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Trenton Ducati


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Jimmy Z Productions Trenton Ducati and Angelo Marconi


Come Watch Us

Featuring Angelo Marconi and Trenton Ducati

April 6, 2014

"What better way to spend the day than to watch two guys enjoy each others muscles and have a hot fuck session. Trenton Ducati and Angelo Marconi invite us to be voyeurs and they seem to get turned on knowing we are watching. They kiss and lick each others bodies and take their time sucking each others cocks. Angelo's beefy ass gets some special attention from Trenton's fingers and tongue as he loosens it up for his thick cock. Trenton's muscles are pumped as he fucks Angelo's ass till they both cum."









Trenton_angelo_watch036_ Trenton_angelo_watch045_

Trenton Ducati

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 205
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Chest: 46
Waist: 33
Biceps: 17.5
Quads: 17"
Body Hair: shaved



Poolside_4 Poolside_11

The Inspector

Starring Trenton Ducati and Harley Everett

July 11, 2013

"If you're going to get a surprise visit from a health and safety officer, you're gonna want it to be Mr. Trenton Ducati. His stern ballsy attitude, his intimidating air of authority, oh and his manly good looks, hard cock and killer body are all going to have you breaking the rules just so he'll stick around. When Harley Everett's livelihood is threatened by Trenton's thorough inspection, Harley is reduced to grovelling and offering up his arse to let Trenton rim, finger and fuck until he's satisfied, the penalties can be overlooked."

Trenton Ducati and Harley Everett












Inside Job 3

Starring Jessy Ares and Trenton Ducati

May 10, 2013

"After several sexual harassment claims filed against him, Landon Conrad is quietly suspended from his position at the bank, and his replacement Mr Trenton Ducati takes his place at his desk. However Trenton is experienced enough to know that he can't make it in a new company without an inside man, and he calls in Jessy Ares to see if he's ambitious enough to fulfill the position on offer. And Jessy proves he's more than man enough for the job by showing off his excellent deep-throathing skills right there on his new desk, before pounding his muscle ass with his rock hard dick. This final episode in the Inside Job mini-series ends with the strongest pairing of them all."


InsideJob3 (8)

InsideJob3 (10)

InsideJob3 (14)

InsideJob3 (20)

InsideJob3 (16)

InsideJob3 (15)

InsideJob3 (21)

InsideJob3 (7)

InsideJob3 (5)

InsideJob3 (1)

InsideJob3 (18)

InsideJob3 (19)

InsideJob3 (3)

InsideJob3 (2)

InsideJob3 (17)

InsideJob3 (9) InsideJob3 (11)

InsideJob3 (6) InsideJob3 (13)

InsideJob3 (4) InsideJob3 (12)


Starring Trenton Ducati

March 14, 2013

"Sometimes a guy just has to take a break from work, lock himself in the mensroom and sort himself out. Luckily in the Menatplay offices we have cameras almost everywhere so we don't miss any of this juicy action when it happens. So when Trenton recently snuck into the staff showers to cool down and get rid of the rock-hard boner in his suit trousers we couldn't let this chance pass by without sharing this red hot video with you guys. And if the thought of the handsome, muscled adonis playing with his stiff cock and hungry hole wasn't enough, just watch him getting his suit completely drenched and loving the feeling of the water pouring over his throbbing cock,working it faster and harder until he shoots his hot, sticky load."









Bigday (3)

The Big Day

Starring Paddy O´Brian and Trenton Ducati

December 28, 2012

"Are you ready for The Big Day?

We're not talking about Christmas - that's gone. And New Year's day has nothing on the Big Day we're getting all hot under the collar about.

Why such an important event? oh soooo many reasons. For one - we have a new handsome star brightening our web pages with his tall muscled body and his rugged masculine looks - yes, Trenton Ducati makes his debut on Menatplay.

