Brett Lake
Wes Baker
Massimo Piano


ALIAS: Jacopo Pinaud
SITES: Drill My Hole, Gods of Men, Kristen Bjorn, Lucas Entertainment, Men at Play, NakedSword, Super Gay Hero

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Kiss And Tel Aviv, Scene 3: Rooftop Romance

Featuring Klein Kerr and Massimo Piano
NakedSword Originals

May 31, 2017

"International boyfriends Massimo Piano and Klein Kerr show Tel Aviv what love looks like as they playfully frolic from the city streets up to the semi-private patio of their hotel room. An impromptu dance lesson gets both men so turned on they strip down and take turns sucking dick and eating ass. Klein is the first lover to get his hole filled, bouncing up and down on Massimo’s giant cock. Before either of them get off, Klein turns the tables and shoves his dick in Massimo’s tight hole. Klein cums first and eats if off Massimo’s washboard abs then bends over and gets fucked again until Massimo pulls out and shoots all over his big raw butthole."

WATCH Kiss And Tel Aviv, Scene 3: Rooftop Romance Featuring Klein Kerr and Massimo Piano










NSV051_Sc3_MassimoPiano_KleinKerr_1 NSV051_Sc3_MassimoPiano_KleinKerr_2

NSV051_Sc3_MassimoPiano_KleinKerr_3 NSV051_Sc3_MassimoPiano_KleinKerr_4

Extra Shot

Starring Massimo Piano and Teddy Torres

September 28, 2018

Extra Shot Starring Massimo Piano and Teddy Torres

Extra Shot

ExtraShot_14 ExtraShot_15

ExtraShot_16 ExtraShot_01

ExtraShot_02 ExtraShot_03










Ball Breaker

Starring Dante Colle, Logan Moore, and Massimo Piano

August 3, 2018

"Men are territorial. Whatever our spot is, a pool hall, a bar, a bowling alley, it’s ours, and newcomers need to prove themselves. Logan Moore, Massimo Piano, and Menatplay newcomer Dante Colle takes things to the extreme in this week’s feature, Ball Breaker, one of our nastiness flicks this year.

Dante may be the newbie on our site but Massimo, suited up and bulked up, is the new guy at the pool hall. Massimo is throwing out sexy white collar vibes, but Dante won’t have it. Together with Logan, the duo takes Massimo down, ripping his trousers and fucking him straight up his eager hole with his suit still on. Eventually, Massimo gets to slam his dick up Logan’s butt as well. He keeps busy sucking and getting fucked all over the pool table.

If you like blue collar guys and white collar guys slamming each other, plus a lot of cum—and who doesn’t?—Ball Breaker is a film you won’t want to miss!"

Ball Breaker

BALL breaker_01 BALL breaker_02

BALL breaker_04 BALL breaker_03

BALL breaker_06 BALL breaker_12

BALL breaker_13 BALL breaker_14

BALL breaker_17 BALL breaker_20

BALL breaker_21 BALL breaker_22

BALL breaker_05

BALL breaker_07

BALL breaker_08

BALL breaker_09

BALL breaker_10

BALL breaker_11

BALL breaker_15

BALL breaker_16

BALL breaker_18

BALL breaker_19


Starring Logan Moore and Massimo Piano

June 2, 2017

"As much as we want to deny it, there's something about being kept that's a huge turn on. Being dressed up like a living doll for a rich sugar daddy, and becoming his little bitch. Playing the game of being used but enjoying every minute of it. Yep, submitting to power can be just as alluring as dishing out the demands.

In day to day life Massimo needs to feel he's in control of his own world, so he tries to call it off with his gift-buying sugar daddy Logan Moore. But real life convictions and sexual fantasies can so often be at odds.

So in spite of his best efforts to break away Massimo is once again lured in by Logan's persuasive tongue! Logan watches on as Massimo strips and puts on his latest gift of a designer suit, shirt, tie and cufflinks, the lot. Not only that but Logan dishes out a cruel humiliation of milking Massimo until he ejaculates all over his new gifted tie.

Logan then leads his play thing in to the bedroom to give him a good hard shafting. But Logan with his bread already buttered takes the knife as well riding Massimo's already milked cock until he shoots his sticky load too. Talk about power crazy!! But don't feel too bad for Massimo it looks like he's got a pretty good deal going don't you think?"


Kept_01 Kept_02

Kept_03 Kept_04

Kept_17 Kept_20

Kept_05 Kept_06

Kept_07 Kept_08

Kept_09 Kept_10

Kept_11 Kept_19






Kept_ 072

Kept_ 078

Kept_ 084

Kept_ 090

Kept_ 096
Full Disclosure

Full Disclosure

Starring Alex Mecum and Massimo Piano

March 31, 2017

"We’ve been teasing you all week with the news of our latest addition to the MENATPLAY squad, and the wait is finally over!

US porn megastar Alex Mecum arrives at MENATPLAY looking handsome AF, fully loaded and ready to get his share of European meat. However Alex's thirst for uncut cock may have got the better of him, not realizing his little session with yesterday’s hot piece of ass was being recorded on CCTV thus potentially endangering his future career. So Alex calls in Head of Security, Massimo Piano hoping he can strike a hush deal with him. And with so much at stake nothing is beyond limits and Massimo knows this all too well. Besides he happens to have seen the security footage and there’s no way he’s leaving this meeting without getting his own turn with Mr Mecum’s spectacular ass.

Massimo takes his time enjoying the taste and smell of Alex’s sweet hole getting it nice and wet, and ready for a deep dick-pounding which Alex takes like a total pro moaning and begging for Massimo to fuck him harder and faster. First on his knees and then riding Massimo’s long cock, and just when you think Alex is about to shoot his load from sheer pleasure on his face, he flips things around and drives his thick dick inside Massimo making him scream out load, and rams his hole until he showers himself in his own juicy cum.

If you like your sex scenes full of passion and chemistry this one is definitely for you. You’ll be left wanting more! (...part 2 anyone?)"

Full Disclosure

FullDisclosure_25 FullDisclosure_26

FullDisclosure_05 FullDisclosure_04

FullDisclosure_01 FullDisclosure_13

FullDisclosure_07 FullDisclosure_10

FullDisclosure_14 FullDisclosure_15

FullDisclosure_18 FullDisclosure_20

FullDisclosure_12 FullDisclosure_11

FullDisclosure_21 FullDisclosure_24









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