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Helmut Huxley (2)
Nate Grimes


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Featuring Donnie Argento and Nate Grimes

November 11, 2020

"Driven by a passion for worship, Donnie Argento and Nate Grimes dressed up in Slick It Up, worship feet, dicks and then fuck raw in garters and tights."





























Featuring Carlos Ventura and Nate Grimes

March 12, 2018

"Nate Grimes gets fucked raw by hot latin newcomer Carlos Ventura."

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Boss Man

Featuring Nate Grimes and Wesley Woods
Pride Studios | Dylan Lucas

June 12, 2017

"Nate is wrapping up his paint job while his boss Wesley is outside by the shed putting all the paint away. It's a sunny hot day out and Nate has been working hard all day long painting and then some. Nate takes a sip of water and spills some down his chest which turns him on. He begins to rub the water all over his chest and he pulls down his overalls. He lies down on the mattress and pushes all the paint supplies out of the way to make room for his legs as he man spreads them giving him enough room to pull out his big cock. Meanwhile Wesley is still packing up the gear outside and becomes curious as to what is taking Nate so long. Boss man heads up stairs to find out what is going on. Nate has his cock out stroking it and playing with his big furry balls. Wesley hears some quite moans as he walks closer to the door. He pushes the door open startling Nate who tries to hide his cock but it's too late,his boss as seen his erection. Nate who is completely embarresed figures his fired but Wesley on the other hand decides to help him out by wrapping his eager mouth around that big young cock. He starts to service Nate's juicy hard dick until he forces Nate onto his big throbbing cock. Nate never thought he'd be sucking on his boss's dick let alone has his boss's fingers banging his tight hole. Wesley takes control of his young employee and starts to loosen up his ass with his fingers while Nate's mouth is full of his throbbing cock. Wesley wastes no time in throwing a condom on and pushing his thick dick into Nate's eager hole. He begins to fuck him balls deep hard and fast making Nate moan and whimper with pleasure. Soon enough Nate is riding that cock up and down sliding on every inch of his boss's hard shaft. Wesley continues to fuck Nate on the mattress until his balls are ready to be emptied and so he lies him down on his back and fuck's the cum right out of Nate which makes him unload his built up load all over Nate. Enjoy!"

WATCH Boss Man Featuring Nate Grimes and Wesley Woods

Raging Stallion Studios Caulk Job

Caulk Job, Scene 2

Featuring Jack Andy and Nate Grimes
Raging Stallion Studios

November 20, 2020

"Jack Andy is using the washroom in a port-o-potty when Nate Grimes accidentally walks in on him. Nate tries to apologize but can't help to gawk at Jack's big dick. Eager for a taste, Nate grabs the growing cock and slips it in his mouth until it's rock-hard at full mast. After deepthroating Jack's cock, Jack gets down to work his mouth down to the base of Nate's balls. The taste of Nate's cock is satisfying, but Jack wants more and spins Nate around to tongue and finger-fuck Nate's eager hole. When he's done eating out Nate's ass, Jack quickly stands up and mounts Nate as he power-fucks him bareback from behind. Cars pass outside while the port-o-potty shakes as Nate gets pounded inside. Nate takes Jack's thick pole in multiple positions before climbing on top and riding Jack's thick rod to completion. Nate kneels on the floor where he just shot his load and takes a thick facial straight from the tip of Jack's cock, making sure to lick up every last drop."

WATCH Caulk Job, Scene 2 Featuring Jack Andy and Nate Grimes
















Submission Prison, Scene 2

Featuring Drew Dixon, Myles Landon and Nate Grimes | Fisting Central

January 30, 2020

"Head Prison Guard Myles Landon is showing his newest inmates to the ways of Dorchester Correctional Facility, where he rules the roster with an iron fist and a rock-hard cock and uses and abuses his power on the prisoners for his own selfish amusement. Back in restraints and with his nuts crushed in a C-clamp, Nate Grimes watches with a mix of fear, revulsion and arousal as his fellow inmate Drew Dixon is chained to a desk with a boot strapped around his neck and repeatedly fucked by Officer Myles' thick nightstick of a cock. Myles wrecks the British brat's butthole, all the while taunting and tormenting Nate with threats of even worse treatment. Nate is soon told to kneel and eat his buddy's freshly fucked ass, as Drew wisely surrenders to the hopeless situation and starts finding pleasure in his brutal punishment. Myles makes Nate stand up and pound Drew till they all reach a thundering orgasm and the two little prison bitches are put back in their places in their holding cell to await whatever wicked new ideas Myles can whip up for them tomorrow and contemplate their new prison life that is both stir crazy and 'sir' crazy."

