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Sexflix And Chill, Scene 4

Sebastian Kross and Carter Dane
Falcon Studios

July 29, 2016

"Carter Dane has the porn already going when tatted Sebastian Kross sits down next to him on the couch, but they'd rather take what they see on screen and do it in real life! Carter starts by taking Sebastian's whole cock in his mouth. His lips slide up and down Sebastian's shaft, and his hands cup Sebastian's hefty nuts. Sebastian's cut abs ripple as he face fucks Carter. Eager to get his cock in Carter's hole, Sebastian dives in for a wet and wild rim job. He spits on Carter's tight, pink center and spreads it around with his tongue, sending Carter into a fit of ecstatic moaning. Carter's practically begging for Sebastian's cock, and finally he gets it. Sebastian's girth is as impressive as his length, yet he quickly penetrates Carter all the way to the base of his massive cock. An overhead perspective reveals the vigor of Sebastian's pounding, his cock slamming into the depths of Carter's ass. Leaning back on the couch, Sebastian let's Carter do his share of the work. Carter proves his prowess as a power bottom, sitting on Sebastian's meat and going on a wild ride that brings Sebastian to the edge. Pulling out, Sebastian shoots his load all over Carter's muscled ass. Carter rubs out his load, exploding white streaks of cum across his washboard abs."

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83812_08 83812_10

83812_12 83812_15








Sexflix And Chill, Scene 3

Carter Dane and Ryan Rose
Falcon Studios

June 3, 2016

"Legs spread and white briefs bulging, Ryan Rose is checking out the action on his Twitter feed when he gets a text from Carter Dane: 'Horny?' 'Of course,' is Ryan's reply. 'Sexflix and chill?' asks Carter. Ryan's cock twitches at the idea, and Carter heads over to Ryan's Vegas condo. Ryan greets Carter with passionate kisses and a finger up Carter's hole. Carter dives down to wrap his lips around Ryan's huge cock, displaying impressive deep throat skills. Trails of spit connect Carter's lips with Ryan's cock when he catches his breath. Bending over, Carter invites Ryan to eat out his tight hole, and Ryan dives in deep. He tongues the soft, pink center, and gives Carter's cock and balls play too. Ready to fuck, Ryan leaps onto the bed and presents his hard, throbbing cock for Carter to ride. Lowering himself down on Ryan's shaft, Carter power bottoms his way to the deepest, most powerful penetration. He gasps as Ryan pummels him from below; Ryan's eyes roll back with ecstasy. Their bodies glisten with sweat as they fuck their brains out with abandon. Rolling on his back, Carter lifts a leg high into the air, giving Ryan access to his tight fuckhole. The power of Ryan's fucking is incredible, and Carter revels in every second of it. Jerking his cock, Carter explodes on his stomach. He turns around to catch Ryan's white hot load in his mouth, and they seal the deal with a final kiss."










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Get Even

Starring Carter Dane and Klein Kerr

May 11, 2016

"Carter rides again in “Get Even”. From the moment we announced that Menatplay would be working with Cocky Boys exclusive Carter Dane, and released his first scene with Dato foland ‘Ready to play ‘ back in March, social media seems to have gone Carter Crazy! It’s understandable really. I’m not going to throw adjectives around to describe him, I mean just look at the pictures. I rest my case . Carter seems to have exploded on the scene out of nowhere and we have been inundated with ”When is Carter Dane coming back?” on twitter and by email and through another media channels that Carter groupies can get their voices heard. During filming of his second scene the beautiful Spanish stud Klein Kerr, also blossoming in front of our eyes, tweeted pics of the two of them on set which fuelled even more of a frenzy of speculation as to when we could finally see these two beauties together. Well, Ta Dah!, the wait is over. Menatplay have just released “Get Even” , a scene that is so MENATPLAY in it’s theme, its fine tailoring and its stunning quality men that its set to be the most watched scene of 2016 so far.

