call to check in on each other while the stay at home orders are in place. An undeniable sexual tension overwhelms the conversation and their unfulfilled desires for each other can't be curbed. Devin breaks the ice by rubbing his rock-hard body for Pierce, oiling himself up and playing with his hole. Pierce pulls his cock out and soon, both studs are stroking their hard dicks for each other. Pierce suggests a toy for Devin's eager hole and Devin delivers with a massive dildo he uses to stretch his hole and hit his prostate good. Imagining his huge cock in Devin's hole and giving him that same pleasure sends Pierce over the edge, causing him to erupt in a huge load all over his bed. Watching Pierce cum is all it takes for Devin to pop all over himself. More turned on than ever, Pierce wants more, so Devin plays with his hole again while Pierce jacks out another load."

WATCH & DOWNLOAD Model Behavior: I Spy Featuring Devin Franco and Pierce Paris










7 Minutes In Heaven, Scene 3

Featuring Michael Boston and Pierce Paris
Falcon Studios

September 6, 2019

"Pierce Paris leads Michael Boston to the bedroom where Michael strips down to his undies and gets to work servicing Pierce's monster cock. It's a tight fit, but Michael takes it like a champ and gets the whole thick shaft down his throat. Pierce wants a taste of Michael's ass and bends the hunk over to lick his hole. Pierce gets Michael's giant ass nice and opened up before he takes the next step to give Michael the stretching he craves. Pierce slides his massive raw dick into Michael's tight ass, going slow at first to make sure the eager stud can take it all. When he's convinced that Michael can handle his entire bare pole, Pierce picks up the pace and loosens Michael up even more. Pierce can't get far enough into the young stud and rolls him over to fuck him bareback even harder. Keeping a steady pace, Pierce fucks the cum out of Michael, who blasts his load all over his panting stomach. Pierce wants to finish up his way, and he rolls Michael back onto his stomach where he pounds the stud until he finishes up all over his ass. A spent Pierce fucks the cum into Michael and caps their secret tryst with a kiss and a cuddle."

WATCH 7 Minutes In Heaven, Scene 3 Featuring Michael Boston and Pierce Paris
















Room 106, Scene 1

Featuring Pierce Paris and Jay Dymel
Falcon Studios

April 12, 2019

"When the airlines abruptly cancel Pierce Paris and Jay Dymel's flights, the two are forced to share a hotel room together for the night. After they get settled, Pierce goes thru Jay's bag seeking body wash when a massive manrammer falls out. Pierce quickly wraps the toy back up and hops in the shower before Jay notices. Pierce comes out of the shower and sees Jay rubbing lotion on his hard body in the mirror. Jay asks Pierce to rub some lotion on his back, and Pierce nervously agrees. When Jay is all moisturized, he turns to Pierce and says 'my turn', and grabs a handful of Pierce's meat. The two lock lips and Jay quickly sinks to his knees to gulp down his new roommates swollen cock. Pierce is relentless with his rod and grabs the back of Jay's head to push it to the base. Continuing to assert his dominance, Pierce yanks Jay from the floor, throws him onto the bed and rips his underwear off. With Jay's inviting hole in his face, Pierce dives in and works his tongue in and out of Jay's warm crack. Now that Jay is wet and slicked up, Pierce slides his massive, 9-inch dick into Jay and pounds him deep. Unforgiving with each thrust, Jay can't get enough of Pierce slamming his ass bareback. Pierce wants one more go at Jay's mouth and face fucks the blond stud one more time, but Jay really wants Pierce inside his ass again. Pierce gives Jay a series of powerful pumps and pulls out to coat the studs hole with a fresh load. To finish Jay off, Pierce shoves his bare cock back in and fucks the hunk while Jay beats thick ropes of jizz out of his own swollen cock and onto his abs."

