Jim Kerouac
Alex Graham (1)
Viktor Rom


SITES: Drill My Hole, Kristen Bjorn, Lucas Entertainment, Men at Play, Raging Stallion


Telenovela Part 4

Featuring Emir Boscatto, Ken Summers, Lucas Fox, and Viktor Rom
Drill My Hole at Men.com

August 25, 2018

"Dark-haired Ken Summers is the apple of both muscular Viktor Rom and beefy Emir Boscatto’s eyes and they are both willing to put up a fight for that young, boyish bottom. Tattooed Viktor slaps brown-haired Emir and the two men go back and forth until dark and handsome Lucas Fox walks in. Ken insists that they both take turns pounding his ass alongside chiseled babe, Lucas. This brawl soon turns into an ass rimming, hole-pounding orgy!"





















Men of Madrid, Scene 5

Mario Domenech and Viktor Rom
Raging Stallion Studios

September 16, 2016

"Horned up Mario Domenech was planning a hot hookup, but at the last minute his trick cancels. Mario's friend Viktor Rom laughs, teasing Mario for his bad luck. But karma's a bitch: suddenly Viktor's hookup cancels too! 'What now?' asks Mario. 'Looks like I'll fuck you,' says Viktor. Their beards rub together as they press their lips together, and Viktor prods Mario's hole with a finger. They strip on the balcony; Mario rubs his hairy body, plump nips, and thick cock. Viktor reveals his statuesque physique and presents his massive cock to get sucked. Pressing down the back of Mario's neck, Viktor makes sure his girthy cock gets sucked all the way to the balls. Mario runs his tongue beneath Viktor's foreskin, and then they trade places, with Viktor using his teeth to tug on Mario's foreskin. Mario spreads his ass and Viktor dives in with his tongue. Saliva drips down Mario's balls as Viktor drenches his hole in spit. With Mario's ass lubed up, Viktor uses his monster cock to stretch Mario's hole wide. Viktor's muscled chest and thick arms bulge as Mario backs his ass up. Like a raging bull, Viktor fucks faster and faster, harder and harder. Reclining on the bench, Mario lowers himself down on Viktor's massive tool for a wild ride. Mario's hole stretches wide as he slams down onto Viktor's cock. Mario's body shakes with the power of his massive orgasm as he blasts his huge load everywhere. Exhausted, he leans back on the bench and opens his mouth to receive Viktor's cum."

WATCH Mario Domenech and Viktor Rom in Men of Madrid, Scene 5

84681_02 84681_03

84681_05 84681_06










Men of Madrid, Scene 2

Viktor Rom and Ramwey Reis
Raging Stallion Studios

July 15, 2016

"Madrid: an urban metropolis humming with activity. Viktor Rom loiters on the sidewalk, cruising the passers-by, when he sees Ramwey Reis approaching. Without breaking his stride, Ramwey turns his head ever so slightly to the right. Boom: eye contact. After a few more steps, Ramwey gives a look back over his shoulder. There's Viktor, following a few paces behind. Ducking into a doorway, Ramwey spins around and shoves his tongue down Viktor's throat. They retreat to a private rooftop with a sweeping view of the Madrid skyline. Ramwey slobbers on Viktor's fat cock and strokes his own massive meat. Viktor has a taste for ass, so Ramwey bends over to give him access. Stretching Ramwey's hole wide, Viktor slathers it with saliva, tongues the entry, and sucks hard. Ramwey moans, eager to get fucked, so Viktor lubes up his cock and pounds Ramwey's ass with deep, powerful thrusts. Ramwey spreads his cheeks, taking Viktor's massive dick to the max. They move from their standing fuck to the deck chair, where Ramwey gets drilled even harder. Stroking his cock, Ramwey blasts a gigantic load. Pulling out, Viktor adds his even bigger load to the sticky mess that drips down Ramwey's washboard abs."

