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The Fetish Bar, Scene 4

Featuring Adam Awbride and Dane Stewart

January 3, 2019

"After making Adam Awbride cum, Dane Stewart wants to have some more fun with another steamy session. He takes Adam to a private back room and instructs Adam to take off his boots. Adam removes Dane's boots and gets to work sucking the stud's stiff cock. Every inch of Dane is fair game for Adam's hungry mouth as the eager newbie works his way down Dane's throbbing shaft to his big, round balls and smooth ass. Adam's tongue feels amazing in Dane's hole and he makes the stud moan out in ecstasy. When Dane is rock hard he stands up to face fuck Adam, stretching his throat as he goes balls deep in his mouth. Dane wants one more turn at fucking Adam's tight little hole and has the young stud bend over one last time. Dane slips his big cock inside and pounds away as his giant low-hanging balls swing back and forth between his legs. Adam's ass feels amazing and soon Dane is ready to blow his load. He pulls out and shoves his hole in Adam's face as he jacks his big rod. When Dane can't hold off any longer, he turns around and slathers Adam's face and open mouth with a massive load of white creamy jizz."

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The Fetish Bar, Scene 3

Featuring Adam Awbride and Dane Stewart

December 6, 2018

"Dane Stewart is distracted from his game of pool when he sees Adam Awbride from across the bar. Dane offers to buy Adam a drink, but he's only 18 so Dane takes his new toy to a private room. Adam is eager to learn some new things and Dane is happy to show him a few tricks. Dane puts a bridle on Adam and gets to work opening his shorts. Adam is in complete ecstasy when Dane reaches in and pulls out Adam's hard dick. He teases the young hunk by jacking him off before he pulls off all of Adam's clothes and bends him over a barrel. Dane pulls out a paddle and gives Adam a nice playful spanking and then gets on his knees to take Adam's dick in his mouth. When Dane senses that Adam is as hard as he can be, he turns Adam back around and slides his big, hard cock deep into Adam's ass. He pumps away, filling Adam's tight hole and stretching him to the limit before rolling Adam over onto his back to take him to the finish. Dane's cock feels amazing going in and out of Adam's hole, which is why he can't hold off any longer. 'Cum for me boy,' Dane demands as he gives Adam permission to blow. With Dane still fucking him, Adam lets go and blasts his load all over himself."

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Cross Fuck, Scene 2

Starring Dane Stewart and Dante Colle
Hot House

May 3, 2018

"Dante Colle is doing some squats at the gym as Dane Stewart gives him some much-needed positive reinforcement. As Dante finishes up his workout, he nervously asks if Dane can teach him how to fuck better. Dane happily agrees and tells Dante to start with his mouth as he whips out his stiff cock and big, low-hanging balls. Dante gets on his knees and services his fellow athlete as Dane goes deep and fucks the eager jock's open throat. After teaching Dante the ways of fucking a face, Dane decides that his student is ready to learn the secrets of pounding an ass. Dante is eager to learn all he can and bends over to offer up his hairy hole. Dane slides deep into Dante's open crack and goes balls deep to continue plowing the young muscle stud. After a nice, long pounding, Dane decides that it's time for the student to get some practical experience. Dante agrees and after opening Dane's hole with his tongue, gets behind his coach and sticks his cock deep inside his ass. Dante discovers that he's a natural as he lets his instincts take over. He fucks Dane hard until he pulls out and sprays his big hairy cock all over his coach's sack. Dane follows along and finishes up on his own ripped abs."

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Looking For the Big One


Looking For the Big One, Scene 4

Starring Dane Stewart, Roman Todd, and Tyler Roberts
Falcon Studios

September 29, 2017

"After a day of surfing, Dane Stewart and Tyler Roberts are chilling on the couch watching some football when Roman Todd enters and sits between them. Roman notices that Dane is watching porn on his phone and decides that it's way better than the football. He reaches out and puts each hand on a crotch and soon all three buddies are naked and throbbing hard. The sight of the massive dicks in front of him gets Tyler in the mood to suck and he's the first to go down on Roman. The guys take turns sucking each other off with no one left out of the action. Tyler wants a taste of Roman's sweet hole and spreads his legs for better access to rim him deep. After Roman is fully opened up, Dane steps up to be the first one inside. He slips his dick deep inside and fucks the stud as Tyler gets him from the front. After getting reamed from behind, Roman wants to test the waters with Tyler's big dick. Tyler sits down on the couch as Roman rides him. The studs take turns tag teaming Roman's willing ass and finally, as Dane is is back inside, Roman lets loose and blows his load all over his tight body. When Tyler sees the pleasure that Roman is feeling, he steps up to his buddy and offers up his load to cover the panting stud. Dane is the last to go, and when he finishes, Roman is dripping wet. Now, all three are grateful for a satisfying day at the beach."

