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Bell Boys Part 3

Cameron Kincade and Zane Anders

December 30, 2015

"When he hears the rumors surrounding the hotel’s bellboys, entrepreneur Cameron Kincade definitely wants a piece of that pie. So he requests the front desk to send him someone using the passcode: Toothpaste. When Zane Anders shows up, he proceeds to undress Mr. Kincade and give him a blowjob he won’t soon forget. Mr. Kincade then slowly sits on Zane’s big dick and rides it bareback. Zane flips him around and pounds him from the back until he shoots his load on Mr. Kincade’s raw eager ass."

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Teacher's Surprise

Featuring Johnny Rapid & Cameron Kincade
Big Dicks At School at

October 5, 2015

"Johnny Rapid just can’t seem to focus in class when his professor, Cameron Kincade, is the hottest teacher at school. Johnny will do anything to keep himself from failing this class, even riding his hot teacher’s hard cock. Johnny bounces up and down on Cameron’s cock until they decide to flip fuck! Finally Johnny has Cameron suck his cock before blowing a hot load all over his face!"

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Daddysworkplace-top Daddysworkplace-bottom

Daddy's Workplace

Daddy's Workplace Part 4

Featuring Brad Kalvo, Cameron Kincade, Johnny Forza, Matthew Ryder and Tom Faulk
Jizz Orgy at

October 22, 2014

"It is Matthew Ryder’s lucky day because he finally gets to go with his daddy to the construction site. Brad is showing his son around the worksite when he sees one of his workers, Tom Faulk, smoking. Brad tosses Tom’s cigarette, and Tom responds by reaching for his big dick right in front of Brad’s son! In the first part of the series, Brad teaches Tom a lesson by drilling is bad boy ass. In part two, Matthew Ryder is distraught when he realizes his daddy is fucking his crew, but luckily Cameron Kincade is there to lend more than just an ear. Cameron relieves Matthew of some stress by jackhammering his boss’ son’s tight hole! In the third part of the series, Brad asks Johnny Forza to show Matthew around the worksite. Johnny assures Brad that he’ll take good care of his son who wants to learn everything there is to know. Johnny gives Matthew a lesson in taking a horny dick deep in his ass, and then has the newbie bounce his cute ass on his hot cock. The finale to this series is a construction site fantasy brought to life! Matthew has had enough of his dad’s antics, and shows him that he’s not the only one who can use all the tools in his belt. This turns into a hot five way orgy filled with incredible construction site fucking!"

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Daddy's Workplace

Daddy's Workplace Part 2

Featuring Cameron Kincade and Matthew Ryder
Drill My Hole at

October 8, 2014

Daddy's Workplace Part 2 Featuring Cameron Kincade and Matthew Ryder

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Cameron Kincade and Landon Conrad

"My Old Jersey"

Cameron Kincade and Landon Conrad
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

July 10, 2015

"Landon and Cameron are catching up on old times talking about the good ol days when they use to hook up all the time. Cameron shows Landon his jersey that he has kept over the years after they broke up so he could use it to have his smell with him at all times. Landon was very surprised that he had it and had forgotten all about it. Cameron starts to smell Landon and pulls him in close as they begin to kiss and rekindle the fire between them. You can see the excitement on Cameron's face as Landon sucks his cock and ball like back in the day. Cameron repays the favor with his deep throating skills that he uses only on Landon. They both are just too excited to keep sucking cock so Landon fucks him just like he remembers it and Cameron loves the dick deep inside him as he grinds Landon. He can't hold it in no longer so Landon releases his warm load over Cameron's sexy chest. Enjoy!"

WATCH My Old Jersey Featuring Cameron Kincade and Landon Conrad

Cameron Kincade and Landon Conrad

Cameron Kincade and Landon Conrad

Cameron Kincade and Landon Conrad

Cameron Kincade and Landon Conrad

Cameron Kincade and Landon Conrad

Cameron Kincade and Landon Conrad

Cameron Kincade and Landon Conrad

Cameron Kincade and Landon Conrad Cameron Kincade and Landon Conrad

Cameron Kincade and Landon Conrad Cameron Kincade and Landon Conrad

Trophy Husband

Featuring Cameron Kincade and Trenton Ducati
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

