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Submission Prison, Scene 2

Featuring Drew Dixon, Myles Landon and Nate Grimes
FistingInferno.com | Fisting Central

January 30, 2020

"Head Prison Guard Myles Landon is showing his newest inmates to the ways of Dorchester Correctional Facility, where he rules the roster with an iron fist and a rock-hard cock and uses and abuses his power on the prisoners for his own selfish amusement. Back in restraints and with his nuts crushed in a C-clamp, Nate Grimes watches with a mix of fear, revulsion and arousal as his fellow inmate Drew Dixon is chained to a desk with a boot strapped around his neck and repeatedly fucked by Officer Myles' thick nightstick of a cock. Myles wrecks the British brat's butthole, all the while taunting and tormenting Nate with threats of even worse treatment. Nate is soon told to kneel and eat his buddy's freshly fucked ass, as Drew wisely surrenders to the hopeless situation and starts finding pleasure in his brutal punishment. Myles makes Nate stand up and pound Drew till they all reach a thundering orgasm and the two little prison bitches are put back in their places in their holding cell to await whatever wicked new ideas Myles can whip up for them tomorrow and contemplate their new prison life that is both stir crazy and 'sir' crazy."

GALLERY Submission Prison, Scene 2 Featuring Drew Dixon, Myles Landon and Nate Grimes




















Submission Prison, Scene 1

Featuring Drew Dixon, Myles Landon and Nate Grimes
FistingInferno.com | Fisting Central

January 2, 2020

"Here at Dorchester Corrections Facility, the corrupt head guard is the cruel and sadistic Myles Landon, who makes it clear to his pathetic new inmates that he is in control and basically owns them for the duration of their sentences. He takes fiendish delight in breaking them in and breaking them down on their very first day in jail and, for two young punks like Nate Grimes and Drew Dixon, he has some painful lessons to make them learn the relentless ins and outs of their new life behind bars. Establishing his authority from the get-go, 'You men are mine to do with as I please. You call me 'Sir,' and maybe I'll take it easy on you,'. Myles strips Nate and Drew of both their clothes and their dignity, first instructing them down on their knees to lick and clean his boots to a spit polish shine. Still seeing signs of disrespect, Myles handcuffs his new prison bitches to the holding cell bars and gives them a good flogging to show them who's boss. More scared stiff than scared straight, Drew quickly comes to the decision to submit and obey, but Nate holds out and each stubborn 'Fuck you!' he spits at the guard only makes it worse for both of them. Told to get back on their knees, they take turns sharing and servicing Officer Myles' big cock and balls, but he won't let them touch their own hard dicks. Despite their arrogant attitudes and insolent bravado, their raging boners betray that these bad boys are enjoying their rough treatment at the hands of this merciless manhandler, who feeds them their first taste of alpha male prison jizz."

GALLERY Submission Prison, Scene 1 Featuring Drew Dixon, Myles Landon and Nate Grimes

















Beach Rats of Lauderdale, Scene 1


Beach Rats of Lauderdale, Scene 1 (BAREBACK)

Featuring Devin Franco and Myles Landon
Falcon Studios

January 11, 2019

"Devin Franco is chillin' by the beach when his buddies drop by looking for some weed. None of them have enough cash so they hatch a plan to roll a local hotel to get some money. After the heist, Devin is down on himself for being a part of the plan when he receives a text from muscle daddy Myles Landon and heads on over to his hotel for a quick fuck. The two meet with no words at all and Devin lies back on the bed while Myles pulls out his massive cock to cram it down Devin's eager throat. After face fucking the toned Beach Rat for a bit, Myles flips Devin over and shoves his tongue up his ass to open it up for his giant dick. When Myles has had enough of the foreplay, he slides his raw dick deep into Devin's ass. Devin receives the massive member with pleasure and loves the feeling of the muscle daddy pounding in and out of his hole. After throwing Devin around in multiple positions, Myles is ready to blow. He fucks Devin a little faster and drives a little deeper until he unleashes a geyser of cum all over Devin's hairy hole. Myles shoves his bare cock back inside and keeps Devin's ass full until Devin shoots a load of his own all over his muscled-up beach bod."

