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ALIASES: Ashton, Phenix Dardin
SITES: Big Dicks At School, Chaosmen, Cocksure Men, CockyBoys, Cody Cummings, Drill My Hole, Gods of Men, Jake Cruise, Jizz Orgy, Men Over 30, Next Door Buddies, Next Door Studios, Paragon Men, Randy Blue, SG4GE, Str8 to Gay, The Gay Office

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Phenix Saint

October 1, 2014

PHENIX SAINT: Watch him rise...

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Phenix Saint and Angelo

Phenix Saint and Angelo

January 4, 2013

"Phenix Saint and Angelo have astounding, muscular physiques. Phenix quickly strips muscle-stud Angelo out of his clothes. Angelo's pouty lips pucker as Phenix swallows his thick, uncut cock. Angelo grows inside Phenix's talented mouth until he's rock-hard at his full, impressive mass. Phenix drops his pants revealing his sweet, sexy ass and beautiful dick. Angelo drops to his knees and sucks Phenix down to his balls. Both stallions are horny as hell and are ready to flip fuck! Phenix is the first to spread his cheeks and take Angelo's thick meat. "You're splitting me in half!" Phenix screams as Angelo stuffs him from behind. Payback time and Phenix lays back on the bed so Angelo can sit his bubble-butt down on his hard cock. Phenix continues to throttle Angelo's sweet hole until Angelo sprays his sweet load onto his own stomach. Phenix Saint adds to the mess, cuming onto Angelo's cock and abs."

Phenix Saint and Angelo

Phenix Saint and Angelo

Phenix Saint and Angelo

Phenix Saint and Angelo

Phenix Saint and Angelo
12 Phenix Saint & Dylan Roberts

Phenix Saint & Dylan Roberts

July 27, 2012

"Phenix Saint and Dylan Roberts meet at the gym and decide to get to know one another better. They start with small talk but they're body language is pretty clear when they lay next to each other wearing nothing but briefs. Phenix takes out his thick cock which Dylan Roberts immediately slides down his throat. Phenix follows suit, slurping down Dylan's big dick. Even after all the pumping Phenix and Dylan did at the gym, they are ready for more. Phenix Saint spreads Dylan's legs wide and gives him a workout he'll never forget. Dylan's muscles bulge as he grips the bed from the pounding Phenix dishes out. After a lot of pounding Dylan shoots onto his abs, chest and past his head. Soon Phenix pumps out a load all over Dylan Robert's ripped abs and chest."


"Ashton is a sexy young stud who moved from the cold plains of Minnesota to sunny Southern California for a career in porn. He certainly has what it takes. If you like them young, handsome, muscled, tattooed, hung and pierced - Ashton is your guy! It turns out Ashton is an adventurous type and had his huge cock pierced on a dare. Ouch! Lucky for us he also likes playing with his cock and ring in front of the camera."

JakeCruise Ashton

JakeCruise Ashton

JakeCruise Ashton


Age: 24
Sign: Aries
Eyes : Hazel
Height: 6' 00"
Weight: 168 lbs.
Cock: 7"

"Ashton is a cute punk rocker with a Prince Albert piercing. His 7-inch tool is pretty awesome on its own, but he loves the buzz he gets when that 2-gauge metal ring is working its magic on his girlfriend."

SG4GE Ashton

SG4GE Ashton

SG4GE Ashton

Phenix Solo

November 28, 2006

Comments from Bryan:

"Phenix is another "pro" performer.

He's local, so I was glad to have someone just swing on by and bust a nut. It was also nice to just shoot a solo without any direction or nervousness.

There is no interview as he's done that elsewhere, and frankly, he just loves to take his dick out and stroke it. Since he was hard waiting for me to get the cameras setup, we just started filming.

Don't you think his orange undies match the candles nicely? ~lol~ Man, I am so gay!

Ok, anyway, we decided to do the underneath cumshot and it worked pretty well. A bit of reflectivity goin on, but still quite nice.

The photoset is very dark. New camera, new lights, and the LCD on the camera lies. So don't adjust your monitors, the images are just not bright enough to my liking. Its a shame, cuz he is one sexy mofu.

So I hope you will enjoy adding Phenix's video/photos to your personal collection!"