Second - Paddy O'Brian has finally come back to us after a year away and what's even more amazing is he's come back a changed man, ready to fuck the brains out of a big guy like Trenton. And this is not half-hearted straight guy performance - he really gets stuck in and gives Trenton exactly what hes asking for. With Trenton begging "Please fuck me, please fuck me .. I've been waiting so long for this" the anticipation for what is about to happen will have you instantly hard - as you watch Paddy gently tease his hard cock against Trenton's hungry hole. Then he goes for it - hard and fast making big guy Trenton cry with pleasure."

Paddy O´Brian and Trenton Ducati

Bigday Bigday (7)

Bigday (4) Bigday (11)

Bigday (2) Bigday (8)

Bigday (9) Bigday (17)

Bigday (19) Bigday (10)

Bigday (12) Bigday (5)

Bigday (6) Bigday (20)

Bigday (16)

Bigday (13)

Bigday (14)

Bigday (18)

Bigday (15)

Muscle Ridge, Scene 4

Starring Dolan Wolf and Trenton Ducati
Colt Studios

"Keeping his massive muscular body in top form, COLT Stud Trenton Ducati takes every opportunity to give his finely tuned muscles a workout. Deep in the woods Trenton works up a sweat and gives his bare muscles a good, hard pump. Rugged nature-boy Dolan Wolf is on the prowl and catches Trenton in a moment of bulging self-satisfaction. Feeling the post workout surge of testosterone, Trenton greets Dolan by taking a mouthful of his big rock-hard dick. Hungry for sexual contact these guys go at each other, devouring cock and groping hard muscles until they shoot their man-sized loads."




















Muscle Ridge, Scene 1

Starring Adam Champ and Trenton Ducati
Colt Studios

May 30, 2013

"Deep in the woods muscle-man Trenton Ducati strokes his thick and meaty cock, releasing his manly pheromones and drawing the attention of furry uncut muscle-god Adam Champ. With rock hard bodies and thick throbbing cocks they come together to heed the call of nature and indulge their cock-hungry appetites. Sweat pours and dick juices flow as Adam drives his thick piece of uncut meat into Trenton’s tight muscled ass. Their animal sex noises make for one hot and sexy man-on-man mating call."

Adam Champ and Trenton Ducati






























Timberline - Minute Man 42, Scene 1

Trenton Ducati
Colt Studios

May 23, 2013

"After gathering wood for the chopping block, rugged hunk Trenton Ducati takes a break to enjoy his outdoor solitude. Slowly stripping down, Trenton inhales the sweet scent of his own sweat as he flexes his hard body and gropes his bulging jock. Handling hard wood is what Trenton does best as he takes his own thick piece in hand for some serious knob rubbing. Standing erect among the trees, Trenton’s big cock breaks above the TIMBERLINE with a high-flying, dick-squirting load."







Sc_20278_01_01 Sc_20278_01_06

Sc_20278_01_07 Sc_20278_01_14
Trenton Ducati and Andrew Markus

Trenton Ducati and Andrew Markus

September 26, 2014

"Muscle dad Trenton Ducati and trim Andrew Markus kiss passionately. Trenton takes the young lad's shirt off, licking and sucking his nipples. Andrew strokes Trenton’s cock, getting it hard. He leans over and sucks the stiff rod. Trenton moans, showing off his muscular body, then face fucks Andrew. He takes Andrew’s briefs off and spreads his sweet ass cheeks, fingering Andrew’s hole. Trenton takes turns rimming and fingering Andrew’s ass, as well as sucking his cock from behind. Trenton rubs his stiff cock in between Andrew's butt cheeks. He slams his cock on Andrew’s ass making him moan. Trenton lays down, and Andrew hops on the huge pole for a rid. Andrew flips around bringing Trenton's cock deeper in him. Andrew lays down while Trenton sucks his toes, making him beg for cock. Trenton listens to the lad and gives in, thrusting his rock hard dick in Andrew’s ass. Andrew jerks off all over his body while Trenton fucks him. Trenton Ducati pulls out and shoots his huge load on Andrew's torso. Andrew Markus rubs the cum all over this body and they kiss one last time."

