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Big Dick Satisfies Eager Hole!

Featuring Jay Seabrook and Scott DeMarco
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

October 29, 2020

"Jay Seabrook can't seem to orgasm when he's with other guys. Not a problem for doctor big dick Scott DeMarco. Scott helps Jay cum multiple times on his extra big dick."

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Two Big Dicks Are Better Than One! (BAREBACK)

Featuring Cesar Rossi, Jack Andy and Scott DeMarco
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

September 26, 2019

"Scott DeMarco and Jack Andy are sitting in the locker room showers looking at the mobile phone when they discover that they have both been talking to the same guy on the hook-up app and he is in the gym. They invite him to join them in the locker room and while they wait, they start stroking their big cocks and making out. While they are making out, Cesar Rossi appears in front of them and he is pleased with what he sees. He drops to his knees and starts sucking both of their cocks. Jack then starts sucking Cesar's cock while Scott rims his hot ass. Scott then starts fucking Cesar while Cesar sucks Jacks cock. Jack and Scott then switch places and continue to spit roast Cesar. Cesar then lies on his back and Scott fucks him until he cannot hold back and shoots a nice thick load of cum all over himself. Jack then shoots on Cesar's chest."

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Blindfold Surprise

Featuring Jack Andy, John Magnum, and Scott DeMarco
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

September 20, 2018

"John Magnum is alone in the bedroom stroking his big cock when Scott DeMarco brings Jack Andy, who is blindfolded, into the bedroom for his surprise. He quickly realizes that someone else is in the room and when he feels the big cock, he gets excited and starts stroking both John & Scott. Soon he is on his knees sucking both of their cocks while still blindfolded. After a while he removes his blindfold and is excited by what he sees. Both John & Scott then share Jack's big cock between them for a while before all three climb on the bed. Scott rims Jack's ass while he continues to suck John. Scott then fucks Jack from behind to warm up his hole for John. Jack then rides John's big cock while John sucks Scott. John then flips Jack on his back and fucks him until jack cannot hold back and he shoots his load. John and Scott then both shoot their loads onto Jack's face."

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International Big Dick

Featuring Alexander Garrett, Hans Berlin, and Scott DeMarco
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

July 19, 2018

"All three guys are sitting in the locker room and Hans Berlin is asking them how they met and if they are a couple. When he hears an accent coming from Alexander Garrett, he asks where he is from. When he hears Venezuela he perks up and proclaims that he heard guys from there have big dicks. Scott DeMarco asks where Hans is from and when he hears Germany he says he heard that German cocks are thick and meaty. Soon Hans has his cock out and Alexander and Scott are sharing it between their mouths. Hans then sucks both of their big cocks and tries his best to take both in this mouth at the same time. Scott then rims Hans's ass while Hans sucks Alexander. Scott them fucks him from behind. Scott then lies on his back and Hans rides his big cock while Scott sucks Alexander's massive meat. Alexander then fucks Hans on all fours for a while before flipping him on his back and fucking him until he cums. Both Alexander and Scott then feed their loads to Hans eager mouth and face. Enjoy!"

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95372_04 95372_05

95372_06 95372_08










First Time Players

Featuring Cesar Rossi and Scott DeMarco
Pride Studios

June 19, 2018

"Cesar Rossi and Scott have never fooled around in a back room play area before, but Scott's friend Jack offered for him to use his play room. After a little awkwardness, they settle into the environment and start playing with each other. Cesar sucks Scott's big cock first and then Scott sucks Cesar. Scott then rims Cesar's ass before fucking him in a few positions on the different items in the play room. Scott fucks the cum out of Cesar and then shoots his own load onto Cesar. Enjoy!"

