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Jaxton Wheeler Serviced

January 6, 2017

Comments from Jake Cruise:

"I have been very lucky over the past 15 years. I have played with some of the most gorgeous men ever. My luck, apparently, has not run out. Jaxton Wheeler is a Greek God come alive. I really don't have to say much. Just look at him! I stripped Jaxton and worshipped him from head to toe, and everything in between. Jaxton is very playful and has a good sense of humor. We laughed a lot and he teased me right up until the end when he jokingly flipped the bird to the camera. Jaxton has an incredible body, especially his amazing legs. I licked and felt every inch of his muscles. I felt his cock throb in my hand as I jacked him off. It was my turn to tease and I kept stroking and then sucking his very sensitive cock. I ate his tasty spunk and looked into his blue eyes. Yes, I am a very lucky man."










Jaxton Wheeler Massaged

November 22, 2016

Comments from Jake Cruise:

"Jaxton Wheeler must have fallen out of Mount Olympus. He has the face and body of a Greek god. With curly black locks and deep green eyes, Jaxton will mesmerize you, as he did me. I feel honored to have such a gorgeous man on my massage table. I love massaging his muscular body, especially his large thighs. I lick his armpits and taste the musk of a sex master. My tongue goes every place, including his beautiful butt hole. Sucking his cock gives me a thrill and jerking him until he cums made me smile. Jaxton had a great orgasm and I felt his whole body trembling as he climaxed. Jaxton Wheeler's massage is one I'll treasure forever."
















Spice Things Up

Featuring Bryce Evans, Hans Berlin, and Jaxton Wheeler
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

May 31, 2018

"Bryce Evans met a guy named Jaxton Wheeler at the gym who has a nice thick fat cock and he has told his lover Hans Berlin that he invited him over to play with them. Both are a little nervous, and when Jaxton arrives they waste no time in getting down to business. All three climb on the bed and start kissing and groping each other. Once the clothes are off, Bryce and Hans share Jaxton's big fat cock with each other taking turns sucking it. Bryce then move to Hans's big fat dick and sucks him while Hans continues sucking Jaxton. Jaxton fucks Bryce first while Bryce continues to suck Hans's throbbing cock. Jaxton flips Bryce on his back and continues to fuck him as Hans buries his cock deep in his mouth. Then Hans rides Jaxton's hard shaft while Jaxton sucks on Bryce. Hans then lies on his back as Jaxton fucks him balls deep until he shoots a huge load all over himself. Bryce then shoots his load into Hans's mouth and Jaxton ends by feeding Hans his load. Enjoy!"

WATCH Spice Things Up Featuring Bryce Evans, Hans Berlin, and Jaxton Wheeler
















Pool Daddy

Jaxton Wheeler and Marco Montgomery
Pride Studios | Dylan Lucas

November 28, 2016

"It's a hot summer day and Jaxton is hard at work pulling weeds and cleaning up the pool at his client's house. He's been working his ass off for hours and finally decides that maybe today is the day he'll take a dip in the pool since nobody is home and it's insanely hot outside. Jaxton looks around and doesn't see a soul. He drops his shorts and jumps into the pool. As he comes up out of the water Marco is standing above him asking him why his dirty ass is swimming in his clean pool. Jaxton doesn't really have an explanation except for that it's hot outside. Marco leans in and tells Jaxton that maybe this one time he'll keep it a secret from his Dad but Jaxton has to do Marco a favor. Jaxton pulls him into the water and Marco is pissed but now that hes all wet him and Jaxton start making out in the pool. They end up naked in the pool kissing passionately until Jaxton sits up on the spa with his hard cock straight up in the air. Marco sees the rigid cock and begins to suck Jaxton's sexy dick deep and hard.

