Tyler S From My Friends Feet
Ian Greene (1)
Jon Sotirios


ALIAS: Graham
SITES: All American Guys, My Friends Feet


Graham's Size 13 Feet and Dress Socks


October 11, 2016

"It is always nice to have Graham hanging around my place. He literally makes it more attractive. How could he not? With his very handsome face and looking great in a suit, I always get turned on wondering what he wants to do during a shoot. Graham's size 13 feet are quite ticklish, so every time I see them naked I get horny as hell. Graham posed in a very sexy manner in his suit, black dress socks and in bare feet for me in this photo shoot. Such a hot man!"

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Jon Sotirios


Height: 6'0
Weight: 185
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Waist: 32
Neck: 17
Chest: 42
Complexion: Fair
Ethnicity: Caucasian
State: Florida
Country: USA

Hobbies: Weight lifting, running, traveling, hanging out friends
Favorite movies: Pursuit of Happiness
Favorite food: Spaghetti
Favorite sport: Track and field
Favorite singer: Tupac, Jagged Edge
Favorite color: Green
Most admired body part: Arms
Age at debut on AAG: 19

"Jon was introduced to All American Guys by a scout who saw him working out at the gym. He is an aspiring model from the sunshine state of Florida and is currently enrolled in college and studying international business. In his spare time Jon loves working out and learning/exploring new things in life. He is also very active and athletic, playing football and running track and field.

Jon has family in Greece and he's been there so far six times on vacation. Modeling is a new hobby for Jon and wishes to take it as far as he can. He's already done one small fashion show and plans to do more shoots with All American Guys."

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