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Big Dicked Couple

Featuring Alexander Garrett, Armond Rizzo, and Scott DeMarco
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

February 22, 2018

"Armond Rizzo is sitting in his bed texting back and forth with a Big Dicked Couple. After exchanging photos of them, Armond invites them over. Once inside, Armond wastes no time getting on his knees and sucking both of their huge cocks. After a while, they move to the bed where Armond continues to suck them as they feed them their big dicks. Scott DeMarco then rims Armond while he continues to suck Alexander Garrett's big cock. Scott fucks Armond first in the doggy position and with every thrust, Armond moans in pleasure. He then fucks him on his side as Alexander sucks Armond's cock and watches Scott's go in and out of his ass. Armond then wants to be fucked by Alexander and he climbs on top of him and rides his massive cock. After riding a while, Alexander puts him on his back and continues to fuck him until Armond cums. Alexander then pulls out and shoots his load all over Armond's cock and balls while Scott strokes off his cock and shoots all over Armond's chest. Armond then milks the last drops of cum from Scott's cock with his tongue and mouth. Enjoy!"

WATCH Big Dicked Couple Featuring Alexander Garrett, Armond Rizzo, and Scott DeMarco

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Bareback Auditions 08: Fresh Additions, Scene 2

Scott DeMarco Flip-Fucks With Dylan James
Featuring Dylan James and Scott DeMarco
Lucas Entertainment

September 11, 2017

"The ultra-gorgeous Scott DeMarco usually tops the guys he fucks, but he’s been craving The D ever since he saw what Dylan James has between his legs. After Dylan and Scott talk for their “Bareback Auditions” interview, the two meet up again at night to fuck beside the pool. Dylan has a soft spot for handsome Italian-American men, and he loves every moment of Scott being inside him. When the situation is flipped, Scott rides Dylan… and his rock-hard Italian cock is a beautiful sight to behold as he bounces!"

BLA08_02_Dylan_James_Scott_DeMarco_02 BLA08_02_Dylan_James_Scott_DeMarco_03

BLA08_02_Dylan_James_Scott_DeMarco_04 BLA08_02_Dylan_James_Scott_DeMarco_05

















Raw Double Penetrations 06: No Holes Spared, Scene 4

Devin Franco Rides Rico Marlon and Scott Demarco’s Raw Cocks
Featuring Devin Franco, Rico Marlon, Scott DeMarco
Lucas Entertainment

September 8, 2017

"What’s better than one rock-hard cock ready to fuck? It’s two rock-hard cocks ready to fuck, and all you need to do is as Devin Franco -- he has the privilege of servicing both Rico Marlon and Lucas Entertainment first-timer Scott DeMarco at one. They both double-team Devin, and by the time their done with him he’s left sweaty and panting. But he’s still able to suck to cum from their cocks after the rough and raw double-penetration is successfully completed!"

LVP266_04_Scott_DeMarco_Devin_Franco_Rico_Marlon_03 LVP266_04_Scott_DeMarco_Devin_Franco_Rico_Marlon_04

















Cops In Cuffs, Scene 3

Starring Kirk Cummings and Scott Demarco

May 25, 2017

"Helpless and hog-tied, Officer Kirk Cummings tries to escape, but to no avail. Scott Demarco enters the room and observes the struggling pig on the floor, a wry smile crossing his face as he imagines what he is about to do. Using a fat dildo attached to the end of a long steel handle, Scott teasingly probes the angry cop's mouth. Becoming more aggressive, Scott pushes the dildo past Kirk's lips. Once the dildo is wet with spit, Scott presses it into Kirk's hole. After teasing Kirk's tight hole for a bit, Scott returns the dildo to Kirk's mouth, forcing him to taste himself. Pulling both of Kirk's legs up into the air, Scott ramps up his thrusting with the dildo, giving Kirk an intense lesson in submission."

WATCH Cops In Cuffs, Scene 3 Starring Kirk Cummings and Scott Demarco

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Scott DeMarco Breeds Ace Era

December 22, 2016

It's the dawn of a new Era at, ushered in by Ace Era and Scott DeMarco. This scene started off the way our typical Dominic Ford scenes start off: passionate, sexy and with a condom. But half-way into the scene, Ace and Scott both said they wished they weren't using a condom. So we let them continue without one for the rest of the scene. And it just got more wild from there. After an intense round of raw fucking, Scott breeds Ace, shoves his cock back into Ace's hole, and then makes Ace clean off his dick with his mouth. Talk about a new Era. This is very new for Dominic Ford, and we think it's only the beginning.