Chaosmen Phenix
63697_03 Phenix Saint and Brenner Bolton in Deep Surveillance

Deep Surveillance

Phenix Saint and Brenner Bolton
Next Door World

January 22, 2016

"Brenner Bolton is in need of some protective eyes at his residence, so he's called a specialist out to install some security cameras around the yard. Phenix Saint has seen a lot of things in his time as a surveillance specialist, but as he installs the final cam by the front door, one image in particular catches his attention: that of Brenner standing in the doorway with his cock in his hand. It seems Brenner's insatiable lust has over-taken his sense of decorum, and so Phenix opens the door to find his customer jacking off in the entry-way. With a look, Brenner can tell that Phenix is picking up what he's putting down, and with barely a word between them, Brenner finds himself sucking Phenix off in full view of the front door cam. Phenix is hard as a rock and so Brenner suggests they move inside to be more comfortable. Once inside, both guys come out of their clothes, laying side by side inverse as they 69 each other. Brenner can feel Phenix's hard cock sliding down his throat but he really wants is to feel it deep inside him, so he bends over as Phenix pushes his dick all the way in to the base of the shaft, pounding Brenner's hot ass without regard. Phenix grabs Brenner by the shoulders as he pulls himself closer, fucking him hard from behind before switching up for some mounted cowboy action. Brenner grinds and bounces on Brenner's cock as he strokes himself, before Phenix takes matters into his own hands, flipping Brenner over and banging him missionary as Brenner spits his hot load all over himself just as Phenix pulls out and coats Brenner with his own load. Sitting there cum covered, Brenner's boyfriend sees them through the window and bangs on it angrily. Looks like Brenner better figure out how to use those security cameras sooner than later. Enjoy!"

63697_05 Phenix Saint and Brenner Bolton in Deep Surveillance

63697_06 Phenix Saint and Brenner Bolton in Deep Surveillance

63697_07 Phenix Saint and Brenner Bolton in Deep Surveillance

63697_08 Phenix Saint and Brenner Bolton in Deep Surveillance

63697_09 Phenix Saint and Brenner Bolton in Deep Surveillance

63697_10 Phenix Saint and Brenner Bolton in Deep Surveillance

63697_11 Phenix Saint and Brenner Bolton in Deep Surveillance

63697_13 Phenix Saint and Brenner Bolton in Deep Surveillance

63697_15 Phenix Saint and Brenner Bolton in Deep Surveillance

63697_01 Phenix Saint and Brenner Bolton in Deep Surveillance 63697_14 Phenix Saint and Brenner Bolton in Deep Surveillance

My Sister's Fiance

Alexander Gustavo, Max Penn, Phenix Saint

January 12, 2016

"For Phenix Saint, life has been getting more and more crazy every day, as his wedding approaches. It's a good thing his future wife's family is so much fun and easy to get along with. His soon-to-be brother-in-law, Max Penn is always up to some kind of mischief, but Phenix loves spending time with him. And Max's boyfriend, Alexander Gustavo, is a perfect complement to Max. He's always encouraging Max to run some kind of clever scheme...often seduction is involved.

On a sunny day, when Phenix's woman is stuck at work, Phenix decides to join Max and Alexander down by the pool for a little bonding time. They welcome him and cook up a plan as he sunbathes shirtless next to the pool. Max finally convinces Phenix to come in the pool, wearing a pair of Max's swim shorts, since Phenix didn't bring over a pair. Saying they were small on him would be a huge understatement.

As the three casually toss around a volleyball and make wisecracks at each other, Max announces he'll be right back. He walks out of the pool slowly so Phenix gets a good look. Then, to Phenix's astonishment, Max pulls his shorts down and gives both guys a good show of his tight asshole! Alexander laughs at Phenix's nervous reaction. When Max gets back in the pool, he tries to get Phenix to take off his shorts too, but Phenix does NOT see this as appropriate. Max takes matters into his own hands and submerges, swims over to Phenix, pulls his shorts off and quickly gives Phenix's cock a little suckle.

It all happened too fast for Phenix to realize what had happened. Max then jumps out of the pool and motions for Phenix to follow him behind the pool house. Phenix jumps out, naked and confused and goes after Max. Max grabs his arm and pulls him behind the house where they seem to be alone. There, Max convinces Phenix to let him suck his dick! It took a little convincing, but Max takes advantage of the opportunity to the full extent. And Alexander takes a prime position for watching, hidden behind a support beam, jerking his hard meat.