83587_01 83587_04

83587_02 83587_03

83587_05 83587_06

83587_10 83587_15








What's Your C*ck Size? (BAREBACK)

Featuring Malek Tobias and Viktor Rom

September 4, 2020

"Malek Tobias works for a global company that has different language departments. Viktor Rom arrives at the office, where he will work for a few weeks in the Spanish speaking department. When they greet each other, it appears that there is a language barrier. Malek escorts Viktor to his new office. Once there, they sit down and start to talk. Malek asks a few questions but Viktor doesn’t seem to understand a word. For that reason, Malek starts making comments about Viktor’s big bulge and says he’s sure that there’s a big cock inside those trousers. When Malek asks him for the size of his cock, Viktor answers in Spanish “si quieres puedes comprobarlo tú mismo” (if you want you can check it out yourself)! Seems Viktor isn’t as ignorant as Malek thought."

























Ivan Gregory and Viktor Rom in Return to Cine-X

Return to Cine-X

Starring Ivan Gregory and Viktor Rom

March 11, 2016

"After scoring an incredible fuck with Denis Vega a few weeks ago, Ivan Gregory decides to make a second visit to the sleazy Adult Cinema and see what’s about. And soon enough he’s got his lips around Viktor Rom’s thick and juicy meat. Ivan goes all cock-hungry on Viktor, working his delicious uncut meat and swallowing every last inch. But as much as Viktor enjoys getting blown, today he desperately needs to get his dick in some hot ass. So he bends Ivan over to expose his tight hole, and gives it a nice deep fucking - slowly at first but picking up pace until he is ramming Ivan's muscular ass hard and fast. But still Ivan hasn’t had his fill and he isn’t leaving without a mouthful of his delicious cum, and Viktor is more than happy to feed him every last drop!"











CINE2_01 CINE2_21

CINE2_06 CINE2_04

CINE2_05 CINE2_07

CINE2_02 CINE2_08
Lucas Entertainment Bareback Guy Pile

Bareback Guy Pile, Scene 2

11-Man Bareback Guy Pile
Featuring Andrey Vic, Andy Star, Drake Rogers, Jackson Radiz, James Castle, Ken Summers, Manuel Skye, Max Arion, Michael Lucas, Victor D'Angelo, Viktor Rom
Lucas Entertainment

January 11, 2019

"The empty house in Spain isn’t so empty all the time, it turns out. It hosts an occasional bareback orgy of some of the hottest gay men in the world. Taking it up the ass raw is Drake Rogers, Andy Star, Jackson Radiz, James Castle, and Ken Summers. And the men fucking them without mercy: Max Arion, Victor D’Angelo, Manuel Skye, Michael Lucas, Andrey Vic, and Viktor Rom!"


























Raw Roughnecks, Scene 4

Starring Alex Kof, Bulrog, Ken Summers, Viktor Rom
Lucas Entertainment

January 13, 2017

"Ken Summers is the new guy around the farm, and he took the job because he knows the reputation of the other guys that work there. He bumbles on his first day to tempt the impatience of Viktor Rom, Bulrog, and Alex Kof -- three of the alpha-ale tops working on the farm. No work gets done: Ken is too busy surrendering his body to the tops around him, and they’re not shy about using what’s offered. At one point Alex and Bulrog test Ken’s limits and double-penetrate him at 8:20. Ken is all about service, and this is a hot introduction for him. Alex, Viktor, and Bulrog love using Ken as a cum-hungry pig!"





















Raw Roughnecks

Raw Roughnecks, Scene 2

Viktor Rom Leads Jacen Zhu's Bareback Gang Bang
Featuring Alejandro Castillo, Alex Kof, Jacen Zhu, Mario Domenech, Viktor Rom
Lucas Entertainment

January 6, 2017

"There’s a lot of work going on around the farm: Viktor Rom, Mario Domenech, and Alex Kof are hard at work making repairs to the equipment. Alejandro Castillo brings Jacen Zhu over to the equipment garage to offer everyone some water. But it’s his throat and ass the guys are interested in, and each guy gets his turn with Jacen. At 4:50 you can see Jacen working on all of the uncut cocks as he gets his ass licked. And at 7:45 the fucking begins with Alex raw-dogging Jacen while he makes out with Alejandro and Mario sucks his hard-on. Viktor is close behind to be the second to plow Jacen bareback."