WATCH Room 106, Scene 1 Featuring Pierce Paris and Jay Dymel

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Work It Up, Scene 2

Featuring Devin Franco and Pierce Paris
Falcon Studios

September 14, 2018

"Devin Franco arrives to the offices and accidentally walks in on Pierce Paris taking a leak. Embarrassed but amazed by Pierce's huge member at the same time, he sits at the conference table and waits for his co-worker to finish. Devin tries to apologize but notices Pierce didn't mind as his cock is bulging from his jeans. Devin smiles and unbuttons Pierce's pants to reveal his massive cock and wastes no time slurping it down. Devin makes sure not to forget to give attention to Pierce's balls as he continues with his oral fixation. Pierce decides it's time to open Devin up a little to prepare him for what's to cum and bends him over the table to lick his fuzzy hole. Devin loves each lap from Pierce's tongue and stays bent over to receive Pierce's hole-stretching dick. Devin takes the rough pounding like a champ welcoming each thrust from Pierce's giant cock with a load moan. Devin switches on his back and tweaks his nipples as Pierce gapes out his hole even more. To 'Work It Up' even more, Devin switches positions one last time to ride his fellow co-workers thick meat until he unloads all over Pierce's smooth abs. Getting covered in his co-worker's cum is enough to make Pierce launch his thick load into Devin's awaiting mouth."

WATCH Work It Up, Scene 2 Featuring Devin Franco and Pierce Paris

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Zack & Jack Make A Porno


Zack & Jack Make A Porno, Scene 4

Starring Pierce Paris and Quin Quire
Falcon Studios

June 1, 2018

"Pierce Paris and Quin Quire are former fuck buds who meet on the set of Zack and Jack's porno with Quin running the camera and Pierce shooting his first scene as a porn star. When they have a minute to step out of production, they sneak away to a storage space to reminisce about the great sex they used to have. The old memories turn Quin on so he gets on his knees to take Pierce down his gagging throat. It's a tight fit but Quin is prepared to do anything to have Pierce inside of him. Pierce doesn't want to be left out of the sucking action and takes his turn on the floor in front of Quin's big, thick cock. Quin face-fucks Pierce before he decides it's time to open up his hole. Quin sits on Pierce's face and lets the stud rim his ass until neither of them can hold back any longer. Quin takes his place on Pierce's dick and rides it up and down to get his ass stretched out before Pierce switches it up and pummels Quin on his back. That's the magic position that makes Quin pop his load all over his own heaving body. After he douses himself with cum, Quin begs for Pierce to unload in his mouth. Pierce doesn't need any coaxing after that nice tight ass and bellies up to Quin's face to unleash a river of cum. Both studs leave satisfied and ready to keep their secret from the rest of the cast and crew."

WATCH Zack & Jack Make A Porno, Scene 4 Starring Pierce Paris and Quin Quire












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94715_06 94715_07

Service Me!, Scene 6

Starring Pierce Paris and Wesley Woods
Falcon Studios

May 11, 2018

"Wesley Woods is enjoying a glass of wine and techy stud Pierce Paris shows up to set up Wesley's TV. Once Pierce has shown Wesley how to use his new entertainment system, Wesley notices Pierce's boner bulging in his pants. Without any hesitation, Wesley pulls Pierce's pants to his ankles and gets to work servicing the hung studs meat. Pierce is excited to return the favor so he rips Wesley's clothes down and throws him on his back to lick his hole. With a quick spit for lube on Wesley's hole, Pierce drives his tongue deep into the studs scruffy crevice. Wanting to feel Wesley's ass from the inside, Pierce pushes his cock deep into the homeowner. Taking it first on his back and then doggy style, Wesley shows Piece he appreciates his cock inside of him. Wesley gives Pierce a break and climbs on top of him until he blows a massive load all over Pierce's washboard abs. Seeing Pierce covered in cum makes Wesley hungry for more and strokes Pierce's cock until he gets blasted in the mouth with thick ropes of cum."

WATCH Service Me!, Scene 6 Starring Pierce Paris and Wesley Woods













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94086_002 94090_03


Service Me!, Scene 2

Starring Brett Dylan and Pierce Paris
Falcon Studios

April 16, 2018

"Pierce Paris comes to the tanning salon to get a little darker. Attendant Brett Dylan accidentally walks in as Pierce is applying some tanning lotion. Since he's already there, Pierce asks Brett to get his back with some lotion. Brett's hands wander from Pierce's strong back, across his abs and down to his dick. Pierce lets the horny stud keep exploring, and soon Brett is on his knees slurping on Pierce's giant cock. Pierce returns the favor and gets Brett out of his uniform to showcase his own cocksucking skills on Brett. Pierce keeps working his mouth up and down Brett's shaft until Brett unloads thick ropes of cum on Pierce's face. With Brett's load dripping from his face, Pierce stands up and jerks his cock until he busts in Brett's open mouth."

