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Help My Gag Reflex

Featuring Jaxx Thanatos and Jay Alexander
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

November 15, 2018

"Jaxx Thanatos has come to be examined by the Doctor because he loves to suck big cocks, but lately his gag reflex has been kicking in too much and causing him to choke and gag. Jay Alexander examines him and determines that he should try sucking his big cock to see if he can help him get over his gagging. He pulls out his big cock and Jaxx is excited. He drops to his knees and starts sucking Jay. He does gag and choke a few times, but as time goes by it appears his gag reflex has relaxed and he is able to deep throat Jay's big cock. Jay then turns his attention to Jaxx's big beautiful hairy ass and starts rimming him. He then fucks Jaxx bent over the exam table and then on his back on the table until he cannot hold back and he shoots his load all over Jaxx. Jaxx jacks himself off and cums on himself."

WATCH Help My Gag Reflex Featuring Jaxx Thanatos and Jay Alexander

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Train Me

Featuring Ceasar Camaro and Jay Alexander
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

December 28, 2017

"Ceasar is a boxer and has just finished his training session and is back in the locker room. Jay walks in and asks Ceasar if he would be willing to train him. Ceasar thinks it is a joke at first because, although Jay has a great body, he does not appear to be the boxer type. He tells him that he would have to have some Big Balls and a Big Cock if he wants to be trained by him. Jay responds by saying he actually does have a big cock and he grabs it through his shorts revealing it to Ceasar. Ceasar has him pull it out and once he sees how big it is, he drops to his knees and starts sucking it. Ceasar chokes and gags on Jay's big dick for a while and then Jay has Ceasar bend over and he rims his ass. Ceasar wants to get fucked by Jay and Jay wastes no time in giving him what he wants. Jay fucks Ceasar long and deep in a few positions until Ceasar cannot hold back any longer and he shoots on himself. Jay then pulls his big dick out of Ceasar and blasts a huge load all over Ceasar's ripped chest. Enjoy!"

WATCH Train Me Featuring Ceasar Camaro and Jay Alexander

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Cruising For Big Cock

Featuring Jay Alexander and Valentin Petrov
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

January 19, 2017

"Jay is alone in the locker room and he is obviously cruising for sex. Valentin Petrov walks in and sees Jay, who is groping his cock through his shorts. Valentin approaches and Jay stops him and says that if he does not have at least 8 inches he is not interested. Valentin assures him he has what he is looking for and soon the two are embraced and groping each other. Once Jay discovers Valentin's huge uncut cock he is on his knees sucking it deep and hard. Valentin bends Jay over and rims his ass getting him nice and wet before he starts to fuck him. He fucks Jay with his massive cock long and deep all over the locker room. Jay cannot hold back any longer and shoots his load all over himself and then Valentin blasts his load all over Jay's chest. Enjoy!"

WATCH Cruising For Big Cock Featuring Jay Alexander and Valentin Petrov
















Big Dicked Lovers

Jay Alexander and Mike De Marko
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

October 20, 2016

"Mike and Jay have been dating for a while now but they haven't had sex until today. They both have really big dicks so they were very hesitant with one another about being fucked. After some hot foreplay it becomes very apparent that tonight is the night where they flip flop and get to feel each other's tight eager holes. Once the intense kissing ends Mike's big fat cock gets blown by Jay until they both flip into a beautiful 69 while Jay's big round ass and hole is visible for all to see. Mike gets to fuck first so he lubes up Jay's ass with his wet tongue than slowly pushes his big dick balls deep into Jay. He moans with pleasure as he feels the base of Mike's balls rubbing up against him. Mike's passionate fucking is making Jay ooze out precum with each thrust. Jay can only take so much of that big sexy cock so they flip so Jay can get his dick wet. Jay pushes his long sexy dick all the way into Mike making him unleash his sexy moan as Jay begins to thrust deep into his tight ass. The passion never stops and only builds up to the finale climax where both of these sexy men let loose their juices up Mike's hairy manly chest. Enjoy!"

