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Little Piggy

Featuring Kory Houston and Trenton Ducati
Pride Studios | Dylan Lucas

March 19, 2018

"Kory Houston hasn't cleaned up his room and he isn't about too. Trenton his stepdad comes into the room and sees Kory sitting in bed with an extremely messy bedroom. Trenton is pissed but becomes more pissed when he sees that Kory has been using his dildo. Trenton tells him to assume the position and Kory does just that. Kory bends his ass over and pulls his shorts down so Trenton can begin to rim his smooth hole. Trenton jumps right in and buries his face between those smooth milky butt cheeks. He has Kory moaning and groaning with pleasure. Trenton has his ass lubed up and pushes his hard cock right into Kory's tight little hole. Trenton fucks Kory hard and deep in several positions man handling him all over his bed until he fucks the cum right out of him. Trenton pulls out and blasts his load all over Kory."

WATCH Little Piggy Featuring Kory Houston and Trenton Ducati

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Repair Man

Featuring Britain Westbury and Trenton Ducati
Pride Studios | Dylan Lucas

November 27, 2017

"Trenton is hanging out in his bedroom and when he tries to turn on the AC nothing happens. It's extremely hot outside and without any AC it makes everything really uncomfortable. Trenton calls the HVAC guy and he arrives in no time. Britain meets Trenton inside his room where the problem is. Britain starts to examine the AC while Trenton heads off to take a shower. Britain fixes the AC and decides to take a sneak peak at Trenton showering. He can see Trenton's sexy naked body as he washes himself. Britain begins to tug on his hard cock but when he does Trenton finishes his shower and Britain scurry's back to the AC unit. Trenton begins to dry off using a towel and he noticed Britain spying on him so he asks Britain if he can help him with his huge hard on. Trenton walks right up to him and soon enough Britain is on his knees worshipping that fat cock. Trenton face fucks his young mouth and then pushes him on to his bed where he rims that sweet young ass. He tongue fucks him and Britain is moaning with pleasure. Trenton is oozing precum and now that this young ass is lubed up with spit he pushes his throbbing cock inside Britain's tight little hole. Trenton smashes that young ass pounding away deep and hard until he wants his young handyman to ride his hard shaft. Britain eases down on that thick cock and once balls deep he grinds that cock. Trenton fucks the cum right out of Britain and then he uses the cum as lube on his own cock until he nuts all over Britain's smooth chest. Enjoy!"

WATCH Repair Man Featuring Britain Westbury and Trenton Ducati

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Paying Your Dues

Featuring Sam Truitt and Trenton Ducati
Pride Studios | Dylan Lucas

November 14, 2016

"Sam is in trouble with the law and this time Officer Ducati is going to make him pay his dues. Sam has been busted beating off in the storage room again and his friend has ratted him out to cover his own ass. Officer Ducati grills him with questions until he finally gives in and that's when Trenton dicks him down with his hard cop cock. Sam will do anything to get out of this and by the looks of it he is doing just that. Officer Ducati is calling the shots as his boy deep throats his hard dick. Sam's big cock needs attention also and Trenton is making sure he wraps his mouth around it to feel it throb in his mouth. Officer Ducati bends Sam over the chair to spread his ass to get his tongue deep inside his hole and ready to be fucked. Officer Ducati pushes his hard cop dick into Sam and begins to fuck him hard and fast. He fucks him in a few positions but makes his offender bust a nut while lying on his back. Trenton isn't letting him get away that easy as he releases his built up load all over this young offender. Enjoy!"