WATCH Service Me!, Scene 2 Starring Brett Dylan and Pierce Paris












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A Night At The Entourage


A Night At The Entourage, Scene 5

Starring Pierce Paris and Skyy Knox
Falcon Studios

March 2, 2018

"Pierce Paris is in the bathhouse shower when Skyy Knox walks by and gives him a suggestive glance before walking away. Pierce knows a good thing when he sees it and cuts his shower short to follow the ripped stud down the hall. Pierce finds Skyy bent over with his ass in the air just begging to be rimmed. Pierce can't wait to eat Skyy out and gets down to plunge his tongue deep inside the hunk's ass. He fingers and licks Skyy's smooth hole until Skyy is ready to take a taste of Pierce's giant pole. He gets down to deep throat the monster cock and takes the whole thing down his throat with ease. With tears in his eyes and spit dripping from his chin, Skyy fights to swallow Pierce's cock down to the base. Pierce can tell that Skyy is more than ready to get plowed and bends him over to slide his dick inside. After taking it deep, Skyy instructs Pierce to lie back and let him do the work. Skyy sits on the giant dick and bounces up and down, putting himself in control as his own uncut cock flops up and down with each plunge into his ass. The studs try everything they can and switch up their positions until Skyy shoots his load all over his own ripped abs. The sight of Skyy in such pleasure is all it takes for Pierce to let go. He straddles Skyy's hungry face and shoots his load all over the hunky stud's awaiting mouth."

WATCH A Night At The Entourage, Scene 5 Starring Pierce Paris and Skyy Knox







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Hidden Palms, Scene 4

Starring Jake Ashford and Pierce Paris
Falcon Studios

December 25, 2017

"Jake Ashford is relaxing in the hot tub when Pierce Paris hops in to join. The two studs barely share a glance before they meet in the middle and start making out. To satisfy a bit of curiosity, their hands move down south to give each other an intense rub. Jake is the first to cave when he releases Pierce's monster into the bubbling water and gets to work sucking off the young stud. Jake is good at giving head and it shows when Pierce gives way to moans of ecstasy. Pierce enjoys every slurp from Jake, who's working very hard to get every inch of Pierce into his mouth. Pierce is ready to give Jake a taste and bends the hunky jock over to lick his perfect ass. After a satisfying rim job, Pierce decides to give Jake a sample of his own dick sucking skills. Jake moans out as Pierce gobbles the swollen member. Jake needs a dick in his mouth to finish the job and gets back down in front of Pierce, who promptly fills Jake's mouth with cum. After Pierce's big finale, he shows Jake his appreciation by opening wide to let Jake's sperm hit his face and then run down his chin."

WATCH Hidden Palms, Scene 4 Starring Jake Ashford and Pierce Paris

92022_016 92022_021











Hidden Palms, Scene 2

Starring Casey Jacks and Pierce Paris
Falcon Studios

December 15, 2017

"Pierce Paris is enjoying some time in the pool and when he sees Casey Jacks napping on a couch, Pierce decides to wake him up with a kiss. Casey is thrilled and reaches back to feel what Pierce has lining the inside of his swimwear. Casey finds an extra large dick just waiting for his mouth to make it hard. Casey works his magic and when Pierce is throbbing hard, he decides to return the favor. Pierce loves the taste of what Casey has to offer and can't wait to get inside him. Pierce opens Casey's hairy hole with a nice long rimming session and when he can no longer take the anticipation, Pierce enters the stud from behind. Pierce moans as Casey's giant low-hangers dangle and flop with each thrust from the horny hunk. Casey begs for Pierce to go deeper and after hopping on to ride the massive dick, lies back to let Pierce finish up. Pierce takes total control over Casey and pumps his ass until Casey relieves himself of his frustrations. When Pierce gets an eye full of what Casey just left behind, he pulls out and gets his own relief as he blasts Casey's ripped body full of cum."