Watch the full movie at












Mike Rathburne and Scott DeMarco (Bareback)

October 27, 2016

"He's no stranger to the ring, but boxer Mike Rathburne (Rocke Rathburne) skips the Strip to prove he's a lover not a fighter when it comes to sex. Well, more of a lover. He's rough with the ladies, likes to be in control, and looking to loosen up a little for his first audition. You won't ordinarily see Mike blowing a guy, so it helps to flash the prize fighter some cash. Still, this grower doesn't start showing until he's got Scott's fat cock in his mouth. Mike is game for his audition, all business, never stops sucking. Scott clearly enjoys pounding this champ's straight, hairy hole. Mike doesn't like to lose. Good thing, too, because in gay porn everyone wins."


Senator Cumslut

Featuring Draven Navarro and Scott Demarco
Next Door Studios | Next Door Raw

April 19, 2017

"Senator Draven Navarro has been fucking over his constituents for some time, but today his penchant for dirty secret dealings have put him in a compromising position, and the Senator will finally get his comeuppance. Tied to a chair and expecting his twink intern, he instead encounters Scott Demarco, who has an entirely different scenario in mind. Rather than playing nice, Scott roughs Draven up, face fucking his lying mouth before bending him over his desk. Scott punishes the Senator for all his dirty deeds, fucking him hard and raw from behind as Draven screams from the pain and pleasure of it all. Scott flips him over and fucks the cum out of him, pulling out and coating his face with his load as Draven sucks him dry, a practice he's become very good at given his line of work. Enjoy!"

WATCH Senator Cumslut Featuring Draven Navarro and Scott Demarco


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Earned Hours

Dante Martin, Lance Ford, and Scott Demarco
Next Door Studios | Next Door Originals

December 9, 2016

"Sitting around eating their lunch, Scott Demarco and Dante Martin hatch a plan to get a little mid-day action brewing. Horny as all hell, Scott asks Dante to line up a meeting with the cute boy from massage class, and together, they figure out a strategy to see if Lance Ford is willing and able.

When Lance comes over, Dante suggests that they work on getting in some of their credit hours for school, and so Lance begins to massage Dante as Scott joins him in a four handed massage. While rubbing his back, Dante's cock peeks out from between his legs and Lance is visibly taken aback by it's size. Scott sees him staring at it and remarks how big it is. Lance plays coy and pretends he doesn't notice, but Dante stops him and makes him confess. As Scott pulls out his cock to compare, Lance is now confronted with two willing and able studs looking to bring him a little pleasure, and Lance can not say no, he takes Dante's standing cock in his hand and begins to stroke it as Dante begins to suck Scott off. Lance reaches into his pants and begins to work his cock hard as Scott fixates and fantasizes about getting a piece of Lance's sweet ass. Reality is just as good as he imagined, as he plunges his cock deep into Lance's waiting hole, pounding him from behind as Lance continues to suck Dante off. Scott fucks with a sense of purpose before he and Dante switch, allowing Dante to have his turn. Dante flips Lance over and fucks him hard, grabbing him by the waist and pulling him in closer with every forceful thrust, as Lance shoots his load all over his chest. Seeing this, both Dante and Scott pull out and blast Lance's face with a double load all over his glasses, earning Lance a little bit of extra credit towards his hours. Enjoy!"