After a few minutes, Max brings Phenix back poolside and Alexander joins them. Phenix figures that this has already become so out of control, he should at least finish off the whole encounter with a nice cum blast. Max continues to slurp Phenix's cock while Alexander licks Max's butthole. Then, Max lets Phenix experience his first ass. Phenix slides his fat boner into Max's sweet hole and fucks him good. Alexander stuffs Max's dick-hungry mouth on the other side.

Join this wild pool party and see these guys really bond in the best way, just before they all become one big happy family-in-law!"














"Dick For Breakfast"

Rod Daily, Phenix Saint & Adam Wirthmore

November 19, 2010

"What's better than waking up next to 1 hot, hung guy? Waking up next to TWO studly young men, that's what! The other morning, Rod Daily, Phenix Saint & Adam Wirthmore were waking up after a night of hard partying. Since Adam is a total cock whore, he decided to take advantage of the groggy Phenix by sliding off his boxers and giving his half asleep cock a good sucking. Once Rod wakes up, things get hot and heavy! With a 3 way 69 and plenty of ass pounding, this wake up is better than a triple shot of espresso! Enjoy!" Visit Next Door World for all-in-one access!

Rod Daily, Phenix Saint & Adam Wirthmore

Rod Daily, Phenix Saint & Adam Wirthmore

Rod Daily, Phenix Saint & Adam Wirthmore

Rod Daily, Phenix Saint & Adam Wirthmore

Rod Daily, Phenix Saint & Adam Wirthmore

Rod Daily, Phenix Saint & Adam Wirthmore

Rod Daily, Phenix Saint & Adam Wirthmore
Phenix Saint and Samuel OToole

"Tug Buddies"

Phenix Saint and Samuel O'Toole

September 23, 2010

"When it's time to get off, it's time to get off, even if your buddy is in the next room. Samuel O'Toole had that experience the other day and but got a pleasant surprise when Phenix decided to drop join in on the fun. Not only does Phenix take out his fat cock to join the stroke fest, he offers his hot wet mouth. Not wanting to turn down an offer like that, Samuel stuffs his massive member into Phenix's mouth and the party begins...and ends with the two studs busting their nuts onto each other. Enjoy!"

Phenix Saint and Samuel OToole

Phenix Saint and Samuel OToole

Phenix Saint and Samuel OToole

Phenix Saint and Samuel OToole

Phenix Saint and Samuel OToole

Phenix Saint and Samuel OToole Phenix Saint and Samuel OToole

Phenix Saint and Samuel OToole Phenix Saint and Samuel OToole
Cody Cummings and Phenix Saint The Massage

Phenix Saint and Cody Cummings
Next Door World | Cody Cummings

May 12, 2010

"Cody Cummings loves getting a massage, but even though he loves the gentle touch of a hot young woman, sometimes those tense muscles need the strength of a man, and that's where Phenix Saint comes in. After laying down on the massage table, Phenix shows up and gets to work, kneading and rubbing his hunky buddies muscles. Once Cody rolls over, Phenix goes from the muscles to the cock, slowly rubbing and tugging on it before Cody's rock hard and Phenix decides to work the cock with his mouth instead of his hands, easily making Cody bust his nut. Enjoy!"

Cody Cummings and Phenix Saint

Cody Cummings and Phenix Saint

Cody Cummings and Phenix Saint

Cody Cummings and Phenix Saint

Cody Cummings and Phenix Saint

Sunshine, Lollipop and Cody!

Featuring Cody Cummings and Phenix Saint
Next Door Studios | Cody Cummings

July 15, 2009

"What do you get when you take Cody Cummings, add lots of sunshine, plenty of lotion, and throw the horny, well-hung Phenix Saint into the mix?? It's a recipe for some hot and heavy cock stroking action!

Once Phenix gets Cody's ass nice and oily, the guys find some shade for a little break. But how can Phenix relax when that juicy dick is making his mouth water? Cody has just the thing to quench his desire. You guessed it...a rock hard boner to suck on! Enjoy!"