WATCH Hidden Palms, Scene 2 Starring Casey Jacks and Pierce Paris

92020_002 92020_003

92020_004 92020_005

92020_006 92020_008














Love & Lust in New Orleans, Scene 4

Starring JJ Knight and Pierce Paris
Falcon Studios

November 24, 2017

"Last night, JJ Knight and Pierce Paris enjoyed taking in some of the historic sights of the French Quarter in New Orleans. After a good night's sleep, Pierce wakes up next to JJ with a raging hard-on. Pierce starts to take care of business and reaches over to wake JJ from his dreams. JJ is happy to have a helping hand from Pierce as Pierce takes care of both of their needs with a dick in each hand. Pierce isn't satisfied with just a hand job and surprises JJ with a blowjob. JJ wants a taste as well, and soon the studs are 69ing on the bed. JJ realizes that Pierce wants to get fucked and rolls the stud over to eat him out. He eagerly takes care of Pierce's tight, hairy hole and gets it nice and opened up. JJ is ready to enter Pierce and slides his massive dick deep into the muscle stud. He pounds away, making Pierce's back door gape. JJ's dick feels so good inside of him that Pierce shoots a geyser while JJ is pumping him deep. After giving Pierce all the pleasure he can, JJ pulls out and covers the jock with cum. Pierce is so turned on by JJ that he starts jacking again and cums a second time."

WATCH Love & Lust in New Orleans, Scene 4 Starring JJ Knight and Pierce Paris

91754_001 91754_002

91754_003 91755_001

91755_002 91755_003

91749_01 91749_02

91749_06 91749_07











Looking For the Big One

Looking For the Big One, Scene 2

Starring Michael Delray and Pierce Paris
Falcon Studios

September 15, 2017

"When Pierce Paris and Michael Delray get in from a morning on the sunny beach, they can't keep their hands off each other. The toned studs kiss and feel each other through their shorts until Michael can no longer keep Pierce under wraps. With the flip of the Velcro crotch on Pierce's board shorts, his swim suit hits the floor and his massive hard dick is revealed. 'You're so big,' Michael observes as his eyes widen and his mouth opens. He gets down to worship Pierce and his extra thick dick, covering every inch of his manhood with his full dick-sucking lips and his eager tongue. Pierce needs to fulfill his hunger and gently pushes Michael to the bed so the two studs can 69. Michael is no small wonder either and Pierce has a hard time fitting all of him into his mouth. As they suck each other off, Michael follows his instincts and starts rimming Pierce's tight hole. All the ass play gets Pierce ready for action and he bends over to let Michael plow him with his giant dick. Pierce is hard as a rock all the way through Michael's reaming, and after riding Michael for a nice long session, Pierce hops off the big dick and plants his cock firmly inside Michael. Michael loves every thrust his can get and begs for Pierce to fuck him harder. As Pierce picks up the pace, Michael blasts his big white load all over his tight and toned body. Once Pierce sees Michael letting loose, he gives himself permission to finish up and adds his own pleasure to Michael's sticky mess."

WATCH Looking For the Big One, Scene 2 Starring Michael Delray and Pierce Paris

90703_02 90703_03

90703_04 90703_05

90703_08 90703_09

90703_06 90701_02

90701_04 90701_09





















Code of Silence

Code of Silence, Scene 4

Starring Kyle McMillan and Pierce Paris
Falcon Studios

July 14, 2017

"Kyle McMillan has a camera and he's sneaking up on Pierce Paris in his tent on the military base to see what Pierce is up to. Kyle is in for a surprise when he finds his buddy fully immersed deep inside a FleshJack. Pierce pleads for privacy but Kyle insists that there's no such thing in the military. Kyle offers up some help and when Pierce has his eyes closed, he slips the FleshJack off of Pierce's stiff dick and starts using his hands and mouth. Pierce has no complaints and rolls with the new development. When Kyle sees that Pierce isn't going to put up a fight, he gets more into the work of pleasing the hung stud. Kyle's mouth and fist feel amazing enveloping the thick dick and Pierce takes off his shirt as the action gets more heated. Kyle comes up for some air and the two studs make out as Kyle gets out of his uniform. Pierce is so aroused that he's ready for anything. When he sees Kyle's uncut dick, he immediately opens wide and goes down to service the fit jock. Once he has his fill, he bends Kyle over and gets busy eating him out. His tongue goes deep and he loosens Kyle up for insertion. Pierce enters his toned friend and pumps away, even commenting on how tight Kyle feels. Pierce has Kyle lie back with his legs in the air for maximum penetration. The big dick goes as deep as possible while Kyle strokes his own rod to get himself close. Pierce says that he wants to make Kyle cum, and that's enough for Kyle to let loose and cover his own body with pleasure. Once Pierce has done his job, he's ready to finish up. His big dick explodes on Kyle's face as sweat runs down Pierce's muscled body. Kyle can't get enough of Piece's plump dick and continues to suck and taste the stud's cum in the extreme desert heat."