September 16, 2014

"Trenton Ducati is enjoying the good life while his hubby works all day long. During the days Trenton likes to bask in the sun and hang out by the pool. Cameron on the other hand is at work throughout the day and when he arrives he notices that Trenton is nowhere to be found but Cameron has a good idea where he is. Cameron heads to the backyard where Trenton is laid out in swim trunks taking in the sun. Cameron's mad at first considering he is the bread winner and, well Trenton, he's just the trophy. Trenton calms him down and begins to kiss him and they take the action inside where Trenton treats his sugar daddy to some nice ass and cock sucking. Cameron is all about that ass and mouth and it's all his to do with as he pleases. Trenton bends his sweet ass over and lets Cameron fuck him deep and hard. The two lovers make every second count as they suck and fuck until both their loads are dumped onto Trenton - he eats his own and Cameron repays the favor by licking up his load as well. Enjoy!"

WATCH Trophy Husband Featuring Cameron Kincade and Trenton Ducati















A Bottom In Need

Featuring Cameron Kincade and Mike Gaite
Pride Studios / Men Over 30

August 19, 2014

"Cameron Kincade is passed out in his bed after some long hours at his demanding job. Mike Gaite has just finished his shower and was hoping to get laid considering it has been weeks since Cameron coughed up any dick. Mike begins to wake up Cameron complaining about the lack of sex and the much needed loving that needs to happen. Cameron who is still shaking the sand out of his eyes tells Mike not to worry and lets him know that he's naked under the covers and ready for a nice blow. Mike horny and very eager pushes the blankets down and wraps his mouth around the cock he's been fantasizing about for so long. These two hairy sexy chested men are amazing kissers with an appetite for pleasing one another. Mike rides that dick to the bitter end clinching his fine ass as he rides the cock up and down. Cameron gives his lover the much needed attention he's been craving all week long and in the end the hot creamy cum makes it all worth the wait. Enjoy!"

WATCH A Bottom In Need Featuring Cameron Kincade and Mike Gaite















An Intimate Thank You

Cameron Kincade and Matt Stevens
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

October 29, 2013

"Beefy tasty Matt is back with us getting his grove on with sexy stud Cameron. Cameron has a major foot fetish and just can't get enough of Matt's sexy feet. He licks, sucks and basically makes some sweet love to them manly feet. Alpha male Matt takes full control of this man and uses every available hole to his bidding. Cum watch some hot sexy feet action with a dab of rimming and some sexy fucking to top it all off. Enjoy!"

WATCH An Intimate Thank You Featuring Cameron Kincade and Matt Stevens

Taking a Load Off

Featuring Isaac Hardy and Cameron Kincade
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

July 16, 2013

"Isaac Hardy & Cameron Kincade have been working hard all day, moving Cameron's stuff into his new place. They're almost done, but fatigue is kicking both their asses. Isaac suggests they rest for a while, maybe take a nap. Cameron's tired too, but he has a different idea to perk them up!

When Isaac hears Cameron say he's horny, Isaac decides some sexy fun is just the thing to revitalize them. He pulls his big, fat dick out for Cameron's sucking pleasure. Cameron loves getting to bob deep on large cocks. Isaac is happy to accommodate. He's even taking time to smack that hard boner on Cameron's happy face. Then Isaac is returning the favor by slurping passionately on Cameron's thick rod. Then he's bending Cameron over to have a few licks of his tender ass before fucking it. Watch Isaac pound Cameron's tight hole with his enormous dong in this incredibly hot, midday encounter. Enjoy!"

WATCH Taking a Load Off Featuring Isaac Hardy and Cameron Kincade

The Interview

Featuring Cameron Kincade and Brian Bonds
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

