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My Sexy Coach

Featuring Kyle Kash and Spencer Whitman

"You’d think that after pushing an athlete beyond his physical limits, he would start hating his personal trainer. But no, even after a grueling workout, Kyle Kash is ever so grateful for Spencer Whitman’s assistance in getting ready for next week’s triathlon. But Kyle’s PT has bad news. He can no longer train the athletic muscle stud for free. Kyle is devastated. He volunteers to do anything to keep training with Spencer… anything. Spencer seems inspired by this offer and extends his hand onto Kyle’s thigh. Kyle is more than willing to respond favorably to Spence’s advances. Indeed, the guys start making out on the living room sofa, kissing and fondling each other. As Kyle is only wearing his swimsuit, Spencer spins him around pulling the flimsy material below his ass, exposing the pervy athlete’s ball and butt crack in all their glory. Spencer dives right in to tongue and chew on Kyle’ hot crack. The kid is moaning and squirming, begging his coach to eat his ass more and to slap it good. He’s gyrating back and forth as Spencer keeps on plowing his tongue into his triathlete’s hot hole. Spencer then starts banging his stiff cock on his boy’s crack, before Kyle spins around and starts giving him a slutty blow job. The hairy coach is bone stiff and loving every minute of his pig-boy's lip and mouth job. Spencer pig-talk's his way into Kyle’s heart, and Kyle responds in kind while gagging on his trainer’s meat. Just a little bit more rimming to get his bottom boy’s ass all wet gets Kyle begging for his coach to bang him up. True to form, Spencer plunges in from behind and starts to fuck the daylights out of his sub boy. Kyle is in perv heaven as his ass is ripped apart. He shifts position so he can ride Spence’s fat meat hard. As he rides a seated Spencer’s bopping up and down, he moans relentlessly. As his coach shifts his own upper body forward, Kyle leans back, allowing Spencer to suck him off while still fucking his tight ass. Kyle turns and sits back on his PT’s hard cock riding hard once again. Kyle just can’t get enough of Spencer’s hard dick. Now lying on his back, he jacks his own stiff rod, responding well to Spencer’s aggressive tone. Kyle is so cranked that he shoots his load, as jet after jet spews out reaching beyond his shoulder. Spencer swipes some spunk off of Kyle’s chest and laps it up. The guys then lie side by side on the couch. As Kyle pinches his coach’s nips, his action is pushing Spencer over the edge. Seconds later, he shoots his load all over his hairy abs…"










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Hot House Video Cruising Grounds

Cruising Grounds, Scene 2

Sebastian Kross and Kyle Kash
Hot House Video

June 9, 2016

"Bad boy graffiti artist Sebastian Kross is finishing up his latest tag on a warehouse wall. Handsome bystander Kyle Kash is impressed by Sebastian's talent -- and more so by Sebastian's ripped body. Kyle wants a piece of that, so he pulls down Sebastian's jeans and uses his firm lips and deep throat to service Sebastian's huge cock, focusing on the sensitive head. Sebastian is turned on and wants more: he plunges his face into the crack of Kyle's muscled, jockstrapped ass. With his tongue, Sebastian wets the tight, pink center of Kyle's hole. Moaning with pleasure, Kyle is eager to take things to the next level. Sebastian sits upright and Kyle lowers himself down on Sebastian's throbbing meat. Sliding up and down, Kyle uses his ass to milk Sebastian's cock. They switch to doggy style. Sebastian's hips thrust rhythmically as he drives his fuck stick deep down Kyle's hole. Rolling on his back and throwing a leg in the air, Kyle yields to the stimulation of Sebastian's thick tool. Kyle jerks himself off as Sebastian fucks him; cum explodes out of Kyle's cock and splatters across his own chest and washboard abs. Sebastian stands over Kyle to give him a facial, and Kyle sucks the last drops of cum from Sebastian's cock." WATCH Cruising Grounds, Scene 2 Starring Sebastian Kross and Kyle Kash
