Trenton Ducati & Aiden Summers

Trenton Ducati & Aiden Summers

December 6, 2013

"At Jake Cruise Media it's customary to have major porn stars break in the freshmen office interns. In this case Jake Cruise sends eager lad Aiden Summers to lend muscle dad Trenton Ducati a “hand.” Trenton is on the up and up and quickly gets on top of the task of breaking the newbie in. Trenton and Aiden kiss passionately as they slowly start to take off each other's shirt. Trenton flexes his powerful body as Aiden's tongue travels from Trenton's bulging biceps, to his powerful chest, and down his ripped bas to his huge cock. Aiden takes all 8 inches of Trenton's throbbing pole into his mouth and down his throat. Meanwhile Trenton plays with the lad’s tight hole. Trenton instructs Aiden to climb onto his office chair and prop his ass up so he can play with it. He begins by lathering Aiden's hole with his spit and slowly fingering him. After having loosened Aiden up, Trenton slowly slips his thick dick into his ass. Aiden moans louder each time Trenton's huge cock gets shoved into his young hole. Trenton gets on his knees and takes his turn at sucking dick, gagging on Aiden's prick. Being the cock hungry power bottom he is, Aiden begs for Trenton's cock to get back in him. Trenton sits on the office chair and Aiden eagerly saddles him, bouncing up and down on his rock-hard rod. Trenton continues to mercilessly pound the lad’s ass, first in doggie and then in the missionary position. Having Trenton's thick cock thrusting deep into his hole excites Aiden and he shoots a thick creamy load all over his abs and chest. Trenton can't contain himself any longer and he shoots his warm cum onto Aiden's smooth torso. Trenton and Aiden passionately kiss as Aiden Summers worships daddy Trenton's muscular body. Aiden gets back on his knees one last time and sucks Trenton's cock clean before continuing with his day as the new office intern."

Trenton Ducati and Jimmy Roman

Trenton Ducati and Jimmy Roman

April 5, 2013

"Trenton Ducati and Jimmy Roman are feeling feisty. They start off wrestling on the bed, Trenton showing his young friend how it's done. He quickly pins Jimmy claiming his prize which, if you haven't already guessed, is Jimmy's fat cock. Trenton takes Jimmy's prick down his throat as it grows larger and larger. Jimmy struggles in vain against Trenton who is in complete control. Trenton flips Jimmy over and pulls down his jock. His tongue finds it's way to Jimmy's tight hole then plunges in deep. Trenton fingers Jimmy's wet ass, stretching it out for Trenton's rock-hard cock. Trenton may have won the wrestling match, but when it comes to taking a huge rod up the ass, Jimmy is the champ. Trenton ruthlessly slams into Jimmy's tight ass and all Jimmy can say is, "Fuck Yeah!" Every last inch of Trenton's pole plummets into Jimmy. Trenton loves pumping Jimmy's ass and gets close. Jimmy Roman drops to his knees to take Trenton's sweet cum into his mouth. With a mouth full of cum, Jimmy lays back on the bed and jerks out a load onto his abs. Trenton Ducati runs his fingers in the warm juice and feeds it to Jimmy. So sweet."

Trenton Ducati and Jimmy Roman

Trenton Ducati and Jimmy Roman

Trenton Ducati and Jimmy Roman

Trenton Ducati and Jimmy Roman

Trenton Ducati and Jimmy Roman

Trenton Ducati and Jimmy Roman

Trenton Ducati and Jimmy Roman

Trenton Ducati and Jimmy Roman

Trenton Ducati and Jimmy Roman
Trenton Ducati and Valentin Petrov

Trenton Ducati and Valentin Petrov

February 1, 2013

"Word has been getting around that Valentin Petrov has a big dick. Trenton Ducati is here to confirm the rumors. Well, the rumors prove to be false. Valentin doesn't have a big dick...he has a REALLY big dick! After sucking on Valentin's pole Trenton blurts out "I have a big dick too! You like big dicks?" And with that, big cocks are flopping about everywhere! The studs take turns sucking cock and preparing Trenton's hole for Valentin's massive rod. Valentin roughly fingers Trenton's ass until he can't stand another moment without a thick, long dick inside it. Valentin mounts Trenton from behind, thrusting every inch of his ram-rod cock as deep as he can go. The harder Valentin Petrov pounds him the more Trenton begs. Trenton Ducati works his hard, stiff prick while getting slammed by Valentin until he cums all over his ripped abs. Valentin adds to the mess with a creamy load of his own."