Jaxton is enjoying the young lips wrapped around his throbbing cock but he wants to taste that smooth Latin ass. He flips Marco up onto the spas edge and spreads his legs wide to reveal his sexy tight hole. Jaxton bangs that sweet beautiful ass with his finger as he lubes it up with his tongue going in and out. Marco is in rimming heaven as his pool Daddy suckles on his sweet tasty hole. They decide to take the action inside where Marco blows Jaxton again. Jaxton is ready for desert and he sits on the couch as Marco mounts up on his big dick and slowly slides down taking in every inch. Marco sweet young moans begin as Jaxton pushes deep into his ass fucking him slow and hard. Marco has the sexy moves as he works that cock with his hips. Jaxton then fucks him in two more positions until he blasts his nut all over Marcos chest. Marco blows his built up load deep into Jaxton's mouth." WATCH Pool Daddy Featuring Jaxton Wheeler and Marco Montgomery












Brandon Wilde's First Gangbang


Brandon Wilde's First Gangbang, Part 1

Jaxton Wheeler, Logan Moore, Billy Santoro, Jack Hunter, Brandon Wilde, Vadim Black

June 2, 2016

"Brandon Wilde doesn't know that car troubles will be the catalyst for the most exciting sexual adventure of his life.

After being stranded on the side of the road in the middle of winter, Brandon is given the run around by road side assistance. Thinking he's completely out of luck, he's relieved when a mysterious black SUV pulls up behind him. A group of strapping young men, Jaxton Wheeler, Billy Santoro, Jack Hunter, Logan Moore and Vadim Black get out and offer to help. After a few minutes they have his car back up and running. Brandon is delighted. To thank them, he invites his knights in shining armor over to his house for a few drinks.

After some good conversation and plenty of wine, the men begin to loosen up. It doesn't take long before they start undressing, putting their tattoos and tight bodies on display. The sexual chemistry in the air is intense; 'it's all just bros here,' one of them says. 'Your girlfriend won't even know.'

Brandon makes the first move, taking Vadim's cock in his mouth while everyone else watches. The action quickly heats up with Brandon taking center stage. There's passionate kissing, intense anal sex, and tag teamed blowjobs, finally ending with Brandon jerking off while Jack fucks him. The rest of the boys follow suit, taking turns unloading all over him while he lays beneath them, completely satisfied."










82674_03 82674_04

82674_09 82674_11

Sugar Daddies 3, Scene 3

Billy Santoro and Jaxton Wheeler

March 31, 2016

"Tony Salerno comes out of his room to notice Jaxton Wheeler and Billy Santoro have left and Alexander Gustavo sleeping on the couch. He wakes him up to ask about the other boys' whereabouts, but he is just as clueless as Tony. In any case, Tony decides not to wait for them and to treat themselves with breakfast by calling room service.

Meanwhile, in the hotel's spa, Jaxton and Billy are enjoying themselves in the hot tub. But things quickly change when Billy admits to knowing Jaxton's true agenda for being with Tony. This young stud decides to give this ignorant mature man a reality check, and states that Alex is treating him the same way. In any case, Billy is convinced he knows just what kind of man Jaxton is and believes he should pick on someone his own size. With that said, Billy jumps out of the hot tub, leaving an angry Jaxton behind.

While Billy puts on his bathrobe, Jaxton storms in and expresses his anger towards him. He assumes jealousy is getting the best of him, but Billy disagrees and says he could just buy him off if he wanted to. But it wouldn't come cheap.

Jaxton wants to show what he's worth to this sugar daddy. He makes Billy get on his knees and forces him to suck his big dick. With one hand over Billy's head, Jaxton makes sure he gets every inch of his cock in his mouth. Billy stands up and opens his ass up for Jaxton to rim. They flip flop, giving each the chance to taste their hole.

Jaxton gets comfortable on the bench while Billy starts riding his cock, bouncing on it. They exchange positions, but Jaxton puts his sugar daddy's legs over his shoulders and pushes his knees down on his chest, spreading that asshole. He slides his uncut cock back inside and starts pounding his ass. He fucks Billy hard until he makes him cum all over himself. Billy pulls out and shoots his load on his daddy as well."










Sugar Daddies 3, Scene 1

Jaxton Wheeler and Tony Salerno

Mar 17, 2016

"For Jaxton Wheeler, love is whatever makes you happy, even if that love comes from money. And for a while now, he has been seeing a very generous man, his own sugar daddy, Tony Salerno.

