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ALIASES: Dorian Grey, Frank Castle, Gram, Matt Murdock, Pat Bateman, Patrick Bateman, Steve
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Landon Nash

HEIGHT 6' 2", 187.9 cm
WEIGHT 189 lbs., 85.9 kg
EYES Brown
HAIR Brown
LENGTH 7.5 inches, 19.1 cm
GIRTH 5.5 inches, 14.0 cm
HAIRY Not at all
SIGN Aries
BOXERS Boxer briefs
BRIEFS Sometimes
CHEST 44 in, 111.8 cm
BICEP 15.5 in, 39.4 cm
QUADS 24 in, 61.0 cm

ORAL Enjoy both giving and receiving
ACTIVITY I am open to most things
FAVORITE LOCATION A cozy cabin in the mountains
LICK My balls please

HOBBY Fast cars
PROFESSION Help manage a small family business
Fast Food Chipotle
BEST FEATURES Arms and shoulder

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14 30


A College Boy's Dream

Derrek Diamond and Frank Castle
Kink | Bound Gods

April 23, 2009

"Sexy Frank Castle is a hardworking college student. He's tired from doing his homework and takes a break to look at some bondage porn online. Frank comes across pictures of the bound Derrek Diamond, and when he begins to fantasize, the studly hunk suddenly appears in his room. Frank tries out some flogging and ass-spanking, which gets his dick hard. He uses Derrek throughout the evening. Finally, Frank ties up Derrek and fucks him hard on his bed."



















Gram & Slade: Wrapped

August 8, 2008

"Ouch! This is a long video.

I notice these videos creep up to the 25 minute mark (and almost 300 megs) when the models are taking their time and bringing the action up from a slow simmer to a full on boil!

And Slade takes his time with Gram. Lots of caressing, and ass eating (I popped a boner or two editing the hot to watch!). You even get to watch Gram's cock spring to life from Slade's blow job.

And the fucking is amazing. Slade is not normally a bottom. I've promised him to find a dude for him to fuck so he can redeem himself as a Top! But before I started shooting, I told Slade I really wanted some good close-up shots of fucking. He really went to all sorts of acrobatics to make sure you are part of the action!

I watch this video and wonder at how he stayed up on top like he does. It's cool and shows that a more mature guy knows what he is doing!

And again, I think this is just an amazing cumshot.

Slade takes it in the face, eating a glob or two of DNA. Then he sucks the last bit out, cum oozing down the side of his face, and then busting his own nut while the last little bit goes down his throat. It really is worth the long download to watch it...over and over and over again!

Anyway, enjoy these two hot muscle guys, and though Gram, who was supposedly "exclusive" to my site, this will be his last appearance here. So enjoy his true first time fucking a dude."










Gram: Serviced

May 28, 2008

Comments from Bryan:

"I had Gram approach this Serviced video like he was getting a massage. He quickly relaxed and zoned into "massaged" mode. He's a another dude that didn't ever look at the video playing, but just slid on back and enjoyed the feelings.

It was fun trying to make this double-barreled dick dude try to cum. He was one of those guys that when I saw him do his solo I was certain I could keep him on the edge. His jack-off technique is similar to my own and knew to concentrate on his head.

I did a little different camera work, holding up the camera during some of the shoot. I like the effect, even if it is a little Blair Witch Porn. I think I will try doing it in other vids, but figure out a better way to stabilize the camera. It's very POV and ya almost get the sense of yourself jacking him off. Enjoy!"










Gram: Solo

May 19, 2008

"Gram is a typical straight guy. Always on the prowl for hot girls, and he has learned the fine art of being and having a Wing Man. He and his buddy (soon on the site) both seem to tag team the ladies when they are out partying.

He has the confidence without being cocky, and despite his good looks, he has the decency to even be self- conscious. For the life of me, I can't figure out why he doesn't like his smile, but his teeth are picture perfect, and is totally endearing.

As for sex, I think he is of the high energy type and pretty sure I can talk him into a Serviced video, cuz as he said, "A mouth is a mouth" I'm pretty psyched to film it 'cuz just by watching his jack off technique, I can tell I could keep him on the edge.

We'll see. I feel obligated to impress him cuz I want to to keep him coming back for more guy on guy stuff!"


