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The Repairman

Featuring Bravo Delta and Seth Knight

January 3, 2017

"Bravo Delta is a handy and sexy repairman working at the lavish home of Seth Night. Frustrated at not being able to resolve the connection problems with the chandelier, he heads out seeking out the owner to discuss his options. As he wanders to the bathroom, he peers through the slightly ajar door, ogling over the striking Seth Night lounging in the majestic tub. Seth notices him and immediately reaches down to his submerged cock. Bravo responds by unzipping his overalls and opening the door slightly wider. He starts to stroke his man meat when Seth says “I was waiting for you.” The homeowner invites Bravo into the bathroom. He extends his body forward and reaches beyond the tub’s edge to passionately kiss the hairy lumber-sexual stud. Bravo peels off his overalls and Seth dives for the jock’s thick and stiff dick. Sucking and deep throating his hired hand, Seth mouths the 8-incher before serving up his own tool for some needed attention. Now naked, Bravo enters the tub, kneels down and sucks on his groaning employer’s equally stiff dick. In turn, Seth kneels down doggy style in the water while Bravo’s tongue makes it way in between those pristine cheeks. Chewing out a guy’s butt hole with a hairy beard obviously providing a bit of added excitement. Moments later, Bravo comes up for air and drives his hefty tool into Seth tight but hungry butt hole. Few words actually interrupt the flow of successive moans and groans, but the air is steaming with desire. From a doggy style position, Bravo leans back to sit on the edge of the tub, leaving ample room for Seth to hunker down and set his tight hole onto Delta’s massive butt-ripping prick. Seth rides Bravo’s dick like this is the last time he has sex before he dies. To vary things up a bit, the guys switch places and Seth sets his back on the tub’s edge so Bravo can just rams into his hungry hole. Bravo’s rhythmic fucking eventually has its intended effect and Seth unloads a hefty batch of spunk on himself and around the tub. Bravo, in turn, pulls out and ramps up to shoot his load, spitting it all over Seth’s stomach. When Bravo says “Alright, I’ve gotta finish..."

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Ass Fiends, Scene 1

Bravo Delta and Josh Conners
Hot House

March 24, 2016

"Hung stud Bravo Delta and sexy Josh Conners interlock tongues intensely, causing major bulges in their skin-tight jockstraps. They're way into each other, and their packed pouches show it. To further excite Bravo, Josh turns around and grabs his ankles. Bravo wastes no time sliding his massive, rock-hard cock up against Josh's bare hole. Moving to a bench, Josh hikes his leg up to give Bravo instant access to his eager ass. Bravo is an 'Ass Fiend', and he wants more. He maneuvers Josh face down and digs his tongue even deeper in a sopping wet 69. Bravo prepares Josh's ass for his fat cock by massaging his hole with a giant manrammer as he edges his own meat. Bravo quickly switches from the toy cock to his own, pinning Josh down and pounding him hard. They switch to multiple positions until Josh climaxes and shoots his load while Bravo is pumping him from underneath. Bravo finishes by spraying all over Josh's bubble butt."

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Hot House: Towel Off

Towel Off, Scene 3

Bravo Delta and Gabriel Cross
Hot House

January 28, 2016

"Fresh from his workout, sexy Bravo Delta hits the showers. Stunning Gabriel Cross is just arriving and can't keep his eyes off the hairy hunk playing with his stiff cock in the shower. Gabriel sets his phone to record the hunk as he finishes washing off. As he's dressing out, Bravo approaches him and drops his towel to reveal his hefty endowment. Without hesitation, Gabriel drops to his knees and services Bravo with a sopping wet hummer. Things heat up when Gabriel clears the bench and sends his hole sky-high for Bravo to bury his face in. Once Gabriel's willing hole is loosened up, Bravo shoves his legs back and plows his meat deep into Gabriel's ass. They switch positions to an anal stretching reverse cowboy fuck where Gabriel bounces until he explodes cum all over Bravo's hairy torso. Gabriel hits his knees one last time to take a blast from Bravo's cock, straight to his face."

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Dicklicious, Scene 1

Aarin Asker and Bravo Delta
Raging Stallion Studios | Hard Friction

August 5, 2016

"The craving for cock brings hairy Bravo Delta face to face with tall, tan Aarin Asker. Bravo's thick beard, dark body hair, and massive cock are all prominently on display. Aarin's firm ass, plump nipples, and hairy chest are irresistible, and Bravo rubs his hands along Aarin's muscled body. They kiss, beards rubbing together, tongues touching, and then Aarin goes down to get a taste of Bravo's mouthwatering meat. Spit drips down Aarin's furry pecs as he uses his saliva to lube up Bravo's tasty cock. Bravo leans back and invites Aarin to sit on his face, pushing his tongue deep into Aaron's hairy crack. With his hole lubed, Aarin sits on Bravo's throbbing boner. Thrusting from below, Bravo drives his girthy shaft deep in Aarin's fuckhole. Jerking his cock, Aarin flexes his muscular legs and slams his ass down on Bravo's schlong. They switch to missionary, Aarin throwing a leg up over Bravo's shoulder for maximum penetration, his hole stretching as wide as it can to accommodate Bravo's thick dick. The hair on Aarin's ass clings to Bravo's cock every time he pulls out. The pressure on Aarin's prostate pushes him over the edge, shooting his cum across his furry legs and stomach. Bravo strokes himself until he explodes with a giant load that drenches Aarin's cock with thick spunk."

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Dick Moves, Scene 2

Bravo Delta and Brian Bonds
Raging Stallion Studios | Monster Bang

November 20, 2015

"Bravo Delta plays a prank on his asshole boss, Brian Bonds, by sprinkling the seat of the office toilet with apple juice. Thinking he sat in piss, Brian is irate with Bravo and demands he be licked clean. Bravo is quick to obey, and his beard provides an extra tickle when his tongue probes the deep center of Brian's hole. Once Brian's ass is loosened, he offers Bravo his cock, getting a slurping blow job. Bravo sends Brian into vocal overdrive by running his tongue in long sweeps from the tip of Brian's cock to his crack. Bravo gets sucked in return, leaving his dick ready to fuck. He grabs Brian's shoulders and positions his cock. Entry is slow, to give Brian the maximum effect of being plowed by Bravo's fat dickhead. Then all the way out and back in, repeatedly, making Brian's eyes roll in ecstasy. A position change leaves Brian sitting on Bravo's cock, reverse cowboy. He pulls Bravo's cock out of him, cums all over it, then stuffs it back in and rides until Bravo slaps his big round ass as a signal he's about to cum -- right in Brian's open mouth."

WATCH Dick Moves, Scene 2 Starring Bravo Delta and Brian Bonds

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