WATCH Code of Silence, Scene 4 Starring Kyle McMillan and Pierce Paris

89659_03 89659_07













Raging Stallion Studios Ride Or Die, Episode: Wide Open Featuring Alpha Wolfe and Pierce Paris

Ride Or Die: Hard Time, Scene 3: Wide Open

Featuring Alpha Wolfe and Pierce Paris
Raging Stallion Studios

May 6, 2022

"Hell-bent on staying in Pierce Paris's good graces -- particularly following the incident between Beau Butler and Pierce's rap star pal -- Warden Cole Connor sends recently fucked inmate Alpha Wolfe to the business mogul's palatial home. Ready to release the week's stress, Pierce pushes Alpha onto his hands and knees, commanding him to spread his satisfying hole. Wielding his power, the mega-rich businessman sniffs and fingers Alpha's fuzzy fuck-slit before pushing his eager tongue in for a taste. But, if he's to truly prepare Alpha for his oversized cock, he'll need to stretch the jailbird's hole to the extreme. Pierce pounds the prisoner with two large man-ramming dildos before feeding Alpha his gargantuan cock and low-hanging nut sack. Pierce then grabs a stiff-dicked Alpha by his ankles, spinning the inked convict onto his back and spreading his legs wide open. From above, Pierce plunges his hard-on in and out of Alpha's cavernous gape. Alpha's rock-solid dick bounces against his thick bush as the billionaire smacks his furry ass and fucks him bareback on all-fours. Just when Alpha thinks his hole has been totally wrecked, Pierce throws him on his back and goes back in, balls-deep. The inmate, submitting fully to pleasure, shoots gobs of pearly-white cum onto his hairy chest. As Pierce pulls out of Alpha's worked-over ass, he squirts a hot load of cum onto the prisoner's tongue before putting his asshole-flavored dick back in Alpha's mouth. Is Pierce satisfied with The Warden's 'gift' enough to forgive Cole, or will there be hell to pay?"

WATCH Ride Or Die: Hard Time, Scene 3: Wide Open Featuring Alpha Wolfe and Pierce Paris
















Hot, Raw and Ready!, Scene 1

Featuring Pierce Paris and Woody Fox
Raging Stallion

July 5, 2019

"Woody Fox lucks out when Pierce Paris hops out of the shower and drops his towel by the edge of the bed. Woody is cock hungry and wastes no time getting Pierce's monster meat down his throat. Pierce barely fits his rod in Woody's strained jaw, but the Aussie stud is eager to please and takes every inch he can cram inside. Pierce wants a taste as well and bends over to 69 with Woody, getting his uncut dick down his hatch. The taste of Woody's pole gets Pierce in the mood to stretch his ass. After rimming out Woody's hole, Pierce lays back to let Woody hop on for his first bareback bottom scene and the ride of his life. Pierce's thick pole impales Woody and the stud moans out with each thrust from the massive cock in his ass. Pierce has the urge to go even deeper and gets Woody onto his hands and knees to shove his raw cock in and pump even faster. It's a race to the finish as Pierce rolls Woody onto his side and picks up the pace to go the final distance. Woody declares that he's ready to blow and as his hole clenches around Pierce's cock, Pierce gives in as well. Pierce pulls out and the two studs cum together, leaving Woody a drenched in jizz."