At home, Jaxton is taking a shower when he gets a call from his buddy Alexander Gustavo. Still wet, he picks up the phone and tells his pal that they will be joining Tony and one if his wealthy friends at a hotel suite.

Later that same day, Jaxton and Alexander arrive at the hotel. Tony introduces them to his friend, Billy Santoro, who seems to have a huge attraction towards Alex. And the feeling seems to be mutual. They all move into the living room to get a little more comfortable. After some talks and drinks, Tony turns to Jaxton and tells him that they should leave the room, leaving Alex and Billy to get better acquainted.

In the next room, Tony is excited that Billy and Alex seem to be enjoying each other's company. He leans in to give his man a kiss, but instead, Jaxton stops him to ask him a favor. He explains to Tony that his mother will be undergoing surgery, which will leave her helpless for the first few weeks of her recovery. He would feel better if Tony could get her mother a nurse to take care of her during that time. But Tony feels he's been spending a lot of money on him lately, on top of paying his rent and education.

Jaxton says he's doing the best he can to find a job and the thought of not being able to support his mother for her operation is not making him feel better about himself. His sugar daddy changes his mind and decides to pay for his mother's medical care. He leans in to give Jaxton a reassuring kiss.

Tony sits on the bed, while Jaxton stand in front of him, kissing him. Tony begins by unbuttoning his hot man's shirt. After completely removing it, he holds his body close to him sucking on his nipples and kissing his hairy chest. Jaxton pushes his sugar daddy down on the bed and slowly removes his pants, revealing his hard dick. He plays with every inch of his dick. Jaxton decides he should have his big dick sucked before fucking Tony. He lays down on the bed, enjoying his cock in Tony's warm mouth. Jaxton puts a hand on top of his daddy's head and shoves it down, deepthroating his tool. Jaxton turns him over on his back, bringing Tony's knees to his chest to open his ass cheeks. He slides his cock slowly inside of his daddy, stretching his hole. Once his big cock is inside of him, he starts fucking Tony harder at every thrust, making the bed shake and bang against the wall.

Jaxton flips man over to a doggy style position. With his head in the pillows, Tony takes a rough pounding. These men are ready to shoot their loads. Jaxton fucks Tony on his back again, while Tony jerks off. Just before this bottom is about to climax, Jaxton pulls out and both men cum on Tony's stomach."












80730_08 Cheaters, Scene 1: Armond Rizzo and Jaxton Wheeler

Cheaters, Scene 1

Armond Rizzo and Jaxton Wheeler

February 23, 2016

"Armond Rizzo wasn't expecting anyone to show up at his place tonight. Yet, someone is knocking on his door. He opens to see a man he has never seen before. After introducing himself as Billy's boyfriend, a very alarmed Armond invites Jaxton Wheeler inside for a chat.

Jaxton begins by telling him that Billy is unstable and warns him that he shouldn't mess with his head, but Armond refuses to believe anything this stranger is telling him. This only infuriates Jaxton even more. He is not happy with how Armond is treating his guest, and decides to return the discourtesy. He pushes the petite impolite boy against the wall, and requests to know where he and his boyfriend had sex.

Once in the bedroom, Jaxton throws Armond on the bed and forces his hulking frame on top of him. This is a perfect time to show this boy how to respect his elders. He kisses Armond on the neck and down his hairless body. The boy attempts to leave, but Jaxton grabs his wrists and holds them down on the bed. Trying to fight back, he finds that he is no match for this large hairy man. Jaxton unbuttons his pants and shoves his uncut cock in this youngster's mouth, fucking it. Armond tries to push him away again, but Jaxton turns the boy over on his stomach and forcefully removes his pants. He places his hands around Armond's neck and begins to pound his Latino ass. Powerfully, he shoves the boys head down on the bed, fucking him some more with his big cock. When Jaxton feels like Armond has had enough, he takes his dick out of him and cums all over him. Armond starts to jerk off and ends up cumming on himself as well. After asserting his dominance he gets up and leaves, having taught this boy a valuable lesson. Maybe now Armond will stay away from his boyfriend!"