LVP241_03_Viktor_Rom_Devin_Franco_Leo_Forte_Mario_Domenech_Ibrahim Moreno_02

Whore For More, Scene 3

Devin Franco’s Bareback Gang Bang
Devin Franco, Ibrahim Moreno, Leo Forte, Mario Domenech, Viktor Rom
Lucas Entertainment

July 29, 2016

"Devin Franco has an innocent enough look, but never let his appearance fool you. This was brought up when he took two dicks at the same time from Gabriel Taurus and Nico Deen, and here he proves beyond a doubt the animal he is in the sack. Devin Franco has always fantasized about being the center of attention in a hardcore and unforgiving gang bang, but it wasn’t until he became an exclusive model with Lucas Entertainment that the fantasy came true. Who is lined up (literally) for Devin? Mario Domenech, Ibrahim Moreno, Leo Forte, and Viktor Rom. Some of the guys having sex in the bareback gang bang are gentle and passionate while others are dominant and selfish. But everyone gets a turn and Devin gives each man the attention he needs to have a good time. It’s his gang bang after all: Devin Franco must be held responsible for taking care of his guests!"

LVP241_03_Viktor_Rom_Devin_Franco_Leo_Forte_Mario_Domenech_Ibrahim Moreno_06

LVP241_03_Viktor_Rom_Devin_Franco_Leo_Forte_Mario_Domenech_Ibrahim Moreno_08

LVP241_03_Viktor_Rom_Devin_Franco_Leo_Forte_Mario_Domenech_Ibrahim Moreno_10

LVP241_03_Viktor_Rom_Devin_Franco_Leo_Forte_Mario_Domenech_Ibrahim Moreno_11

LVP241_03_Viktor_Rom_Devin_Franco_Leo_Forte_Mario_Domenech_Ibrahim Moreno_14

LVP241_03_Viktor_Rom_Devin_Franco_Leo_Forte_Mario_Domenech_Ibrahim Moreno_16

LVP241_03_Viktor_Rom_Devin_Franco_Leo_Forte_Mario_Domenech_Ibrahim Moreno_18

LVP241_03_Viktor_Rom_Devin_Franco_Leo_Forte_Mario_Domenech_Ibrahim Moreno_19

LVP241_03_Viktor_Rom_Devin_Franco_Leo_Forte_Mario_Domenech_Ibrahim Moreno_20

LVP241_03_Viktor_Rom_Devin_Franco_Leo_Forte_Mario_Domenech_Ibrahim Moreno_21

LVP241_03_Viktor_Rom_Devin_Franco_Leo_Forte_Mario_Domenech_Ibrahim Moreno_22

LVP241_03_Viktor_Rom_Devin_Franco_Leo_Forte_Mario_Domenech_Ibrahim Moreno_24

LVP241_03_Viktor_Rom_Devin_Franco_Leo_Forte_Mario_Domenech_Ibrahim Moreno_27

Well Fucked, Scene 1

Viktor Rom And Diego Summers Double-Team Dylan O’Hardy
Lucas Entertainment

March 4, 2016

"One thing is for sure -- Dylan O’Hardy must have had a hard time walking after taking two dicks up the rear. But the two tops in question are extra special, so there’s no room for complaint: Viktor Rom and Diego Summers (a new Lucas Entertainment exclusive model). Also, a note on Diego: in the opinion of this Lucas Entertainment content writer, he’s one of the sexiest models currently around. His shaved head, lean body, and erect fat cock all make him a dream guy to have in bed. Dylan gets him and Viktor, another god among gay porn stars. However much fun you have watching these three together, the live action itself must have been mind-blowing."









LVP232_01_VIktor_Rom_Dylan_OHardy_Diego_Summers_01 LVP232_01_VIktor_Rom_Dylan_OHardy_Diego_Summers_02

LVP232_01_VIktor_Rom_Dylan_OHardy_Diego_Summers_08 LVP232_01_VIktor_Rom_Dylan_OHardy_Diego_Summers_11

Gentlemen 16: Professionally Pounded, Scene 3

Zander Craze Sucks And Rides Viktor Rom’s Top Cock
Lucas Entertainment

January 29, 2016

"If Zander Craze loves one thing in life, it’s submitting himself to a total power top’s throbbing erect penis. He doesn’t just have sex -- he gives himself to the man he’s servicing completely, and in this instance Viktor Rom is the total power top in question. I couldn’t have come up with a better pairing than this one. Watching Zander sensually suck on Viktor will alone make you shoot a hot load in your pants, but that’s only the beginning. A power top Zander Craze wanted, so a power top he shall have. Don’t take it easy on him, Viktor Rom!"