Pat Bateman BAREBACKS Blake Carson

June 9, 2009

"Blake Carson and Pat Bateman introduce themselves to the camera before showing us how they like to have bareback sex. Both have amazing bodies and huge cocks. After Blake gets Pat good and hard Pat thrusts his raw cock deep into Blake's ass. Blake moans ecstatically. With Blake on his knees we see Pat's lubed up cock slide into his ass. Pat Bateman plows Blake Carson bareback smiling at the joy his raw cock gives his fuck buddy. After a sensual break from fucking, Blake gets on his back and Pat barebacks him, thrusting deep and hard. We can see Pat Bateman getting close to orgasm right before he pulls his raw cock out and immediately shoots his load on Blake's belly. Blake Carson soon cums after stroking his cock."






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KOK Car Wash (Bareback Orgy)

Featuring Jake Wolfe, Jeremy Bilding, Leo Giamani, Park Wiley, Pat Bateman, Ryan Buckley, Shawn Hunter

March 20, 2009

"Get a glimpse of what it feels like to be on the set while 7 hot studs fuck in a bareback orgy. The setup goes like this: It's a beautiful day and Shawn Hunter, Pat Bateman, and Jake Wolfe are throwing a charity car wash for their favorite frat, Kappa Omega Kappa (KOK). Leo Giamani and Jeremy Bilding pull up and are informed that the price is negotiable and by donation only. After taking a quick look at the three hunks getting ready to clean the car, Leo gets some dirty thoughts and makes a big $100 donation.

The guys start to wash the car and goof around a bit when Jake peers inside the car and notices something else is getting polished. They swing open the doors to find Jeremy Bilding going down on Leo Giamani. Jeremy asks if they are enjoying the show and within no time all the guys are getting it on. Soon Jeremy Bilding is fucking Leo Giamani bareback. When they pop open the back hatch we see Ryan Buckley and Park Wiley 69ing. After that it's a free for all suck and bareback fuck orgy. Park Wiley takes Pat Bateman's load in his mouth while Jake Wolfe plows him with his raw cock. Jake cums on Park's back then creampies him with his dripping cock. Leo Giamani sits atop Jeremy Bilding raw cock in the passenger seat and shoots his load onto his amazing rock-hard abs.

The car is dirtier afterwards than when they started. It's covered in cum, lube and sweat. Looks like they'll have to find another car wash and another....bareback orgy."










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Pat Bateman & Derrek Diamond

February 3, 2009

"Pat Bateman's done a lot of different scenes, but never one quite like this. Here he makes his debut topping another man. After an extended blow job from Derrek, the action moves to the bed, where the temperature goes way up. Then history is made, as Derrek mounts Pat's erect cock. Pat then thumps Derrek from the rear, and the action speeds up. The climax, appropriately enough, is nearly simultaneous cum shots, that cover Derrek's abs in that sweet (or is it salty?) white stuff. Pat may never be the same again."


Pat Bateman and Rusty Stevens BAREBACK

December 19, 2008

"Pat and Rusty Stevens are all hot for each other from the get-go, sporting a pair of big ol’ hard-ons before you know it. You’ll be sporting one too as you see these two hunks go at it like animals. Then they turn into an old married couple.

Pat nearly hyperventilates when Rusty sticks his big hard cock up Pat’s ass. And Pat continues to express his “pleasure” as Rusty keeps thrusting away. (You’ve never heard such squealing!) Interestingly, Pat never loses his hard-on during this ordeal, and manages to go for a ride on Rusty’s tool without too many problems. Pat shoots first, covering Rusty’s thighs in thick cum. Rusty has the last laugh, as he cums right in Pat’s mouth. People will be talking about this scene for a long time – think of it as the first hardcore porn sitcom.













Summer Bareback Orgy

Featuring Jake Wolfe, Jeremy Bilding, Leo Giamani, Park Wiley, Pat Bateman, Ryan Buckley, Shawn Hunter

November 21, 2008

"What happens when you put 7 hot, horny guys together after a day at the pool? A Summer bareback orgy, of course. Check out Leo Giamani, Jeremy Bilding, Jake Wolfe, Pat Bateman, Shawn Hunter, Park Wiley and Ryan Buckley as they suck and fuck bareback in an orgy right out of ancient Rome.