January 17, 2013

"Brian Bonds is here this week on and he is gonna be one happy camper as we welcome him to the MenOver30-by-injection club. We've paired this sexy 24yo ginger from Arkansas with hottie Cameron Kincade. Brian has come in for an interview and when Cameron comes out to greet him he realizes Brian's shown up in shorts, flip-flops and a cut off tee. "Is this how you normally dress for interviews" Cameron muses as Brian assures him it just shows "character". As Cameron shows Brian how he's dressed and how slacks and a dress shirt are more appropriate, Brian spots a bulge in his pants. That's all he needs as he goes in for the kiss as his hands grab his cock. They start to make out as Brian goes south to ace the oral portion of this interview. He undoes those pants and soon has Cameron's cock buried down his throat. Brian works that cock with ease as Cameron just revels in the sensation. Brian then gets up and drops his shorts giving Cameron something to work on as Cameron eagerly returns the favor. Brian gladly fucks his handsome face as Cameron slobbers all over that hard cock. Brian then turns around and gives Cameron's tongue something else to work on. Cameron slips that tongue deep inside that ass as he works Brian's boner. Brian bucks that ass back onto Cameron's face wanting that tongue as deep as he can get it. "You wanna fuck that ass?" Brian teases as Cameron works that hole. Cameron then gets Brian on his back and slides that cock into that wet hole, missionary. He slams in easily as he starts to fuck that ass as Brian begs for more. More is what he'll get as Cameron gets him on his feet so he can bend him over the chaise and slam that cock back up that ass for some doggy. Brian's ass is getting a work out but his won't be the only one as Brian turns the tables and gets Cameron on his back. He slides his cock into that ass as he sucks and licks his toes sending Cameron into orbit. Missionary has Brian's cock pounding Cameron just right and soon both are busting their thick loads all over Cameron's delicious cock and abs. Well, someone's getting hired!"

WATCH The Interview Featuring Cameron Kincade and Brian Bonds


Featuring Cameron Kincade
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

January 3, 2013

"Cameron Kincade is back on MenOver30 after a while and looking better than ever. It's bright and early as the smell of coffee wakes Cameron. He heads to the kitchen in his boxers to grab a cup as his morning wood reaches the counter before he does. Coffee in hand, Cameron slips his hand inside his boxers to give his cock a good morning hello. Soon the coffee is on the counter and both hands are on dick. He rubs his wood through his boxers as the head peaks out of his fly. He pulls it out and wraps his fist around it as he starts to jack his cock off dry. His cock is at grateful as it proudly stands at attention. He pulls on the shaft and releases it watching it spring back up. He pulls his smooth balls out of his fly next not wanting to leave them out as he gives them some love as well. The boxers soon hug his ankles as he gets serious about that hard on. He sighs softly as his hand strokes his cock and the other rubs his hairy chest and abs. Cameron has a sexy hairy chest and you can tell he takes really good care of his body. He watches that cock as he lubes it up and continues to give it the attention it's been wanting all morning. Cameron then goes to the couch and bends over it to give his cock some more stimulation. He pulls apart his hairy cheeks and shows off that hot ass as his finger slips inside. He fingers that hot hole as he continues milking his cock. There aren't any bad angles on this chiseled stud. He sits back and continues jerking off his hard cock and soon those balls are ready to blow. He stands up and busts his thick nut all over the leather below. His orgasm sends shivers up his spine as he braces and milks his cock dry. 2013 is looking amazing already!"

WATCH Kincum Featuring Cameron Kincade


Wel-Cum Wagon

Featuring Cameron Kincade & Brock Russell
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

January 26, 2012

"Brock Russell is back and here to help us welcome a new member by the name of Cameron Kincade. Cameron is a recent addition to the MenOver30 crew having recently turned 30 and is originally from New Jersey. Brock is now 38 and he's from Provincetown. We asked these two if they could recommend a book for a friend taking a long flight. Brock would recommend a book by Clive Cussler or James Lee Burke. For Cameron he would recommend Less than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis because it epitomizes the lifestyle he tries to lead yet knows it may not be the best to strive for. We then changed it up and asked if they were on the long flight who they would want to sit next to. Brock would want to sit next to his real life boyfriend, Mr. Johnson, whom I'm sure would make that flight breeze by. Cameron wishes he could meet a mysterious stranger on that flight that would turn out to be 'the one'. However he hasn't as of yet so he'd willing to settle for Oprah because she seems pretty cool. Well neither of these boys care to be Mile High Members so were gonna keep the fucking right here in our studios. All systems GO; it looks like we're ready and cleared to film. So, buckle up, boys...Cameron is on his laptop when Brock comes in and introduces himself as his new neighbor. They chit chat a bit before Cameron asks him if he's living alone or has a Mrs. Russell. Brock assures him he lives alone because he liked sucking dick better than his x-fiancee. Cameron tells Brock that he's single as well because he hasn't found anyone that can suck good dick. Brock's suddenly happy he stopped by as he goes in for a kiss. Brock's tongue explores Cameron's smooth chest on his way south as Cam stands to give him full access to that growing dick of his. Brock hauls it out and gets his lips around it as he starts to service his new neighbor. He swallows that dick to the hilt as he runs his tongue along the shaft and smooth balls. Cameron then pulls Brock to his feet so he can make out some more then head south to return the favor. Brock's cock is rock hard by the time Cameron wraps his lips around it. Brock fucks that sexy face as his balls slap away at Cameron's chin. They take turns going back and forth on each other's cocks til Cameron's tongue finds a new target-Brock's ass. Cameron eats that ass out deep getting Brock's cock hard as a rock and ready for more.Brock lies on the floor as Cameron sits on his hard cock. It takes a few seconds to get that cock inside; but once it feels right Cameron starts to ride it. He leans back and braces himself on the floor as he starts to bounce that hole on Brock's hard cock. He fucks himself deep as Brock lays back and enjoys. Brock then sits up and helps bounce Cameron on his meat before pulling out and getting on his back to give Cameron some ass of his own. Cameron suits up and slides his hard cock deep into Brock's bubble but as he starts to fuck that ass missionary. They make out as Cameron slows it down a notch fucking that hole nice and slow. Cameron then gets Brock on his knees and pushes him over the chair and goes at that ass doggy style. He holds Brock by the waist and rails into his hole deeper and harder as Brock takes that dick like a champ. Cameron pulls out and shoots his load all over Brock's smooth ass. Brock starts to beat his hard cock off as Cameron gets on the floor wanting a front row seat to the cream works. Cameron rubs his face all over Brock's knob as Brock unloads his thick nut all over Cameron's face. Apparently this welcome package came with a piping hot facial. Ooooh, Gooody!"