LVP228_03_Viktor_Rom_Zander_Craze_01 LVP228_03_Viktor_Rom_Zander_Craze_06

LVP228_03_Viktor_Rom_Zander_Craze_12 LVP228_03_Viktor_Rom_Zander_Craze_14

Lucas Men 2.0, Scene 2

Viktor Rom Dominates Vlad Larin’s Mouth And Butt
Lucas Entertainment

January 11, 2016

"Vlad Larin is a new exclusive model with Lucas Entertainment, and with this being his first scene we decided to give him a worthy introduction. How did we pull that off, you ask? We offered him up to Viktor Rom as a sacrificial lamb -- because if there’s one thing Viktor is good at, its no-nonsense topping. Vlad is enamored by men bigger than him, and Viktor is a mountain of a guy -- look at the span of his shoulders and chest alone. He loosens Vlad up a bit with a sex toy before having the lean Russian twink bounce on his dick, and when I say bounce I mean bounce. Check it out for yourself at 28:20."









LVP227_02_Vlad_Larin_Viktor_Rom_01 LVP227_02_Vlad_Larin_Viktor_Rom_05

Raw DVD, Scene 1

Viktor Rom Pounds Dylan James’ Ass
Lucas Entertainment

August 21, 2015

"It’s been said before on the Lucas Blog (by me) that Viktor Rom is a total top -- not to mention why that makes him appealing in this world filled with bottoms. Dylan James agrees with me: Dylan is versatile, but liked the idea of Viktor taking his ass for a ride from start to finish. Why not relax and enjoy a full-service job? Viktor does not disappoint him: he starts with a foot rub that turns quickly into a strip show (Dylan can’t hide his excitement when he sees Viktor’s beautiful uncut Latin cock pop out of his shorts). Dylan’s jaw gets a workout in between the raw pounding action."

LVP218_Viktor_Rom_01 LVP218_Viktor_Rom_05

LVP218_Viktor_Rom_03 LVP218_Viktor_Rom_04

LVP218_01_Dylan_James_Viktor_Rom_01 LVP218_01_Dylan_James_Viktor_Rom_02

LVP218_01_Dylan_James_Viktor_Rom_03 LVP218_01_Dylan_James_Viktor_Rom_04

LVP218_01_Dylan_James_Viktor_Rom_06 LVP218_01_Dylan_James_Viktor_Rom_10

LVP218_01_Dylan_James_Viktor_Rom_08 LVP218_01_Dylan_James_Viktor_Rom_09





LVP216_Viktor_Rom_04 Zander Craze Shares His Meat With Damon Heart And Viktor Rom

Raw Threeway, Scene 3

Zander Craze Shares His Meat With Damon Heart And Viktor Rom
Lucas Entertainment

July 31, 2015

"Craze is a great last name for Zander, because this guy is wild and crazy in the sack: he loves having sex, and he loves showing it off. He and the dominant stud Viktor Rom take turns passing around Damon Heart, a new Lucas Entertainment exclusive model. Damon is challenged from the onset, but it’s one he excitedly accepts: Zander breaks in his ass with his uncut elephant trunk of a penis, and then passes his hole over to Viktor for some breeding. To give Damon a rest the truly versatile Zander Craze gives it up for both Damon Heart and Viktor Rom."

Zander Craze Shares His Meat With Damon Heart And Viktor Rom_01

Zander Craze Shares His Meat With Damon Heart And Viktor Rom_02

Zander Craze Shares His Meat With Damon Heart And Viktor Rom_03

Zander Craze Shares His Meat With Damon Heart And Viktor Rom_04

Zander Craze Shares His Meat With Damon Heart And Viktor Rom_05

Zander Craze Shares His Meat With Damon Heart And Viktor Rom_06

Zander Craze Shares His Meat With Damon Heart And Viktor Rom_Rom_07

Zander Craze Shares His Meat With Damon Heart And Viktor Rom_08

Zander Craze Shares His Meat With Damon Heart And Viktor Rom_09 Zander Craze Shares His Meat With Damon Heart And Viktor Rom_10