Pat's nearly breathless when Shawn sticks it to him. The rarely fucked Jake gets thumped by Ryan. Park deep throats Jeremy, then gets fucked up the ass by Leo. Then Jeremy pumps Park, while Park sucks Leo's big cock. Park continues to take dick after dick, proving to be thoroughly gang bangable, and loving every minute of it. The ending has to be seen to be believed. It's truly amazing."

Jake Wolfe, Jeremy Bilding, Leo Giamani, Park Wiley, Pat Bateman, Ryan Buckley, Shawn Hunter

Jake Wolfe, Jeremy Bilding, Leo Giamani, Park Wiley, Pat Bateman, Ryan Buckley, Shawn Hunter

Jake Wolfe, Jeremy Bilding, Leo Giamani, Park Wiley, Pat Bateman, Ryan Buckley, Shawn Hunter

Jake Wolfe, Jeremy Bilding, Leo Giamani, Park Wiley, Pat Bateman, Ryan Buckley, Shawn Hunter

Jake Wolfe, Jeremy Bilding, Leo Giamani, Park Wiley, Pat Bateman, Ryan Buckley, Shawn Hunter

Jake Wolfe, Jeremy Bilding, Leo Giamani, Park Wiley, Pat Bateman, Ryan Buckley, Shawn Hunter

Jake Wolfe, Jeremy Bilding, Leo Giamani, Park Wiley, Pat Bateman, Ryan Buckley, Shawn Hunter

Jake Wolfe, Jeremy Bilding, Leo Giamani, Park Wiley, Pat Bateman, Ryan Buckley, Shawn Hunter

Jake Wolfe, Jeremy Bilding, Leo Giamani, Park Wiley, Pat Bateman, Ryan Buckley, Shawn Hunter

Jake Wolfe, Jeremy Bilding, Leo Giamani, Park Wiley, Pat Bateman, Ryan Buckley, Shawn Hunter Jake Wolfe, Jeremy Bilding, Leo Giamani, Park Wiley, Pat Bateman, Ryan Buckley, Shawn Hunter

Jake Wolfe, Jeremy Bilding, Leo Giamani, Park Wiley, Pat Bateman, Ryan Buckley, Shawn Hunter Jake Wolfe, Jeremy Bilding, Leo Giamani, Park Wiley, Pat Bateman, Ryan Buckley, Shawn Hunter

Jake Wolfe, Jeremy Bilding, Leo Giamani, Park Wiley, Pat Bateman, Ryan Buckley, Shawn Hunter Jake Wolfe, Jeremy Bilding, Leo Giamani, Park Wiley, Pat Bateman, Ryan Buckley, Shawn Hunter

Jake Wolfe, Jeremy Bilding, Leo Giamani, Park Wiley, Pat Bateman, Ryan Buckley, Shawn Hunter Jake Wolfe, Jeremy Bilding, Leo Giamani, Park Wiley, Pat Bateman, Ryan Buckley, Shawn Hunter

Pat Bateman Massaged

January 23, 2009

"So does surf stud Pat Bateman really hang out at nude beaches? After all, he has no tan line. Sadly, we never get an answer to that question (though feel free to fantasize about it). But we do get to see the end results of all that surfing, plus some time in the gym. Think big - big pecs, big biceps, big thighs, big cock - ok, the gym didn’t have anything to do with that last one. It all adds up to one big, meaty massage. Of course, my favorite part is sucking and deep throating Pat’s big dick. And you know how that ends - cum shooting on Pat’s belly, like waves on the beach."


Pat Bateman and Jake BAREBACK

"You've seen Pat solo, you've seen him be serviced by me, now see him like never before - totally bare, as in bareback. Pat proves to be a natural, giving me a hard, fast pounding from all angles, so intense we both need to take a break. Eventually, break's over and Pat resumes his heart-stopping banging of my ass. Guess who cums first?"


Pat Bateman Serviced

July 15, 2008

"Surfing stud Pat Bateman is used to the dangers of surfing shark infested waters. But he was not prepared to be manhandled by a man and not a surfer chick. I explore Pat's personal trainer physique, his gorgeous tight ass and his thick cock. I touch his anxious body and begin to suck his tool. It took awhile to get him fully hard, but he began to get more comfortable with me. I put Pat on top of my lap and jerked his pole. His large, naked, muscled body pressed hard against my groin. I'm sure he felt my cock growing with every stroke. I layed him across my lap and finished the hand job, a perfect position from which to eat the cum off his taut abs. I see potential for a lot more gay sex from this beautiful young man. He may have started off nervous, but I think I can make him play for our team soon."


