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Raw Slut Hole

Featuring Dakota Rivers and Brendan Phillips

January 30, 2017

"Dakota Rivers and Brendan Phillips waste no time getting to know each other. The two are more than eager to discover each other’s perfect bodies, quickly tearing their clothes off and Brendan going straight for Dakota’s beautiful cock. Dakota face-fucks Brendan until he’s ready to penetrate him raw. The rest is one of the hottest scenes we’ve produced to date."














Drive Thru

Drive Thru, Scene 2

Starring Dakota Rivers and Peter Marcus
Raging Stallion Studios

May 19, 2017

"Hopeful new-hire Peter Marcus sits down with General Manager Dakota Rivers for an interview at the 'Drive Thru'. As Dakota reviews Peter's application, he notices he doesn't have any experience in the food industry. Peter quickly replies, 'I'm a fast learner and I'm eager to please.' Dakota wants to see just how eager Peter is. Guiding Peter to his knees, Dakota whips his cock out. Eager for the job, Peter begins to service his potential employer's fat cock. After checking Peter's oral skills, Dakota decides to drill his tongue into his bare hole. With Peter's hole slick with spit, Dakota stuffs his meat into Peter's man hole. After taking it from behind, Peter hops on the table, legs up, taking hard, powerful thrusts from Dakota. The intense drilling from Dakota's cock is too much for Peter and he blasts a thick white load onto his furry torso. Boss man Dakota strokes his hefty load onto Peter's hole. When it's all said and done, Peter still didn't get the job!"

WATCH Drive Thru, Scene 2 Starring Dakota Rivers and Peter Marcus

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One Night At The Ready


One Night At The Ready, Scene 4

Starring Dakota Rivers, Jack Vidra and Johnny V
Hot House

August 17, 2017

"Jack Vidra is the bartender at the Ready Bar and he's seen a lot of action come and go on his watch. He never gets to join in on the action and usually has to live vicariously through all the other patrons. When he has to kick Johnny V out at closing time, Johnny wants to give something special back to Jack for all his hard work. His surprise is Dakota Rivers, a hunky stud with a body full of muscles who's ready to please the bartender and his friend. Jack is riled up and ready for fun and can hardly peel off his apron fast enough as he and Johnny worship every inch of Dakota's bulging body. Jack is horny after watching everyone else get action all night and is the first to take a taste of Dakota's raging boner. Johnny doesn't like to be left out and takes turns with Jack sucking on the stud's hard cock. Jack needs a bit more to satisfy his cravings and bends Johnny over to lick his ass. As Johnny keeps sucking Dakota, Jack slips his cock inside Johnny and pounds away. Johnny gets spit roasted until Dakota decides he wants to have a go at Jack. Jack is happy to please the stud and hops on for the ride of his life. The threesome can't get enough different cocks and asses and they switch it up until they've all had a taste of each other. Johnny is the first to let loose when he sprays Jack's face with his massive load. The sight of Jack getting doused with jizz is all it takes for Dakota to go with the flow and give the lucky bartender a second load of fun. With his mouth full and his face dripping, Jack gives himself permission to unleash the day and sprays his own hairy body with his bartender's special blend."

WATCH One Night At The Ready, Scene 4 Starring Dakota Rivers, Jack Vidra and Johnny V

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The Trainer: No Excuses, Scene 4

Starring Dakota Rivers and Josh Conners
Hot House

July 13, 2017

"Muscle hunk, Josh Conners, is training for boxing as he hits the bag and punch pads while Dakota Rivers eggs him on to go harder. It doesn't take long before they're both shirtless and making out with Josh running his mouth down Dakota's hot body and feeling his protruding cock. They both pull out their raging hard-ons and jack each other off before Josh drops to his knees to slurp up what Dakota has to offer. Josh goes deep to train his throat with loads of stringy spit and precum to lube it all up. Dakota has an agenda and is ready to get his new boxing client's asshole opened up with his tongue. He bends the hot boxer over with the boxing bag for support as he gets Josh primed and ready for some hardcore fucking. Without words, the hunks instinctively know what they both want next and Dakota takes the reins by slipping his thick, dripping cock deep inside Josh's open and throbbing hole. He pumps away as Josh's cock and balls dangle and swing between his legs with each thrust from his trainer's hard cock. Josh wants maximum penetration and lies back with his legs in the air to let Dakota plunge him even deeper. Josh remains hard all the way through the ass reaming and is ready to blow at any second. He wants to enjoy the full treatment and holds off as long as he possibly can. That's a tall order, and finally, with all the constant pounding, Josh's cock lets loose a torrent of cum that covers his heaving muscles and glistening body. Josh letting go of all his inhibitions is the cue that Dakota needs to follow suit."

