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ALIAS: Caesar
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To Shave Or Not To Shave?

Hunter Vance and Brett Bradley
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

February 12, 2016

Brett is sleeping in his bed with boyfriend Hunter comes walking in to wake him up. Brett and Hunter got into an argument over Hunter shaving his junk. Brett likes hair where Hunter likes smoothness and no hair. Brett was pissed about Hunter shaving all the time and thinks he's cheating on him because of it. Hunter assures him that is not the case and the two begin to make out. Brett begins to suck on his cock while Hunter strokes his massive hard dick. They both swap blow jobs until Brett is ready to squeeze into Hunter's tight little ass. Two fuck in a couple different positions as Hunter takes all the meat deep inside him. Brett's huge cock releases his manly load all over Hunter's balls which sends him over the edge erupting his hot load all over himself. Enjoy!"

Last Resort Hookup

Featuring Christian Wilde and Hunter Vance
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

November 26, 2015

"Single life definitely has its pros and cons which Christian Wilde is finding out while on his vacation at a luxury resort. Christian is thinking to himself how great it is to have all this freedom living the single life but he misses that special someone to spend time with. Lucky for him this resort isn't packed on this specific day when he meets a local by the name of Hunter. Hunter and Christian have seen each other at the resort passing by but now while at the bar Christian can sense that Hunter might want more than just a stare down. The two lock eyes as Christian can tell Hunter wants him to follow him into the back of the building where the two can talk privately. Christian follows him into the back and from there on out Christian takes the lead and instantly has Hunters eager mouth wrapped around his big thick cock sucking and stroking as Christian face fucks him in the locker room of the resort. Hunter only likes big dicks but Christian's might be pushing the envelope a little too far. Christian eases into Hunter's relaxed hole and thrusts deep inside him giving the pleasure he's been longing for since he's been at this resort. The two fuck in the chair for a bit and move onto the couch as Christian lays him down on his back pushing forward hard and deep not letting Hunter escape his massive cock throbbing inside of him. Christian fucks the cum right out of Hunter and seeing him ooze all over makes Christian bust his fat nut all over Hunters chest. Enjoy!"

WATCH Last Resort Hookup Featuring Christian Wilde and Hunter Vance
















Serial Fucker

Doug Acre and Hunter Vance
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

October 30, 2014

"Hunter is at the Halloween party of the year and he is having the time of his life. He heads to the bathroom to check out his costume and wash up some. What he doesn't know is that in the stall next to him is a masked man that wants his ass. Hunter has his head down washing his face, and when he looks up into the mirror he sees the masked man standing behind him. A little scared, but thinking he might know the guy behind the mask, Hunter asks the man some questions. The masked man stays silent, and Hunter is getting creeped out when the man grabs his head and pushes it down to suck his huge long thick dick. Once down on his knees and a huge cock in his face Hunter now knows it's none of his friends. Now his face is getting fucked but the masked man wants his tight ass for his fat cock. Hunter gets pushed up the bathroom stall and turned around and fucked hard. It's almost too big for him to take balls deep as he screams in delight as the pain almost sends him over the edge. The masked man never says a word only moans as Hunter rides the shaft of the cock showing just how long it really is going in and out of his ass. Hunter can't take it anymore and ends up nutting all over the floor and the masked man blasts an earth quaking explosion of cum all over Hunter's back. Enjoy!

20 Hunter Vance and James Hamilton

Hunter Vance and James Hamilton


February 28, 2012

"It's James Hamilton's birthday and Hunter Vance wants to give him the perfect present. He surprises James with a chocolate cake, but it's clear that's not what James is interested in. James drops his pants and reveals his massive hard cock, then makes Hunter get on his knees to blow on his own birthday candle. Even though it's his birthday, James decides it's better to give and receive. He blows Hunter on the couch. After a little 'sword-fighting' James is ready to fuck! Hunter has James get comfy on the couch and jumps on his ram-rod cock. Hunter moans with delight as James fucks with his huge pole. The birthday boy pounds the cum right out of Hunter, and then follows suit letting loose a load of his own. James licks some cum off his fingers and shares it with Hunter. Yummy snowball!"