Cocked & Loaded

Featuring Cole Keller, Santiago Rodriguez and Viktor Rom

April 11, 2020

"It’s a gay porn party when Cole Keller invites his buddies Santiago Rodriguez over for a drink. Things get down and dirty as Santiago’s huge cock is the first to leap out followed by Viktor and Cole’s magnificent cocks. The guys line up in a ladder formation as Cole sucks on Victor’s notorious cock as Victor sucks on Santiago’s luscious Latino cock. Maneuvering into a new position, Santiago lowers his sweet ass onto Victor’s fat cock as Cole begins feeding Santiago his meaty cock. With each stride up and down on Viktor’s rock-hard cock, Santiago’s cock is slapping against his abs growing stronger and harder with each thrust. Viktor then stands up with Santiago and wraps his one leg around his waist as he continues fucking his ass. Another swap and this time it is Cole lowering his huge muscle ass onto Viktor’s throbbing cock. Santiago is right behind Cole and also slips his cock inside of his magnificent ass. Cole’s expert ass eases in quickly to adapt to the double dicking he is receiving. As Cole’s adaptation to the two massive cocks in his ass the pace begins to pick up and Cole begins receiving a full-on hard ass fucking from both men. The guys swap positions once again and this time we find Cole lowering his ass onto both Viktor and Santiago’s cocks as they are lying cock to cock. Cole’s ass is hungry as he bangs his ass down hard onto his buddies’ cocks. As the fucking intensifies all three men’s cocks are cocked and loaded for a huge explosion. Cole wants a taste of Viktor and Santiago’s loads and maneuvers himself to be at mouth level to both cocks. Santiago is the first to feed Cole his creamy load of cum. After dumping his load in Cole’s mouth, Santiago moves in and licks his load off of Cole just as Viktor unleashes his huge load of cum all over Cole and Santiago’s faces and mouths. As Cole is sucking the cum out of Viktor’s cock his own cock erupts with a thick, creamy load of cum."























Meat Men: Follow Me

Featuring Viktor Rom and Louis Ricaute

"Viktor Rom finds that having a dog is very rewarding in so many ways, as picking up hot men like Louis Ricaute. Viktor invites Louis back to his place where he immediately begins sucking on Louis’ succulent milk chocolate cock. Louis moves in and slowly savors the delicacy of Viktor’s mammoth cock, running his tongue up and down the huge shaft and swirling his tongue around that beautiful head. Flipping over, Viktor spreads Louis’ muscular ass and begins to fuck that hot, pink hole with his tongue. With Louis’s ass completely saturated with spit, Viktor plunges his hefty cock deep inside of that bare ass. Viktor flips Louis into a variety of positions to drive his cock deeper inside of him before Louis lands on his back and Viktor goes balls to the wall deep. Viktor pounds away at Louis’ hot ass before he unleashes his huge, creamy load all over Louis’ abs and ass. Viktor coats his cock with his own cum and shoves his cock back into Louis and Louis rips off a huge load of cum that lands all over his furry chest and abs. Time to walk the dog, you never know who will follow you home!"















1464855805018 1464855820021

1464855802016 1464855814015

1464855777037 1464855812043

Bare To The Bone, Scene 11 (Condomless)

Featuring Viktor Rom, Lucas Fox, John Rodriguez

September 25, 2015

"Viktor and John are on their way to the café when their attention turns to the handsome, young Lucas waiting for the bus. Lucas decides to not take the bus and follow the two sexy guys that just cruised him. Lucas’ is invited back to John’s apartment and the shirts come off immediately and the men begin to explore each other with their tongues. One by one each of the hot men withdraw their hard cocks and Viktor is the first to drop to his knees and begin to worship Lucas and John’s incredible cocks. Viktor works his way back and forth sucking and licking one immense cock after the other. Lucas and John are reveling in the pleasures of Viktor’s cock sucking skills and Viktor himself is getting his cock rock hard from all the excitement of deep throating two huge cocks. John and Lucas change things up and begin tag teaming Viktor’s mammoth cock with their greedy mouths. Viktor’s cock strains to contain itself from all the thrilling pleasure given to his huge cock. With his cock about to split open from growing harder, fatter and longer, Viktor blasts a huge load of cum all over John’s hungry tongue and Lucas jumps in and laps up the cum dripping from Viktor’s cock and they licks Viktor’s cock clean. Viktor bends John over and spreads his ass open and sucks on Lucas’ cock to lube him up. Viktor then shoves Lucas’s torrid cock deep inside of John. As Lucas fucks John’s raw ass, Viktor hammers his mouth and throat with his fat cock. Lucas finds himself very turned on watching these two friends pleasure each other that he shoots his creamy load all over John’s ass then shoves his cum drenched cock back inside of John. Viktor has waited long enough and now it is time for him to fuck one of these asses. John squats down on top of Viktor’s gigantic cock and pounds his ass hard and deep with Viktor’s raw cock. John rides Viktor hard until he can no longer withhold his load and strokes out a huge load of cum as Viktor’s cock splits his ass open."




















