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Our First 3-Way

Featuring Alexander Garrett, Rego Bello, and Tommy Regan
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

April 14, 2017

"Alexander Garrett & Rego Bello have been a couple for a while and they have decided to take their relationship to another level by bringing in a 3rd. Rego shows Alexander a couple photos of Tommy Regan who's just moved in living on the first floor of the apartments. Rego informs Alexander that Tommy will be arriving shortly. Tommy shows up to the room and they all share some awkward small talk before engaging in a sexy 3-way kiss. They soon have Tommy's clothes off and they begin to explore his body as they exchange blow jobs with each other. The intensity increases as each one takes turns sucking and kissing each other. Tommy gets bent over the bed as Rego rims his ass while Tommy continues to suck Alexander thick veiny dick. Alexander says he wants to see Rego fuck Tommy, but Tommy wants to watch Rego fuck Alexander first. Rego begins to fuck Alexander showing Tommy just how great his cock will feel deep in his smooth ass. While the fucking continues their hands roam and the ones not fucking are either sucking or getting blown. Alexander then fucks Tommy long and deep as he moans in delight with every thrust. Tommy is so turned on by Alexander's huge cock in his ass that he shoots his own load all over himself and Rego and Alexander add their own loads to his creamy chest. Enjoy!"

WATCH Our First 3-Way Featuring Alexander Garrett, Rego Bello, and Tommy Regan

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My First Time

Featuring Sean Duran and Tommy Regan
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

April 6, 2017

"Sean Duran introduces himself to Tommy and notices that he is very nervous. Tommy admits that he has only jacked off with a buddy but besides that he's never been with a man. With that, Sean pulls him in close and starts kissing him. At first Tommy is tentative, but soon relaxes and allows Sean to take control. Sean grabs his ass and tells him how amazing it is and that he wants to see it. Tommy pulls his jeans down and Sean starts rimming his ass while playing with his cock and balls at the same time. Tommy responds with moans of pleasure. Sean pulls out his huge cock as he's eating Tommy's ass he begins stroking himself. He then tells Tommy to sit on his face so he can get his tongue deeper into that sexy ass of his. Tommy starts to suck on Sean's big cock. Sean has Tommy lie on his back as he gets his ass ready for his cock. Sean slowly shoves his hard dick deep inside Tommy which makes him moan with pleasure and pain. Sean fucks Tommy in multiple positions and ends by putting Tommy on his back as he fucks and jacks his cock until Tommy shoots his load. Sean pulls out and shoots all over Tommy's cock and balls."

WATCH My First Time Featuring Sean Duran and Tommy Regan
















The Hard Truth

Tommy Regan and Killian James
Next Door Studios | Next Door Originals

June 17, 2016

"Killian James has got Tommy Regan right where he wants him, and for Tommy, there's going to be repercussions. Flashback a few days ago where Tommy and his boys were bullying Killian, calling him names and generally having a good time at his expense, but now the tables are turned, as Killian's little plan to abduct and punish Tommy has gone off with only one little hitch: turns out Tommy is actually just acting out to mask his true feelings, and now that Killian has confronted him, Tommy has come clean with his desires. Killian is confused for a second but decides to call Tommy on his bluff, telling him if he's sincere then he won't mind sucking Killian's dick. Tommy gets wide eyed at this prospect, but once Killian's dick is shoved into his face, it's his mouth that gets wide.Downing Killian's cock in a very convincing manner, Tommy's actions certainly seem to back up his claim that he likes dick, and has Killian returns the favor, Tommy's growing hard on confirms any lingering doubt. With his captive rock hard and wondering what comes next, Killian mounts Tommy slowly, sliding his cock inside Tommy's virgin ass as Tommy winces from the size of Killian's dick. Killian picks up the pace steadily, pounding Tommy from behind, from above and from below, as Tommy strokes his cock and spreads his legs, losing his load as Killian fucks the cum out of him, before pulling out and dousing Tommy's chest with his load, a kinky conclusion to a rather convoluted kidnapping. Enjoy!" WATCH Tommy Regan and Killian James in The Hard Truth
