Carter Dane plays the arrogant, well-groomed elitist so perfectly. His condescending tone to young bronzed Klein , his manservant, is so convincing that to see the down trodden assistant force feeding his huge long cock down Mr Danes throat until tears are forced from his eye ducts is just pure power-reversal heaven! The slick suited Carter then gets fucked over the breakfast table , his amazing shelf butt ( I think his spine has extra vertebrae) protruding from his suit jacket looks like a perfect ripe peach and Klein eats it and pounds it relentlessly. Using Carters tie like he’s riding a pony Klein rips open Carters shirt and strips him bare so we get to see that unbelievable lean muscular torso. If you haven’t seen Carter getting fucked yet, seriously, watch this one. Klein Kerr is his perfect rival. I don’t know what else to tell you , just watch it!"






Geteven_13 Geteven_14

Geteven_18 Geteven_19

Geteven_24 Geteven_25

Ready To Play

Starring Dato Foland and Carter Dane

March 22, 2016

"We’ve been keeping this under wraps for a while, but we can finally reveal our exclusive news - The much awaited return of Dato Foland to MENATPLAY alongside stunning newcomer Carter Dane, together in all their perfect handsomeness. This is the stuff fantasies are made of, and we have it here for you only on MENATPLAY.

In ‘Ready To Play’ Carter has been hunting down Dato to try and lure him back by making a very attractive offer, and today is our lucky day. But before Dato can return we need him suited impeccably and looking back to his absolute best, so Carter hands him the suit and only when he’s ready can they get back to the business of fucking like real Men. The chemistry between the two men, is off the charts - from the passionate kissing, to the cock sucking, all the way through to the deep ass-pounding Carter receives, the men are completely into each other and the result is one of the hottest scenes we have ever filmed. In fact 'Ready to Play' is so HOT, it should probably come with a health warning!

Quite simply Dato & Carter is all the porn you’re going to need this Easter Weekend so get logging on, and getting off."













Just Love 3: Love Gives Me a Boner

Carter Dane & Boomer Banks

September 6, 2016

Comments from Jake Jaxson:

"Boomer Banks and Carter Dane are the perfect match for each other in this installment of our CockyBoys docu-series, Just Love. A candid and highly personalized meditation on gay sex, relationships, and the meaning of love in all its forms, Just Love exists as a voice for gay-specific issues you never learned in Sex Ed... complete with a sweltering hot and highly intimate sex scene (for those visual learners out there of course)!

With his buff body, thick beard, and sleeves of tattoos, Boomer at first may not seem the most likely candidate to expose his most intimate thoughts on love. But after he discusses his feelings on where and how to find love, as well as the effects they impress upon him, he concludes that it's primarily love itself that "gives him a boner." Carter's take on sex is that it balances out his highly organized lifestyle, allowing him complete freedom and blissful complacence as his toes curl during rough, unpredictable fucking.

Understanding more about Boomer and Carter's sexual psyche contextualizes their instant chemistry and authentic interactions when they're eventually naked in a secluded, windy cabana overlooking the sea. They begin with some passionate kissing, spooning, and grinding. Carter then naturally moves to Boomer's cock with a real sense of eagerness, blowing him until Boomer's moans echo across the ocean. Boomer returns the favor, quickly transitioning to some rimming and finger fucking that already leaves Carter breathless. There's a real intensity about the way Boomer so quickly and fluidly slides his cock straight up Carter's hole. He knows how much Carter wants it hard and deep, and he happily obliges.

Before getting ahead of themselves, Boomer and Carter try out several more positions -- everything from side-by-side spoon-fucking to Carter riding Boomer's particularly thick cock -- until eventually the guys are dripping with sweat and adrenaline. To finish each other off, the guys move to an outdoor ledge overlooking the pool. It's the perfect place for Carter to lay on his back with his toes curling over Boomer's shoulders as he gets nailed even harder than before. When Carter begins making his signature giddy yet merciless high-pitched moans, you know he's just seconds away from shooting his load. Boomer only accelerated his pace when Carter reached the point of no return, only to then hold his hard eight inches firmly inside him as Carter climaxed over his own lower torso. After giving Carter a short breather, Boomer quickly picked up the pace again, jack-hammering Carter until he too busted a huge must-see cumshot. After admitting it's love itself that truly gives Boomer a bon er, it's pretty safe to say Boomer was (literally) head over heels for Carter!"