80730_01 Cheaters, Scene 1: Armond Rizzo and Jaxton Wheeler

80730_02 Cheaters, Scene 1: Armond Rizzo and Jaxton Wheeler

80730_03 Cheaters, Scene 1: Armond Rizzo and Jaxton Wheeler

80730_04 Cheaters, Scene 1: Armond Rizzo and Jaxton Wheeler

80730_05 Cheaters, Scene 1: Armond Rizzo and Jaxton Wheeler

80730_07 Cheaters, Scene 1: Armond Rizzo and Jaxton Wheeler

80730_09 Cheaters, Scene 1: Armond Rizzo and Jaxton Wheeler

80730_10 Cheaters, Scene 1: Armond Rizzo and Jaxton Wheeler

80730_11 Cheaters, Scene 1: Armond Rizzo and Jaxton Wheeler

80730_12 Cheaters, Scene 1: Armond Rizzo and Jaxton Wheeler

80730_13 Cheaters, Scene 1: Armond Rizzo and Jaxton Wheeler
Icon Male Straight Boy Seductions 2


Straight Boy Seductions 2, Scene 1

Brendan Patrick and Jaxton Wheeler

February 11, 2016

"After going through a rough breakup, poor depressed Brendan Patrick decides to have a drink at a bar. Sitting on the stool next to him, Jaxton Wheeler, throws a casual glance at Brendan. Seeing how unhappy Brendan is, he takes that opportunity to invite him over to his place to watch the game. Brendan respectfully rejects his offer and tells Jaxton that he doesn't follow sports. Refusing to give up, he introduces himself to Brendan and wonders why he's never seen him at this bar before. The dejected bar patron next to him tells him about the breakup and how difficult it has been on him. To take his mind off of his bad situation, Jaxton challenges him to a game of pool.

After defeating his challenger at this friendly game of pool, Brendan decides to call it a night. He tells Jaxton that he needs to find a place to stay for the night, because his friends can't accommodate him anymore. Jaxton offers to let him crash at his place, and would definitely appreciate the company. Brendan is wary of the idea of staying at a stranger's house, but knows he could use the help. He decides to take Jaxton's offer, and they both leave the bar together.

At the house, Brendan is getting ready to go to bed. Alone in his room, he takes off his clothes, leaving nothing on but his underwear, and gets under the bed sheets. Seconds later, Jaxton walks in and starts to undo the buttons on his shirt. Confused to why he is undressing himself there in front of him, Brendan asks if this was the room he was meant to sleep in. The hulking muscular host gets under the bed sheets next to Brendan, stating there's more than enough space for both of them there.

Trying to overlook this, Brendan turns over on his side of the bed and closes his eyes, but a hand placed on his body keeps him awake. Then, he feels a pair of lips kissing him on the neck. Brendan doesn't know if he should say anything. He is unsure whether he likes it or not. The hand starts to move further down Brendan's body, reaching for his cock. Giving in to the temptation, Brendan turns around to look at Jaxton, but before he could say anything, Jaxton places his lips on Brendan's, and they begin to make out. Placing his hand over Brendan's crotch, he feels this straight boy's hard cock. They both remove their underwear and Brendan decides to take it further. Going down on this stranger's hot dick, he puts it in his mouth, sucking it, unsure. Then grabbing Brendan using his big muscles, he throws him on his back. Now it's his turn to please Brendan by sucking on his cock.

After his discovery, seeing how this straight guy enjoys getting a blowjob by another man, Jaxton makes out with him some more as his cock slowly penetrates Brendan's virgin hole. Once inside of him, nothing stops the powerful seducer from giving this straight boy a good pounding, one which no doubt will leave him begging for more! Brendan's moaning is only getting Jaxton more excited and motivates him to keep fucking him in as many ways as possible. When the boys are ready to ejaculate, Brendan lays down next to Jaxton. Both are jerking off until they cum all over Jaxton's hairy body. Tonight will finally mark the first night of restful sleep since his breakup."