Stiff Sentence, Scene 4

Kyle Kash and Rocco Steele
Hot House

March 10, 2016

"Sexy new inmate Kyle Kash just landed in jail, and stud Rocco Steele, who's been in a while, offers him the 'you take care of me, I'll take care of you' policy. When he sees the size of Rocco's cock, Kyle realizes he's found the perfect prison daddy. Kyle is on his knees gagging on the girth through the bars of the cell in no time. As jumpsuits hit the floor, so does Rocco to give Kyle's smooth center a super-wet tongue drilling. Officer Durano plays voyeur from his desk with his uncut cock in hand as Rocco loosens Kyle's hole. Things heat up when Rocco shoves his fat rod into Kyle's ass through the jailhouse bars. Inmate Steele pays off Officer Durano to let him out so he can bend Inmate Kash over a bench. Switching positions, Inmate Kash climbs aboard Rocco's prostate drilling meat for a hole-stretching sit fuck. Switching positions once more, Rocco pounds Kyle on his back until he shoots his creamy load onto his abs. Inmate Steele pulls out and sprays Inmate Kash with his wad."

WATCH Stiff Sentence, Scene 4 Starring Kyle Kash and Rocco Steele
















Between The Sheets, Scene 2

Kyle Kash and JJ Knight
Falcon Studios

May 6, 2016

"Kyle Kash and JJ Knight burst through the door, racing to get naked and start fucking! Kyle strips JJ bare and eagerly sucks on JJ's thick tool. Kyle's eye contact with JJ signals the intensity of their chemistry. JJ buries his face in Kyle's perfect ass crack. They 69 each other's hard cocks, then Kyle sits down on JJ's throbbing hard on. JJ bounces Kyle's ass on his dick, thrusting vigorously from below, and Kyle reciprocates by raising and lowering himself on JJ's man meat. They lock eyes and kiss before switching to doggy style; Kyle is giddy with ecstasy as JJ thrusts deep inside his manhole. JJ's tall, chiseled body ripples in waves as he pounds Kyle's muscular bubble butt. Kyle can't help grinning with the sensation of JJ's expert fucking. The chemistry and intensity build to a massive climax as Kyle unleashes a geyser of semen that arcs through the air. Lying on his back, JJ pumps out thick ropes of cum that coat his abs. "










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Surge, Scene 4

Kyle Kash and Logan Moore
Falcon Studios | Falcon Edge

January 22, 2016

"Logan Moore is all over Kyle Kash's smooth ass and Kyle can't keep his hands off the pouch of Logan's jock strap. Kyle's nipples are perfect for Logan to pinch and nibble on. Logan's thick dick provides a suitable oral challenge for Kyle, which he meets with lots of saliva and suction. When Logan stoops to return the blow job, he's met with Kyle's sizeable cock. Logan grabs Kyle around the hips and spins him into an airborne sixty-nine position. Then he lays him on a table to eat his scruffy bubble butt. Penetration of Kyle's tight ass is accomplished in a single smooth stroke. The mutual attraction is ferocious as the studs flip positions and fuck even more as Logan turns Kyle over, jumps on the table and comes down with Kyle's cock in his ass. They wrangle, cowboy and reverse cowboy, until they're slick with sweat, then separate to jerk out pulsating loads, side-by-side." WATCH Surge, Scene 4 Starring Kyle Kash and Logan Moore















VIP - After Hours, Scene 2

Alex Mecum and Kyle Kash
Falcon Studios

November 20, 2015

"Studly dance club owner Alex Mecum sees Kyle Kash dancing at a rival club and wants Kyle to come work for him. For a signing bonus, Kyle gets ...Alex. Kyle is impressed by the size of Alex's thick cock, and happy to suck it, with the added flair or running his nose along its length. Alex has a deep, muscular chest with dark fur, and his abs clench and heave due to the tingling in his cock. He pulls Kyle to his feet and grasps his plump, round ass, squeezing his nuts and probing Kyle's hole with his thumb. Alex tells Kyle how beautiful his ass is, inspiring him to kiss it, play with it and rub his cock in the crack. The foreplay leaves Kyle in a state of 'fuck me' delirium that intensifies once Alex begins fucking him. Alex grips Kyle's smooth body so tightly, their flesh almost melds. Kyle writhes, twists and changes position, driven to be penetrated as fully as possible. Bursting with hot spunk, his cum shot reaches his forehead and Alex's travels twice that distance." WATCH VIP - After Hours, Scene 2 Starring Alex Mecum and Kyle Kash
















Kyle Kash & Joey D

January 22, 2016

"This week, Kyle Kash is initiated as a HUNK. Kyle and Joey D have been flirting on social media for a long time. Their chemistry is palpable. They begin by a serious make-out session where Joey and Kyle gaze into each other's eyes and kiss with such passion. Lying Kyle on the bed, Joey slowly kisses his body as the two undress. Kyle's beautiful hole invites Joey's tongue as he devours it and then Kyle sucks Joey's massive cock. Joey then bends Kyle over and pounds him from behind before he puts him on his back and makes him blow his huge load. Joey finally pulls out and deposits his hot jizz all over the smiling Kyle."