A Next Door Story : First Time with my Neighbor

Scotty Zee and Tommy Regan
Next Door World | Next Door Originals

May 6, 2016

"Tommy Regan and Scotty Zee have been living next door to each other for a little while, long enough to get to know each other but not long enough that they are particularly close. Still, Tommy won't hesitate to ask a favor if he needs one, which is what brings him by today. Apparently Tommy's wife forgot to pay the electric bill and now Tommy has no hot water to shower with, so he swings by Scotty's place to see if he can grab a quick refresher. Scotty is more than happy to oblige, but not just because he's trying to be neighborly. Scotty secretly lusts after Tommy and as he spies him in the shower, Scotty decides to act on his cravings.As the two guys watch a little tv, Tommy notices Scotty staring at him and confronts him.

Tommy becomes uncomfortable and begins to head to the door, but Scotty gives chase and apologizes. Tommy seems much more angry than he should be, and Scotty wonders where this sudden hostility is coming from. When he asks Tommy, he has no answer, and instead grabs Scotty and kisses him hard against the entryway. Scotty is confused, but as Tommy leads him back to the bedroom, Scotty doesn't protest, deciding instead to go with it. Tommy quickly undresses and Scotty follows suit, kissing down Tommy's body and making his way down to his neighbor's cock. Pulling it out, it's even nicer up close, and Scotty quickly devours it, deep throating Tommy in attempts to show him that he made the right choice. One look at Tommy's head, thrown back against the pillow, is all the confirmation Scotty needs to go further. He mounts Tommy's hard cock and rides him, bouncing his little bubble butt up and down on Tommy's cock as Tommy explores new forbidden territory.

But Tommy's trip has just begun, as Scotty offers to turn the tables. Tommy tells Scotty to take it slow, but once Scotty's cock is inside Tommy, filling him up, Tommy throws his inhibitions to the wind, telling Scotty to fuck him harder as he strokes himself off, cumming on himself just as Scotty pulls out and blasts him with is nut. Laying there covered in cum and confusion, Scotty wonders what this means for the future. As for Tommy, well... at least he knows where he can catch a hot shower to clean up before he goes back to the Misses. Enjoy!" WATCH Scotty Zee and Tommy Regan in A Next Door Story : First Time with my Neighbor


His Daughter's Boyfriend 3, Scene 1

Braxton Smith, Nick Capra, Max Sargent, Tommy Regan

Mar 15, 2016

"Max Sargent walks into the living room just as her daughter ends her phone call. Her father asks who she was speaking to. She tells her dad that it was her boyfriend and that he'll be coming over tomorrow to meet him. Max is not convinced and is worried that she's moving a little too fast with this boy, since they've only been going out for a short period of time. Nonetheless, she is confident that they will get along and that he will like him.

The time has come to meet her daughter's boyfriend. After some time chatting in the living room, Max's daughter leaves to go to the bathroom, leaving her boyfriend, Tommy Regan, alone with her father. There is a short awkward silence, before Tommy begins talking about his recent move to his new apartment. When mentioning the lack of furniture in his place, Max offers to give him some old stuff from his storage room. Tommy is stunned by his kindness and thanks him for the offer.

The next day, Max helps Tommy get all of the furniture inside of the apartment. Once everything seems to be in place, Max decides its time for him to go home. However, Tommy refuses him to leave without having a drink with him first.

With a glass of vodka in their hands, Tommy asks Max if he's usually that generous with his daughter's boyfriends. Max tells him that he is the kind of father who would normally wait on the porch with a shotgun. But, he feels Tommy isn't like the other boys she's dated. Tommy goes on saying that he never had a father growing up. Her mother raised him all on her own. Max understand where he's coming from, since he never had a son himself. Max puts his drink down on the table and gets up from the couch as it is time for him to get going. Tommy gets up as well to give Max a hug, before he walks out the door.