63921_07 63921_08

63921_10 63921_11

63921_13 63921_15










Cheating Business

Featuring Jaxton Wheeler and Rey Luis
Next Door Studios | Next Door Originals

July 17, 2015

"Jaxton Wheeler is a high-powered exec with one thing on his mind: Rey Luis's dick.

Jaxton is staying at a resort on business, away from the wife and away from the kids. Last time he was in the area, he met Rey at a casino, just off the interstate. The two had some drinks together and ended up fucking in Jaxton's hotel room. Since then, Jaxton's cock has been aching for more Rey.

Now is his opportunity. He calls Rey to see when they can get together. Rey comes over as soon as he can and the two have a glass of champagne. But the bubbles go down quick, and Rey pulls down Jaxton's pants so he can wrap his soft, wet lips around that thick meat.

Rey's mouth is even more incredible than Jaxton had remembered. After a little while, they move to the bed where Jaxton enjoys tasting Rey's hard dick for a while. It's not long before Jaxton is sliding his erect cock into Rey's tender ass. Ah yes, this is the sweet hole Jaxton's been craving. And that hard pounding is what Rey had been missing.

Check into the room with Jaxton and allow some pleasure to mix with business as these smoking hot guys reconnect."

<WATCH Jaxton Wheeler and Rey Luis in Cheating Business


60374_01 60374_02

60374_03 60374_04










Morgan Shades and Jaxton Wheeler

Big Rig Breakdown

Morgan Shades and Jaxton Wheeler
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

July 2, 2015

"Jaxton Wheeler is used to life on the highway. He knows exactly the protocol to follow when his big rig breaks down while driving cargo across the state. Today, however, his cell phone happens to be out of battery when he finds himself in need of a tow. Fortunately, Morgan Shades lives a short hike from the road. Jaxton knocks on Morgan's door, hoping for a little hospitality.Morgan answers the door with a towel around his waist, bearing his well cut physique. Jaxton, although very turned on by handsome Morgan, maintains his composure well enough for Morgan to allow him inside to use the phone. As Jaxton talks to the tow dispatcher, Morgan checks out his amazing body. When Jaxton learns he'll have to wait at least a couple hours for help, Morgan suggests they find something sexy to do in order to pass the time. Jaxton can't believe his luck. What seemed like a shitty situation lead to an opportunity to taste a strange, gorgeous man's hard cock. After sucking Morgan for a while, they switch so Morgan can enjoy Jaxton's boner in his mouth. This makes Morgan's asshole tingle with eagerness to be penetrated. Jaxton is happy to indulge Morgan. Watch him slide his big, stiff meat into Morgan's tight hole and fuck him like a trucker on a delivery schedule. There's only room for pleasantries and hard pounding when these two strangers come together and find the perfect way to make friends and pass a little time." WATCH Morgan Shades and Jaxton Wheeler in Big Rig Breakdown


Morgan Shades and Jaxton Wheeler

Morgan Shades and Jaxton Wheeler

Morgan Shades and Jaxton Wheeler

Morgan Shades and Jaxton Wheeler

Morgan Shades and Jaxton Wheeler

Morgan Shades and Jaxton Wheeler Morgan Shades and Jaxton Wheeler

Morgan Shades and Jaxton Wheeler Morgan Shades and Jaxton Wheeler

Morgan Shades and Jaxton Wheeler Morgan Shades and Jaxton Wheeler
Chris Noxx and Jaxton Wheeler

The Singlet Life

Chris Noxx and Jaxton Wheeler
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