WATCH Earned Hours featuring Dante Martin, Lance Ford, and Scott Demarco


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85898_01 85898_02










Edible Escort

Jimmy Clay, Scott Demarco, Allen Lucas
Next Door Studios | Next Door Originals

October 21, 2016

"Allen Lucas begins with the whipped cream, applying it liberally all over the naked, statuesque physique laid out before him. Covering all vital and exposed bits first, he then sets to strategically placing various fruits, and when he's done, escort Jimmy Clay is a veritable human sundae that Allen is just sure will bring a surprise. Allen won't have to wait long to find out, as just as he's finishing up is culinary masterpiece, boyfriend Scott Demarco comes through the door. Allen rushes to greet him and cover his eyes, leading him into the kitchen where Jimmy lays on the kitchen table. Seeing Jimmy laid out before him, covered in sweets, Scott is confused, asking Allen what's going on. Allen explains it's a gift to him, an edible escort, and immediately Scott's eyes light up.

Allen and Scott make their way over to Jimmy on the table, and begin to snack away, licking every inch of Jimmy's body. For Jimmy, the sensation is nothing short of spectacular, as Scoot works his way up to Jimmy's mouth, taking the strawberry placed there and replacing it with his tongue. They kiss as Scott works his way back down to Jimmy's cock, sucking him off as Allen continues to lick about his body. Allen stands up and Scott alternates between Jimmy and Allen, getting both of them rock hard and ready for what comes next. Since it's his gift, Allen gives Scott first dibs on Jimmy's sweet ass, and Scott jumps at the opportunity, slamming Jimmy from behind as he sucks Allen's cock. Scott fucks Jimmy hard from behind while Allen watches him work, then they all line up and Allen fucks Jimmy while Jimmy fucks Scott, running a train before flipping Jimmy back over one last time. Scott then proceeds to fuck the cum out of Jimmy, who shoots a massive load as Scott pulls out and does the same, leaving only Allen to add the finishing touch to this cream filled sundae, which he does with a master chef's touch. Who said desert had to be filling? Enjoy!"

WATCH Jimmy Clay, Scott Demarco, Allen Lucas in Edible Escort
















Virgin Birthday Surprise

Ethan Slade and Scott Demarco
Next Door Studios | Next Door Originals

July 29, 2016

"Scott Demarco is being kind of a party pooper. Tired and a little fussy, he's not really feeling it when buddy Ethan Slade calls to make birthday plans for his special day, telling Ethan instead that he plans on just chilling around the house. Little does he know Ethan is already posted as his house waiting to surprise him. As Ethan hides, waiting for the right moment to spring his surprise, Scott reclines on the bed, stretching out as he starts to get horny. Scott peels off his shorts as Ethan watches him stroke himself on the bed. Laughing to himself, Ethan jumps out of hiding and scares Scott half to death. They wrestle and end up on the floor, Scott still naked, Ethan eyeing his sexy dick, standing straight up and begging for attention. Feeling a bit awkward, Ethan reaches out and grabs a hold of it, looking at Scott's reaction as he does. Scott seems to be ok with it, so Ethan slides down and begins to suck him off. Scott caressess Ethan's head as he tongues his shaft, and Ethan looks up at him as he nibbles on the head playfully, downing Scott's cock to the base as Scott closes his eyes. Moving to the bed, Scott returns the favor and Ethan realizes his fantasy is becoming a reality, as he slides up to ride Scott's cock. Mounting him, he grinds on Scott's hard on as he bounces up and down, taking Scott's cock like a champ as Scott gives his ass a firm smack. They fuck for a while as Ethan strokes himself hard, before they switch, and it's Scott's turn to take his first cock. Ethan slides it in slowly, before working up to speed, fucking Scott hard as he makes himself cum, spitting his load all over his stomach as Ethan pulls out and blasts him with a birthday load long over-due. Enjoy!"

WATCH Ethan Slade and Scott Demarco in Virgin Birthday Surprise













83743_09 83743_14

Are We Gay?