WATCH Paying Your Dues Featuring Sam Truitt and Trenton Ducati

Busted and Banged Part 1

Featuring Trent Ferris and Trenton Ducati
Pride Studios | Dylan Lucas

June 13, 2016

"Officer Ducati and his buddy Bruce who is a PO are on break enjoying some donuts in the police cruiser when they see a few punks hanging out side drinking beer and talking about smoking the weed. Officer Ducati notices that one of them is Trent who is on house arrest but he is obviously out of his house. The two decide to go fuck with the college kids. Trent and his friend Kyle try to hide the beer but it's too late. The officers confront them and take them inside Trent's house to have a talking too about their misbehaving. The PO takes Kyle to a different area of the house while Trenton and Trent are in the living room. Trent knows exactly what's going to happen and he isn't too pleased about it. Officer Ducati tells him to get on his knees and suck his cock unless he wants to go to jail. Trent reluctant at first but gets into a nice groove handling Trenton's massive cock. He blows him extremely well gagging all over that fat dick of his. The Officer is calling all the shots and now it's time for him to bend over and spread that ass wide open for all to see. Trenton rims that sexy smooth College ass placing some fingers inside as well telling Trent to finger himself. Officer Ducati is having too much fun with this but is ready to fuck this little offender hard. He has Trent sit on his hard throbbing cock and ride his shaft up and down until he's ready to bend him over and fuck him hard and deep. Trenton is pounding that sweet smooth ass and can feel his balls ready to burst so he flips the kid on to his back and pumps away and finally blows his load all over Trent's smooth young chest. Trenton isn't done with him yet and wants a nice facial from this College stud."

WATCH Busted and Banged Part 1 Featuring Trent Ferris and Trenton Ducati

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Summer Voyeur

Featuring Chris Abbot and Trenton Ducati
Pride Studios | Dylan Lucas

January 11, 2016

"It's a beautiful sunny day in California and Trenton is outside in his backyard relaxing in his shorts and spraying himself down with some tanning spray. He's under his sun umbrella enjoying a nice read when he hears splashing in the neighbor's yard. He goes and peaks over the fence to see Chris who is much younger then Trenton swimming around in his pool. Chris visits his Dads house every summer and Trenton is great friends with him so they've hung out before at some friendly BBQs and the closest he's come to him was laying a hand on his shoulder one day just passing by. Chris has no idea that Trenton has the hots for him. Trenton keeps watching the young stud from his fence being sneaky and quiet. He begins to fantasize about how great Chris would feel against him and his hard cock deep in that young college boy's ass. This summer it's finally going to happen so Trenton walks into the backyard with the excuse of, where's your Dad? Chris tells him that his Dad is out running errands and will be back soon. Trenton doesn't care and makes the remark ,'I think you missed a spot with the lotion', that one remark opens the door up for Trenton and he finally gets his manly hands on the smooth young buck. He can't contain himself and slowly pulls Chris shorts off with no hesitation and Chris is going with the flow. Trenton sees how hard that young cock is and uses his wet eager mouth to get it nice and lubed up. Sucking and rubbing his balls he bends Chris over and begins to milk him from behind while rimming that sexy furry hole. The energy is picking up and they take the action inside where Chris gets his big cock deep in his mouth before Trenton bends him over the kitchen counter and fucks that young tender ass. Enjoy!"

WATCH Summer Voyeur Featuring Chris Abbot and Trenton Ducati

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My Parents Neighbour

Featuring Joseph Rough and Trenton Ducati
Pride Studios | Dylan Lucas

May 27, 2015

"Joseph Rough has always had a hard on for his parents' neighor, Trenton Ducati. But it's not until he's back home visiting from college that Trenton has ever shown any interest. After days of Joseph spying on him and the tension rising, Trenton finally makes a move and follows him into his old bedroom where they're fantasies are played out for you to see. Enjoy!"

WATCH My Parents Neighbour Featuring Joseph Rough and Trenton Ducati
















Tops & Robbers

Featuring James Hamilton and Trenton Ducati
Pride Studios | High Performance Men

October 1, 2014

"Trenton is preparing for his after workout shower while James is creeping up to his house and spying on him from the outside window. Trenton has no clue that James is watching him waiting to break inside. Once out of view James slowly opens the door into the back room and he can hear the shower so he begins to rummage through all the drawers looking for anything to steal. He finds lube and some toys and then some cold hard cash but Trenton can hear someone rustling about and he storms out of the shower to see James going through his pockets. He rushes James pushing him to the side than forcefully grabbing him by the neck and pushing him face first into Trenton's cock making him suck it. Trenton doesn't go easy on the robber and face fucks him hard and rough. He rips his shirt off than throws him on to the bed and flips him around and shoves his cock deep inside. Trenton stomps on James head as he fucks him hard and rough for some good leverage. James can't get away and is taking a pounding in every hole that Trenton wants to use. James will be sure not to ever rob someone again. Enjoy!"