1442492083002 1442492064003

1442492070006 1442492084007

1442492074009 1442492088010

1442492054011 1442492060014

1442492077017 1442492072030
1439476847008 Bare To The Bone, Scene 9: James Castle and Viktor Rom

Bare To The Bone, Scene 9

James Castle and Viktor Rom

August 20, 2015

"Viktor and James are old friends and when they meet up on the street they decide to rekindle an old desire. Viktor remembers how well James swallowed his huge cock before and wastes no time in putting his talents to work again. James devours and luxuriates in the taste, smell and feel of that hefty cock in his mouth and throat. Viktor rewards James’ expert cock sucking by taking James’ fat cock into his own mouth and pleasuring it from the base to the uncut head. James knows what Viktor’s true desire is so he grinds his ass onto Viktor’s hungry mouth and probing tongue. Fucking that hot hole and prepping it for his own mammoth cock, Viktor strains to withhold his huge eruption. James demands that Viktor fuck him and Viktor is more than willing to give him exactly what he desires. Viktor rams his raw cock deep inside of James’ greedy hole and teases him by thrusting his rock hard cock in and out of his wet hole. Flipping James over, Viktor is treated to deeper access and pounds away at James’ ass as James strokes his ever hard cock. Viktor has fucked James so hard and so deep that he explodes a huge load of cum as Viktor continues fucking his ass. As Viktor feels the spasms of James’ ass muscles working his cock he shoots his thick, creamy load all over and then inside of James. An old friendship has been rekindled."

1439476791001 Bare To The Bone, Scene 9: James Castle and Viktor Rom

1439476823009 Bare To The Bone, Scene 9: James Castle and Viktor Rom

1439476843012 Bare To The Bone, Scene 9: James Castle and Viktor Rom

1439476829015 Bare To The Bone, Scene 9: James Castle and Viktor Rom

1439476827017 Bare To The Bone, Scene 9: James Castle and Viktor Rom

1439476821018 Bare To The Bone, Scene 9: James Castle and Viktor Rom

1439476794020 Bare To The Bone, Scene 9: James Castle and Viktor Rom

1439476811024 Bare To The Bone, Scene 9: James Castle and Viktor Rom

1439476826033 Bare To The Bone, Scene 9: James Castle and Viktor Rom

1439476824029 Bare To The Bone, Scene 9: James Castle and Viktor Rom 1439476801034 Bare To The Bone, Scene 9: James Castle and Viktor Rom
1436560461009 Bare To The Bone, Scene 6: Manuel Olveyra, Viktor Rom, Craig Daniel

Bare To The Bone, Scene 6

Manuel Olveyra, Viktor Rom, Craig Daniel

July 10, 2015

"Viktor and Manuel are cruising online when they run across some very enticing photos of Craig. Since they are both cock hungry men and Craig has an enormous cock that could entertain two such men they immediately invite Craig over. The men unleash their mammoth monsters to one another and the party begins. Manual drops to his knees and attempts to devour Craig’s colossal cock. He maneuvers back and forth from one monster cock to the other. Manuel is then treated to the thrill of a lifetime and both men stuff their giant cocks in his mouth at the same time and fuck him hard. This wild sensation turns Manuel on so much that he blows his hot load. Viktor and Craig are not finished with Manuel, they lay down on the sofa with their huge cocks together as Manuel lowers his raw ass down on them both at the same time. Both men fuck him in unison and Manuel also begins to ride their cocks as his hard cock flops around with elation. Craig then feeds his fuck drenched cock into Manuel’s mouth as Viktor rams his fat, raw cock into Craig’s hungry hole. Craig takes a hard pounding from Viktor and demands that he feed him his hot load. Viktor ramps up his fucking and hoses Craig’s ass with his thick load before he deposits the last of it deep in Craig’s wet ass. Manuel has been sucking away at Craig’s straining cock with a ravenousness desire for his hot load and Craig showers Manuel’s face and tongue with his creamy load as Viktor continues fucking Craig with his cum drenched cock. Time to go online!"