GALLERY Submission Prison, Scene 2 Featuring Drew Dixon, Myles Landon and Nate Grimes




















Submission Prison, Scene 1

Featuring Drew Dixon, Myles Landon and Nate Grimes | Fisting Central

January 2, 2020

"Here at Dorchester Corrections Facility, the corrupt head guard is the cruel and sadistic Myles Landon, who makes it clear to his pathetic new inmates that he is in control and basically owns them for the duration of their sentences. He takes fiendish delight in breaking them in and breaking them down on their very first day in jail and, for two young punks like Nate Grimes and Drew Dixon, he has some painful lessons to make them learn the relentless ins and outs of their new life behind bars. Establishing his authority from the get-go, 'You men are mine to do with as I please. You call me 'Sir,' and maybe I'll take it easy on you,'. Myles strips Nate and Drew of both their clothes and their dignity, first instructing them down on their knees to lick and clean his boots to a spit polish shine. Still seeing signs of disrespect, Myles handcuffs his new prison bitches to the holding cell bars and gives them a good flogging to show them who's boss. More scared stiff than scared straight, Drew quickly comes to the decision to submit and obey, but Nate holds out and each stubborn 'Fuck you!' he spits at the guard only makes it worse for both of them. Told to get back on their knees, they take turns sharing and servicing Officer Myles' big cock and balls, but he won't let them touch their own hard dicks. Despite their arrogant attitudes and insolent bravado, their raging boners betray that these bad boys are enjoying their rough treatment at the hands of this merciless manhandler, who feeds them their first taste of alpha male prison jizz."

GALLERY Submission Prison, Scene 1 Featuring Drew Dixon, Myles Landon and Nate Grimes


















Arm-ageddon, Scene 4

Featuring Nate Grimes and Tony Orlando | Club Inferno

May 3, 2018

"Nate is sitting on Tony Orlando's face jacking his thick cock when he moans out, 'you wanna stay here, you gotta earn your keep.' Tony doesn't want to be thrown back out into the throes of 'Arm-ageddon' so he takes on a total throat assault from Nate's massive rod. Nate wants all the attention so he gets on all fours and tells Tony, 'grease me up!' Going straight for Nate's prostate, Tony shoves his fist deep into Nate's abyss. Tony's works each fist into Nate making sure to stretch his hole to its absolute limits. Wanting total control, Nate gets up and descends straight down on Tony's arm. Tony still needs to prove he's worthy of staying so he gives Nate a sopping wet hummer while Nate rides his fist from up top. Nate decides to hand the reigns back over to Tony and lays back to give him complete access up inside of him. With Tony's fist nearly elbow deep inside of him, Nate rides Tony's arm one last time and strokes his cock until it explodes white ropes of cum into Tony's hungry mouth."

GALLERY Arm-ageddon, Scene 4 Featuring Nate Grimes and Tony Orlando
















Arm-ageddon, Scene 3

Featuring Nate Grimes and Tony Orlando | Club Inferno

April 19, 2018

"Down in the bunker, Nate Grimes is sharpening his machete when Tony Orlando crawls in, in search of refuge from the carnage outside. Nate offers the tired man some water and rest as long as Tony does something for him in return. Soon, Nate has Tony bent over and buries his tongue and face into Tony's smooth hole. Tony gets into the probing from Nate's tongue, but is longing for something bigger. With a few slaps of Nate's dick on Tony's ass, he slides it into the stud. After a few hard pumps, Nate asks Tony, 'How about something bigger?' Without hesitation Tony agrees and Nate stars slow with a few fingers stretching Tony's hole. Tony is eager so get lets Nate squeeze his entire fist into his gaped center. Nate sinks to his knees to gain more leverage on the stud's butt and soon has both hands churning in and out of him. It's time to let Tony cum so Nate puts him on his back and fist punches his hole hard until Tony jacks out a think load onto his stomach. When they're finished, Nate asks one last time, 'You still hungry boy?' to which Tony says 'yes', prompting Nate to squat right onto Tony's awaiting tongue."