Hunter Vance and Samuel Colt

Hunter Vance and Samuel Colt


January 3, 2012

"Helmet and mitt in hand, Hunter Vance is about to leave to play baseball when he passes Samuel Colt on the couch. Samuel asks what position he plays and Hunter lets him know he's a catcher. "I bet you are," Samuel remarks as he drops a baseball and has Hunter bend over to pick it up. Hunter's shorts are off within seconds and Samuel is busy burying his tongue deep in his ass. After some hot cock sucking by both studs, Hunter finds that a baseball isn't the only thing he's catching today. Samuel slams his big dick in Hunter's tight asshole. Judging by the moans coming out of Hunter's mouth while getting fucked, big Sam is hitting a home run. On his back with the bases loaded, and still getting his ass pounded, Hunter squeezes out a thick load onto his ripped abs. Samuel blasts a huge load of his own all over Hunter's tight bod. Score one for the home team!"

2 Hunter Vance and Samuel Colt

8 Hunter Vance and Samuel Colt

12 Hunter Vance and Samuel Colt

17 Hunter Vance and Samuel Colt

32 Hunter Vance and Samuel Colt

39 Hunter Vance and Samuel Colt

40 Hunter Vance and Samuel Colt

46 Hunter Vance and Samuel Colt

21 Hunter Vance and Samuel Colt 29 Hunter Vance and Samuel Colt
Hunter Vance Serviced

Hunter Vance Serviced


December 23, 2011

"Hunter Vance is a very sexy young man. He's sweet and playful too, like when I point out that he's got 7 hairs on his otherwise smooth chest. His smile is bright and inviting and I loved kissing him - a lot. He was quite playful back with me and I love him for it. I had a great time feeling his muscular, young body, sucking his cock, licking his ass, and having my face fucked with his hard cock. I laid him down beside me and stroked his cock long and hard until he shot his big load onto his belly. As we say "bye" to the camera he shines his gorgeous smile while I go down and suck his cock for the last bits of sweet cum."

1 Hunter Vance Serviced 8 Hunter Vance Serviced

10 Hunter Vance Serviced 19 Hunter Vance Serviced

11 Hunter Vance Serviced

12 Hunter Vance Serviced

15 Hunter Vance Serviced

16 Hunter Vance Serviced

18 Hunter Vance Serviced

20 Hunter Vance Serviced
10809_0001 Trystan Bull and Hunter Vance

Cyclist In Distress

Featuring Trystan Bull and Hunter Vance
Trystan Bull | Next Door World

March 7, 2011

"Trystan Bull hits the terrain hard on his state-of-the-art bicycle. He rides fearlessly through dangerous conditions, often without regard for his custom-built bike. Now something's wrong with his gears and he's asked Hunter Vance to help him diagnose the problem. Hunter is no bike expert, in fact he hardly knows anything about the workings of Trystan's machine. But he does know a thing or two about the proper methods of sucking a fattie, and Trystan's kickstand is getting chubbier by the second! He soon applies his mouth to the rock hard boner, and slurps vigorously in a textbook fashion as the bike seat teases Trystan's tight man hole. It's a hot, manly situation in the garage as these guys get a little sidetracked. Spoiler alert: The bike doesn't get fixed! Enjoy!"

WATCH Trystan Bull and Hunter Vance in Cyclist in Distress

10809_0009 Trystan Bull and Hunter Vance

10809_0013 Trystan Bull and Hunter Vance

10809_0015 Trystan Bull and Hunter Vance

10809_0017 Trystan Bull and Hunter Vance


10809_0003 10809_0005 Trystan Bull and Hunter Vance

10809_0007 Trystan Bull and Hunter Vance 10809_0008 Trystan Bull and Hunter Vance

10809_0011 10809_0012 Trystan Bull and Hunter Vance

10809_0016 Trystan Bull and Hunter Vance 10809_0018 Trystan Bull and Hunter Vance

Fixing The Pipe

Austin Wilde and Hunter Vance
Austin Wilde | Next Door World

March 1, 2011

"Austin Wilde has a problem with his faucet, and rather than mess with it himself, he's decided to call in a plumber. Hunter Vance is a pro with a wrench, but even he is impressed with Austin's ability to take care of some pipe. One pipe gets fixed and the other explodes. Just all in a day in the life of the Wilde. Enjoy!"