Pat Bateman Solo

"Pat's a personal trainer, so you'll see plenty of muscle on display here. (And the rear view's quite nice, too!) Of course, it's Pat's "muscle of love" that plays the starring role here, and it has clearly been well-trained. It's a very photogenic cock, and responds nicely to his gentle, rhythmic stroking. Get to know Pat and his cock, up close and personal. I think you'll like them."


Pat Bateman (2)

August 8, 2008

"Pat loves a good blow job, and you'll enjoy watching him get one so you can admire his thick, manly body in detail. But when he springs into action, it's fast and furious and suddenly that hot body is in full-bore pumping, thrusting action. You'll get sweaty just watching - it's that intense. Pat's a personal trainer, but he looks so good fucking, he just might have to make it part of his regular workout routine. Maybe you can watch the video at home and follow along."


Pat Bateman

May 30, 2008

"His girl describes Pat as "cut and perfect." I think that's a pretty good description, not just of his body, but of his cock as well. Pat puts all his great assets to work in this scene, fucking, sucking and kissing - and looking like a Greek god the entire time. The climax leaves Pat breathless with excitement. You'll be breathless, too, when you watch this stud in action."

Dorian Grey and Patrick Rouge

January 22, 2009

"For this week's update, we give you Dorian Grey and Patrick Rouge. Recently Patrick caught Dorian teasing his dick on the sofa to some cell-phone porn. Not wanting to miss out on any action, Patrick makes his move and begins to massage his beefy friend.

You know how it goes, one thing leads to another and all of a sudden Patrick has Dorian's fat cock in his mouth. To add to that, Dorian bends his friend over and slides his rock hard dick into his ass, dealing Patrick a good pounding. So good in fact, that Patrick cums while he's taking it.Dorian finishes up by pulling out and unloading his gooey spunk all over Patrick's stomach. The end!" Watch Patrick Rouge and Dorian Grey from Next Door Buddies


Dorian Grey

October 20, 2008

"Dorian Grey is his name, looking sexy is his game... Or something like that. This guy is a thick stud with a large cock, humble personality and the ability to get all sorts of girls to flock to him.Dorian also happens to be only 23 year old. For this NextDoorMale scene, he'll be showing off his solo skills in the shower, at the computer desk, and on the living room sofa. Did we mention he's quite the shooter? Well, he is! Enjoy!" Watch Dorian Grey from Next Door Male



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Cody Cummings, India Summers, and Dorian Grey

Next Door Studios | Cody Cummings

October 8, 2008

"Cody Cummings was having a great time fooling around with India Summer in the bathroom the other day when Dorian Grey showed up and was surprised his buddy didn't invite him to get in on the fun. That didn't deter Dorian from stripping down and shoving his cock in India's face though. Cody didn't seem to mind the additional sausage. The two take turns slamming her until both of them shoot their cum. Hot guys in a hot scene doing a hot girl. `nuff said. Enjoy!"

WATCH Cody Cummings, India Summers, and Dorian Grey

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2365_037 2365_039







Dorian Grey and India Summers

September 10, 2009

"We have a new guy for you to feast your eyes on this week. Meet Dorian Grey, a hunk of a 23 year old. His massive muscles pay tribute to the fact that he's been a personal trainer since 18, and has been hitting the gym 5 times a week since he was 15.

Dorian gets to get his fuck on with the slim beauty India Summer. This naughty school-teacher looking young women has been doing work for us for almost a year now, and she loves all the hot cock we feed her.

The two begin their antics in the bathroom, where Dorian feeds his lady some strawberries while she soaks in the tub. After toweling her off, Dorian carries India into the bedroom where he gently sets her on the bed before going down on her. India returns the pleasure by taking his rock hard cock into her mouth, giving it a skilled sucking.

When India is ready to take his hardness deep inside of her, Dorian gets on top and slowly slides his massive member into her waiting pussy. He gives it to her from the front and from the back before pulling out and dousing her rear end with his fire house. Okay, that was a bit corny, but you get the point...the stud blew his load all over her! Enjoy!"


