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SITES: Falcon Studios, Lucas Entertainment, Lucas Raunch, Raging Stallion Studios

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Bareback Sex Fest, Scene 4

Jed Athens Takes Bareback Double Penetration for His Birthday Gift
Draven Torres, Fabio Stallone, Hot Rod, Jed Athens, Marcus Isaacs, Rafael Carreras, Shane Frost
Lucas Entertainment

January 30, 2014

"The gay bareback sex party has reached it’s conclusion and everyone is on board to make sure Jed Athens’ birthday bash is a smash hit! That includes all of the guys: Draven Torres, Shane Frost, Marcus Isaacs, Rafael Carreras, Hot Rod, and Fabio Stallone. Who’s going to get fucked and who is going to be doing the ass pounding? You’ll have to watch the scene. But here’s a hint: Jed Athens gets to enjoy raw bareback double penetration!"










LVP176_04_Athens_Frost_Isaacs_Torres_Carreras_Stallone_Rod_01 LVP176_04_Athens_Frost_Isaacs_Torres_Carreras_Stallone_Rod_02

LVP176_04_Athens_Frost_Isaacs_Torres_Carreras_Stallone_Rod_03 LVP176_04_Athens_Frost_Isaacs_Torres_Carreras_Stallone_Rod_04

Bareback Sex Fest, Scene 2

Jed's Bareback Sex Fest Heats Up When Rafael Carreras Stops By
Draven Torres, Jed Athens, Marcus Isaacs, Rafael Carreras, Shane Frost
Lucas Entertainment

January 20, 2014

"It's always a party when Rafael Carreras is involved -- he's one of Lucas Entertainment's favorite performers, and he was at the top of Jed Athens' birthday wish list when he and his buddies planned their gay bareback sex trip to upstate New York! Rafael means that there's going to be hardcore ass fucking, because he's a Cuban power top who knows how to use his raw uncut cock with hungry precision. It's an all-out bareback fuck fest as Rafael pounds the birthday boy's ass without mercy while everyone else around them sucks and fucks like wild animals!"











LVP176_02_Athens_Frost_Isaacs_Torres_Carreras_01 LVP176_02_Athens_Frost_Isaacs_Torres_Carreras_02
Vito Gallo, Angelo Marconi and Rafael Carreras in Gentlemen 09: Closing the Deal

Gentlemen 09: Closing the Deal, Scene

LE Exclusive Vito and Rafael Invade Angelo's Ass
Lucas Entertainment

August 30, 2013

"Angelo Marconi and Rafael Carreras traveled all the way to New York City from South America in order to make a business deal with Vito Gallo that will make them all a fortune. But Angelo is a horny son of a bitch who turns the deal into a sexual fantasy by telling the sex-crazed Rafael Carreras that Vito wants to close the deal with some steamy man sex! Vito is taken off guard, but it also doesn’t take him much to go with the flow in the end. Angelo and Rafael move in on the tall, sexy Italian top! There’s only one problem -- Rafael and Vito are both tops and Angelo is all bottom. Okay, maybe it’s not such a problem when Rafael and Vito find out they can both fit their cocks inside Angelo at the same time!"

Vito Gallo, Angelo Marconi and Rafael Carreras in Gentlemen 09: Closing the Deal

Vito Gallo, Angelo Marconi and Rafael Carreras in Gentlemen 09: Closing the Deal

Vito Gallo, Angelo Marconi and Rafael Carreras in Gentlemen 09: Closing the Deal

Vito Gallo, Angelo Marconi and Rafael Carreras in Gentlemen 09: Closing the Deal

Vito Gallo, Angelo Marconi and Rafael Carreras in Gentlemen 09: Closing the Deal

Vito Gallo, Angelo Marconi and Rafael Carreras in Gentlemen 09: Closing the Deal

Vito Gallo, Angelo Marconi and Rafael Carreras in Gentlemen 09: Closing the Deal Vito Gallo, Angelo Marconi and Rafael Carreras in Gentlemen 09: Closing the Deal

The Power of Love, Scene 1

Rafael Carreras and Mitchell Rock Have Deep Sex
Lucas Entertainment

June 22, 2012

"While lounging and bathing in the Greek sun rays, Rafael Carreras and Mitchell Rock longingly admire each other’s bodies. Soon the turquoise waters of the swimming pool draw their attention, and they take a dip in their white briefs. The men feel an overpowering chemistry and are soon kissing and exploring each other’s bodies with their hands and tongues. Mitchell’s sucking of Rafael’s nipples stirs and an uncontrollable arousal in his underwear, and Mitchell happily peels them off and sensually sucks his partner’s cock and foreskin. Mitchell then turns around so Rafael can tease and eat his ass -- it’s foreplay that stirs Mitchell, and he sits on the edge of the pool with his own cock hard and alert for Rafael’s mouth. After they suck each other, they retreat to a bed overlooking the ocean and countryside, where Mitchell lies and surrenders his muscular ass to his Latin lover. Rafael is both sensual and hard as he penetrates and fucks Mitchell. Rafael enters Mitchell deeply on all fours and his back before they reach climax together."






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Spanish Seductions, Scene 3

Rafael Carreras and Axel Brooks
Lucas Entertainment

April 30, 2010

"Rafael Carreras eyes his newest find, ultra-buff muscle slut Axel Brooks, and strokes himself in the mirror with anticipation. He forcefully places his throbbing Latin cock into Axel's wet lips and gets the deep-throating response of his dreams. The two get into a rigorous 69 and go on a rimjob rampage, before Rafael bends Axel over in front of the mirror to tease his oiled up ass with his raging, mammoth erection. Finally, Rafael obliges the cock-crazed Adonis, deeply penetrating his sculpted ass, fulfilling his desires. Axel cums rockets onto his stomach and Rafael finishes him off with a facial he'll not soon forget."








Stretch My Hole, Scene 1

Rafael Carreras Opens Up Darius Ferdynand's Ass
Lucas Raunch

May 16, 2013

"Rafael Carreras doesn’t have to look far to find a needy bottom guy ready to fill his hole with huge uncut Cuban cock! Today on Rafael’s menu is Darius Ferdynand, a small twink with a tight body. Darius is an expert lover and isn’t afraid to use his ass to its limits, even if that means running the risk of breaking it! That’s perfect for Rafael, who ravages the bottom from the beginning with kisses and rough touches. Rafael swallows Darius’ alert cock while fingering his hole. Rafael Carreras is an ass man and switches his attention to Darius Ferdynand’s ass; he fingers and eats it before slipping on a condom and penetrating the bottom with all 10 inches of his meat, and the faster and rougher he fucks the louder the bottom’s moans are!"










Toy With Me, Scene 1

Rafael Carreras and Fernando Torres' Outdoor Playtime
Lucas Raunch

March 28, 2013

"The cicadas are singing as Rafael Carreras and Fernando Torres sneak off with one another for a kinky rendezvous. Our hot guys for the afternoon are both Latino, so no one needs to guess how steamy their sex is going to get! Rafael is almost always totally on top, so Fernando buckles up and gets ready for a wild ride. Rafael is going to fuck Fernando, but he brings some toys along to spice the scenario up. He first tests Fernando’s might with a big black dildo, followed by squeezing some anal beads up the bottom’s tight ass, and then fucking him with his own legendary uncut cock. Later on Rafael even breaks out some produce for extra fun: there’s the anticipated cucumber and also a carrot. Can Rafael fit both his dick and the massive orange carrot into Fernando’s ass at the same time? There’s only one way to find out!"










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