WATCH Beach Rats of Lauderdale, Scene 1 Featuring Devin Franco and Myles Landon
















My Sexy Swim Coach

Featuring Alex Chandler and Myles Landon
Pride Studios | Dylan Lucas

January 22, 2018

"Alex Chandler and Coach Myles Landon are in the back practicing for the next swim meet. Coach has Alex doing some laps in the pool before they head back into the house. Coach is busy writing when Alex comes in but now Alex seems preoccupied with something on his mind. Alex is embarrassed to tell coach what it is but Coach eases him into it and finally Alex comes clean. Alex tells Coach that every time he sees him he gets a boner and so he drops his shorts to reveal it to Coach. Myles sees his cock and instantly pulls his fat dick out and Alex drops to his knees and begins to worship his fat big cock. He gags on it balls deep and plays with the foreskin until Coach sits Alex in the chair and starts to suck on his sexy hard dick. Coach bends him over and gets his ass nice and wet with his tongue. Coach rubs his cock on Alex's eager hole and slowly pushes his thick cock in balls deep. Alex moans with pleasure as Coach starts to thrust hard and deep pulling his cock out and pushing it back in. Alex loves the feeling of finally having his Coach fuck him. Myles fucks Alex all over the living room and finally has Alex cum all over himself while lying on his back. Coach rolls over on to his side and blows his creamy load. Enjoy!"

WATCH My Sexy Swim Coach Featuring Alex Chandler and Myles Landon

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Towel Boy

Featuring Myles Landon and Kyler Ash
Pride Studios | Dylan Lucas

April 3, 2017

"Kyler is the local towel boy at his gym where he works the typical 9-5 job. The main reason Kyler works at this job is because he has an insatiable jock fetish among other things. He loves to clean up after all the hunks have left and smell any jock straps, underwear and even shower towels that have been left behind. As he is cleaning up he finds a very sexy black and red jock strap which he just can't ignore. He rubs it all over his face taking in deep breaths of the lovely smell coming off of them. He begins to pull his hard cock out stroking it and decides to wrap the jock around his shaft to use it to stroke with. He pulls it back and forth eagerly wanting so much to know whose it is. He sniffs it deeply again but this time Myles, who just showered, comes walking out and sees Kyler sniffing his jock. He startles Kyler and drops his towel asking him, Is this what you were looking for? Kyler doesn't say a word but Myles walks towards him and pushes him down onto his knees. Kyler now has Myles big thick cock deep in his throat. Myles face fucks him deep until he flips him around and pushes him up against the locker. Myles spreads his legs to reveal his pink tight hole. He buries his face between Kyler's soft young cheeks licking and tongue fucking his ass. Myles can tell that this sexy ass is now lubed up and ready to be fucked. Myles fucks Kyler doggy style up against the lockers until he has him ride his meaty cock. His shaft is so thick Kyler can only take it for so long so Myles lays him on his back and cums all over his smooth young skin. Kyler rubs Myles cum into his skin and begs him to fuck him again until he can nut all over himself which in a matter of seconds Kyler does blast his built up nut. Enjoy!"

WATCH Towel Boy Featuring Myles Landon and Kyler Ash

Extra Credit

Featuring Ian Levine and Myles Landon
Pride Studios | Dylan Lucas

July 25, 2016

"Ian has been having a rough time at school getting picked on just about every day as he dresses up for gym class. He has come to his teacher's house Myles who he confides in about all his school problems. Myles is a great listener and once he hears about Ian's problem he decides that the best course to fix this issue is to get undressed in front of him. Ian hesitant at first but then decides to go forward with it. He drops his pants to reveal his hard on and Myles walks up to him and grabs his firm young ass and begins to make out with him. Ian overtaken by the sexiness of his teacher gets down on his knees and services his big thick cock. Ian is a quite kid but no stranger to sucking dick. Myles loves it and decides he wants his student's dick in his mouth before he licks his ass. Ian bends over to reveal his smooth young ass as Myles dives in face first lubing it up with his spit. Myles slowly pushes his big thick dick into Ian's small eager ass and starts to pump him back and forth. Myles fucks his student all over his house until he cums all over his sweet hole and has Ian lick it all up. Enjoy!"