GALLERY Arm-ageddon, Scene 3 Featuring Nate Grimes and Tony Orlando
















Full Fist Interrogation, Scene 6

Featuring Ashley Ryder and Nate Grimes
Club Inferno Dungeon

September 21, 2017

"Ashley Ryder just finished his interrogation of Nate Grimes and even though he wasn't able to pull any information out of Nate's ass, he was able to go wrist deep in Nate's gaping hole. Now it's time for Ashley to get his rocks off with Nate returning the favor of planting his fist deep inside Ashley's asshole. Before Nate completely destroys Ashley's hole, he wants a taste so he bends the stud over and sticks his face as far in as it will go. Nate gets his interrogator all loosed up with his tongue as he slips on his gloves and gets them lubed up. Nate alternates fists in and out of the giant loose asshole and goes elbow deep inside the gaping jock. Always needing more, Ashley reaches around to feed his ass with his own fist. He squeezes it inside along with Nate's arm as he moans out, begging for Nate to go deeper. Ashley can never get enough up his ass and he rides Nate's entire forearm until he blasts a big creamy load of jizz all over his own stomach. It mixes with all the grease and lube that clings to his skin and coats the table. Just as Nate pulls his arm out of Ashley's wrecked hole, a fellow guard storms in and arrests Ashley for fraternizing with the enemy. Ashley gets slapped in cuffs and hauled off, naked and sticky, and barely able to walk."

WATCH Full Fist Interrogation, Scene 6 Featuring Ashley Ryder and Nate Grimes

Full Fist Interrogation, Scene 5

Featuring Nate Grimes, Ashley Ryder
Club Inferno Dungeon

September 7, 2017

"Nate Grimes is being interrogated for a code word and even with all the military intimidation, he won't give up the info. Whether or not he has what Ashley Ryder needs is something only Nate knows, but Ashley is going to try his best to get Nate's secret, even if he has to pull it out of his ass. Ashley's tactics are less than conventional and he starts by restraining Nate's hands and ripping off his clothes. 'You better think long and hard about that code word,' Ashley says, as he dips his gloved hands in a vat of grease and shoves his fists up Nate's gaping ass. Nate secretly likes getting his hole stretched and even if he knows the code, he's not going to give it up just yet. Ashley's hands feel amazing going wrist deep in and out of his asshole and Nate begs to be tortured for two more days. 'Open that hole. Make it gape,' Nate demands as if he's in the position to do so. The tables turn and suddenly Ashley is caving to all of Nate's desires. Ashley frees Nate of his restraints and lets the prisoner get on his back. Needing a deeper arm in his ass, Nate spreads his legs wide as Ashley alternates fists and plunges them deep inside Nate's protruding rose. Ashley is relentless in his fist pounding and wants Nate's cum. He sucks on the prisoner's huge cock as he plugs his hole with his closed fists. Nate finally gives Ashley what he really wants with a gusher of jizz that squirts from his big hairy cock and all over his muscled-up body. Like a true pig, Ashley cleans up Nate's cum with his tongue and gloves. Ashley may not have gotten the code word today, but he ultimately got what he really wanted by getting Nate naked with his fist up his ass."

WATCH Full Fist Interrogation, Scene 5 Featuring Ashley Ryder and Nate Grimes

Pig Alley, Scene 6

Featuring D Arclyte and Nate Grimes
Club Inferno Dungeon

June 29, 2017

"Muscle daddy D Arclyte grabs Nate Grimes by the neck and shoves his tongue down the hung jock's open throat. D is in an aggressive mood and today he wants Nate's fist shoved firmly up his ass. The pair makes out for a bit until D turns around and offers his hole for Nate to open up with his tongue. It's a nice long rimming session that leaves the leather daddy's asshole open, throbbing, and ready to be fed. Amid a torrent of dirty talk from both horny pigs, Nate puts on his rubber gloves and pulls out a giant bucket of lube. He dips his hands in the sticky goo and gets them good and slathered up before he sticks his fingers inside D's gaping butt. It barely takes a second before Nate's whole fist is swallowed up by D's hungry man cave. The horny jock is loving every second of pleasuring his daddy by alternating his hands in and out as strings of lube fall from D's cavernous asshole and Nate's strong arms. D is in complete ecstasy as his mouth gapes and his eyes roll back in his head with every plunge from the fit stud's fists. D needs it a little deeper and a lot more rough so he lies down on a bench with his legs in the air and lets Nate plunge his hole even harder. Nate gets wrists deep inside his daddy as he hurriedly switches hands and keeps up the intensity of the extreme fisting session. All the hole stretching and deep penetration gets D hard as a rock and ready to burst. D stands above Nate as the cum hungry hunk takes a massive load of D's creamy jizz in his eager mouth and on his smooth, tight chest."