WATCH Cody Cummings and Phenix Saint in Sunshine, Lollipop and Cody!






2857_008 2857_023

2857_025 2857_037

2857_039 2857_048
Phenix Saint, Bobby Clark, Seth Knight, & The Red Couch!

Phenix Saint, Bobby Clark, Seth Knight, & The Red Couch!

May 21, 2012

"O.M.G.! I'm speechless. I was pretty amazed when I saw what Seth could do with two dildos but he blew my mind away when I saw what he did with two real big muscle dicks. Phenix Saint and Bobby Clark showed the little fucker absolutely no mercy and the more abusive they were the more Seth liked it. Honestly, I don't even want to know how he did it but I'm glad he did. Taking on that much aggressiveness and actually enjoying the fuck out of it is sure as hell to get Seth Knight voted Twink of The Year - again!! (I know most of you still cream your pants when you remember the way Gabriel Clark destroyed Seth Knight's little hole but believe me - this is all that abuse times 2!) And as much as I was enjoying the aggression that was oozing out of Phenix's dick, in the back of my mind I couldn't help but keep thinking - "This is your very last scene, damn it! Fuck him harder!!" And he did. He fucked Seth's hole like it was the last thing he was ever going to do. And then Bobby did too. Since it was the only other scene Bobby filmed for us he also fucked that hole like it was the last hole left on Earth. There was nothing stopping them and both Phenix and Bobby didn't hold anything back. In the end, Seth's chest was covered in a thick layer of cum and judging by the smile on his face - his hungry hole was FINALLY satisfied."

Phenix Saint, Bobby Clark, Seth Knight, & The Red Couch!

Phenix Saint, Bobby Clark, Seth Knight, & The Red Couch!

Phenix Saint, Bobby Clark, Seth Knight, & The Red Couch!

Phenix Saint, Bobby Clark, Seth Knight, & The Red Couch!

Phenix Saint, Bobby Clark, Seth Knight, & The Red Couch!

Phenix Saint, Bobby Clark, Seth Knight, & The Red Couch!

Phenix Saint, Bobby Clark, Seth Knight, & The Red Couch!

Phenix Saint, Bobby Clark, Seth Knight, & The Red Couch!

Phenix Saint, Bobby Clark, Seth Knight, & The Red Couch!

Phenix Saint, Bobby Clark, Seth Knight, & The Red Couch! Phenix Saint, Bobby Clark, Seth Knight, & The Red Couch!
Bobby Clark Returns With Phenix Saint

Phenix Saint Brings Back Bobby Clark!

May 7, 2012

"Bobby Clark! Those of you who have been with Cockyboys for a while probably already shot their load just when they saw the name pop up on their screen. Bobby Clark started his journey with Cockyboys about 4 years ago and let me just say - boy, what a journey that was!! It seems as if Bobby did it ALL. And did them all. He was the go-to Cockyboy for anything new we wanted to try on the site - toys, paddles, slings, outdoors, groups... - he was ready any time, any place! Following our new tradition of bringing back some of the best Cockyboys from the past, we are more than proud to have Bobby join us again and give up his hole - this time for no other than the King of Porn - Mr. Phenix Saint. The reasons why this scene is so special are many and the guys talk about all of them in the interview so if you're a fan of either one of those two (that means all of you) then I suggest you watch all of it as there are some pretty big news that Phenix a nnounces. We are so lucky to be part of this journey with our favorite Cockyboys! Now push play and let these two make another special memory just for you!"

Bobby Clark Returns With Phenix Saint

Bobby Clark Returns With Phenix Saint

Bobby Clark Returns With Phenix Saint

Bobby Clark Returns With Phenix Saint

Bobby Clark Returns With Phenix Saint

Bobby Clark Returns With Phenix Saint

Bobby Clark Returns With Phenix Saint Bobby Clark Returns With Phenix Saint
Phenix Saint Reconnects with (and Plows) Phillip Aubrey

