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Hung Country, Scene 4

Emir Boscatto and Sergyo Caruso
Raging Stallion Studios

November 4, 2016

"Big, beefy Emir Boscatto brings Sergyo Caruso down to the basement for some dirty action. The basement looks like a medieval dungeon, with stone walls and a metal gate, and Emir is the master of this dungeon. Sergyo falls to his knees and services Emir's gigantic cock. The intimidating top selfishly facefucks Sergyo, whose lean, ripped body flexes and writhes. Bending Sergyo over a crate, Emir dives in to eat Sergyo's tight ass. With Sergyo's hole lubed and ready, Emir slides in with his huge cock. He picks up speed, railing Sergyo's ass with intense, deep pounding. Climbing up on the crate, Emir sits down and invites Sergyo to sit on his dick. The willing power bottom eagerly climbs up and lowers himself down on Emir's throbbing tool. As Sergyo's cock swings through the air like helicopter blades, Emir thrusts up from below. Re-positioning Sergyo in missionary, Emir enters the home stretch, ramping up his fucking to a blistering pace. To complete their session, both muscled hunks stand and jerk their cocks, letting loose with huge loads one after the other." WATCH Hung Country, Scene 4 featuring Emir Boscatto and Sergyo Caruso
















Lucas Men 2.0, Scene 4

Sergyo and Antonio Miracle in Versatile Ass Play
Lucas Entertainment

January 18, 2016

"Sergyo might have originally intended to have a relaxing day reading and sunning himself, but something far better came along -- and that something is Antonio Miracle. Antonio Miracle reminds me a bit of Viktor Rom: they’re both sexy-as-hell Latin men, they’re both as big as mountains, and they both have beautiful uncut cocks they love to use on pig bottoms. While Antonio allows for some versatility in his sex life (Sergyo gets a chance to fuck him) Antonio spends most of the encounter playing with and raw-dogging Sergyo’s ass. And judging by Sergyo’s enthusiasm, I’d say he’s happy with the arrangement."







LVP227_04_Sergyo_Antonio_Miracle_02 LVP227_04_Sergyo_Antonio_Miracle_03

LVP227_04_Sergyo_Antonio_Miracle_05 LVP227_04_Sergyo_Antonio_Miracle_06

LVP227_04_Sergyo_Antonio_Miracle_07 LVP227_04_Sergyo_Antonio_Miracle_13
GENTS2_01 Sergyo and Xavi Duran in Gents 2

Gents 2

Starring Sergyo and Xavi Duran

January 22, 2016

"One minute we’re at the office, and the next we’re in a public mens-room on the hunt for some kinky, sleaze-action to kick off a hot and very dirty weekend. When we get there we find Xavi Duran at the urinal stroking his thick, uncut meat waiting for a willing mouth to walk in and get him off. And just the excitement of being in a public place gets Xavi’s cock hard as rock, so by the time Sergyo walks in Xavi is raging to get his dick sucked. But Sergyo is playing shy and doesn’t take the bait, so its up to Xavi to take the lead and show Sergyo exactly how to play dirty. Xavi gives Sergyo the full fuck-boy treatment and after he’s had his fun he leaves him a wet, sticky mess on the mens-room floor."

Sergyo and Xavi Duran in Gents 2

GENTS2_11 Sergyo and Xavi Duran in Gents 2

GENTS2_12 Sergyo and Xavi Duran in Gents 2

GENTS2_18 Sergyo and Xavi Duran in Gents 2

GENTS2_13 Sergyo and Xavi Duran in Gents 2

GENTS2_14 Sergyo and Xavi Duran in Gents 2

GENTS2_15 Sergyo and Xavi Duran in Gents 2

GENTS2_16 Sergyo and Xavi Duran in Gents 2

GENTS2_19 Sergyo and Xavi Duran in Gents 2 GENTS2_03 Sergyo and Xavi Duran in Gents 2

GENTS2_04 Sergyo and Xavi Duran in Gents 2 GENTS2_05 Sergyo and Xavi Duran in Gents 2

GENTS2_10 Sergyo and Xavi Duran in Gents 2 GENTS2_06 Sergyo and Xavi Duran in Gents 2

GENTS2_07 Sergyo and Xavi Duran in Gents 2 GENTS2_08 Sergyo and Xavi Duran in Gents 2

GENTS2_02 Sergyo and Xavi Duran in Gents 2 GENTS2_09
Men at Play Emir Boscatto and Sergyo

Under the Hood

Starring Emir Boscatto and Sergyo

September 25, 2015

"Newcomer to Menstplay Sergyo is broken in by hunky Mechanic Emir Boscatto, and when we say broken in we mean it. Emir goes all hard and rough on the young and handsome executive, pushing him down on his knees and choking him with his big tool, getting his meaty dick nice and wet for a good ass-pounding.

Emir pins his fuck-boy under the hood if his car and sets to work on his deliciously, smooth ass, ramming his hole and making him scream with every thrust of his rock hard dick. Emir then gets Sergyo to ride his cock, working it with his tight hole until Emir is ready to give the boy his hot, tasty load."







UTH_04 UTH_14

UTH_09 UTH_10

UTH_11 UTH_12

UTH_03 UTH_07

UTH_13 UTH_01

UTH_06 UTH_02

UTH_08 UTH_15
Damien Crosse & Sergyo Caruso_09

Curiosity Barebacked The Cat

Damien Crosse & Sergyo Caruso

October 25, 2015

StagHomme continue to deliver the hottest content from the continent. Starring Damien Crosse & Sergyo Caruso. Directed by Francesco D'Macho.

Damien Crosse & Sergyo Caruso_30

Damien Crosse & Sergyo Caruso_34

Damien Crosse & Sergyo Caruso_15

Damien Crosse & Sergyo Caruso_23

Damien Crosse & Sergyo Caruso_19 Damien Crosse & Sergyo Caruso_45


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