Johnny Riley and Scott Demarco
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

July 14, 2016

"For school friends Scott Demarco and Johnny Riley, prom is coming up and neither of them have a date. Scott has someone in mind but hasn't asked her yet, whereas Johnny doesn't have anyone in mind to ask. As they part ways, Scott tells Johnny to think it over. Johnny watches Scott as he takes his detour, but realizes that isn't the way to Scott's house, so he follows a little behind, and when he catches up to Scott, he's taken cover behind a building, leaning up against it as he jacks himself off in the broad daylight. Watching him, Johnny realizes why he doesn't have a girl on his mind for the dance, since what he really wants is to help Scott out with his hard on. Sneaking up behind him, he pounces on Scott and startles him, who quickly puts his cock back in his pants and asks Johnny why he's following him. Johnny confesses his desire to fool around. Scott is surprised by the confession, but still horny as hell, so when Johnny tells him that his parents won't be home for a few hours, Scott decides to give his buddy a chance.Back at the house, Johnny makes good on the opportunity, falling to his knees and getting his first good look at Scott's dick up close. Scott is rock hard as Johnny sucks him off, downing his cock to the base of the shaft before working the balls with his tongue.

Scott returns the favor before flipping Johnny over and eating his ass, tonguing his hole as he strokes Johnny off. Scott works him into a frenzy with his tongue, and Johnny begs for Scott's cock, deep and hard. Scott works it inside Johnny slowly, before pulling out and slamming Johnny's virgin ass, pounding him from behind as Johnny closes his eyes and takes every inch. Showing that he's a quick learner, Johnny mounts Scott on the sofa, riding him as he strokes his cock, the head bouncing up and down on Scott's chest as Johnny grinds his ass on Scott's cock. Scott fucks Johnny good and hard as the sweat pours off of Johnny's glistening body, and he loses his load all over his stomach as Scott pulls out and douses him with a facial that will Johnny will remember long after prom is forgotten. Enjoy!"

WATCH Johnny Riley and Scott Demarco in Are We Gay?
















Round Two

Owen and Scott

June 9, 2016

"As we have said time and time again, Caruso is the number one matchmaker in gay4pay straight guy porn and this week's scene is all the proof you need!

Our super hot bait boy Owen is back and he is not alone. That's because Scott, our straight, contacted Caruso to see if he could come back to explore a little more. He requested Owen again since Owen was the first dude he's ever done anything with. This time things are going to be a little different... Scott is going to bottom for his first time ever!!!

Both guys waste no time and get right to work by taking off each other's clothes. Owen quickly drops to his knees and takes Scott's thick dick all the way in his mouth. Scott's cock grows rock hard in a matter of seconds as Owen sucks it with all his might. When Owen decides to come up for air, both guys engage in a hot and intense make out session. Scott quickly repays the favor and guzzles down Owen's throbbing cock. Owen is so turned on at the fact that he's getting a second chance with Scott that he tells Scott to lay on his back and lift his legs. No, he's not going to fuck this straight boy just yet, he's going to eat his ass for a while! Check out the expressions that Scott makes while Owen rams his tongue in Scott's virgin hole. After working his ass a little, Owen grabs a condom and lubes up. Owen slowly slides his big dick in Scott's ass. Being the good top he is, Owen asks his buddy "are you okay?" Scott just nods and Owen pushes in deeper. Once he sees that Scott is getting into it, he starts to fuck him harder! Scott tells him that he can't take it anymore and that he wants to fuck Owen. Owen's face lights up as Scott puts on a condom! Scott directs Owen to sit on his cock and just like that, Owen starts to ride him. Both hunks go at it hard before Owen shoots his load while still riding Scott's cock. Scott stands up and jacks off a huge hot load in Owen's mouth. Gobble Gobble!"



