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Bareback Auditions 03, Scene 1

Xavier Jacobs Begs For Jonah Fontana’s Cock
Lucas Entertainment

December 11, 2015

Comments from Michael Lucas:

"Two of my personal favorite models from the 2015 Fire Island production (though, by my own admission, there’s a lot of them) are brought together -- Xavier Jacobs and Jonah Fontana. Could these two be brothers? No, but they could be cousins, and they wear their beards very well on top of it. These guys are young and full of hot-blooded lust, and don’t hold back when they’re teamed up. Jonah (who is so, so strikingly handsome) especially enjoys himself when he gets the gorgeous otter Xavier Jacobs bent over and fucks his ass raw. By the end neither one of them can hold back sharing their cum."




BLA03_01_Xavier_Jacobs_Jonah_Fontana_01 BLA03_01_Xavier_Jacobs_Jonah_Fontana_02

BLA03_01_Xavier_Jacobs_Jonah_Fontana_03 BLA03_01_Xavier_Jacobs_Jonah_Fontana_04

BLA03_01_Xavier_Jacobs_Jonah_Fontana_05 BLA03_01_Xavier_Jacobs_Jonah_Fontana_06

BLA03_01_Xavier_Jacobs_Jonah_Fontana_09 BLA03_01_Xavier_Jacobs_Jonah_Fontana_10

BLA03_01_Xavier_Jacobs_Jonah_Fontana_11 BLA03_01_Xavier_Jacobs_Jonah_Fontana_12

Gentlemen 15: Suited For Sex, Scene 1

Xavier Jacobs And Sergeant Miles | Scruff In Suits
Lucas Entertainment

November 13, 2015

"Lovers of scruff and fur get ready, because this is easily the best pairing in the history of gay porn ever -- Lucas Entertainment brings exclusive model Sergeant Miles together with Xavier Jacobs. These guys were lusting after each other big-time on set in Fire Island (just look at the back and forth between them on Twitter), but they behaved themselves and saved their juice for their scene together. The two hunky otters begin by checking each other out, but it’s anyone’s guess who will drop to their knees first (Spoiler Alert: it’s Sergeant who get his mouth on Xavier’s bulge). It’s not all about the oral sex (though sometimes Sergeant looks like he wants it to be) -- these guys are after each other’s ass, and they aren’t afraid of breaking each other. Because when they fuck they fuck hard. If you want to see Xavier Jacobs bottom, this is your chance… and who better to bang him in the ass raw than Sergeant Miles?"



LVP224_01_Xavier_Jacobs_Sergeant_Miles_02 LVP224_01_Xavier_Jacobs_Sergeant_Miles_03

LVP224_01_Xavier_Jacobs_Sergeant_Miles_04 LVP224_01_Xavier_Jacobs_Sergeant_Miles_05

LVP224_01_Xavier_Jacobs_Sergeant_Miles_07 LVP224_01_Xavier_Jacobs_Sergeant_Miles_09

Ass Blasters, Scene 4

Xavier Jacobs Pounds Cam Christou Bareback
Lucas Entertainment

November 9, 2015

"As the Lucas Entertainment content writer, this is the scene that I’ve personally been waiting for. Why, you might ask? It’s for Xavier Jacobs, of course. He’s the perfect pornographic archetype of an otter -- add to that his traditional good looks and drawl of an accent and you have one hell of a gay porn performer. Cam Christou, another model I’m personally fond of, has returned to the studio for the 2015 Fire Island production, and they have a killer onscreen chemistry. Xavier pumps Cam like he’s been denied sex for weeks (which you can see at 05:40), and Cam loves taking Xavier’s cock to such an extent that he takes it up the butt for a raw, hole-pumping ride at 6:10."




LVP223_04_Cam_Christou_Xavier_Jacobs_01 LVP223_04_Cam_Christou_Xavier_Jacobs_02

LVP223_04_Cam_Christou_Xavier_Jacobs_04 LVP223_04_Cam_Christou_Xavier_Jacobs_07


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