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Warehouse Meeting

Featuring Andrew Stark and Enrique Romo
The Gay Office at

October 23, 2013

"Andrew Stark and his colleague Enrique Romo like to fuck but to do it at the office it requires some good location scouting. Andrew finds an empty truck in the warehouse and a rendez-vous is setup. This is Enrique's first scene with MEN.COM and he gets pounded hard by Andrew's huge cock!"

WarehouseMeetingTGO02 0049

0043 WarehouseMeetingTGO04

WarehouseMeetingTGO03 0040











Gay Creeps Alex Vaara and Mario Romo

"College Roommates Sex Scandle"

Alex Vaara and Mario Romo
Gay Room | Gay Creeps

December 20, 2011

Alex Vaara and Mario Romo in "College Roommates Sex Scandle" from Gay Creeps at

Gay Creeps Alex Vaara and Mario Romo

Gay Creeps Alex Vaara and Mario Romo

Gay Creeps Alex Vaara and Mario Romo

Gay Creeps Alex Vaara and Mario Romo

Gay Creeps Alex Vaara and Mario Romo

Gay Creeps Alex Vaara and Mario Romo

Gay Creeps Alex Vaara and Mario Romo

Gay Creeps Alex Vaara and Mario Romo

Gay Creeps Alex Vaara and Mario Romo

Gay Creeps Alex Vaara and Mario Romo

Gay Creeps Alex Vaara and Mario Romo

Gay Creeps Alex Vaara and Mario Romo

Gay Creeps Alex Vaara and Mario Romo

Gay Creeps Alex Vaara and Mario Romo

Throb, Scene 2

JR Bronson and Enrique Romo
Raging Stallion Studios

August 20, 2013

"JR Bronson ought to be a statue: a deep chest narrowing to a thin waist, flaring out to rock-hard convex buns. He’s a lean slab of muscled male potency and desire. Enrique Romo, smooth from earlobes to ankles, has his lips are pressed firmly against JR’s. When those lips part, Enrique slips a flickering tongue into JR’s mouth. Lower down, each man is stroking the other’s erection. Enrique’s heavy, curved cock slides easily into JR’s square jaw. Suction hollows JR’s cheeks and with a bit of thrusting from Enrique, JR makes this giant cock vanish. Enrique’s hands go directly to JR’s ass. As Enrique palms and caresses the individual butt cheeks, he slyly slips a finger into the moist hole. His tongue follows, and the combination of hard and soft, dry and wet, probing JR’s ass leaves him calling out for more. He gets it on his back, missionary style and in the crab position, which allows JR to control the fucking speed, intensity and depth — not to mention showcasing a stellar set of abs that will soon be splattered with JR’s jism. JR’s exertions take Enrique over the edge, and he blasts his load onto JR’s face."

Mario Romo and Asa Shaw

"The Storm Part 3: Post-Apocalyptic Sex"

Mario Romo and Asa Shaw
Helix Studios

June 19, 2013

"In the post-apocalyptic wasteland sex is just about the only way to keep busy and when the super sexy Asa Shaw begins undressing hot stud Mario Romo he can't help but get turned on. Asa eagerly fits Mario's huge beer can dick all the way down his throat, bends over and lets him bury his cock deep inside his tight little boy hole. Both Asa and Mario finish things off by blowing their loads all over Asa's chest."

Mario Romo and Asa Shaw

Mario Romo and Asa Shaw

Mario Romo and Asa Shaw

Mario Romo and Asa Shaw

Mario Romo and Asa Shaw
Dean Monroe and Mario Romo

Dean Monroe and Mario Romo

June 12, 2012

"Mario Romo eggs on Dean Monroe to blow him in the shipping area. Dean is worried they'll be caught, but Mario's THICK cock is very convincing. Dean goes down on Mario and sure enough someone tries to walk in the room. Mario tells them to come back later and Dean continues to slurp down Mario's meat. Dean stands up and Mario gets right to business, sliding Dean's dick down his throat. Dean spins around and kicks a leg up so Mario can eat his pink hole. Mario licks Dean's ass while Dean fingers himself, priming it for Mario's huge cock. Mario eases himself in and begins pounding Dean. Mario wants Dean's cock in him, too. Dean sits so Mario can go for a ride. After a long ride the guys flop again. Dean lays back and Mario buries his boner deep inside Dean's ass. Dean says Mario's cock is "perfect" and he winds up cumming while still getting hammered. Mario cums shortly thereafter all over Dean's beautiful cock."