WATCH Tops & Robbers Featuring James Hamilton and Trenton Ducati















Trophy Husband

Featuring Cameron Kincade and Trenton Ducati
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

September 16, 2014

"Trenton is enjoying the good life while his hubby works all day long. During the days Trenton likes to bask in the sun and hang out by the pool. Cameron Kincade on the other hand is at work throughout the day and when he arrives he notices that Trenton is nowhere to be found but Cameron has a good idea where he is. Cameron heads to the backyard where Trenton is laid out in swim trunks taking in the sun. Cameron's mad at first considering he is the bread winner and, well Trenton, he's just the trophy. Trenton calms him down and begins to kiss him and they take the action inside where Trenton treats his sugar daddy to some nice ass and cock sucking. Cameron is all about that ass and mouth and it's all his to do with as he pleases. Trenton bends his sweet ass over and lets Cameron fuck him deep and hard. The two lovers make every second count as they suck and fuck until both their loads are dumped onto Trenton - he eats his own and Cameron repays the favor by licking up his load as well. Enjoy!"

WATCH Trophy Husband Featuring Cameron Kincade and Trenton Ducati















Big and Sexy

Featuring Jessie Colter and Trenton Ducati
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

February 11, 2014

"We have two big sexy men going at it and they are loving every minute of it. Jessie Colter loves to bottom and be submissive so Trenton takes full advantage of the situation. Trenton flips, tosses and utilizes every hole Jessie has. At times Jessie can barely take the deep pounding but he pushes through and releases a massive cum shot. A dominant man like Trenton just loves to use a willing bottom that can take it hard and fast. Cum check out the facial explosion that leaves Trenton's thick cock. Enjoy!"

WATCH Big and Sexy Featuring Jessie Colter and Trenton Ducati

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A Friendly Shower

Featuring Liam Harkmore and Trenton Ducati
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

December 4, 2013

"EBD has been waiting long and hard for the likes of Trenton Ducati and lucky for him we have big dicked Liam Harkmore who is ready to be fucked and willing to be pounded. Trenton starts off in the shower cleaning his gorgeous ripped body. He rubs the soap up and down all over his smooth chest and legs getting it all lathered up. While he's rubbing down his own body Liam hears that Mr. Ducati is waiting for him in the shower. Not taking one more moment longer Liam walks right in, ready to service this tall sexy hunk of a man. These two horn dogs frolic in the shower for a bit getting accustomed and loosened up by each other. Once they get to the bedroom it's 3 fingers deep in Liam's eager hole. Trenton gets his hole ready for a nice deep pounding just the way he wants it. Come check Trenton at his debut with EBD. Enjoy!"

WATCH A Friendly Shower Featuring Liam Harkmore and Trenton Ducati

Super Shooter

Featuring CJ Parker and Trenton Ducati
Pride Studios | High Performance Men

March 26, 2013

"High Performance Men presents SUPER SHOOTER with the 2013 XBIZ Gay Performer Of The Year, Trenton Ducati and our exclusive CJ Parker. The chemistry between these two was powerful the moment they met and even before our cameras were rolling, they couldn't keep their hands off each other. They were so hot for each other that they asked if they could just start the scene without any clothes and get right to it. Almost before we could get our cameras rolling, they were naked, hard and kissing each other on the bed. What followed was one of the most passionate, intense and erotic scenes we have filmed to date. Trenton goes down on CJ first and as he is sucking his cock CJ begins fingering Trenton's ass to the delight of Trenton who tells him to finger his hole deep. Trenton takes charge and orders CJ to suck his cock and CJ waists no time taking all 8' down his eager throat. Trenton then begins to finger CJ's ass while his cock is buried deep down his throat. First one finger, then two and three while he uses his spit to get CJ's ass opened up for his cock. CJ climbs on Trenton's cock and rides him long and deep before Trenton bends CJ over the bed and fucks him hard and deep while CJ howls for him to fuck him harder! CJ ends up on his back and before Trenton fucks him some more he inserts four fingers up CJ's ass as CJ begs for his cock inside him. Trenton then pounds CJ's ass so deep that CJ cannot hold back any longer and shoots the biggest load of cum we have seen in a long time. The first shot hits CJ in his own face and he just keeps cumming and cumming. Trenton pulls out and shoots a nice thick load all over CJ's hairy chest and CJ laps up the last drop of cum out of the tip of Trenton's cock and the two share the load in a deep passionate sweaty kiss. Enjoy!"