Owen and Scott

March 3, 2016

"After watching this video you might agree, Caruso is the number one matchmaker in gay4pay straight guy porn! Let's start with our Bait boy, Owen. Owen is a first timer on Some of his buddies in the business who were Bait for Caruso got Owen interested in watching the site videos, and since one of Owen's fetishes (just for the record, his other fetish is cum), is having sex with straight dudes, because he loves the mystery and challenge of it. So, he contacted Caruso to ask if he could work in a Bait video. Once Caruso saw his portfolio, he was more than happy to invite the 6' 175lb, muscular, handsome, hung, blue eyed, hairy stud to do a scene. And, he knew just who to pair a hottie like Owen with, a straight jock who was looking to break into pussy porn named Scott. Wow! Scott is really cute and built. He's a couple of inches shorter than Owen at 5'10'', has a real hairless jock body and a thick 7.5 inch cock which is as beautiful as they come. Both boys have super sexy bubble butts to boot. They're a physical match made in heaven, a hunk sandwich, and who wouldn't want to be the meat in between! Well, Scott is hoping for some hot pussy to fill that role. It wouldn't be his first time. He's had a three way before, one he tells us about was with his college roommate's slutty girlfriend. How convenient is that, you barely have to roll out of bed to join in your own private sex orgy. Well, Scott has yet to learn that the only other party in today's three way will be Caruso and his camera. The boys have been interviewed and passed the boner test with flying colors, their cocks rock hard and ready to roll. Caruso goes to get the 'girl' as Scott watches straight porn and jacks his cock, and Owen ogles Scott and jacks his. Owen has been eyeing Scott from the moment Caruso introduced them... and it very obvious that Owen really, really likes what he sees. Caruso returns and breaks the bad news, the girl didn't show. He tells Scott he can pay him double the original fee, but he'd have to have sex with Owen. Scott quickly shakes his head ''I don't know if I can do that... I'm not going to let a guy suck my dick''. How many times has Caruso heard that from a straight guy. Scott continues to resist for a little while, but seeing Owen is willing and Caruso is kind of making sense, it's no longer seeming like such a big deal. So, soon enough Owen is jacking Scott and the poor boy looks like a deer in headlights. Scott smiles uncomfortably and just appears to let it happen. That is until he's shocked back into reality when Owen takes his hand and pulls it over and onto his own big dick and Scott finds himself masturbating another dude for the first time in his life. There's a lot of nervous chatter as the boys stroke each other, until Caruso tells Scott to stand up, and with the boy's cock he's been craving for the last half hour at face level, Owen goes down on him and is soon sucking cock like a starving slut. Shortly, we can see that he's really getting off on Scott, and it turns into a long and erotic blowjob. Caruso has them both stand up and compare cocks. Scott's is definitely bigger than Owen, and we think he's bigger than he first told us, it has to be at least eight inches and thick! As Owen takes the opportunity to pull Scott in for a kiss, Scott laughs nervously, but soon their making out gets serious, Scott unconsciously starts stroking Owen's leg until he realizes what he's doing and pulls back. Caruso informs Scott that it's his turn to suck Owen's dick. He hesitates a second, but then gets down and slowly puts Owen's big dick in his mouth and starts sucking. Eventually, he gets about half the length in and seems to be enjoying it, at least his cock was, because it stays hard the entire time he's blowing Owen. Scott had told Caruso that he likes butt play, butt fucking with his girlfriends, so Caruso suggests that it's time fuck Owen. He has Owen turn around and display his hefty bubble butt. ''It's a little hairier than a girls'' explains Owen as he gets into the doggy position after lubing Scott's huge cock for him, ''go a little easy, it's not like a pussy'', Owen warns.. Scott shoves his cock in Owen's butt, ''that's a big dick'' he moans. Scott is very quiet, but starts fucking Owen's butt hard and fast and Owen is loving it, ''do you like my butt'', but Scott isn't a sex talker, he's just horny and seems to be enjoying his first gay fuck. Soon, Owen flips on his back and Scott quickly penetrates him. Owen moans in pleasure as he's being filled up with cock again. Scott rails the boy's hot butt and Owen jacks his own cock and feels up Scott's fit body, and finally when he's at the edge, screams out ''I'm gonna cum'' and shoots his load on his belly, the couch and his hand. His moans as he continues to look right into his new buddy's eyes. Scott fucks him for a bit longer, pulls out and jacks his cock. ''I want it all over my face'' says an almost delirious Owen. So, he repositions himself in front of Scott's cock and opens his mouth, ''give me that fucking cum'', and as Scott moans in orgasmic ecstasy, we see his cum shoot out in spurts right into Owen's mouth as he happily swallows most of it down, the rest visibly dripping into his beard and moustache... ''I wear it well'' says Owen. A match made in heaven! Thank you Caruso."