WATCH Extra Credit Featuring Ian Levine and Myles Landon

Grease Monkey Hunk

Featuring Myles Landon and Josh Hunter
Pride Studios | Dylan Lucas

December 28, 2015

"Myles is having some car issues with one of his classics and his good friend has recommended a good handy man. Myles goes to the door and sees a young man by the name of Josh at his door. Myles is slightly confused and not sure if this is the right guy for the job. Josh is young, skinny and doesn't look like who knows much about classics. They go to check out the car and Josh can't believe his eyes. He is hyped that he gets to work on this classic and gets right to it. Myles is letting Josh do his thing as he begins to check him out working on his car. Myles cock is starting to twitch seeing this young smooth man laid out in his car. He moves in closer to make sure Josh is doing things right and Myles starts to rub his cock making sure Josh can see. Josh is not sure what to make of it and then Myles starts to rub his leg which in turn Josh tells him that he doesn't want his dad to find out about this. Myles isn't going to tell nobody so he reassures Josh and tells him to lie back as he slides his pants down. Myles takes his hard cock into his mouth tasting the young man's pre cum while rubbing his balls. Josh loves it now that he's more comfortable and now wants a piece of Myles too. Josh pulls out Myles big thick cock and begins to squeeze it into his small mouth enjoying every inch of it. They leave the garage and head inside where Myles spreads open Josh's tight eager hole and they begin to fuck in multiple positions until they release all the pent up tension. Enjoy!"

WATCH Grease Monkey Hunk Featuring Myles Landon and Josh Hunter



Overpowered, Scene 2

Starring Micky Jr and Myles Landon
Hot House

June 1, 2017

"Myles Landon is hard at work in the garage when Micky Jr stops in to deliver some parts. After Myles receives the package, he gets Micky to stay and give him a quick hand with a van he's working on. After Micky helps out, he heads for the door, but Myles grabs the delivery boy, pulls him into his throbbing package and gropes his firm ass. Micky's libido is 'Overpowered' by the ripped mechanic, Mickey drops to his knees deepthroating Myles 9-inch tool. Myles fills Micky's mouth with cock before returning the favor with a sopping wet hummer. Myles continues to please the delivery boy when he bends him over against the van and lathers Micky's hole with his long tongue. Myles uses his tank top as leverage around Micky's neck as he parks his big meat in Micky's open hole. Micky gets drilled doggy style until he falls to his knees one last time to catch Myles' thick load into his open mouth. Covered in cum, Micky uses the cum on his face as lube to shoot his load out onto the shop floor."

WATCH Overpowered, Scene 2 Starring Micky Jr and Myles Landon

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Raging Stallion Studios Maximum Torque

Maximum Torque, Scene 4

Featuring Aspen and Myles Landon
Raging Stallion Studios

January 1, 2021

"Muscle-man Myles Landon is trying to get some work done in the shop, but Aspen won't stop messing with him. When Myles has had enough of the weird play, he overpowers Aspen and bends him over to eat his ass. Now that he's finally getting the attention he wanted, Aspen submits his hole to Myles' tongue and fingers. To show Aspen who's in charge, Myles spreads his ass and shoves his thick cock in Aspen's hairy hole. Aspen lets Myles drill him bareback balls deep before getting on his knees to suck the fat rod that was just pounding his prostate. After deepthroating Myles, Aspen lowers his hole down onto Myles' pole. Switching positions one more time, Myles pumps into Aspen's hole, making him shoot his load all over the shop. That's Myles' cue to finish as he glazes Aspen's hairy hole with his seed."

WATCH Maximum Torque, Scene 4 Featuring Aspen and Myles Landon
















Wasteland, Scene 2

Starring Myles Landon and Talon Reed
Raging Stallion Studios

January 6, 2017

"Talon Reed is out on patrol in the post-apocalyptic 'Wasteland'. He stumbles across supplies - food rations and water - that must have been abandoned in a surprise attack. Talon brings the loot back to base and shows his find to Myles Landon. 'You know what this means, right? It's reward time,' says Myles as he removes his codpiece to reveal his fat, heavy cock. Grinning devilishly, Talon leans in and sucks Myles' rock hard cock until it's dripping with spit. Myles bends Talon over and rims his ass, parting the furry cheeks and pushing his saliva in with his tongue. With Talon's ass wet and willing, Myles stands up and fucks him doggy style. Grabbing Talon's harness, Myles pulls him backwards, which drives Myles' cock even deeper inside. Myles' six-pack abs ripple as he thrusts his hips, and Talon revels in every motion. Lying on his back, Myles invites Talon to go for a ride. Grinding up and down, Talon fucks himself on Myles' rod, picking up speed and intensity every second. Flipping into missionary position, Talon jerks out his load as Myles uses his throbbing cock to stretch Talon's ass. Pulling out, Myles strokes his cock and delivers a gushing stream of cum that drenches Talon's stomach."