Adam Ramzi Fucks Carter Dane

June 30, 2016

"Adam Ramzi has been working in the adult industry for a few years now but it’s his first time at Cockyboys and who better to pair him up with than Carter Dane! The two are enjoying a beautiful summer day in the pool and they open up to each other (and Cockyboys’ camera) about why they got into the industry and what it’s done for them so far. Contrary to what most people think, Adam and Carter did not start making porn because they were broke or something went wrong in their lives. They got into it because to them doing porn is a journey of self-exploration and a way to express yourself. And the more they open up about how they feel the harder it gets for them to keep their hands off of each other and after talking for a while they both agree - they’ve done enough talking.

Adam can’t wait to start exploring Carter’s muscular body with his big cock which he shoves in Carter’s mouth the first chance he gets. These two are completely crazy for each other and it shows by how eagerly Carter keeps pushing Adam’s big cock down his throat as if he can’t get enough of it. Adam decides that it’s time to start getting Carter’s hole ready so he starts gently at first with just a finger but quickly realizes that it will take more than that to satisfy Carter’s hungry hole which by that point is practically begging for it. While clearly hitting the spot, Adam also sucks Carter’s rock hard cock sending Carter into pure bottom heaven and just pleading to be fucked.

Carter finally gets to ride Adam’s dick for a while but Adam doesn’t really begin to drill Carter’s hole properly until Carter is laying on his back and really taking it like a champ. As Adam pumps into Carter with all he’s got it takes Carter all his strength not to shoot his load on a few occasions. Finally, Adam suggests that they go by the tree and fuck like animals until he brings Carter to a hand-free orgasm which drives Adam over the top and he covers Carter’s whole back with his cum. “Mmmm, that was so warm” says Carter and he’s not referring to the weather!"








CO2A4336 CO2A4363

CO2A4387 CO2A4569

Introducing Ashton Summers with Carter Dane

May 26, 2016

"Ashton Summers is new to Cockyboys and Carter Dane can’t wait to introduce him to everyone. The two of them really hit it off on the dancefloor when they first met but what they didn’t know was that they were both ballet dancers which of course explains the chemistry they had at the club. Back at the house the two of them can’t stop flirting with each other as they keep practicing ballet moves out on the front yard. Since this was their first time in the area the two of them decided to go out and explore. Once they got to the lake and it seemed like no one was around there was only one thing left to do - drop the pants and start sucking each other’s cocks. Making out is Carter’s favorite thing to do so after kissing Ashton for a while he was eager to go down on his cock and show off his skills. Carter starts deepthroating Ashton’s big cock literally until tears start coming down his face. After a while they switch positions so that As hton can get a taste of Carter’s dick too. But before things get any more exciting than that the boys decide to find a spot that’s a little more private where Ashton could fuck Carter’s brains out in the woods.

Once they find their spot Carter leans on a small tree and arches his back to push his ass out and offer it to Ashton who just can’t wait to put his cock inside Carter. After that Ashton lays back on another tree so that Carter can get on top of his cock and ride it like a total pro. Finally, Carter goes to another tree, lifts one leg up, and start fucking himself onto Ashton’s cock until the biggest, creamiest, tastiest load shoots out of his cock while Ashton’s cock is still pounding his hole. As Ashton sees the effect his cock has had on Carter it immediately turns him on so much that he shoots his load right after that too. Talk about connecting with Mother Nature!"