PP0A0338 PP0A0359

PP0A0366 PP0A0379

Beach Rats of Lauderdale, Scene 4 (BAREBACK)

Featuring Devin Franco, Scott DeMarco, and Vadim Black
Falcon Studios

January 28, 2019

"Vadim Black's pal, Scott Demarco, is cruising Devin Franco by the beach. When Scott walks away, Devin decides to follow him into the park. Scott rounds a corner to take off his clothes and by the time Devin catches up, Scott is already jacking his big hairy cock. Devin doesn't waste a second and gets on his knees in front of the hung stud to take Scott down his throat. Scott can't possibly get any harder and needs to see what Devin has throbbing in his pants. Scott isn't disappointed and drops down to worship Devin's hard-on. In the midst of sucking, Vadim Black comes down the trail to join the fun. He pulls out his dick and Scott gets to work sucking both hung studs simultaneously. Devin is cock-hungry and can't resist the temptation to take both cocks in his mouth. Scott knows that Devin wants the reward, so he stands up to let Devin take his place on his knees. Devin greedily sucks down both cocks, taking every inch of them down his throat. Both studs take turns fucking his face until they're ready to blow. Scott is the first to climax and drops a giant creamy load all over Devin's full lips and in his mouth. Devin gobbles it all up and moves onto Vadim's ready-to-burst cock. As Scott grabs Devin's backpack full of weed and runs down the trail, Vadim blasts Devin's face with cum. Just as Devin ready to blow his own load, Vadim takes off as well, but that doesn't stop Devin from blowing his load in the dirt. Was this really a random hook-up after all?"

WATCH Beach Rats of Lauderdale, Scene 4 (BAREBACK) Featuring Devin Franco, Scott DeMarco, and Vadim Black

99479_001 99479_003

99479_002 99302_001

99478_003 99478_004











Sexflix And Chill, Scene 5

Starring Jacob Peterson and Scott DeMarco
Falcon Studios

August 19, 2016

"Beefy Jacob Peterson, with a light dusting of hair across his muscled torso, strokes his cock while streaming some porn on his tablet. Scott Demarco dozes in bed next to Jacob. With his uncut cock in one hand, Jacob looks over at Scott with a devious glint in his eye. He sees Scott's cock twitch under the sheets. Ditching the tablet, Jacob pulls down the sheets, and wraps his lips around Scott's thick tool. As he slowly wakes up, Scott starts moaning approvingly. Jacob works Scott's cock more aggressively, stroking with his hands and using his tongue to stimulate every inch of Scott's boner. Switching roles, Scott goes down on Jacob's massive meat. He strokes Jacob's cock, watching the foreskin roll across Jacob's cock head. Eager for more, Scott rolls Jacob over and buries his face in Jacob's ass. Spreading Jacob's cheeks, Scott spits right in the center and pushes it in with his tongue. Now that Jacob is lubed and ready, Scott penetrates Jacob's tight hole. Jacob raises his left leg high in the air, relishing Scott's deep, powerful thrusting. Scott lies down on the bed and Jacob lowers himself down on Scott's swollen rod for a full-throttle sit fuck. They switch to doggy style, and Scott encourages Jacob by slapping his muscled ass, leaving behind a pink handprint. They return to missionary position, and Scott shoots a thick, creamy load right on Jacob's gaping hole. Jacob lets loose an explosion of cum across his abs and chest."

WATCH Sexflix And Chill, Scene 5 Starring Jacob Peterson and Scott DeMarco

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