At home, Max hops in the shower after a long hard day of moving furniture inside of Tommy's apartment. He washes his hairy, sweaty body with soap and is begins picturing his daughter's boyfriend in his mind.

At the same time, Tommy is also taking a shower back at his place. He too starts dreaming about Max, but doesn't comprehend what it really means. Is Tommy seeing Max as the father he never had or is he feeling something more?

Meanwhile, Max can't help but imagine doing dirty things to Tommy. He knows this is wrong, especially as he's dating his little girl. But he reaches for his hard dick and begins stroking it anyways. He figures since he can't sleep with him, there's no harm in jerking off at the thought of him. As the water from the shower is pouring down his body, Max jerks off just thinking about that little blond boy he'd like to fuck. He shoots his cum in the shower, and suddenly feels guilty of having had these thoughts about his daughter's boyfriend.

Tommy notices he has a hard on just thinking about Max. Without any hesitation, he grabs his stiff cock and slowly starts to jerk off. He can't seem to get Max out of his thoughts, which makes his stroke that dick faster. Tommy ejaculates and his cum drips down from the top of his cock.

Tommy and his friend Braxton Smith are hanging out over at Tommy's new apartment. Braxton is impressed on how good his place looks. Tommy confesses that it was his girlfriend's dad who actually hooked him up with the furniture. After talking highly of him, Braxton senses that his pal might have hidden feelings for this older man, since he's never heard him talk about his girl that way. Tommy is bugged by his remark, because he's a straight man. But Braxton doesn't find this surprising at all. In fact, this reminds him of the time he had sex with his personal trainer, Nick Capra.

After his workout, Braxton tells Nick that his goal is to have arms as big as his. Nick guarantees he'll get more noticed, especially from gay men. Braxton is impressed how many guys have given Nick their phone numbers, he would never assume that a guy is gay. Now he's wondering if his personal trainer is gay, and asks him if he enjoys the attention he gets from boys. Nick nods, and confesses that he is into guys, but prefers a certain type. After describing it to him, Braxton realizes that he's talking about him.

Things heat up as Braxton starts to feel and rub Nick's biceps. As he hoped would happen, Nick leans in to kiss him on the lips. He slides his hands in Braxton's shorts and grabs his tight ass cheeks firmly. He pulls down his pants and removes his shirt, exposing his naked body. Nick takes his clothes off as well and gets on his knees to eat the boy's ass, rimming it deep with his tongue. Max turns around to face Nick, who now stands. He takes his turns and gets on his knees to suck on his trainer's big dick. Nick puts a hand behind his head forcing him to take more of his dick. Then decides to return the favor by going down on Braxton and sucking his rock hard cock.

Max lays down on the floor with his legs up. While holding them in place, Nick slides his cock inside of Max's ass. To avoid hurting him too much, he takes it slow and easy when moving his dick back and forth. Max moaning at every thrust. When his hole has loosened up, Max switches places with Nick, finding himself sitting on top of him, bouncing on his tool. He jerks off while getting fucked by his trainer resulting him to shoot his load on his hairy chest. He pulls Nick's cock out of him and rests next to him. As Nick jerks off, getting ready to cum, Max helps by rubbing his balls, making him cum on himself."











Icon Male Hot Daddies


Hot Daddies

Nick Capra and Tommy Regan

March 3, 2016

"Hot, sexy daddies are on everyone's wish list and this scorching new series from Icon Male offers the hottest and most well-hung older men in gay cinema. In this offering of both older/younger and all-mature sex scenes, you'll discover why daddies are known for making men of all ages come harder than they ever have before."











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Levi Karter & Tommy Regan Flip-Fuck

August 31, 2015

"Tommy Regan is our newest CockyBoy, and he was naturally drawn to Levi Karter for his first scene. He was just really comfortable around Levi, and that's a feeling that's pretty important when you're just starting out in porn. Tommy's a very athletic guy -- he's a former soccer player but had to put a hold on sports after a leg injury. Still maintaining a perfect body with rock hard muscles, Tommy's decision to have sex with some CockyBoys seems like a pretty hot thing to do on hiatus!