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Gabriel Clark Fucks Carter Dane

April 12, 2016

"Carter Dane is one of our newest Cockyboys models who has been getting a lot of attention after his first scene with Colby Keller debuted on the site. And it’s not surprise. He’s handsome, charming, and got that ripped body that just makes you want to fuck his brains out 24/7. Well, that’s exactly what Gabriel Clark did to him one sunny afternoon. Gabriel and Carter take their time getting to know each other and talk about what they each like. Carter mentions that he loves watching himself in the mirror while getting fucked and of course Gabriel decides that he will make Carter watch every inch of his massive cock disappear in Carter’s tight hole. But, first, Gabriel takes his time exploring Carter’s muscular physique in front of the mirror and admiring every part of his body. When he finally gets to Carter’s cock he puts it all in his mouth and gives Carter one of the best blowjobs of his life.

We all know how much Gabriel loves cock but we also know how much he loves ass and fingering it so this time he was doing both at the same time to Carter as he was watching it all happen in the mirror. After that it is Gabriel’s turn to get his cock sucked and as Carter is deepthroating his big cock it is plain to see in the reflection of the mirror that Gabriel is truly enjoying every minute of it. Following that is some 69 action but it’s not long before Gabriel admits he just wants to shove his whole face in Carter’s hole so he bends him over on the bed and starts eating him out. Carter has that perfectly shaped bubble butt that drives Gabriel insane and it’s not long before he finds himself with Gabriel’s massive cock drilling into his tight hole. After getting plowed for a while Carter wants to go back to the mirror so he can watch Gabriel fuck him from behind.

Standing on all fours, Carters watches as Gabriel puts every inch of his thick piece into his tight hole and then starts to plow away with no mercy. After all the intense fucking in front of the mirror the guys are back on the bed where Gabriel is giving Carter the boyfriend experience by gently fucking his hole so Carter can feel everything in “slowmo”. Carter is loving every second of it but after a while he asks Gabriel to pound him hard and make him cum which Gabriel is of course more than happy to do. With his feet up in the air, Carter once again gets fucked rough and hard until he shoots a massive load all over his chest. Gabriel of course is not one to just watch so he pulls out and sprays Carter with his big load and covers Carter’s chest with another huge load until he’s pretty much drenched in cum. After all that sucking and fucking, kissing and touching, cumming and swallowing, Gabriel just looks at Carter and says “You’ve just been Clark’d!”











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IMG_7998 IMG_8079

Colby Keller Fucks Carter Dane

March 15, 2016

"Colby Keller is well-known for his take-charge personality, masculine rugged look, and his BIG cock. It’s no surprise that men all over the world dream of being dominated and fucked by him. Carter Dane is one of those men. Except, his dream is about to come true as. His "go to" jerk-off scene is Colby's solo and he admits he often wishes he could show Colby his ass and give in to his control. With an attitude like that it's only expected that the chemistry in this scene would be off the wall. But it is so much more than that.

As Colby slowly begins to take control of Carter it's hard to explain the expressions on his face. He's a little bit intimidated but also so excited and eager to please Colby that he can't hide the smile on his face. The clothes start to slowly come off to reveal Carter's ripped body and rock hard cock. However, what Colby wants the most is Carter’s big round bubble butt which he can’t seem to be able to get enough of. After lots of fingering, sucking, eating him out and then some more rimming Carter tells Colby "I'm ready for this dick now" and then hops right on top of Colby. Riding that big dick seems like something Carter was born to do as he slides up and down on Colby’s massive cock. Nothing can stop Carter now and he is determined to drain every single last drop of cum from Colby's dick so he’s not afraid to take it balls deep and still beg for more. Finally Carter gets on all fours, bites down on Colby's forearm, and begins to moan with pleasure until he can't hold it anymore. Seeing all the cum shoot out of Carter's cock combined with his tight hole makes Colby shoot one of the biggest loads he’s ever shot. This one is definitely for the books."










