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Rafael Carreras


SITES: Falcon Studios, Lucas Entertainment, Lucas Raunch, Raging Stallion Studios

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Pure Sex, Scene 4

Rafael Carreras and Trenton Ducati
Raging Stallion Studios

June 20, 2012

"Muscle, muscle and more muscle immediately fills your screen as the built bods of Trenton Ducati and Rafael Carreras come into view. Trenton takes to his knees to engulf Rafael's long, massive dick with his ready and willing mouth. Noticing the double-wide cock throbbing between Trenton's legs (how could anyone miss it), Rafael replies with his own master class in cocksucking. Trenton wants more, and he bends over the fuck table and lets Rafael survey two hard, round ass cheeks with a tasty center. Rafael doesn't waste any time before he darts his tongue I and out of Trenton's bull's eye. The tables turn and Rafael is on all fours taking Trenton's wide trunk with a solid muscle body behind each stroke. Rafael's ten-plus inches seem to get harder with every jab of Trenton's huge cock. Another role reversal has Trenton riding reverse cowboy on one of the biggest cocks in porn. The big, beefy, versatile Trenton bounces and Rafael thrusts it up into him providing a spectacular view that is sure to leave you weak in the knees. With Trenton on his back, hole spread as wide as it will go, Rafael slams every inch in to hit Trenton's spot until he shoots out a hefty load and Rafael follows with two massive squirts of jizz." WATCH Pure Sex, Scene 4 Starring Rafael Carreras and Trenton Ducati Flip Fuck


















Picture Perfect, Scene 2

Dylan Roberts and Rafael Carreras
Falcon Studios

May 4, 2012

"Dylan Roberts instructs his new model on how to strike a pose for his photo shoot and hunky, incredibly hung Rafael Carreras follows directions like a pro. Dylan makes every effort to ensure his stunning subject is showcased in the best light so he oils Rafael up to make his muscles gleam even more. The horny photog can barely contain his desire as he caresses his flesh, and soon he's busy sucking on Rafael's firm cock. Emboldened and excited, Rafael takes charge and attacks Dylan's asshole, first rimming the tight slit with his tongue; then teasing it with a thumb-fuck; and finally assaulting it with his thick cock. Rafael savages Dylan's manhole fast and furious until both men finally explode, blasting jism all over. Lying back smug, satisfied, Dylan's torso is dotted with their combined loads, then to Dylan's surprised, Rafael licks it all up." WATCH Picture Perfect, Scene 2 Starring Dylan Roberts and Rafael Carreras











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Mama Said Knock You Out

Spanish heartthrob Rafael Carreras smacks us on our asses!

Words by Ben Scuglia
Photography by Mick Hicks
Unzipped Magazine October 2001

"I’m threading my way through a busy restaurant in West Hollywood and make eye contact with Rafael Carreras. He smiles and nods. Just then, a patron grabs me by the arm and leans in close. “Who’s that guy?” he whispers breathlessly. When I tell him, he cocks an eyebrow and turns to his companion. “After breakfast, we’re going across the street,” he says, referring to Circus of Books, a magazine store with an adult video section.

Carreras appears on the box covers of both of his XXX films (last spring’s Meltdown and the recent Barcelona Bound) and he definitely turns heads. Without a doubt, he photographs beautifully. But in person, something is subtly different. His sultry good looks and erotic aura get the heart pitter-pattering a bit faster than usual.

Carreras is fully aware of the effect he has on other people and is sanguine about it. Throughout our interview he was unfailingly polite--if a bit subdued--but I suspected he was holding back. Indeed, the shy guy’s playful side bubbled to the surface during our cover shoot, when he jokingly sparred with the stylist and makeup artist as they made him resemble a boxer. “I like this,” he said, unleashing a megawatt grin. “It’s acting. It’s like playing dress up.

“I’ve always thought about being in porn films,” reveals the 30-year-old Madrid resident. “I am a fan.” Although he has a good job in his hometown (he declines to reveal specifics, only that it is lucrative and “an important position”), Carreras made the decision to pursue this particular dream early in 2000. “I sent pictures to all the companies: Bel Ami, Kristen Bjorn, Titan, Marcostudio.” He shrugs when I ask him how they responded. “They were interested,” he says with genuine modesty. His interpreter laughs, then adds, “Believe me, they were all very interested.”

Studio 2000, Carreras explains, offered him the best deal and was able to move quickly. “And now I am here,” he chuckles, expansively sweeping his arm across the patio.

His first week in the states was packed with interviews, photo shoots, and a session with novelty company Doc Johnson. At the latter, his formidable penis was cast for his very own dildo (which will be released in the spring). When I ask how it will feel to have his own dildo on the market, Carreras grins and shakes his head in befuddled wonderment.

Judging from the number of people in the restaurant conspicuously jostling to get his attention, what does Carreras think about his burgeoning popularity? “I’m not really interested in [being] famous,” he says after a moment of contemplation. “No, I’m not. But if it happens, then no problem.” I ask Carreras about being a sex symbol and he frowns at me in confusion, so the translator interprets. His face lights up. “Oh! It’s great!” Through the interpreter, Carreras explains how much he likes the idea of men getting themselves off to his image on-screen. “I get excited by that,” he reveals. “I get excited knowing that people all over the world are watching me.”

Even his family has come around to this new line of work. At first they reacted badly. “In the beginning, it was very hard for them to accept it. ‘Why do you have to do this?’ my mother kept saying. But now, they are finally convinced. This is what I want to do.” Besides, he says, Madrid’s gay population is rapidly growing up. “They now have gay communities, gay restaurants, gay clubs. More than here--much more. The gay people now are in fashion. What’s the word?” He and the interpreter talk for a moment. “Chic. Homosexuality is now chic. [Everyone] now wants to be gay,” he laughs, “or to have a gay friend.” And, he adds, pornography is readily available. As in the U.S., adult films are no longer quite so taboo. Conveniently, the tape in my recorder runs out just as Carreras finishes a sentence. As a final thought, I ask him if he has any specific plans for what he wants to accomplish in the industry. “I’m open to anything,” he says with a smile. “That’s why I’m here. I’m just a person who enjoys sex.”




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