WATCH Wasteland, Scene 2 Starring Myles Landon and Talon Reed

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Dicklicious, Scene 2

Starring Bruno Bernal and Myles Landon
Raging Stallion Studios

August 12, 2016

"Tattooed Bruno Bernal lifts his chin to kiss towering Myles Landon. A light dusting of hair stretches across Bruno's bulging pecs, and his abs ripple as he kneels. Myles is a smooth, muscled bodybuilder; his nips are erect and his massive cock twitches with anticipation. Long tendrils of spit form as Bruno gives Myles a slobbering, slurping blowjob. Myles uses a hand on the back of Bruno's neck to guide his throat down on that massive dick. Taking charge of Bruno's ass, Myles spreads Bruno's cheeks and lubes up Bruno's hole with a rim job. Bruno sits down on Myles' enormous monster cock, struggling to accommodate the girth, but finally sliding it all the way in. With Bruno's cock bouncing, Myles pummels Bruno's ass with all his might. Lying on his side, Bruno raises a leg up in the air and Myles pushes his cock into Bruno's stretched hole missionary style. Sinking to his knees once again, Bruno orally services Myles' cock while stroking his own meat. Myles blasts his cum in Bruno's face, and Bruno sprays his load on Myles' dick."

WATCH Dicklicious, Scene 2 Starring Bruno Bernal and Myles Landon

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Schoolboy Fantasies 4, Scene 3: Stepdaddy Dearest

Featuring Josh Stone and Myles Landon

June 23, 2016

"What a fantasy is it for a young college student to have his way with a mature experienced man. School boy fantasies become a reality when innocent Josh Stone meets his mother's gorgeous new boyfriend. They have the same idea in mind! Josh is instantly seduced by his mother's boyfriend Myles Landon ending with wild explosive sex!"

WATCH Schoolboy Fantasies 4, Scene 3: Stepdaddy Dearest | Featuring Josh Stone and Myles Landon

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Real Couples Bareback, Scene 4

Featuring Ian Levine and Myles Landon

November 19, 2015

"Muscle Daddy Myles Landon and smooth muscle twink Ian Levine are nothing if not an unconventional pairing. Myles and Ian cuddle playfully, their taut muscular bodies pressing up against one another. Myles can't get enough of his smooth young trophy boy, his hands slick with massage oil, rubbing every inch of his body. Hands sliding down his toned back, his smooth bubble butt framed by his jockstrap are revealed. Myles strokes his thighs, servicing his boy, his tongue moving along Ian's chest and up to his ears. Kissing him passionately, Ian passively relishes the affection before Landon moved down to focus on his boy's tool and hole. Ian climbs on Myles, his cheeks spread, we see his smooth hole. Ian sucks on Myles' big uncut dick. Myles kisses Ian before, licks his ass, and sucks his dick while Ian is face down. His nose plunges into the young man's hole. Myles rubs his stiff cock on Ian's smooth hole, opening him up, he works him in and out.

Ian moans in pleasure as the thick rod plunges into his submissive hole. Myles pulls his boyfriend close, kissing him as he pounds his ass harder and harder. Fucking in many positions before lifting Ian's ass to help position his hole, Myles fucks the cum right out of his his younger boyfriend, his hot thick load spewing onto his smooth stomach. Scooping the cum off his young friend before letting him tease himself off his tongue. Myles only increases in intensity, bringing himself closer to climax as he rails his boyfriend to bring himself to the edge.

Holding his arms, he pounds his hole as Ian thrusts back into his throbbing dick, moving his bubble ass into his daddy. As Myles gets closer, he blows his load all over Ian's back. Ian relieved and happy that he made his boyfriend cum."

WATCH Real Couples Bareback, Scene 4 | Featuring Ian Levine and Myles Landon

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