Trenton Ducati and Valentin Petrov

Trenton Ducati and Valentin Petrov

Trenton Ducati and Valentin Petrov

Trenton Ducati and Valentin Petrov

Trenton Ducati and Valentin Petrov

Trenton Ducati and Valentin Petrov

Trenton Ducati and Valentin Petrov Trenton Ducati and Valentin Petrov

Trenton Ducati & Angelo

December 7, 2012

"Angelo has traveled all the way from Prague to film here in sunny Los Angeles. Trenton Ducati is looking forward to giving him a warm welcome! Trenton gets down on his knees and is already raging hard as he sucks Angelo's uncut cock. He beats his meat while Angelo's cock grows in his mouth. The two studs rub their cocks together before Angelo drops down to get force-fed Trenton Ducati's rock-hard dick. While getting gagged with Trenton's rod, Angelo reaches around and fingers Trenton's ass getting it ready for his huge cock. A couple of ass licks and then Angelo is balls deep in Trenton's hot-hole. Trenton begs for it harder and Angelo thrusts away as hard as he can. A true power bottom, Trenton's ass gobbles up every inch with ease. With Angelo still stuffing his hole, Trenton pumps away at his cock until he pops all over his ripped abs. Trenton Ducati eats his own cum, and then takes a second load onto his tight stomach."

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16 17














Trenton Ducati Nails Miles

Trenton Ducati Nails Miles

December 4, 2014

"Miles is meeting his first big porn star, Trenton Ducati. To cut the tension, the two are comparing tattoos. Miles rips off his shirt so Trenton can get a better view. Trenton likes what he sees as he eyes Miles' perfectly toned body. Soon, Miles is taking off his pants, much to Trenton's delight. Trenton goes in for some hands-on viewing before he shares his ink with Miles. Once both of them are down to just underwear, they turn their attention away from tattoos and to hard cocks, grabbing each others' swelling members and sucking. As Miles begins gagging on the thickness, Trenton reaches to his ass and gives a couple good swats. Trenton wants to suck some cock and pushes Miles onto his back. Soon, he's slipping a few fingers into Miles' hole, which causes Miles to blow his load. Trenton wants a piece of that ass and slips his cock in deep. Miles takes it like a champ, happily getting his ass pounded. Once his hole is opened up good, Miles wants to ride it. Trenton lays back and Miles impales himself on the massive porn star dick. Finally, Trenton takes Miles doggy style, pounding deep and hard. When Trenton cums, Miles greedily gobbles every bit as it is sprayed into his mouth."