WATCH Jay Alexander and Mike De Marko in Big Dicked Lovers

Private Dancer Part 1

Featuring Jay Alexander and Michael Roman
Drill My Hole at Men.com

May 7, 2019

"Michael Roman and Jay Alexander are two strippers vying for a spot in the most exclusive dance club in Florida. However, if they're both going to make it in, they're going to need to help each other out. In exchange for Jay teaching Michael how to keep his mind on the money and his eyes on the wall, Michael lets Jay have free-reign over his muscular, tattooed body. Jay pounds Michael's hole while the muscular beefcake rides him all over the champagne room. Any old music will do, but the sound of Jay and Michael's hard bodies slapping together is sure to get your blood pumping."

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Men Network - 9 Sites For The Price Of One


Hotline Part 2

Featuring Diego Sans and Jay Alexander
Drill My Hole at Men.com

October 13, 2016

"Diego Sans and Jay Alexander worship each other’s hot taut bodies and rock hard dicks."

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Sex and Flex

Featuring Trent King and Jay Alexander
Next Door Studios | Next Door Ebony

November 8, 2016

"Jay Alexander and Trent King are gym rats. They like to get their pump on together. But just as important is the after-gym routine. Today they're feeling each other's muscles and evaluating their progress. Then, Trent is having a look at Jay's fat, swelling cock. First Trent sucks the throbbing beast, getting it even more primed for action. After some good knob bobbing, Jay takes a turn on Trent's erect dong.

Then it's time for Jay to prep Trent's ass for a hard pounding. He licks that tight hole nice 'n' good, then slides his stiffy into that ass and fucks him hard. Join this routine as these workout buddies enjoy each other's firm, freshly toned bodies. Enjoy!"

WATCH Sex and Flex Featuring Trent King and Jay Alexander


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Park Scouting

Chris Harder and Jay Alexander
Next Door Studios | Next Door Ebony

October 11, 2016

"As Jay Alexander Alexander hangs out in the park, he has no idea that model scout, Chris Harder is watching him. Just when the moment's right, Chris makes his move, approaching Jay. He tells him he likes his look and gives Jay his card. Jay is intrigued by the prospect of modeling, and even more intrigued by Chris himself.

When Jay gets home, he calls Chris, who is happy to set up an appointment for evaluation. After a few questions from Chris, Jay is advanced to the next level of scout evaluation, which involves becoming nude.

And once the undies drop, Chris wraps his mouth around Jay's hardening cock. This is a very important step in the evaluation process. It's the details that matter and Chris needs to know how Jay's boner tastes.

Then, of course, they kiss for a while and jerk each other. Then it's time for Jay to display his ass-eating abilities. Jay knows that if he wants to break into the industry, he needs to take advantage of this opportunity. That means licking this scout's tight hole.

Then, in an effort to get an idea of Jay's stamina and strength, Chris has Jay fuck his asshole. They start out with Jay behind Chris, pounding him over Chris's desk. Then Chris goes to his back on the couch to allow Jay to show him just how great a fit he is for the modeling job. Sit in on this interview to find out just how rigorous the process can be for an aspiring model. Enjoy!"

WATCH Chris Harder and Jay Alexander in Park Scouting











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HTGAWM: Osiris Blade Pounds Jay Alexander


October 6, 2016

This is the scene everyone has been waiting for. Big-dicked muscle guys Osiris Blade and Jay Alexander go at it in the final scene from the Dominic Ford parody "How to get Away with Murder."

Watch the full movie at DominicFord.com

Javier Cruz and Jay Alexander


June 16, 2016

From our new movie, How To Get Away With ....., it's Javier Cruz and Jay Alexander. They are studying for exams, but clearly school is not really what is on their minds. Watch their intense sex session and huge cum shots. They probably won't pass their class, but somehow I think that's ok.

Watch the full movie at DominicFord.com

Jay Alexander Cums Twice


May 26, 2016

"Jay gets so excited in this solo that he cums twice. And both times are gushers! He's helped by our camera man for one of them. Jay is so hot and sexy that you will probably cum twice watching this scene!"

Watch the full movie at DominicFord.com


Mike M and Jay Alexander


July 14, 2016

"It's been a couple of months since we've seen Jay but he's back and ready to explore a little more. He's been playing around with his girlfriend's dildo that he found in her nightstand drawer. After he had his first gay encounter he's become more open minded and curious about sticking something up his ass. Caruso did tell him that if he came back that he would have to get fucked! So, here he sits waiting for the real thing!

