Johnny Torque (3)
Jason Maddox (2)


SITES: My Friends Feet, Thunder TV Wrestling


Frey's Size 12 Slip On Loafers and Bare Feet

June 27, 2017

"It's been a while since Frey posed for my camera, so I wasn't going to waste time getting him and his size 12's in more pictures. Especially considering Frey showed up wearing only a pair of slip-on loafers with no socks on. I don't see that often and it really turns me on. Frey's feet had just the right amount of heady aroma to get me hard in my pants while I snapped pictures. As usual, Frey flashed a huge, handsome smile while I go t up close to his fantastic size 12's!"





Mffhq1396_frey_050 Mffhq1396_frey_054

Mffhq1396_frey_066 Mffhq1396_frey_084

Mffhq1396_frey_085 Mffhq1396_frey_088

Mr. Frey The Ticklish Banker

February 18, 2016

"Banker Frey doesn't think that one of his client's credit is good enough to approve a mortgage the client applied for. Needless to say, the client isn't happy with that, soon taking matters into his own hands by capturing Frey and tickling him. The tickle chair was the perfect spot for Frey, his feet in stocks and looking both sexy and vulnerable in his fancy suit. Frey doesn't like his situation and lets it be known quite audibly. His banking client doesn't care, soon hitting all the ticklish spots on Frey's body and feet, pulling off his shoes, socks and opening his shirt in the process. Banker Frey turned out to be super ticklish and eventually folded, granting his client the mortgage he set out to get!"

Mff0707_frey_01 Mr. Frey The Ticklish Banker

Mff0707_frey_02 Mr. Frey The Ticklish Banker

Mff0707_frey_03 Mr. Frey The Ticklish Banker


Mff0707_frey_05 Mr. Frey The Ticklish Banker

Mff0707_frey_06 Mr. Frey The Ticklish Banker

Mff0707_frey_07 Mr. Frey The Ticklish Banker

Mff0707_frey_08 Mr. Frey The Ticklish Banker



Mff0707_frey_11 Mr. Frey The Ticklish Banker


Mff0707_frey_13 Mr. Frey The Ticklish Banker

Mff0707_frey_14 Mr. Frey The Ticklish Banker

Mff0707_frey_15 Mr. Frey The Ticklish Banker

Mff0707_frey_16 Mr. Frey The Ticklish Banker

Mff0707_frey_17 Mr. Frey The Ticklish Banker



Mff0707_frey_20 Mr. Frey The Ticklish Banker

Wrestler Frey Finally Tickled

November 19, 2015

"Wrestler and muscle hunk Frey is back and this time I had the immense pleasure of tying him to the tickle chair and tormenting his stunning body and size 12 feet. Frey mentioned in the past how ticklish his feet are. The problem was that he didn't want to get tickled by a guy. I actually set up a girl to tickle him for, but when she couldn't make it at the last minute. He finally said he would do it as long as I did the tickling. That is a pretty sweet deal so I thought about it for a while (not really) and got him in the chair as fast as I could. He wasn't kidding about his feet being ticklish! His armpits and ribs are no less sensitive, though. Anywhere I touched him with my fingers and electric toothbrush had him squirming to get free. What a hunk, what a laugh and what a sheer joy Frey is to tickle torture!"





















Frey's Size 12 Bare Feet

July 16 2014

"Handsome hunk Frey comes back to MyFriendsFeet for another photo shoot where he shows off his perfectly erotic size 12 feet. From his superb smile all the way down to his big, strong feet, Frey is the kind of man who gets the juices flowing for just about anyone. And he sure looks damn good in a business suit too. Whether he's still got dress socks on or not!"

Mffhq1245_frey_013 Mffhq1245_frey_031

Mffhq1245_frey_035 Mffhq1245_frey_052

Mffhq1245_frey_072 Mffhq1245_frey_080

Mffhq1245_frey_082 Mffhq1245_frey_095





Frey's Size 12 Bare Feet and White Ankle Socks

"Frey is a college student with big, wide size 12 feet. He is an all around jock as well as an all around nice guy. He is a friend of Dominic's and Dominic introduced me to him. It's funny, Frey came prepared to the shoot with these socks. He was getting dressed and he pulled out these white socks that were a few days worn and he said, "We heard that you liked socks that were a little bit dirty. That's what Dominic said." We had to laugh. My reputation gets around! Those socks were awesome, and Frey's bare feet are incredible too!"

Mffhq1204_frey_009 Mffhq1204_frey_014

Mffhq1204_frey_031 Mffhq1204_frey_035

Mffhq1204_frey_039 Mffhq1204_frey_044

Mffhq1204_frey_048 Mffhq1204_frey_055




Thunder TV Wrestling Frey

Mutant vs Frey & TAK 4

Mat Wars 62

Mutant vs Frey & TAK

"Mutant (Antonio from My Friends Feet) is back, and Frey is pissed! Not only has he worked for other companies, which makes Frey angry, but his trunks are almost identical to Frey’s. Frey can’t be having that, he’s pissed off and about to show Mutant who the best wrestler in yellow trunks is at Thunders. Frey comes in strong and picks Mutant up into a bearhug, and he’s crushing hard down on Mutant’s body, but Mutant has put on quite the bit of muscle, and he proves almost too heavy for Frey. Frey has to drop him down and find another approach, so he knocks Mutant down to the mat and mounts on top of him to put a killer body scissors on Mutants ripped body. Frey doesn’t need to do any lifting this way, he can just lay back and crush Mutant in his massive quads. Mutant isn’t all that impressed and rolls out of Frey’s legs, to come back and lift him over his shoulders in a rack, Mutant’s so strong he is able to fling Frey over his shoulders like a rag doll, and just pull as hard as he can across Frey’s body. Frey is getting thrown around like nothing so he decides it’s time to bring his superior skills to the mat. Frey attacks Mutant and puts him into some painful holds, ending in a boston crab which really pulls at Mutant’s inflexible back. Frey’s getting the advantage and he’s getting cocky about it, and Mutant is just pissed to be stuck in such a painful position. Once he breaks free, he comes at Frey with a vengeance, picking him up in a choke hold and starting to shake the life out of Frey. He isn’t done having fun yet though and so he picks Frey up over his head in an enormous display of strength and starts pressing Frey like he’s 5 pounds. Frey realizes that the only way he’s going to win is if he plays to Mutant’s weakness, which is his inflexibility. Frey puts him into an ab stretcher where Mutant can barely breathe or move. He passes out for a quick second when TAK (Sheldon at Sean Cody) comes walking by and starts laughing at the big guy out on the mat. Mutant’s pissed he let himself fall asleep even for a quick second, and furious at the little guy making fun of him. Mutant gets up and starts attacking TAK. TAK realizes he made a mistake, but now he’s stuck in a camel clutch fighting just to be able to breathe. While TAK’s struggling, Frey comes back from behind Mutant and slams into him. He quickly wraps around and starts choking Mutant, threatening to choke him out again and just let TAK have his way with him. Frey and TAK are having fun now that they caught Mutant off guard and are just toying with him. But Mutant is waiting for the right opportunity, he’s pissed he was knocked out, he’s pissed he’s getting teamed up on, and he is ready to absolutely destroy these two little guys for what they’ve done to him. Will Frey and TAK survive Mutants revenge? Or will the the team up prove to be too much for Mutant to handle alone?"

Mutant vs Frey & TAK 1

Mutant vs Frey & TAK 2

Mutant vs Frey & TAK 6

Mutant vs Frey & TAK 7 Mutant vs Frey & TAK 9


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