Patrick Bateman Fucks Rusty

October 9, 2008

"Patrick Bateman and Rusty really got along well before the shoot, so we knew that Patrick busting Rusty's ass open would really be hot to film. These guys both spend a lot of time at the gym, and it was hot watching their bodies rub together as they were stroking each other. Patrick is getting a lot better at sucking cock, too! But when Rusty had a big dick up his ass, we could not believe how into it he was, begging for Patrick to slap his ass and moaning in pure pleasure. Great fuck scene!"


Patrick Bateman Fucks Travis Irons

September 11, 2008

"Travis Irons is becoming well known for his hot scenes and his love of dick - whether he is taking it down his throat or up his ass, so we had a hunch he would really like to do a scene with Patrick. Indeed, Travis was so excited he had a hard-on before we started shooting, and told us after that it was the best scene he had done to date. We love watching Patrick go down on a nice cock, and we love watching Travis ride Patrick. This scene is hot!"


Patrick Bateman Fucks Luke Stevens

July 24, 2008

"Patrick Bateman is back, and this time Luke Stevens is the lucky guy! We were really impressed at how passionate Pat was with Luke in this scene - After some heavy foreplay and hot dick sucking, Pat fingers up Luke's hole for a really good ride! At one point Luke is begging for it faster and harder. You might lose your own load half-way through this hot fuck vid, but even if you do you, be sure to watch the rest, from Luke getting pounded doggie, standing, and on his back, until he gets drenched in his and Patrick's cum!"


Patrick Bateman Fucks Kameron Scott

June 19, 2008

"Kameron Scott is one hot dude, and he really loved taking muscular Patrick Bateman and his nice thick cock! After making out and quickly throwing the clothes to the floor, these guys got into a suck-fest. Kameron could not wait too much longer though, and asked Patrick to ram him in the behind. Great fuck vid from two hot dudes!"


Dickin' Around, Scene 3

Derrek Diamond, Max Schutler, Patrick Bateman
Hot House Video

January 7, 2009

"The poolside action heats up when Southern California clean-cut hunk Patrick Bateman dives into a hot three-way with handsome Argentine stud Max Schutler and boy-next-door with a big bubble-butt Derrek Diamond! Diamond beats the other two to his knees and services both juicy pieces of meat then Shutler gets in the middle to get both holes filled. All three men rotate, allowing everyone to get as much cock and ass as they want and need. The deep-throat, ass pounding action accelerates until they all jack off and cum - now that's the Buddy System!"

Derrek Diamond, Max Schutler, Patrick Bateman Derrek Diamond, Max Schutler, Patrick Bateman

Derrek Diamond, Max Schutler, Patrick Bateman

Derrek Diamond, Max Schutler, Patrick Bateman

Derrek Diamond, Max Schutler, Patrick Bateman

Derrek Diamond, Max Schutler, Patrick Bateman

Malibu Heat, Scene 3

Matt Murdock and Noah River
Falcon Studios

"Staff members Matt Murdock and Noah River work hard at hardly working. The two turn a car washing gig into a hearty session of watersports play as they hose each other down. Completely drenched and all sexed-up, they strip off their clothes and start to guzzle each other’s meaty hose. The intense sexual chemistry and just feeling antsy drive their appetites for more cock to suck and ass to eat. Aching to be fucked, Noah surrenders his manhole to Matt. They screw hard and fast, then surprise each other with gobs of spooge."





Matt Murdock Fucks Marc Stone

Falcon Str8 Men

"The boys introduce themselves along with their game plan: Marc is bottoming and Matt is gonna run roughshod on his ass. Matt is cocky and ready; Marc looks game ... but a bit wary.Macho Matt sits back and relaxes as Marc gets on his knees and starts to suck his cock. The big stud is finding it hard to concentrate on the pussy magazine he's flipping through 'cuz Marc's doing a pretty good job blowing him. Matt strips off his clothes, getting more and more into the zone and Marc continues gnawing on the swollen cock, ensuring a super stiff prick to pierce his mangina. All hopped up, Matt slams his dick into his submissive buddy's hole. He's balanced the girlie rag across Marc's back and ogles the sloppy cunt shots for inspiration while he pounds away. Hey, a hole's a hole ... it doesn't really matter what crack you slip your dick into, just as long as it's a tight fit and totally fuckable. Matt works up a sweat, while Marc oohs and aahs.The guys then sit back on the couch and finish themselves off. Matt gets his rocks off and unloads while Marc looks on. It's a touchdown for Matt; he's pleased and exhausted. But it's hard to get a read on Marc as he just takes off."