Caruso brings in Mike (Mike Maverick) and introduces him to Jay. Jay's face lights up as he stares at the guy who's about to pop his man cherry! Mike is from New Jersey and says he loves to fuck so he figured he'd give porn a try so he could get paid for what he loves to do. Mike is hot! He's 6' tall, 170 pounds, smooth dark skin, brown eyes, black hair, and a fat 7.5'' cock! Both guys work out so their bodies are rock hard and ripped and their asses are just a solid!

Caruso comes back and unfortunately he has bad news. Sorry guys but the girl can't make it. Mike immediately reaches for his clothes before Caruso stops him to make another offer. "What if I could double your money?" Caruso asks? "I'd be very happy" replies Mike. Then Caruso drops the bomb that he would have to have sex with Jay. Within an instant Mike's cock goes soft. Surprisingly he says "I'll give it a try". With that Jay reaches over and starts stroking Mike's cock. It isn't long before he's hard again so Jay jumps over and shoves Mike's dick down his throat. You can see from the expressions on Mike's face that he's REALLY enjoying this. Jay has really improved his skills since the last time he was here. Maybe he's been practicing sucking cock on his girl's dildo as well... To be fair, Mike decides to return the favor and takes Jay's dick in his mouth. You can tell he's new to this but with a little coaching, he'll be a pro in no time! Both guys stand up and start rubbing their cocks together or as Caruso calls it "sword play action!" Jay can't seem to keep his hands off Mike and starts caressing his muscles before leaning in for a kiss. What was a simple kiss turned into a full on make out session! Caruso decides to break it up so we can move on to some penetration! Jay's first real cock!

Mike puts on a condom and lubes up. Jay jumps on and slowly slides down Mike's dick. Once he realizes that it isn't so bad, he starts to bounce up and down. Mike grabs Jay's ass and starts sliding him up and down even harder before throwing him on his back and fucking the cum out of him. Mike can't hold back any longer either so he pulls out and shoots a huge hot load all over Jay's smooth brown chest! Well done guys, well done!"






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Black & White and White

Luke Ewing and Jay Alexander


April 21, 2016

"Our Bait boy today is Luke. He was here recently on BaitBuddies.com as our straight guy. But, Caruso did such a great job of introducing him to gay sex, that he convinced him that anal felt really good and that he should practice with some toys. So, while his girlfriend was gone he found her dildo and played with it. Learning and enjoying the pleasure received from stimulating the prostate. He's still dating her and she does know he's shooting a porn. She isn't happy about it but he said she'll be happy with the paycheck.

The straight guy Jay has never done anything sexual on video not even at home. He loves Brazilian girls because they have great bodies and asses and their hips are gorgeous. Jay is half black half white and is single. He's had a 3 way with 2 girls before but never with another guy. But, for money of course he's willing to do a DP scene and tag team a girl with Luke. Jay is really built and says he goes to the gym at least 4 times a week to maintain his physique. Caruso tells the guys that they have to strip and get themselves hard in front of lights and camera, which doesn't take long. Caruso says he's going to go get the girl. He shortly returns to deliver the bad news that the girl flaked out and isn't showing up to do the shoot. Since there no other available girls Caruso has an offer for them - have sex with each other and get paid double the money. Jay wasn't happy with the situation, but he eventually agrees to have sex with Luke after his resistance is lowered by the money and Caruso's assurances. First Luke starts stroking his new buddy's cock which turns into a mutual jack off. Soon Luke goes down on Jay and gives him his first gay blow job. Caruso tells Jay to return the favor and he gives it a pretty good shot. But it's time to move on, so Caruso has them stand up and compare cocks. Luke takes the opportunity to pull Jay in for a short make out session. And then Caruso moves the boys on to the best part, fucking. Luke had been practicing and was ready and horny to have his virgin asshole broken in. But, is he ready to be pummeled by Jay's thick almost 9'' cock!!! Well Luke takes it like a champ and even cums while getting fucked by Jay. Jay keeps fucking Luke even harder until he's on the edge and rips off the condom and jacks off his own load on to Luke's chest!

In 'After the Shoot', Jay admits that he enjoyed the gay sex, and that his favorite part is fucking Luke hard on his back. When questioned by Caruso, Jay tells him the wildest place he had sex was with a girl was on the NY subway."







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Jay Alexander


March 2016

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