April 9, 2015

"As Jaxton Wheeler & Chris Noxx spar on the wrestling mat, it becomes rather obvious immediately who has the upper hand. Jaxton, the bigger man of the two, conveys a swagger that conveys confidence and control, while Chris works for every opportunity available, only to have Jaxton use his brute strength to ultimately force his opponent into submission. Jaxton thrives on submission, and his need to control extends beyond just wrestling. So when he spies a hard on located in Chris' shorts, he seeks to dominate him there as well. Stripping him out of his singlet, Jackson hovers over Chris as he begins to take Jaxton's hard cock into his mouth. Jaxton puts his hand on the back of Chris' head and pulls him in closer, shoving his cock down Chris' throat before turning him over right there in the middle of the gym and having his way. Chris takes Jaxton's pounding like a good bottom boy, as Jaxton shows no mercy, bending Chris over up against a wall, and then flipping him over onto his back, pounding him without concern before dousing him with a victorious load that leaves Chris covered in cum and hell bent on besting his friend, even if it's the last thing he ever does. Enjoy!" WATCH Chris Noxx and Jaxton Wheeler in The Singlet Life


Chris Noxx and Jaxton Wheeler

Chris Noxx and Jaxton Wheeler

Chris Noxx and Jaxton Wheeler

Chris Noxx and Jaxton Wheeler

Chris Noxx and Jaxton Wheeler

Chris Noxx and Jaxton Wheeler

Chris Noxx and Jaxton Wheeler

Chris Noxx and Jaxton Wheeler

Chris Noxx and Jaxton Wheeler

Chris Noxx and Jaxton Wheeler

Chris Noxx and Jaxton Wheeler Chris Noxx and Jaxton Wheeler

Chris Noxx and Jaxton Wheeler Chris Noxx and Jaxton Wheeler
Johnny Torque, Kevin Summers, Jaxton Wheeler in Doctors' Double Dose

Doctors' Double Dose

Johnny Torque, Kevin Summers and Jaxton Wheeler
Next Door Studios | Next Door Twink

March 25, 2015

"When Kevin Summers becomes concerned about his increasingly looser asshole, he seeks professional help. Dr. Jaxton Wheeler is the city's most revered proctologist and specializes in examining and diagnosing problems with specifically Twink holes. By his side always is Johnny Torque, R.N.

The examination, which involves Dr. Wheeler's fingers making their way inside Kevin's hole, leads, after a while, to a deeper investigation. Dr. Wheeler first has Keven help out by sucking Dr. Wheeler's cock.

Once it becomes hard, Dr. Wheeler slides it into Kevin's sweet hole in order to achieve a better diagnosis. After some good, medium fucking, Dr. Wheeler finds it necessary to call in Nurse Torque, as he's very well equipped to deal with Kevin's type of situation. Nurse Torque is able to really pound Kevin's hole hard, a procedure that inspires hope among the three that there may be a solution to Kevin's Hungry Asshole Syndrome.

Kevin continues sucking Dr. Wheeler's swollen dick, as this often helps the process, having a nice firm erection in both ends. Along the way, Dr. Wheeler sees that Kevin's cock needs attention while his ass is slammed. He goes in and takes Kevin's ample cock in his mouth and sucks it deeply.

Watch this very professional, by-the-book clinical procedure, and find out if this medical technique was effective for Kevin's Hungry Asshole." WATCH Johnny Torque, Kevin Summers and Jaxton Wheeler in Doctors' Double Dose


Johnny Torque, Kevin Summers, Jaxton Wheeler in Doctors' Double Dose

Johnny Torque, Kevin Summers, Jaxton Wheeler in Doctors' Double Dose

Johnny Torque, Kevin Summers, Jaxton Wheeler in Doctors' Double Dose

Johnny Torque, Kevin Summers, Jaxton Wheeler in Doctors' Double Dose

Johnny Torque, Kevin Summers, Jaxton Wheeler in Doctors' Double Dose

Johnny Torque, Kevin Summers, Jaxton Wheeler in Doctors' Double Dose

Johnny Torque, Kevin Summers, Jaxton Wheeler in Doctors' Double Dose Johnny Torque, Kevin Summers, Jaxton Wheeler in Doctors' Double Dose

Johnny Torque, Kevin Summers, Jaxton Wheeler in Doctors' Double Dose Johnny Torque, Kevin Summers, Jaxton Wheeler in Doctors' Double Dose
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