IMG_9536 IMG_9587

IMG_9638 IMG_9722

CockyBoys New Exclusive Carter Dane

March 9, 2016

"Carter Dane has experimented with porn before, but it wasn't until recently that he became CockyBoys' newest exclusive model. With his flawlessly smooth, muscular body, dark hair and eyes, beautifully plump ass and uncut cock, who could possibly resist Carter? But let's back up a bit -- Carter has been a fan of CockyBoys for a while. In fact, it was Colby Keller's jerk-off scene with the cameraman that caught his attention initially. Like many of us, Carter wanted to fill the cameraman's shoes, engulf Colby's famous cock before having it plunged inside him balls deep. After traveling for a bit, Carter finally contacted us and the rest is history. Of course we had to make Carter's dream a reality and pair him with the one and only Colby for his debut scene. Immediately upon meeting Colby, Carter quite comfortable fell into a submissive role as he obeyed every one of Colby's commands. Carter's passion and intensity was so raw and real, it was as if the cameraman (ironically enough) wasn't even there! Carter's already set the bar very high for himself... and we're excited to watch his sexuality unfold even further."


IMG_9342 IMG_9403
Men Network - 9 Sites For The Price Of One

1 Carter Dane and Dustin Holloway in Men In Canada Part 3

Men In Canada Part 3

Featuring Carter Dane and Dustin Holloway
Drill My Hole at

March 18, 2016

"In the third part of this steamy series Carter Dane and Dustin Holloway work up a hot sweat as Carter rides Dustin’s rock hard cock. Dustin pounds Carter’s gorgeous ass just how he likes it, nice and hard."

2 5

6 3

9 4 Carter Dane and Dustin Holloway in Men In Canada Part 3

10 Carter Dane and Dustin Holloway in Men In Canada Part 3 15 Carter Dane and Dustin Holloway in Men In Canada Part 3

18 Carter Dane and Dustin Holloway in Men In Canada Part 3 24 Carter Dane and Dustin Holloway in Men In Canada Part 3

11 Carter Dane and Dustin Holloway in Men In Canada Part 3

12 Carter Dane and Dustin Holloway in Men In Canada Part 3

13 Carter Dane and Dustin Holloway in Men In Canada Part 3

14 Carter Dane and Dustin Holloway in Men In Canada Part 3

16 Carter Dane and Dustin Holloway in Men In Canada Part 3

17 Carter Dane and Dustin Holloway in Men In Canada Part 3

19 Carter Dane and Dustin Holloway in Men In Canada Part 3

20 Carter Dane and Dustin Holloway in Men In Canada Part 3

21 Carter Dane and Dustin Holloway in Men In Canada Part 3

22 Carter Dane and Dustin Holloway in Men In Canada Part 3

23 Carter Dane and Dustin Holloway in Men In Canada Part 3

25 Carter Dane and Dustin Holloway in Men In Canada Part 3
9 Carter Dane and Diego Sans in Men In Canada Part 1

Men In Canada Part 1

Featuring Carter Dane and Diego Sans
Drill My Hole at

March 4, 2016

"Diego Sans fucks the cum out of Carter Dane and it’s hot as fuck."

1 2 Carter Dane and Diego Sans in Men In Canada Part 1

5 6

Carter Dane and Diego Sans in Men In Canada Part 1 4

7 10 Carter Dane and Diego Sans in Men In Canada Part 1

11 Carter Dane and Diego Sans in Men In Canada Part 1 13 Carter Dane and Diego Sans in Men In Canada Part 1

16 Carter Dane and Diego Sans in Men In Canada Part 1 18 Carter Dane and Diego Sans in Men In Canada Part 1


12 Carter Dane and Diego Sans in Men In Canada Part 1

14 Carter Dane and Diego Sans in Men In Canada Part 1

15 Carter Dane and Diego Sans in Men In Canada Part 1

17 Carter Dane and Diego Sans in Men In Canada Part 1

19 Carter Dane and Diego Sans in Men In Canada Part 1

20 Carter Dane and Diego Sans in Men In Canada Part 1

21 Carter Dane and Diego Sans in Men In Canada Part 1

22 Carter Dane and Diego Sans in Men In Canada Part 1

23 Carter Dane and Diego Sans in Men In Canada Part 1

24 Carter Dane and Diego Sans in Men In Canada Part 1

25 Carter Dane and Diego Sans in Men In Canada Part 1
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