Phenix Saint Reconnects with (and Plows) Phillip Aubrey

March 5, 2012

"Director's note: Sometimes I have a hard time describing what I want in a CockyBoy: I just know it when I see it! It's attitude. It's sex appeal. Some are young and some are older. Buff, thin, ripped... true CockyBoys come in all shapes and sizes. Recently, I've been catching up with some of the original CockyBoys--the boys whose scenes helped launch the site--and am working to bring them back home... to CockyBoys! Jasper St. John is one of those unforgettable original CockyBoys. He started out with us a couple of years ago when he first fucked Jason Pitt before going on to become a major player in the biz, where he is now known as Phillip Aubrey. I have become a big fan of his work--as you know, I LOVE aggressive bottoms--so I hit him up on Twitter about a month ago to discuss his coming back to CockyBoys! Thankfully, he agreed...and now Philip is the first in a new series I am producing: ONCE A COCKY BOY...ALWAYS A COCKY BOY! In this scene , I paired him with another original CockyBoy and all-time favorite, Phenix Saint. Phenix interviewed Phillip for a few minutes, but he couldn't concentrate enough on the talking part when he knew that under those clothes was the body of a Greek god. The clothes came off pretty quickly, and the two of them got down to business the way only pros know how to! This is the best of the best and it's only the beginning because once a cockyboy... always a cockyboy!"

Phenix Saint Reconnects with (and Plows) Phillip Aubrey

Phenix Saint Reconnects with (and Plows) Phillip Aubrey

Phenix Saint Reconnects with (and Plows) Phillip Aubrey

Phenix Saint Reconnects with (and Plows) Phillip Aubrey

Phenix Saint Pounds Jimmy Clay

Featuring Jimmy Clay & Phenix Saint

July 7, 2011

"It was another beautiful day in Southern California. And that seems to make my boys really horny lately. The heat makes them walk about naked and of course when you see a naked cockyboy there is only one thing that goes through your mind. Not much of a storyline in this scene - Phenix Saint was laying by the pool, naked of course, when Jimmy Clay came over to clean the pool. Phenix asked Jimmy to put some lotion on his back. Jimmy got FUCKED! That's right. At the Cockyboy Mansion there is only one rule - when a cockyboy wants to fuck you, you bend over. And Jimmy has learned his lesson a few times now so he already knew what was about to happen. I think he secretly wanted it too. He has been such a horny bottom thing lately that not a day passes by without Jimmy coming over to "chill" and ending up with his butthole stuffed and a mouthful of cum. Aren't you happy it's summer??"
























Mason Star, Phenix Saint & Jimmy Clay!

Featuring Jimmy Clay, Mason Star & Phenix Saint

June 24, 2011

"What do you get when you put three hot, horny, monster-dicked cockyboys together and let them do whatever they want? I wish I could tell you but after shooting this scene - I'm at a loss for words. After a whole day of sucking, fucking, spit licking, and a few buckets of cum I feel pretty stupid trying to explain this to you. This scene definitely tops even our own cockyboy record for cum shooting. Let me just tell you - Mason Star might need a vision exam soon - his eyes had never seen so much cum - literally. Enjoy!"

L1080389 L1080390

L1080397 L1080399

L1080431 L1080458

L1080460 L1080466

L1080490 L1080491

L1080520 L1080540

L1080544 L1080558

L1080564 L1080583









Phenix Saint Fucks Brodie Sinclair

May 13, 2011

"Phenix Saint and Brodie Sinclair! Just saying the names of those two together in the same sentence makes me want to cum. Seeing Brodie's tight and amazingly bubble butt get penetrated and stretched by Phenix's giant cock is a sight all men on Earth should behold. There's just something about Brodie that no matter how much trouble I put him through I don't think it will ever be enough. If I told you all the things I want to do to that boy they wouldn't even make sense. Yet, I'm sure you know exactly what I mean. You must be crazy not to be thinking the same things. I mean, have you seen how his bubble butt bounces up and down when you slap it? It makes all tops go nuts and all bottoms jealous. It's no wonder Phenix is all over it (and inside it) in a matter of seconds. But do not be fooled, Gentlemen. Brodie knows how to use both of his holes equally good and the amount of spit his mouth produced for this scene is enough to flood the Sahara the same way that you are going to flood your pants with jizz after you see this! Don't say I didn't warn you!"