1436560440001 Bare To The Bone, Scene 6: Manuel Olveyra, Viktor Rom, Craig Daniel

1436560465015 Bare To The Bone, Scene 6: Manuel Olveyra, Viktor Rom, Craig Daniel

1436560457016 Bare To The Bone, Scene 6: Manuel Olveyra, Viktor Rom, Craig Daniel

1436560464017 Bare To The Bone, Scene 6: Manuel Olveyra, Viktor Rom, Craig Daniel

1436560437023 Bare To The Bone, Scene 6: Manuel Olveyra, Viktor Rom, Craig Daniel

1436560443020 Bare To The Bone, Scene 6: Manuel Olveyra, Viktor Rom, Craig Daniel

1436560454024 Bare To The Bone, Scene 6: Manuel Olveyra, Viktor Rom, Craig Daniel

1436560462029 Bare To The Bone, Scene 6: Manuel Olveyra, Viktor Rom, Craig Daniel

1436560447034 Bare To The Bone, Scene 6: Manuel Olveyra, Viktor Rom, Craig Daniel

1436560438026 Bare To The Bone, Scene 6: Manuel Olveyra, Viktor Rom, Craig Daniel
1432716677007 Casting Couch 344: Cody Banx and Viktor Rom

Casting Couch 344

Cody Banx and Viktor Rom

May 28, 2015

"Cody and Viktor have hooked up online and discover that they both have a voracious sexual appetite for each other. Viktor releases Cody’s rock hard cock and wraps his succulent and drooling lips around it and consumes it all. As he expertly runs his lips up and down the hard shaft he also lets his massively fat cock free. Viktor leaps to his feet on top of the bed and begins forcing his huge cock deep into Cody’s mouth and throat. Viktor is impressed with Cody’s cock sucking skills and turns up the heat and begins face fucking Cody with great force. Both men slick up Viktor’s cock with their spit so that nothing slows Cody’s cock sucking. Cody maneuvers his hot ass and hovers just above Viktor’s hungry tongue. Viktor gives Cody’s ass a hot fucking with his tongue as both men work in unison knowing exactly what the other wants. Cody flips over and teases Viktor by flashing his wet hole at Viktor until he slams his huge raw cock deep inside of Cody. After taking Cody from behind the guys flip and Viktor now has complete access to go deeper inside of Cody with him now on his back and his legs wide open. Cody is reveling in the pleasures of this enormous cock fucking his ass and incredibly, the harder and deeper Viktor fucks the harder and fatter his cock becomes. This is driving Cody crazy and forces him to shoot his hot load as Viktor continues his aggressive fucking until he coats Cody’s ass with his thick, creamy load. Cody works his ass to suck that delicacy up into his hole. Viktor helps him out by shoving his load and cock back into Cody’s ass."

1432716661001 Casting Couch 344: Cody Banx and Viktor Rom

1432716679010 Casting Couch 344: Cody Banx and Viktor Rom

1432716679012 Casting Couch 344: Cody Banx and Viktor Rom

1432716664014 Casting Couch 344: Cody Banx and Viktor Rom

1432716670016 Casting Couch 344: Cody Banx and Viktor Rom

1432716667019 Casting Couch 344: Cody Banx and Viktor Rom

1432716660026 Casting Couch 344: Cody Banx and Viktor Rom

1432716675028 Casting Couch 344: Cody Banx and Viktor Rom

1432716665031 Casting Couch 344: Cody Banx and Viktor Rom

1432716670030 Casting Couch 344: Cody Banx and Viktor Rom

1432716662020 Casting Couch 344: Cody Banx and Viktor Rom 1432716671018 Casting Couch 344: Cody Banx and Viktor Rom

1432716669022 Casting Couch 344: Cody Banx and Viktor Rom 1432716678021 Casting Couch 344: Cody Banx and Viktor Rom