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Dane Stewart & Ryan Jordan


April 2, 2017

"We have a treat for you today and we are 100% sure you will love every moment of it. Ryan Jordan one of our veterans is back giving Dane Stewart his first cock deep in his tight butt. Dane may seem timid at first but once Ryan starts blowing his dick he begins to feel more comfortable and he slowly eases into the fact that he will be giving up that tight ass to Ryan later.

Dane is ready for action but first he wants to be the one fucking so we let him go at it on Ryan. The time has come for Ryan to push balls deep into Dane's tight ass. Ryan has to go slow since this is the first time a dick has ever penetrated Dane's ass. Ryan pushes in and Dane moans in pleasure yet with a tad of pain in the mix. His hole slowly opens up for Ryan's throbbing cock as Ryan's balls finally touch the back of Dane. Ryan pumps away deep into Dane picking up speed with each thrust proving that Dane was ready for the dick as the look on his face shows just how great it can feel to have a hard cock inside of you. Ryan finally gets to let loose his load all over Dane and it was a built up load that's for sure. Claude gives a great exit interview with Dane that any viewer shouldn't miss."

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Dane Stewart


February 15, 2017

"Meet the newest hunk on the squad, Dane Stewart! This recruit is such a dreamboat, you'll be mesmerized by his handsome face from the start. Dane is hot, horny, handsome, and HUNG!

Once Claude gives Dane the go ahead, Dane rubs his growing cock underneath his tight blue jeans. After plumpening up a bit, Dane strips down and reveals his large, pulsating dick.

Claude gets low and tight to show us how beautiful Dane's erection is. The angle he captures, with Dane stroking his hard cock and that gorgeous face just next it is really something. Switching between hands, tugging at the tip, Dane heats this session up quickly.

Then we get a nice view from over Dane's shoulder, where we get to see more of Dane's muscular, inked-up bod.

Dane stands up and continues pleasuring himself, and we get to look up at him and his strong cock. Here we see Dane's sexy balls reacting to his fervent jerking.

Dane adjusts a bit, laying back completely on the couch, with both feet up. Claude uses this opportunity to give us a glimpse of Dane's tight, bubbly ass. Boy, I know a few guys on the squad who'll be salivating!

Finally, Dane just erupts with a massive load, hitting himself directly in the face! Claude and Dane laugh together over the large glob of warm cum on Dane's cheek. Wow, I wonder how long he'd been holding out for us! This is a fun, talented, gorgeous guy and I'm thrilled to have him on the AD squad!"

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Dane Stewart Serviced


July 28, 2017

"Seven years ago Dane Stewart did a super hot scene on my other site, Straight Guys for Gay Eyes. I asked him if he would do a servicing scene, but he declined. I really wanted to suck on his big, sexy cock. I guess that it's true that good things come to he that waits. I waited 7 years to suck Dane's cock, and it was worth it. Dane is a beautiful man with a mega-watt smile and gray eyes. He has a dry sense of humor and we got along great. I worshiped his hunky body and cock from head to tattooed toes. His cock is perfect. Sucking his dick was a lot of fun. I got it down my throat a couple of times, too. After rimming his cute hole, Dane fucked my face like he meant it. He left me gasping several times. He then stroked his cock and fed me every drop of his cum."




















Dane Stewart


July 19, 2011

"Dane Stewart is a 23-year-old stud who likes to express himself. One way he does that is by his choice of tattoos. The most notable one, "Serenity," is inked across his upper chest. Dane shows off his tight, ripped up body, kicks off his shoes and shorts and starts rubbing his crotch. Then he takes off his briefs and shows off his ass, spreading his cheeks while stroking his 8-inch cock with his other hand. We get every possible shot from every angle as Dane plays with himself. Dane knows he's hot and that confidence makes him even sexier as he looks into the camera before closing his eyes as he gets close to climax. When he finally blows his load, you wish he could do it all over again!"


Dane Stewart


May 31, 2011

"Dane Stewart is an East Coast hottie who is adapting quite well to living the beach lifestyle in southern California. He's fresh out of the Marine Corps and this is Dane's first adult video ever! From warring to loving. We couldn't be more thrilled that he chose us for his debut. Lyla Storm, his lucky co-star, wastes no time getting to the good stuff and, no lie, Dane has one of the finest cocks in our out of the biz. Super thick and 8 inches long, it is very impressive. After getting superb oral service from Lyla, Dane moves into the driver's seat, spreads Lyla's legs wide open, eats some pussy then begins fucking her. Dane puts her into several positions and makes her moan ecstatically. Dane lays back and Lyla strokes his cock furiously. Dane takes over and Lyla plays and licks his butt hole until he shoots missiles of cum on his face and the pillow behind his head."

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