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ALIASES: Eric Conte, Keith Rivera, Talon
SITES: Adult Time, Fantasy Massage, Wicked Pictures

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King Of The Mountain Studio: Catalina Video
Director: Chi Chi LaRue
Cast: Damion, Robbie Anderson, Lex Baldwin, Tony Dalton, Johnny Rahm, Tad Winslow, Ryan Yeager

"One of Chi Chi LaRue's earlier films starring LEX BALDWIN and RYAN YEAGER. Lex's gay roomate Ryan doesn't take shit from anyone, and to prove that just about any horny guy is willing to open his zipper, Ryan blows his roommates friends to prove he's the better than any girl in town. As Lex comes to terms with the way others feel about his roommate, he also finds a new way to enjoy time at home with his roommate.

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Man Of The Year Studio: Catalina Video
Director: Chi Chi LaRue
Cast: Damien , Lex Baldwin, Lou Cass, Christopher David, Troy Hunter, Craig Slater, Joey Stefano, Karl Thomas

"Superstar LEX BALDWIN and Porn Legend JOEY STEFANO star in this 1990's hit from Director CHI CHI LARUE. With a supporting cast featuring DAMIEN, LOU CASS, & KARL THOMAS this production is sure to please everybody.

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Powertool #2 Studio: Catalina Video
Director: Josh Eliot
Cast: Adam Archer, Lex Baldwin, Chance Caldwell, Jeff Converse, Jack Dillon, Michael Henson, Woody Long, Ted Matthews, Nick Mennitia, Steve Regis, David Rockmore, Marc Saber, Danny Sommers, Hank Sterling, Dallas Taylor, Joe Williams, Ryan Yeager

"LEX BALDWIN stars in this re-mastered follow-up to the timeless classic.  Chi Chi LaRue & Josh Eliot co-direct this feature with a huge cast of 1990's stars, including Mike Henson and Jeff Converse (reprising his role from the original)."

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Straight To Bed Studio: Catalina Video
Director: Chi Chi LaRue
Cast: Lex Baldwin, T.T. Boy, Cal Jammer, Derrick Lane, Sean Michaels, Randy Spears

"Some of the hottest straight male porn stars, usually seen banging the living hell out of the gals on camera, here take it off for the first time just for the boys! See why they’ve got what it takes to make everyone swoon."

Straighttobed_WEBfrt_original Straighttobed_WEBbck_original
Sex Bi-lex Studio: Catalina Video
Director: Josh Eliot
Cast: Natasha, Robbie Anderson, Lex Baldwin, Chance Chaldwell, Chris Dano, Jon Dough, Jeanna Fine, Danny Summers, Tracey Winn

"Danny Summers and Tracy Winn are scientists researching their patient's sexual fantasies. Jeanna Fine and Catalina Exclusive LEX BALDWIN star in this Bi-Sexual feature from Director Josh Eliot."

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