Phenix Saint Fucks Sebastian Young

October 6, 2008

"FINALLY! I got that hot mother fuckin' thug Sebastian Young to bottom. It took some convincing but it happened. I told Sebastian that you just can't be a cockyboy unless you learn how to take a cock as good as you can give it. As you can imagine, there was no shortage of of volunteers waiting to get into Sebastian's hot ass. Sebastian's only condition was that whoever was gonna fuck him had to be "a dude". I knew Phenix would be a good fit. Sebastian starts off at the weights workin on his lats and Phenix starts off on his knees workin' on Sebastian's cock. After he gets Sebastian's dick nice and hard, Phenix decides its "his turn" and gets Sebastian down on his knees. I was shocked as all hell to see how much cock Sebastian could get down his throat! He actually managed to deep throat P's Dick! Who knew Sebastian would get so into the cock? At one point he starts slapping himself in the face with Phenix's cock. Then...finally...the real action begins. Phenix bends Sebastian over the weight set and gets right to town. He doesn't take it slow and he's not gentle. He just puts his dick in and starts fuckin'. Then he flips Sebastian over to fuck him laying down on the weight bench. You can see the pain on Sebastian's face as he struggles to take every inch of Phenix's cock. In true Sebastian style, he finally takes charge of the situation, pushes Phenix off him, pins him to the ground, and sits down on Phenix's dick. Sebastian rides Phenix until he blows his load, Phenix's cock still in him. Phenix finishes up by flipping Sebastian over and shooting a huge load all over his chest and stomach. As much as Sebastian swears he's not a bottom - he certainly could take a lot of cock....and l know part of him loved it. Check it."

Phenix and Sebastian still 01

Phenix and Sebastian still 02

Phenix and Sebastian still 11

Phenix and Sebastian still 12

Phenix and Sebastian still 14

Phenix and Sebastian still 15

Phenix and Sebastian still 19

Phenix and Sebastian still 20

Phenix and Sebastian still 22

Phenix and Sebastian still 23

Phenix and Sebastian still 26

Phenix Saint and Doc Rock

"Rock Hard"

March 24, 2011

"Doc Rock is back to finish what he started. For those of you who missed Doc Rock’s debut last week, this beefy 42 year old from North Carolina is married and open to more than just the usual on the sexual menu. We knew we had to bring him back to see this str8 cock lover in action. Hmmm. Who ever could we call? Well, wait no more; back by popular demand is the steamy Phenix Saint. This may very well be the last time we see Phenix when he can actually still say he’s 20 anything. At 29 and holding, Phenix will soon join the ranks and more than likely our hot stable of MenOver30. We asked these two studs what was their favorite time of day. “Bed time” grins Doc. Phenix likes to eat so he chimed in with Dinner time as his answer. We then wondered where on the odd couple scale they fell when it came to how clean they were at home. Were they a slob like Oscar or neat freaks like Felix? Doc is somewhere in between. Phenix admits he’s somewhere in between but closer to the neat freak. They both like women in their sexual menu and both agree there’s nothing hotter than finding a chick to give it up to them and a buddy. Well, we’ll have to take their word on that one; but for now it’ll be Doc that will be giving it up. We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.Doc is spent after his hot jack off session thinking about his buddy Phenix while sniffing the jock Phenix left behind. He doesn’t have a lot of time to recover before he gets a call from Phenix who is downstairs and back to pick up his jock. Phenix comes in and grabs his lucky jock strap as he starts to admire Doc’s beefy chest. They start to explore each other as their hands start to roam on each other’s muscular frames. Doc stands so that Phenix can feel his massive quads as his hands roam all over. Doc pulls off Phenix’ tee as Phenix starts to lick Doc’s biceps and chest. Phenix strips down to his briefs before getting back to playing with Doc’s muscular frame. He plays with Doc’s cock through his jock before taking it out and suckin’ on it. Doc moans as Phenix takes his dick all the way to the hilt. Doc has a massive bod that he keeps completely hairless. Phenix laps at his smooth balls while Doc moans and groans. They stand and start to rub their cocks together for a bit before Phenix lies back and gets his massive cock worked. Doc gags as he struggles to take Phenix’ meat. Phenix is rock hard as Doc worships his dick. Phenix bobs Doc’s head on his cock burying his dick even deeper.Phenix then gets Doc on his back with his legs in the air so that he can better appreciate that muscular ass. He spreads those cheeks apart and slaps that ass getting Doc ready for dick. Phenix suits up and presses his throbbing cock to that hot hole and pushes his way inside. “Fuck that ass” Doc groans as Phenix sinks his meat deep inside. Phenix loves that hot ass wrapped around his meat and wastes little time before pounding away at that hole. His thick cock slides out almost completely before sliding back inside. Phenix then bends Doc over and gets back to work fucking that tight ass doggy style. Doc can’t get enough of that cock as he takes a proper pounding. Phenix slaps that ass as he buries his meat inside. Phenix then lies back and has Doc ride his dick. He can get all of his cock buried inside this way as Doc fucks himself. He rides that pole bouncing on it harder and faster as Phenix slams his dick up into that hole. Phenix’ hot cock is hitting Doc in all the right places causing him to blow his wad. Phenix is right behind him and unloads seconds after Doc dismounts blowing a huge wad all over his inked navel." Visit 1 Gay Pass for 3 sites in 1