The Muse Excuse

Paul Wagner and Hunter Vance
Next Door Buddies | Next Door World

January 27, 2011

"Paul Wagner is not your typical muse, but in Hunter Vance's eyes, he's a masterpiece. Not that it really matters: truth be told, Hunter isn't much of an artist, but that isn't going to stop him from getting what he wants. Using the old “model for me” routine, Hunter has Paul in the perfect pose, but the gig is up when Paul sees Hunter's sketch, and realizes that Hunter is no Rembrandt. But it's ok, they can still paint a Pollock. Enjoy!"

78320 TJ Hawke and Hunter Vance

The Trainer, Scene 1

TJ Hawke and Hunter Vance
Falcon Studios

May 26, 2009

"TJ Hawke spots Hunter Vance lifting weights and offers to be his workout buddy. The close contact during the rigorous workout soon evolves into a more intimate and deeper connection. They trade off sucking each other's cocks deep down throats before TJ slams his tool deep inside Hunter's ass. Whether getting pumped from behind or sitting on top to straddle TJ's pole, Hunter's asshole gets an exhaustive workout. And the verbal teasing, abuse, taunting, and pleading highlights the action. Before long it's a race to the finish as the guys face each other and jack off to explosive results."



78289 78291

78292 78294

Nightwatchmen, Scene 4

Hunter Vance and Derek Reynolds
Mustang Studios | Falcon Studios

November 11, 2008

"Lawman Derek Reynolds has taken suspect Hunter Vance into custody, ready to process him. He whips out his big black baton to intimidate the scamp, but Hunter is undaunted and recognizes a good deal when he sees it. He starts nursing on Derek's licorice stick savoring each tasty inch. Then the jailer has his willing jailbird laying down on his back, legs up, asscheeks spread apart, his puckered hole waiting to be rimmed. Derek does not disappoint - his tongue licking, bathing, jabbing in and out. Before Hunter explodes, Derek fucks him like a madman; fucking him within an inch of his life until he brands him with his hot jism."

Caesar Wrapped and Tickled


"Dev and I wrap hunk Caesar in plastic and tickle torture his feet at MyFriendsFeet. Caesar was ok with being completely wrapped in plastic so myself and Dev could have our tickle tormenting fun. Talk about a kinky dude. The noises he was making as we ran our fingers and some feathers across his size 13 feet are hilarious. Talk about some kinky fun!"

Ticklish Caesar Tickled Naked


"Having Caesar at MyFriendsFeet so we could tie him up and tickle torture him was one hell of a treat. The dude is SO hot and is very ticklish. So are his huge size 13 feet too! Caesar went totally crazy by the time Dev and I got to his sexy feet with hairy brushes and other tickle toys. I don't know if Caesar liked it or not but I have to hand it to him for enduring it all!"


After Playing Football, Caesar and Dev Show Their Sweaty Socks


"Caesar and Dev Michaels came over to MyFriendsFeet and threw the football around for a while until their feet were hot and tired and their socks were soaked. Caesar has big size 13s and Dev has beefy size 10s. Then they peeled off their sneaks and kicked back in my back yard and showed my their sweaty, smelly socks. Then they got those socks off and exposed their bare feet to the fresh air, wiggled their toes and bared their soles to the camera!"




02 72

Caesar's Dress Socks and Size 13 Bare Feet


"Caesar is 6'2" tall with sexy size 13 feet. He's also adorable and the sweetest guy you could ever meet and ticklish as Hell too. He was perfect for a photo shoot. Caesar looks sensational in a suit and dress socks. Especially when he teases the hell out of me while I snapped pics of him and his gorgeous size 13s!"



Caesar's Flip Flops and Bare Feet


"The last time Caesar blessed the pages of my site he was tied up and tickled by Dev and I. He showed up in a sexy pair of flip flops on this day and the way his amazing size 13 feet stuck out of them I couldn't resist snapping lots of pics of them. Caesar is always a lot of fun and quite mischievous. He even wanted to play on this day, but I only let him after I managed to grab some very sexy photos of him and his size 13 flip flops and bare feet!"

Mffhq0564_caesar_005 Mffhq0564_caesar_010

Mffhq0564_caesar_037 Mffhq0564_caesar_057

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