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ALIASES: Chris Cameron, Myles
SITES: Bare Foot Guys, Channel 1 Releasing, Men Machine, Mike Hancock, Perfect Guyz, Randy Blue, Wicked Pictures

Gossip Scene 2

Featuring Jada Fire and Kris Knight
Wicked Pictures

July 12, 2006

Gossip Scene 2 Featuring Jada Fire and Kris Knight

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Str8 Shots 2

Rascal Video

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Kris Knight

Featuring Kris Knight

August 6, 2005

"It might seem like I am only into gay porn but that's simply not true...I also love the men of straight porn. Porn starlets don't do that much for me however I do appreciate a great set of tits. Men involved in the straight side of porn are a different breed. They take their work more seriously then I think a lot of guys on the gay side do and can sometimes be a bit intense and just down right cocky. Kris is intense and cocky and that's just a pretty damn sexy combination. I first saw Kris in a photo set with a chick that was done with a kick ass photographer here in LA and from that moment I did an intense search to get him on my site. Most straight performers will not even do a solo scene on a gay site for fear that I won't get them work on the straight side and have long lasting repercussions. But not Kris he was really cool bout it and wanted to do a good job. Kris has a kick ass body and as you can tell and often loves a good brawl. He has many scars, scratches and bruises to prove it. These photos are the first of many I shot in Palm Springs and I am extremely pleased how well they came out. But of course if every subject was like Kris it would make my job so easy. I hope you enjoy these photos and the upcoming video because since Kris is a true straight boy you probably wont see him again on Randy Blue."

Hot Kris Knight

Featuring Kris Knight
Photography By Satori Studios
Men Magazine November 2004

"Kris is our cover model and one heck of a guy. He has lickable, kissable (and fuckable) ass cheeks that are out of this world. We love every inch of this stud, from his chest to the downy fuzz on his balls. Yum!"

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Age: 27
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 170
Eyes: Blue
Shoe Size: 11

"Myles is pretty famous in the adult industry. He's also known as Kris Knight. Myles was great to work with and has really hot feet, as you can see.

Myles will selling his shoes, socks, and whatever else you guys want to buy from him.

You can e-mail him directly at:"