Full_01 Kyle Kash & Joey D

Full_02 Kyle Kash & Joey D

Full_03 Kyle Kash & Joey D

Full_05 Kyle Kash & Joey D

Full_08 Kyle Kash & Joey D

Full_09 Kyle Kash & Joey D

Full_11 Kyle Kash & Joey D

Full_12 Kyle Kash & Joey D

Full_13 Kyle Kash & Joey D

Soldier Boy is Home for Christmas

Kyle Kash & Trenton Ducati
Man Royale at

December 23, 2015

Trenton Ducati and Kyle Kash in "Soldier Boy is Home for Christmas"








Trenton Ducati and Kyle Kash

"The Creepy Handyman's Best Date Ever"

April 2, 2015

"Kyle Kash sits at the bar, waiting for the stud he met on the internet, username "HandyMan69." HandyMan69 arrives, turning out to be creepy handyman Trenton Ducati. Kyle takes on a stuck-up attitude and tries to call off the date. Insulted, Trenton decides to teach Kyle some respect for the working man's cock. Kyle's abducted from behind and finds himself mummified in tight bondage, leaving the snobby boy vulnerable to Trenton's crop. Helpless, Kyle can only squirm as Trenton makes him worship sweaty feet and hard dick. The creepy handyman then binds his boy to the bar for ball torment and an unrelenting flogging. Trenton delivers a hard fuck as Kyle is suspended in mid-air before finishing him off with a face full of cum."


Busted and Banged Part 2

Kyle Kash and Bruce Beckham
Pride Studios

July 11, 2016

"Once Officer Trenton Ducati and Trent Ferris go their separate ways, Bruce Beckham sits his offender down at the table to discuss with him what's going to happen. Bruce tells him that he the new Daddy in town and to pull his pants down so he can lick it really well. Kyle isn't sure what to do at first but Bruce is very demanding so he does what he is told like a good little boy. Bruce rubs his whole face in that sexy smooth shaven ass of Kyle's licking and pulling on his cock from behind. Kyle is in heaven as he can feel Bruce's scruffy face rubbing all over his ass. Once Bruce has his fill he sits on the chair and demands Kyle to suck on his big hard dick. Kyle loves what he sees and doesn't need a second offer as he gets on his knees pleasing his new Daddy. Bruce face fucks him until he's ready to blow on this college stud. Bruce takes his long smooth cock into his mouth and rubbing it all over his face. Kyle is going with the motions as Bruce demands to fuck him now so he bends him over the chair spreads his legs wide and pushes deep inside Kyle's sexy little butt. Bruce pounds hard making his balls slap against Kyle. They take the fun outside next where Kyle sits on that thick cock and has the ride of his life. Bruce has finally had enough of that young college ass so they both finish off by stroking their cocks and busting big loads all over Bruce's badge. Enjoy!"












83256_01 83256_12
Kyle Kash and Kip Ryker

"Fell From My Lips"

Kyle Kash and Kip Ryker
Pride Studios / Dylan Lucas

March 11, 2015

"Kyle never really noticed how he felt about Kip his roommate, until Kip started dating another guy. Kyle was surprised by his jealousy. He kept it to himself until Kip and his new guy got in a fight and Kyle blurted out how he felt. Unsure how to move forward with the new information, the two try this new dynamic out and you won't want to miss how it all goes down. Enjoy!"

Kyle Kash and Kip Ryker

Kyle Kash and Kip Ryker

Kyle Kash and Kip Ryker

Kyle Kash and Kip Ryker

Kyle Kash and Kip Ryker

Kyle Kash and Kip Ryker

Kyle Kash and Kip Ryker

Kyle Kash and Kip Ryker