WATCH Hot, Raw and Ready!, Scene 1 Featuring Pierce Paris and Woody Fox

















Clothing Optional, Scene 3

Starring Pierce Paris and Rikk York
Raging Stallion Studios

February 2, 2018

"Pierce Paris is waiting patiently in the dungeon next to the sling when Rikk York enters his lair. Pierce likes what he sees in the hairy stud and takes control as he cuffs Rikk's hands behind his back. Pierce can sense that Rikk wants things a little rough and grabs a riding crop and a flog to spank Rikk's round hairy ass. Rikk eats it up and loves the flogging as he moans out with each lash from Pierce's strong, muscled arms. All the action makes Pierce hard as hell and he uses Rikk's hungry face like a hole. Rikk gets face-fucked balls deep down his throat before Pierce throws him in the sling with his legs in the air. Pierce starts out slow with a dildo up Rikk's tight ass to open it up and builds to using his throbbing monster cock. 'You're such a dirty little fucking slut,' Pierce tells Rikk as his dick slams into the hole in front of him. Pierce keeps up a steady pace with his jumbo sized cock as Rikk rocks his world swinging back and forth in the sling. Pierce wants his cock serviced one last time and pulls Rikk out of the sling. After slamming his busted hole one last time, he fucks Rikks's face for the last time and busts a nut all over Rikk's wide-open mouth. The taste of Pierce on his lips puts Rikk over the edge and he lets loose to dump a massive load of jizz all over the floor."

WATCH Clothing Optional, Scene 3 Starring Pierce Paris and Rikk York









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Gun Show, Scene 1

Starring Bruno Bernal, Michael Roman and Pierce Paris
Raging Stallion Studios

July 14, 2017

"Michael Roman and Pierce Paris are right-wing Americans at the 'Gun Show'. They run into Bruno Bernal who doesn't quite fit into Michael and Pierce's idea of what an American should look and act like. After chanting 'build the wall' to Bruno's protests, the two country boys take him to a back room and throw him to the ground as they unzip their pants and whip out their big thick cocks. Bruno loves the idea of getting the two hicks' dicks down his throat and he opens his mouth for Michael and Pierce to stuff his face. Bruno complies with every one of the demands from Pierce and Michael and even sucks on their hairy, sweaty assholes to make the guys think they're dominating everything he does. Bruno is having the last word by getting his face used like a hole for the two hot studs to double fuck his mouth at the same time. It's a tight squeeze fitting all that meat in his face at once, but Bruno manages to get the job done. The rednecks want to take their fun to the next level and shove Bruno into a utility closet. Michael needs Bruno's tight hole wrapped around his massive cock and he bends him over a table to stuff his asshole balls deep while Pierce takes control of the front to complete the spit roast. With all of Michael's raves about Bruno's tight ass, it's time for Pierce to get a feel and he slips his massive rod deep inside Bruno's well-worked butt. With all the big cock and ass fucking action, Michael wants to see what all the fuss is about and offers up his own ass for Pierce to destroy. Bruno sits on the gun toter's face while Pierce works his buddy from behind. Michael moans out for Pierce to fuck him harder and Pierce takes the challenge. He pounds as hard as he can until his big stick finally puts Michael over the edge and he blows a massive load all over his own hairy abs. Once Pierce sees that he's done the job of getting his buddy off, he pulls out and dumps his own load all over to mix with Michael's pure white jizz. Bruno finishes off in Michael's mouth then grabs their clothes, flips them off, calls them 'fucking assholes' and leaves the two rednecks alone and naked to 'make America great again' on their own in the closet."

WATCH Gun Show, Scene 1 Starring Bruno Bernal, Michael Roman and Pierce Paris

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Hayden Goes to Paris

Featuring Hayden Brier and Pierce Paris

November 26, 2018

"If you're familiar with Pierce Paris, you're familiar with the 10" between his legs. If you aren't, get ready. We couldn't think of a better pairing than Hayden's perfect bubble butt. We relaxed at the beach for the day before heading back to fuck... except we never made it inside because Peirce's dick was in Hayden's mouth before they even got out of the car. But it didn't take long for Hayden to be bent over the back of the car with Peirce's face in his ass before lubing up his cock and burying it balls deep. They fucked in pretty much every position you can in a car before Peirce fucked Hayden's load out of him and all over his abs. Peirce made sure to finish him off by coating both outside and inside with his huge load!"








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