Trenton Ducati Nails Miles

Trenton Ducati Nails Miles

Trenton Ducati Nails Miles

Trenton Ducati Nails Miles

Trenton Ducati Nails Miles
Trenton Ducati Rails Marten James

Trenton Ducati Rails Marten James

September 11, 2014

"Marten James has been on his feet a lot lately, and they are super sore. Trenton Ducati thinks he has just the answer as he takes his buddy's feet in his giant paws and starts working on slowly releasing all that tension. Pretty soon Trenton brings in some tongue action to help sooth Martens stiffness. But Trenton has one weakness – he gets super turned on by giving foot massages. Within seconds, Trenton is rubbing Marten's foot against the rising bulge in his shorts. But whatever stiffness has gone out of Marten's feet, has sprung up in his own package. It's apparent that Marten's cock could use some tension release too, and Trenton is only too happy to oblige. Once Marten's trousers come off, Trenton is right on that hot cock, throating down until his lips graze that crotch fur. A little spit on Trenton's finger, and its time to bring in some hot butt play to help loosen his friend up. That amazing cock massage deserves reciprocation, and Trenton is ready to collect from his hot boy. Wow, Trenton has one monster of a cock, and Marten does an amazing job in getting his lips down on that bone! Then Trenton really takes charge of his hot boy, grabbing the back of his neck and reaming Marten's throat. Nothing sounds as hot as a nice big man paw smacking a nice smooth hungry butt. But now it's time to get some – Trenton literally tosses Marten onto all fours and lines him up for the railing of his life. He starts off rimming that hot round ass, tongue fucking him to loosen that tight ring. Once he's got Marten's toes curled Trenton pulls that hot ass up and sides right in. Marten's ass wraps around his buddy's cock like a glove, and Trenton has total command of his hot bottom. He flips him over on his back so he can thrust the full length of his rod in deep. At first Marten has to hold Trenton's thrusts back, but once he loosens up, he takes a major pounding and begs for more. Then it's Marten's turn to straddle that thick tool – man his hot muscled ass sliding down on that thick cock until it's balls deep is a hot sight. Trenton slaps that hot ass until Marten sprays a major load all over Trenton's chest and abs. Marten laps every last drop up. Then Marten flips over to let Trenton gush his load all over his buddy's face. Wow."

Trenton Ducati Rails Marten James Trenton Ducati Rails Marten James

Trenton Ducati Rails Marten James

Trenton Ducati Rails Marten James Trenton Ducati Rails Marten James

Trenton Ducati Rails Marten James

Trenton Ducati Rails Marten James

Trenton Ducati Rails Marten James

Trenton Ducati Rails Marten James

House dom Trenton Ducati finally gets what he deserves

Featuring Trenton Ducati
Kink | 30 Minutes Of Torment

April 22, 2014

"The Pit - House dom Trenton Ducati steps up to the challenge that 30MT has to offer. He begins bound in the pit as Van warms him up with some impact play. He pulls on Trenton's rock hard cock till he's standing on his toes. As Van breaks out the flogger, Trenton begs for more. - The Chair - Locked in the metal chair, Trenton has electrodes attached down his thighs and an electric band wrapped around his cock. Van kicks it up a notch and attaches clover clamps all across Trenton's ripped chest as the tormenting electricity surges through his body. - The Water Chamber - A metal plug is shoved up Trenton's hole to keep him in place as clothespins are clipped down his sides. One by one each clothespin is cropped off as Trenton screams in pain. He's tormented once more with water sprayed to the face before Van milks a load out of Trenton's cock."


















Kink Men


Onyx Recruit

Featuring Trenton Ducati and Tyler Sweet
Kink | Bound Gods

January 16, 2014

"Tyler Sweet sits at the bar, sipping his drink when a muscled hunk, Trenton Ducati, joins him at the bar. As Tyler admires Trenton's outfit, he learns it's for a bondage club called The Onyx Tribe. Intrigued, Tyler follows Trenton as he warps the two of them to his lair. Trenton morphs into his Onyx uniform and orders the boy to remove his clothes. On his knees Tyler worships Trenton's boot as the muscled Onyx crops the boy's ass. Trenton grabs the boy by the neck and throws him up against the wall before throwing him down to his knees to suck Trenton's hard cock. Chained to the wall Tyler's bent over as Trenton rams his cock deep in his ass, pounding him harder and harder to the boy's screams. Trenton then takes out his flogger and whips Tyler into submission before binding him down on the table. Tyler feels the violet wand against his skin as Trenton sucks on the boy's cock and shoves a metal plug in his ass. Trenton then removes Tyler's plug and fucks him again, using a pulley system around the boy's neck as he rides Trenton's huge cock. Tyler blows his load onto the Onyx members chest before Trenton throws the boy down and cums all over him."





