Dean Monroe and Mario Romo

Dean Monroe and Mario Romo

Dean Monroe and Mario Romo

Dean Monroe and Mario Romo

Dean Monroe and Mario Romo

Dean Monroe and Mario Romo
Mario Romo & Marko Lebeau

Mario Romo & Marko Lebeau

May 11, 2012

"Bedroom-eyed Marko Lebeau hooks up with BIG-dicked Mario Romo. Mario whips out his schwanz and Marko drops down and goes to town giving him a sloppy BJ. Marko can barely fit Mario's thick cock in his mouth! Mario makes sure to give Marko plenty of oral attention too, deep throating Marko's uncut cock. It's Marko's hairy hole that Mario really wants and Marko is happy to give it up to him. Mario tongues Marko's ass, prepping it for the ride of his life! On all fours, Marko spreads to receive Mario's massive pole. His furry bottom gobbles it up with ease as Mario pounds him fast and hard. Once Mario is done fucking, he kneels over Marko, beating his meat. Marko is the first to cum and shoots all over his furry stomach. Mario soon paints Marko's chest white with a load of his own."

Mario Romo & Marko Lebeau

Mario Romo & Marko Lebeau

Mario Romo & Marko Lebeau

Mario Romo & Marko Lebeau

Mario Romo & Marko Lebeau

Mario Romo & Marko Lebeau

Mario Romo & Marko Lebeau Mario Romo & Marko Lebeau

Mario Romo & Marko Lebeau Mario Romo & Marko Lebeau
Mario Romo & Jake

Mario Romo & Jake

April 13, 2012

"I'm here with my new friend Mario Romo and not only is he hot, he is PACKING. I make sure to get a good look at those bedroom eyes, adorable dimples and kissable lips before heading downstairs to whip out his ginormous prick. His cock is THICK. Hotter yet, Mario doesn't trim his pubes and he has a full crop. I love em' natural and it's so hard to find nowadays. Mario gets so worked up from me sucking down his cock and eating his ass that he turns the tables and goes down on me! Mario is as prolific a cock-sucker as he is a kisser. I loved feeling him on top of me, rubbing and kissing. We take turns sucking and then 69 each other before I lay back and get comfortable for Mario to cum all over my face. He jerks himself off wildly above my head and gives me quite the mouthful of warm juice. He bends down and kisses his sweet cum from my lips and then settles in next to me on the couch. Kissing Mario is all I need to blow my own load onto my belly."









Mario Romo

April 9, 2012

"Here's a solo session you won't soon forget. He's in the gym, pumping up and blowing off some much built up steam. Join him as he gets a nice swell going in every muscle in his body, including his fat cock! Mario keeps it very spicy, speaking in Spanish while he pleasures himself. His passion and intensity jumps right out of the scene. But be warned, this amazing hunk is muy caliente! Enjoy!"


The Latin Tongue

Featuring Marcus Mojo & Mario Romo
Next Door Studios | Marcus Mojo

December 30, 2011

"It seems our Marcus Mojo is planning a vacation in Mexico. His to do list includes parasailing, bungee jumping, partying, and...oh yeah...getting laid! The only problem is Marcus doesn't know a lick of Spanish. He's enlisted the help of his Latin friend, Mario Romo. Mario's first language is Spanish and he can't wait to help his friend learn. Things are going great during the lesson, but Mario's finding it difficult to concentrate with such a smoking hot student!

Marcus can sense Mario's attraction. When Mario hears that Marcus is interested in finding some hot guys during his trip to Mexico, he takes the opportunity to give Marcus another kind of lesson!

Watch Marcus suck Mario's fat, Latin cock as Mario enjoys the hottest dude he's ever had the privilege of teaching. Then Marcus is taking a caliente pounding from this sexy teacher. Get ready for a spicy taste of sizzling action! Enjoy!"

WATCH Marcus Mojo & Mario Romo in The Latin Tongue

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17206_053 17206_056











Ryan Cummings, Rick Romo, and Joey Rico

December 18, 2015

"Ryan Cummings cum filled hole is barebacked by Bodybuilders Rick Romo and Joey Rico. These hung studs know how to make Ryan cum over and over. They take no mercy as they fuck raw loads out of his ass. Ryan begs for his mouth and ass to be fucked at the same time and these young studs oblige. One raw cock isn't enough for Ryan so Joey and Rick double fuck his hole. His cum filled ass is so wet both cocks slide right in. Ryan continues to clean off cocks every time they leave his ass. He doesn't want any cum to go the waste. Rick and Joey can't hold off and they both breed Ryan. We lost count how many times Ryan cums."