Tommy loves getting fucked, he loves the intensity, and he loves the way it intensifies his orgasms. That said, he's still sexually versatile, and he and Levi made an extremely good pair for a hot flip-fuck. Levi was first to pull out Tommy's hard cut cock from his briefs which stood straight up, just begging for a blowjob. Levi went down on him immediately, eager to show him the sheer sexual intensity he was in for. Levi then pulled out his cock and Tommy gave him the same treatment after they jerked each other off for a bit.

Shortly after, Tommy got on his hands and knees and gasped as Levi began rimming him, prepping him for his first CockyBoys fuck. Levi broke him in gently at first, but the guys soon developed a solid rhythm. Levi then wanted to show Tommy his expert bottoming skills, and Tommy's cock slid right into Levi's eager hole as Levi road him. That led to Tommy taking on more control, pounding Levi in the same doggy-style position as before. Tommy made for one extremely rough top! But Levi wanted to be the one to officially break him in, and so they switched to missionary for Levi to drill Tommy to orgasm. Tommy had no complaints, quickly spewing his load with Levi firmly inside him. Levi was just as turned on and breathless as Tommy -- he shot his load seconds later all over Tommy's torso, officially knighting him a real CockyBoy!"









Code of Silence, Scene 1

Starring Ryan Rose, Tommy Regan, Fane Roberts, Brandon Evans
Falcon Studios

June 30, 2017

"Handsome soldier Fane Roberts is assigned to his new post with fellow stud grunt Brandon Evans. After spending so much intimate time together, their attraction and feelings are undeniable. Unable to resist any longer, they secretly swap head in the barracks. Fane moans loudly as he shoots a creamy load down Brandon's virgin throat. Sergeant Zevran passes by nearly catching them in the act. Meanwhile, out in the hot desert sun, Ryan Rose and Tommy Regan are on a military patrol. There's no one around for as far as the eye can see so the Marines take off their protective gear to get more comfortable. Ryan takes it a step further and unbuckles his belt to pull his dick out of his fatigues. Tommy tries to ignore Ryan jacking off behind him and when Ryan asks Tommy to show his ass, Tommy refuses. Ryan is the commanding officer and orders Tommy to remove his pants. Tommy obeys the order and bends over to let his superior officer rim his cute, fit bubble butt. Tommy admits that the rim job feels good, and as it continues, it gets him in the mood for more action. Tommy turns around to offer up his growing erection. Ryan can't wait to get Tommy in his mouth and treats his subordinate to a nice long blowjob as he leans against a shelled-out cement wall. All the sucking gets Tommy in the mood to take a taste of Ryan's hard dick. He services the ripped stud on his knees until Ryan instructs Tommy to turn around. Ryan slips his big stiff rod inside Tommy's tight ass and has his way with him as the muscled up military jock bends over to take it deeper inside his body. Ryan keeps a steady pace and uses Tommy's perfectly fit form to get himself off. He pulls out and covers the military stud's groin and abs with a river of white and creamy satisfaction."

WATCH Code of Silence, Scene 1 Starring Ryan Rose, Tommy Regan, Fane Roberts, Brandon Evans

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Cruising Grounds, Scene 4

Jacob Taylor and Tommy Regan
Hot House Video

July 7, 2016

Get a dose of hardcore action in these 'Cruising Grounds.' What might look like just an empty warehouse to anyone else, is 'Cruising Grounds' to these horny fuckers, where a quick glance can lead to intense, anonymous, ass-pounding action! Award-Winning Director Tony Dimarco lets eight mischievous studs loose in this sexual playground, and lets the steamy action unfold. Bearded hunk Chris Bines gets his ass eaten out and then pounded by JJ Knight and his massive, cum-spurting python of a cock. See for yourself what happens in the dark corners and back rooms when you come and visit the 'Cruising Grounds!'










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