What's UP, Doc?

Featuring Doc Rock & Cameron Kincade
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

October 20, 2011

"Is there a Doctor in the house? This week we welcome back Doc Rock who is looking leaner than usual. Well we're not about to complain and neither is this weeks new addition Cameron Kincade. Cameron is finally 30 and he's from Orlando, FL. We're happy to have him join the club. For those of you unfamiliar with Doc, he's married and originally from New Jersey. We wondered when the last time these two were caught off guard. Doc was recently caught off guard sitting at a Johnny Rockets on Lincoln Rd, a local pedestrian mall, when a guy walked by wearing nothing but a necklace. Cameron had a similar experience only his involved two naked homeless people going at it behind a dumpster. Orlando is crazy like that. We then asked them where they wanted to retire to since they are already in Florida the Mecca of retirement. Doc wouldn't mind retiring here while Cameron would be ok here as well if not maybe Hawaii or Fiji. To wrap up we wondered who they've most jacked off to fantasizing about. Doc jacks off to many different situations and doesn't have a favorite. Cameron admits his neighbor across the street mows his lawn without a shirt on and that gets him off plenty. Doc is flexing for Cameron who is admiring his guns and ripped abs. Admiration turns to appreciation as Cameron starts to lick on Doc's pecs and nips. Doc starts to strip Cameron to see what he's packing. Cameron's shirt comes off as Doc starts to lick his smooth, lean frame. They start to make out as their hands explore the other. Cameron slips south as he pulls Doc's cock out of his briefs and goes to work on it. Doc moans his approval as he helps bob Cameron's head on his throbbing meat. Cameron is totally into Doc's defined body and he does his best to make that dick feel good as he kneels to work it some more. They stand as they continue to make out, rubbing their cocks together for a bit before Doc gets on his knees to return the favor. Doc starts to nurse on that meat as it grows in his mouth. Cameron loves the way Doc sucks that hard cock and Doc couldn't be happier to do it as he shoves that dick so deep it makes him gag on it.Cameron then bends Doc over and gets that ass wet as he shoves his tongue inside. He spreads that beefy ass wide as he tongue fucks him deep. Once that hole is nice and wet, Cameron stands and slides his hard cock inside. Doc's ass gives way as Cameron buries his dick all the way in. He starts fucking that ass doggy style as Doc moans in ecstasy. Cameron looks down and watches as his cock disappears into that muscular ass. He fucks him harder getting that ass used to his hard cock. Cameron then gets Doc in position so he can pile drive that ass. He gets in position as Doc holds his massive legs in the air and starts to bounce up and down into that tight hole. Cameron's never fucked ass in this position but loves how deep he's able to shove his cock. He bounces up and down into that hole faster and faster as Doc jacks his hard cock off. As they get closer, Cameron moves them over to the chair where he pounds Doc's ass missionary making him shoot all over himself. Cameron pulls out and blows his load all over Doc's cum soaked abs."





















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