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Busted Brother

Featuring Alex Tanner and Scotty Zee
Next Door Studios | Next Door Raw

August 30, 2017

"Stuck at a vacation rental for the summer, Scotty Zee happens by his step-brother's room and notices a rather prominent dildo sticking out of his travel bag. When he confronts him, Alex is nervous, pleading with Scotty not to tell his mom. Alex tells Scotty he'll do whatever he wants, and in a shocking plot twist, Scotty actually wants to see Alex use this massive thing. Better yet, he says he'd like to try it out on him. Alex agrees and moments later they are back in the bedroom giving it a go. Scotty slowly inches the dildo all the way inside Alex, fucking him with it slowly as he starts to jerk him off. Alex begins to pre-cum as Scotty starts sucking him off, still fucking him with the dildo. Alex tells him he'd like to give some head, and so he flips around on the bed and takes Scotty's cock deep into his mouth as he continues to finger his own hole.

Once Scotty is nice and hard, he asks Alex if he'd like the real thing. Alex nods and Scotty tells him to flip around. Alex rocks onto his back and spreads his legs wide as Scotty slides his dick deep into Alex, giving him some bareback brother cock as Alex continues to stroke himself off. He fucks Alex like that for a while until Alex is ready to ride him, mounting Scotty and giving his dick a nice grinding. Scotty grips Alex' ass and thrust as hard as he can into his step-brother, who seems ready to burst at any minute.

When Scotty flips Alex over onto his hands and knees, pounding his bubble butt doggy style, Alex can take more, and he shoots his massive load all over their bed as Scotty keeps pounding away. He continues to fuck Alex hard until he's ready to blow, seeding Alex' hole with his family seed and telling Alex to keep their secret if he wants to keep getting the real thing in the future.Alex sees no problem with that arrangement. Enjoy!"

WATCH Busted Brother | Featuring Alex Tanner and Scotty Zee


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Welcome Intruder (Bareback)

Featuring Alex Tanner and Chad Piper
Next Door Studios | Next Door Originals

August 25, 2017

"Chad Piper's pervy ways are about to get him stuck in a tight place. After intruding into Alex Tanner's place, Chad finds himself hiding in the closet when Alex returns home, and as Alex undresses and falls onto the bed for a nap, the view is prime, even if the location is a little cramped. Tempted by Alex's perched ass, Chad emerges from the closet and moves closer, bending down to lightly touch Alex. Alex recoils and turns around, startling Chad, who thinks he's busted, but luckily, Alex's main concern is that Chad finish what he started or else, so without any other choice, Chad is forced to service Alex right there in his bedroom. He starts by falling to his knees and downing Alex's cock, sucking him off until Alex is nice and hard, before rocking Alex up onto his shoulders to get at Alex's ass. Tonguing it in anticipation of a nice hard fucking, Chad continues to stroke Alex's dick as he moistens Alex up. Good and ready, Alex tells Chad to go for it, so Chad whips out his cock and shoves it raw deep inside Alex's waiting hole. Chad pounds Alex from behind until Alex has had his fill, then he flips his intruder over and takes a ride on his dick, grinding up and down as his hard cock bounces around on Chad's stomach. Rock hard and ready to bust, Alex tells Chad to flip him over and fuck the cum out of him, and Chad does as he's instructed, fucking Alex missionary as Alex spits his load onto his stomach, telling Chad to cum on his face. Chad pulls out and blasts Alex with a facial as Alex laps up every last drop, telling Chad he may need to break in a little more regularly in the future. Enjoy!"

WATCH Welcome Intruder | Featuring Alex Tanner and Chad Piper

















STR8 Bait Hostel: Turn Down Service

Alex Tanner and Damien Hyde
Next Door World | Next Door Originals

September 16, 2016

"Weary traveler Alex Tanner has found his way to Madam Hostel's lodge and is ready for a good night's rest. Trying to save a few bucks on his trip, he's both anxious and excited to be staying in the hostel, and even though the Madam seems a little odd, Alex tells himself it's worth the money. Plus, the hostel's porter, Damien Hyde, is no eye sore. Alex isn't sure if Damien is flirting with him or if everyone here is just a little forward, but nonetheless, he turns the key and unpacks in his room. After a nice shower, Alex is ready to rest his road legs, and so he falls asleep.

Sometime later, Damien checks on Alex to see if he needs turn down service, and finds him ass out and ass up in the air. Damien can't resist the temptation and begins to stroke himself, fixated on the idea of pounding Alex's sweet little ass to his heart's content. As he fondles his cock, Damian decides to risk it, and slips a finger inside Alex's hole, massaging it as he continues to get hard. Alex wakes up and looks over his shoulder, asking Damien what he's doing. Incredulous, Damien doesn't even stop to answer, asking Alex if he likes it. Alex concedes that he does, and Damien asks him if he wants him to stop. Alex tells him no and Damien lowers his head, plunging his tongue deep down into Alex's hole as Alex grabs the sheets and bites the pillow.