WATCH Super Shooter Featuring CJ Parker and Trenton Ducati


Gay Massage House, Scene 2

Featuring Joshua Pierce and Trenton Ducati

February 3, 2015

"Trenton Ducati is a massage therapist at the Gay Massage House. He uses the same techniques as his co-worker Adam Russo, but his style has a more 'dive in head first' approach. Actor Joshua Pierce is used to hiding behind the characters he plays, but at the massage house he will have to finally meet me the man behind the mask. Trenton starts by rubbing oil on his back, and they chat a bit about Joshua's stress factors. Trenton spend a lot of time on Joshua's ass, relaxing the muscles and spreading the cheeks, exposing his pink asshole. He flips over and Trenton goes right for Joshua's dick, pinning him onto the table and kissing him hard on the lips. Right away Trenton throws Joshua's legs over his head and darts his tongue into his asshole. Trenton jumps up on the massage bed and starts licking Joshua all over his body. His shorts quickly come off for a massage table fuckfest. Trenton dominates Joshua, making him spread his asshole and scratching his chest until it turns red. Trenton pounds Joshua until they both spray onto Joshua's dick and balls."

WATCH Gay Massage House, Scene 2 Featuring Joshua Pierce and Trenton Ducati

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Football Hero, Scene 3

Featuring Brandon Wilde and Trenton Ducati

December 15, 2014

"Brandon Wilde gets called in to see the team's physiotherapist Dr. Ducati, to have him check out an insidious pain in the player's leg. Brandon soon learns that the real reason Dr. Ducati has asked to see him was because the physiotherapist caught Brandon in the showers fucking his teammate Alexander Greene. In order for Trenton Ducati to keep Brandon's secret, Brandon has to let the doctor examine every part of his body... including his pink hole. Brandon tries to resist, but Dr. Ducati's powerful tongue and body overpowers him. Soon the doctor has the small footballer pinned with his legs up over his head on the examination table, with his tongue darting deep into the spread asshole. Brandon is so turned on that hungrily wraps his pink lips around Trenton's thick dick. Brandon can't wait to get a full body examination and he rides the doctor until they both explode."

WATCH Football Hero, Scene 3 Featuring Brandon Wilde and Trenton Ducati

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Men Seeking Men, Scene 3

Featuring Ludo Sander and Trenton Ducati

December 12, 2014

"Sexy twink Ludo Sander meets up with muscular Trenton Ducati for a first date after chatting online, which happens to be at the gym. Ludo admires Trenton's built body, and Trenton starts training Ludo through a rigorous workout. The guys get a good sweat going, grunting while feeling each other's muscles until Trenton gets a hard-on under his gym shorts. Their exercise clothes are quickly stripped off and Ludo drops to his knees to worship Trenton's cock. Trenton orders Ludo to take his shorts off, exposing his uncut dick, and returns the favour. Trenton shoves Ludo's legs up around his shoulders and rims him and makes him finger himself until his tight hole is ready. Trenton spanks Ludo's perky cheeks, and pins him with his foot as he fucks the twink hard all over the bed. The athletes work up a whole different kind of sweat in their bedroom workout."

WATCH Men Seeking Men, Scene 3 Featuring Ludo Sander and Trenton Ducati

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Forgive Me Father, Scene 3

Featuring Seth Santoro and Trenton Ducati

December 4, 2014

"Trenton Ducati visits the confession booth to explain why he's been feeling so guilty and to ask for forgiveness for his sins. He tells the priest that he caught his girlfriend's brother coming out of the shower of the master bedroom and was surprised by how hot he found his visitor, Seth Santoro. They look into each others eyes and Trenton grabs Seth, pulling him in for a hard kiss. He removes Seth's towel and finds that his girlfriend's brother is already rock hard, and quickly drops his shorts as well. Trenton flips over into a sixty-nine position so they can both suck each other off at the same time. When both muscular men are ready, Seth slides Trenton's cock into his bubble butt, and moans in pleasure as Trenton thrusts all the way inside. The guys seperate, but only for an instant, so that Trenton can lick Seth's nipples, suck his dick and play with his balls. Trenton then re-enters Seth and fucks him every which way until they both gush cum."

WATCH Forgive Me Father, Scene 3 Featuring Seth Santoro and Trenton Ducati

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