WATCH Pig Alley, Scene 6 Featuring D Arclyte and Nate Grimes

Pig Alley, Scene 5

Featuring D Arclyte, Nate Grimes
Club Inferno Dungeon

June 15, 2017

"Muscled leatherman D Arclyte aggressively makes out with young stud Nate Grimes, pressing their faces tightly together and licking each other's pits. Nate gets down on the ground and wraps his lips around D's hard cock. D returns the favor, expertly deepthroating Nate's stunning meat. Long strings of saliva drip to the floor as Nate thrusts his hips and works his cock down D's gullett. Turning Nate around, D uses some of that spit to lube Nate's tight hole and presses his tongue deep between Nate's ass cheeks. D immobilizes Nate by strapping his wrists into suspended restraints. As Nate shows off his bubble butt, D lubes up his hands and works his fist into Nate's hole. Curling his fingers into a wide, round fist, D punches Nate's hole, creating a massive stretch that leaves Nate gaping. As Nate pushes his ass out, D rubs Nate's swollen sphincter with the tips of his fingers. Reapplying copious amounts of lube, D renews his anal assault, and Nate eagerly bounces on D's fist. As D works Nate's hole faster and harder, Nate strokes his huge cock and lets loose a thick, white load."

WATCH Pig Alley, Scene 5 Featuring D Arclyte and Nate Grimes

Pig Alley, Scene 2

Featuring Mike Tanner, Nate Grimes, and Seamus O'Reilly
Club Inferno Dungeon

May 4, 2017

"In Pig Alley, Mike Tanner has his sizeable cock planted in Seamus O'Reilly's hole and Nate Grimes is feeding him his thick tasty meat. The insatiable pig that he is, Seamus' huge dick is hard as a rock as he takes it from both ends. Mike starts pounding away at Seamus' ass to thoroughly get his hole primed for a proper fisting. Nate asks, 'You almost 'bout ready for my fist?' and Seamus replies much as he can with Nate's cock deeply lodged in his throat. Mike pulls out to switch spots with Nate, Seamus leaves his legs in the air and Nate comes around to prep Seamus even more...with his tongue. Delivering a wet sloppy rim job, Nate pulls his face out of Seamus' hole just to replace it with his hand. An expert fisting bottom, Seamus takes it like a champ while he swallows Mike's cock. Now on all fours, Seamus is getting his ass punched by Nate and the back of his throat smashed by Mike's dick. Mike's not going to escape this three-way fisting throw down without getting his ass stretched. He switches spots with Seamus and gets the same treatment, Nate gets to punching Mike's hole as he swallows Seamus massive dick. Before it's all over, Nate coaxes both Mike and Seamus to bend over and take his fists at the same time. In a display of simultaneous extreme hole stretching, Nate's fists go deep inside both sloppy holes for a marathon fisting session until Nate sits on the floor fists punching up into the standing Mike and Seamus while they jerk their loads onto his face in an explosive finale."

WATCH Pig Alley, Scene 2 Featuring Mike Tanner, Nate Grimes, and Seamus O'Reilly

Pig Alley, Scene 1

Featuring Mike Tanner, Nate Grimes, and Seamus O'Reilly
Club Inferno Dungeon

April 20, 2017

"Nate Grimes gets down on his knees to service Seamus O'Reilly's thick ginger cock. Showing off his tattoo sleeves, Seamus plays with his pierced nipples to add to the sensation. Mike Tanner appears, dressed in a harness and jock, and the guys eagerly focus their attention on sucking his hard cock. Showing off his ass, Nate elicits a deep rim job from Mike. With Nate's hole wet and fuckable, Seamus steps up and uses his fat cock to give Nate a good drilling. Mike looks on, coaching them, then gloves up his hands to explore Nate's ass. First one finger, then four, then Mike's entire fist disappear up Nate's eager hole. Seamus shoves his huge cock deep down Nate's throat, plugging him from both ends. Switching places, Seamus moves to Nate's ass and uses his heavily tattooed forearms to widen Nate's hole. Nate opens himself up to take each of Seamus' hands, and shows off the gaping rosebud that results. As Seamus pushes inside Nate almost up to his elbows, Mike facefucks Nate's mouth. Nate bends over a barstool, and Mike and Seamus take turns pushing their fists deep into his stretched hole. Turning around, Nate sits down on Seamus' arm as Mike works Nate's nipples. The intense stimulation makes Nate unleash a gusher of cum all over the floor."

WATCH Pig Alley, Scene 1 Featuring Mike Tanner, Nate Grimes, and Seamus O'Reilly

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