Creepy handyman choke fucks an 'unwilling' student in bondage

Featuring Rico Romero and Trenton Ducati
Kink | Bound Gods

December 12, 2013

"Rico Romero is studying in the classroom by himself when the creepy handyman Trenton Ducati comes in to fix the heater. Trenton notices the boy studying and tries to be friendly with him, but all he gets is a cold shoulder from Rico. When Trenton has enough with Rico's attitude he sneaks up behind him and drags him out of the classroom. Rico finds himself locked in a body cage, gagged and blindfolded. His perverted captor tosses his clothes in the trash and gives Rico a beating with the crop before shoving his cock in the boy's mouth. Rico swallows Trenton's big hard cock before being shocked with the zapper all over his body. The perverted handyman fucks Rico from behind as he fills the room with his screams. Bound in the center of the room, Rico has his cock played with as Trenton flogs his sex slave from his chest all the way down to his feet. On his bed, Trenton lays back as he rigs his captive boy to ride his cock before throwing him onto his back for more fucking. Trenton chokes Rico the harder he fucks before cumming in his mouth and making him lick up all the cum."
















Kink Men


Muscled pervert turns his captive stud into a sex slave

Featuring Jordan Foster and Trenton Ducati
Kink | Bound Gods

November 21, 2013

"Trenton Ducati picks up a hot boy, Jordan Foster from the gas station and brings him back to his place. Trenton pounces on the boy and tears his clothes off to bind and gag him. The bound stud has clothespins clamped across his chest as Trenton teases the boy's cock. So turned on, Trenton takes out his hard cock and fucks Jordan's ass as he screams for help. Trenton drags Jordan back to his hidden padded cell and locks the boy up in chains. When Trenton discovers that Jordan has escaped his restraints, he torments the boy with the zapper before shoving his cock down Jordan's throat. Jordan's arms are tied up to the ceiling as Trenton flogs him all over. Back in Trenton's bedroom, Jordan is mummified with his cock exposed as Trenton teases his captive's cock. The muscled pervert teases Jordan's nipples before tearing a hole on Jordan's ass, ready for a fucking. Trenton rams his cock up the boy's ass before milking all the cum out of his cock. Jordan's finished off with Trenton's cum all over his face before he's carried off back to the padded cell."






















Trenton Ducati and Branden Forrest

Trenton Ducati and Branden Forrest

September 19, 2013

"Branden Forrest, who is one of the doms on Bound in Public, has found himself captive by a horny handyman, Trenton Ducati. Trenton has his boy suspended on the wall as he starts teasing Branden's cock. Branden can't resist getting hard as Trenton wraps his lips around the boy's uncut cock. Once Branden is let down, Trenton shoves the boy's mouth down on his cock, balls deep. Branden then feels the sting of Trenton's flogger as he's beaten red. Trenton suspends Branden in the air for his ass to get fucked. After ramming his cock up the boy's ass, Trenton torments Branden with the violet wand while putting his balls in the electric ball crusher. The perverted handyman isn't through with the boy yet, Trenton relentlessly fucks his captive stud, milking a load out of Branden's cock and covering his face in cum."

Trenton Ducati and Branden Forrest

Trenton Ducati and Branden Forrest

Trenton Ducati and Branden Forrest

Trenton Ducati and Branden Forrest

Trenton Ducati and Branden Forrest

Trenton Ducati and Branden Forrest
Trenton Ducati

Tables are turned for a perverted electrician

Featuring Trenton Ducati | Men On Edge

September 3, 2013

"Perverted electrician Trenton Ducati has kept Branden Forrest captive for three days, tormenting the boy and having his way. When Branden remembers his phone in his pocket he quickly calls Van to come to his rescue. Trenton is taken down and wakes up blindfolded in bondage. Van and Branden decide to have some fun with the bound pervert, tearing away his clothes and teasing his cock. As Trenton's cock gets rock hard the guys tease him more using the hitachi as it vibrates all over Trenton's cock and balls. Suspended in the air Trenton has dildo's shoved in his holes while his hung cock gets edged. Down on the bed Trenton's mouth is duct taped shut as the guys milk a load out of his cock. Trenton receives some tickle torment before he's left tied up, covered in his own cum."



Trenton Ducati (32269_1)



Trenton Ducati (32269_11)


Trenton Ducati (32269_6)





Trenton Ducati (32269_13)

Trenton Ducati (32269_14)

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