WATCH The Trainer: No Excuses, Scene 4 Starring Dakota Rivers and Josh Conners

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Overpowered, Scene 3

Starring Dakota Rivers and Gabriel Cross
Hot House

June 8, 2017

"Cute ginger, Gabriel Cross, is a house boy whose only job is to make his sugar daddy happy. Gabriel is enjoying an orange soda on the couch watching some porn when his hot muscle daddy, Dakota Rivers, storms in the room. Dakota is mad as hell because Gabriel has racked up his emergency credit cards buying frivolous toys for himself and his friends with Dakota's money. Dakota demands more than a few answers, when he throws the bills to the side and slams his crotch in guilty Gabriel's face. Gabriel knows he has a lot of work to do to get on his daddy's good side again and doesn't waste a minute taking the muscle stud's big hard cock down his throat. Dakota face fucks and gags the money-grubbing boy with his big daddy dick before he bends him over and eats his hot ass. When Gabriel is nice and wet and opened up, Dakota slides his meat inside the ginger's hairy hole and pumps his ass hard. Gabriel needs it deeper and turns around to ride the massively thick cock as Dakota overpowers his tight asshole balls deep and stretches his hole wide open. It's almost more than Gabriel can take and his cock explodes as his ass is getting pounded. Gabriel begs for Dakota's load and licks his daddy's big full sack as Dakota erupts all over Gabriel's hungry face. The toned boy licks up his keeper's cum with the satisfaction of knowing he has a place to stay for at least another night."

WATCH Overpowered, Scene 3 Starring Dakota Rivers and Gabriel Cross

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Movers N Shakers, Scene 3

Featuring Beaux Banner, Dakota Rivers, and Johnny Gunn
Hot House

August 10, 2009

"Johnny Gunn has an office full of furniture to unload. Dakota Rivers and Beaux Banner show up and tell him that if Gunn gives them $40 they will haul it all away plus let him fuck Banner's fat white ass. Gunn power-fucks the greedy bottom until his boss Rivers throws him on a nearby filing cabinet and takes a turn at his puckered butthole. Determined to get his $40 worth, Gunn jumps down and unloads all over Banner's chest."

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Falcon Studios Indiscretion

Indiscretion, Scene 1

Featuring Dakota Rivers and Jesse Santana
Falcon Studios

August 5, 2011

"Jesse Santana lays naked in bed, his tits and dickhead pierced with enough hardware to suggest what a badass he is; but he's really just a pretender suffering with guilt. When Dakota Rivers finally returns home, Jesse is more than ready to apologize for being a cheat. He wraps his arms around his lover and their make-up sex lovingly and passionately plays out. Unaware of Dakota's unfaithful tryst, Jesse is turned on by his partner's energized command and renewed sexual prowess. It's like a new man is gobbling him up and the excitement is baffling yet absolutely appreciated. The two men lose themselves completely in their sexual skirmish, lavishing each other with enough blows to rival a cage match. Both studs are invigorated with rediscovering their hot manlove for each other, and only after they each shoot their loads, do they realize what they really mean to each other. Jesse's turnaround driven by guilt and Dakota inspired his own little indiscretion."

WATCH Indiscretion, Scene 1 Featuring Dakota Rivers and Jesse Santana

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Indiscretion, Scene 2

Starring Dakota Rivers and Tom Wolfe
Falcon Studios

"Upset by the sorrowful state of his shaky relationship, Dakota Rivers tries to relax with a soothing massage. Big Tom Wolfe senses his client's sadness and offers some sensible counsel, a relaxing rubdown and then a vigorous blowjob. Rivers isn't sure how to respond to the manly masseur's advances, but understandably after all the grief he's been through, the suckoff is paying off. The feel of having his dick being so deftly tongue-swabbed in another man's mouth is wickedly redeeming and Dakota surrenders himself wholeheartedly to Tom's thrilling treatment. Soon Tom climbs aboard the table and sits on Dakota's chest, thrusting his big dick into his receptive patient's mouth. After facefucking a bit more, the men reposition themselves so Tom can plow Dakota's hole, churning in and out until they both finally cum. Tom is pleased with the outcome; Dakota likewise satisfied, yet unsure of how he's really feeling."


Rough Play, Scene 4

Starring Dakota Rivers, TJ Hawke, Marc Ryan and Tyler Riggz
Falcon Studios

"Tyler Riggz, TJ Hawke, Marc Ryan, Dakota Rivers. Two senior members of the athletic team find young TJ despondent and stressed out. They soon determine that the poor boy's misery stems from past problems. So the three decide to punish the villainous leader. They confront him in the gym with big menacing threats and their even bigger dicks. Riggz is down on his knees spinning like a carousel sucking one cock after another; then the vengeful three have Riggz jamming his tongue deep into their asscracks. The men have Riggz on his back, his ass and mouth open for vigorous plowing, pleasuring him as much as themselves - a panoply of sucking and fucking to a husky chorus of growls and grunts."





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Cross Country Part 2, Scene 2

Starring Dakota Rivers, Ethan Hunter, Matthew Rush and Tyler Marks
Falcon Studios

"Surfers Tyler Marks, Dakota Rivers & Ethan Hunter are chilled to the bone after a surfing adventure. The three athletic studs decide to warm up the best way they know going indoors, stripping out of their suits and working each other over in a scorching threeway which leaves the men warm and soaked in sweat and other hot juices."








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