Once he's nice and ready, Damien eases his giant cock into Alex, who takes it like a champ, as Damien proceeds to pop Alex's cherry. Alex begins to understand what Madam Hostel meant by 'giving something back' as Damien proceeds to own his ass in every possible way, fucking him from behind, underneath, missionary, doggy, etc. Alex strokes himself off as Damien gets closer and closer. Alex loses his load as Damien pulls out and blasts his face, and as he lays there cum covered and still exhausted, Alex asks what other amenities the hostel provides. Damien just smiles a knowing, sly grin. Enjoy!" WATCH Alex Tanner and Damien Hyde in STR8 Bait Hostel: Turn Down Service















How To Cruise: Park Seduction

Tom Faulk and Alex Tanner
Next Door World

January 14, 2016

"As Alex Tanner weaves his way through the forest on his morning run, everything seems serene and calm. Alex loves getting a run in this early because it makes him feel like he's the only one awake, but on this morning, he's mistaken.

Tom Faulk is also bright eyed and bushy tailed, but he's aiming to engage in a different kind of physical activity, and as Alex runs by, Tom decides he's the perfect candidate to participate.

Tom follows Alex into a rest stop, and as Alex takes a piss Tom walks up and just lays it out for him, telling Alex he wants to get his dick sucked and he knows Alex is game. Alex protests but Tom persists, breaking down Alex's weak resistance. Minutes later Alex and Tom are back at Tom's place with Alex on his knees and Tom's cock deep down his throat. Tom goads Alex, calling him a little slut as he licks Tom's shaft from tip to balls. Tom sits up and grabs Alex up onto the bed, rocking his legs high into the air and diving in tongue first towards Alex's pink hole. Tom moistens Alex up before sliding his hungry cock inside, filling Alex up from behind and showing no tenderness, fucking Alex as hard as he can.

Alex takes it like a champ, mounting Tom's cock reverse and bouncing on his rod, grinding his ass against Tom's stomach as he strokes himself. Alex's run is fine for cardio but he's really getting a good sweat going as Tom flips him over onto his back and fucks him missionary, pounding Alex so hard he cums all over himself as Tom pulls out and coats him in his sticky load. Enjoy!"













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Casting Audition: Alex Tanner

Alex Tanner and Markie More

December 9, 2015

"New week, new face. Such is the credo for Markie More and his trusty casting couch, and this week, Markie has a special treat. All the way from Austin, Alex Tanner is a fresh faced cutie with a perfect ass and a very open attitude.

Markie is smitten with Alex's look and it is obvious that the feeling is mutual, as Markie strips Alex out of his clothes and begins to suck him off. Alex closes his eyes and just enjoys being taken advantage of, and to his credit, Markie takes full advantage of the body laid out before him, curling Alex's legs back as he tongues the Texan's ass, before plunging his hard cock deep inside the newbie. Alex takes it like a champ, even as Markie gets a little rough, losing his load as he bounces up and down on Markie's rod, before letting Markie drench his face with a nice 'Welcome to Next Door' cumshot straight to the dome. Markie offers that Alex has the tightest ass he's ever been inside, but will it be enough to bring Alex back for more? That's up to you, so vote early, vote often. Enjoy!"











Men Network - 9 Sites For The Price Of One

1 Alex Tanner and  Dirk Caber in Boys For Rent Part 2

Boys For Rent Part 2

Featuring Alex Tanner and Dirk Caber
Drill My Hole at Men.com

March 22, 2016

"Dirk Caber is trying to be good for his wife but when he is introduced to cutie Alex Tanner, he simply can’t resist his fresh face. Dirk licks Tanner’s cock and balls before drilling his twink hole and finally shooting his load in his open mouth."

2 Alex Tanner and  Dirk Caber in Boys For Rent Part 2 9 Alex Tanner and  Dirk Caber in Boys For Rent Part 2

12 Alex Tanner and  Dirk Caber in Boys For Rent Part 2 14 Alex Tanner and  Dirk Caber in Boys For Rent Part 2

16 Alex Tanner and  Dirk Caber in Boys For Rent Part 2 17 Alex Tanner and  Dirk Caber in Boys For Rent Part 2

18 Alex Tanner and  Dirk Caber in Boys For Rent Part 2 19 Alex Tanner and  Dirk Caber in Boys For Rent Part 2

10 Alex Tanner and  Dirk Caber in Boys For Rent Part 2

11 Alex Tanner and  Dirk Caber in Boys For Rent Part 2

13 Alex Tanner and  Dirk Caber in Boys For Rent Part 2

15 Alex Tanner and  Dirk Caber in Boys For Rent Part 2

20 Alex Tanner and  Dirk Caber in Boys For Rent Part 2

21 Alex Tanner and  Dirk Caber in Boys For Rent Part 2

22 Alex Tanner and  Dirk Caber in Boys For Rent Part 2

23 Alex Tanner and  Dirk Caber in Boys For Rent Part 2

24 Alex Tanner and  Dirk Caber in Boys For Rent Part 2

25 Alex Tanner and  Dirk Caber in Boys For Rent Part 2

Ass Deep In Muscle Twink

Alex Tanner & Jason Maddox
Gay Creeps at GayRoom.com

November 4, 2015

Alex Tanner & Jason Maddox in "Ass Deep In Muscle Twink" from Gay Creeps at GayRoom.com.










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