Full_06 Full_07

Full_08 Full_09

Full_12 Full_13

Ty Dylan and Rick Romo

October 4, 2013

"Ty Dylan shows Rick Romo what a hot sensual lover can do. The connection between these two is undeniable. Ty can't get enough of Rick tight hole. Watch Ty bury his thick load in Rick's round, bubble ass over and over again!"

Rick Romo & Nick

September 20, 2013

"Did two covers of GQ come to life and start fucking? Latin hottie, Rick Romo, bottoms for the dreamy white boy, Nick, in this intense one-on-one scene. See Rick's barely-used hole gobble up Nick's yummy rod and creamy load."

Rick Romo & Logan Stevens

January 18, 2013

"Rick bends Logan over and begins tonguing and fingering Logan's furry blonde ass, getting his cock nice and hard. Rick starts fucking Logan's face as hard as he can, and then throws him on his back and begins the process of slowly inching his massively-thick cock into the bottom's insides and then starts pounding away. The pleasure is so great for the bottom, that as soon as Rick wraps his lips around his cock, he begins uncontrollably gushing warm cum out of his perfect thick cock. Rick gets on his knees and starts sucking the cummy juices off of Logan's dick and gets so turned on, it inspires him to sit on his fat cock, taking it deep inside his ass. Logan then pulls out a massive black dildo and rams it into the willing ass of Rick, and then climbs up on the table and fucks the dildo into his own hole. Now ass-to-ass, the two begin fucking the massive tool into each other's hole, as they moan out in pain and pleasure."



September 8, 2010

"Francisco is a young and energetic. He’s very charming with a cute set of dimples and a sweet smile. He’s a little on the shy side but opened up quite a bit once he got comfortable. After spending some time with him, he shared a lot of his passions in life.

“What are you most passionate about?”

“Actually about sports.”

“Yeah, what’s your favorite sport?”


“Really. Do you cycle yourself?”

“Yes I do, every day.”

“So, you’re a cyclist, you must have a pretty amazing ass... is this true?”

“Well, I would like to say yes, but I don’t know,” he said being very bashful about it.

I’d say he is correct — he does have a nice ass. His most impressive asset, though is his massive, thick, uncut cock. It's beer-can thick!

Francisco Francisco
Francisco & Jess

Francisco & Jess

September 18, 2010

"It’s a sure bet that Jess has a hard time hiding his hard-on when he’s dressed. The same can be said for Francisco. It can also be said that they both show a lot of energy when they put their hard-ons to use. I was excited to see what would happen when I put them both together.

Francisco was a little less shy this time. He looked excited for the challenge. And let’s face it, Jess’ cock would be a challenge for anyone. But I also thought it would be a challenge for Jess to handle the amount of passion that Francisco had shown in his first video.

“You’re being awfully quiet...” I said to Francisco.

“Oh, sorry about that. I’m kinda shy.”

“Are you saving up for later or what?”

“Yeah... I get really into it sometimes,” he replied.

“You have lots of energy...Are you going to do the same today?”

Jess jumped in with a huge smile on his face, “I’ll make sure he makes some noise.”

Francisco glanced over at Jess... “I’m in trouble.”

Calvin & Francisco

Calvin & Francisco

October 8, 2010

Whenever I get two guys together, I’m immediately interested to see what kind of chemistry they’ll have. Will they be flirtatious or competitive? Will one be more aggressive? Funny enough, when I got Calvin and Francisco together, I found out that it was an excellent combination of all the above.

Calvin has one of the easiest attitudes — he’s always up for anything. It didn’t take Francisco, who’s always a little shy at first, very long at all to warm up to him after they met.

Calvin eased the air with a few jokes and some friendly conversation then flexed his biceps to show Francisco his guns. Quick to catch on, Francisco smiled, dropped his pants, turned right around and squeezed his ass cheeks figuring that would definitely get a rise out of Calvin. Well, he plays the game well, because Calvin’s boner was visible through his jeans.

Francisco may be smaller in stature than Calvin, but he’s big where it counts. His cock is monster thick and I wasn’t even sure if Calvin would be able to fit the thing in his mouth. Surprisingly he did, but not without having to break away for some air a time or two.

And, while Francisco may be the more shy, reserved one in person, he’s probably the most verbal bottom I’ve ever heard. The harder, deeper and faster Calvin went, the louder Francisco got. Calvin even joked about it afterwards!"