Phenix Saint and Doc Rock

Phenix Saint and Doc Rock

Phenix Saint and Doc Rock

Phenix Saint and Doc Rock

Phenix Saint and Doc Rock

Phenix Dardin With Toy

November 9, 2006

"The mysterious and ever so sexy Phenix Dardin is back on Randy Blue for the third time and you know what they say about the third time...Phenix shows us what he can do with a dildo for the first time and frankly it's pretty fucking hot. Before we started the video I joked with Phenix about surprising him with a huge dildo to use. He laughed it but, I could still see there was some intimidation in his eyes. Phenix has never fucked himself before and although he was ready; he was nervous. He picked out his dildo and jokingly made out with it before we filmed- he was now ready. Almost immediately I could see Phenix starting to relax and just enjoy sliding his new dildo inside him. He started slow and then fast, back to slow again. He really worked his hole for the camera and I am sure you guys will enjoy it as much as I did. His head tilted back, his eyes shut as him moans grew louder. I wondered what he was thinking or imagining as he plunged the think rod inside him." WATCH Phenix Dardin With Toy

Kyle ONeil & Phenix Dardin

August 18, 2006

"Like I said before Phenix is a bit mysterious. He doesn't talk much and observes a lot around him. I thought after the first shoot that I would never see him again but I was wrong. One day a message popped up on my computer screen and it was him. He was curious about more work with me and what kind of scene would I want him to do. Lets face it, getting a blow job is about as easy as you can get in the adult world. I mean who doesn't love to get their dicked sucked? We talked about it and after a while he said that would be fine. Kyle is hands down one of my favorites on the site. He is gay, and when I showed him the photos of Phenix he was all for it. What I love about Kyle is that he comes into every scene wanting to do his best and he is so sexual he cant help but bring this amazing energy to every shoot. What Amazed me about Kyle was that he has really worked hard on his body since the circle jerk we last did. I mean this guy has really hit the gym. I loved the way he and Phenix got along the whole time and I loved how excited Kyle got looking at Phenix's hot body and big, thick dick. You can tell Kyle couldn't wait to suck on it long and hard. This blow job scene is very cool because of the way both guys interact with each other and really big cum shots at the end." WATCH Kyle ONeil & Phenix Dardin

Phenix Dardin

August 8, 2006

"Phoenix is one of the guys that you know has a lot of secrets. Now I am not saying that in a bad way. I love a little mystery. I'm not saying he has anything dark in his past but he just loves to half answer your questions. With most people I would find that annoying but not with Phoenix. It just seems like part of the process of talking and getting to know him. I do know he is hot as fuck. That body of his is completely naturally built with very little help from the gym. I would kill for genes like that, wouldn't you? I love Phoenix's arms. They are just beautifully proportioned. and he has great wide hips that I really love on guys.

Phoenix told me during his interview process that he was just interested in solo work but I have a feeling (maybe, I am hoping) that will change. I would love to see this hot boy getting blown by another stud or maybe giving his ass up to some toy action or fucking the hell out of another hot top like Kody. I know, I day dream a lot. Anyway enjoy Phoenix's first time on Randy Blue. His photos are hot and his solo video will get your motor running especially if you are into big, pierced dicks. Enjoy this hot little number ...I want him back bad!" WATCH Phenix Dardin

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