Alexander Volkov
Landon Mycles (2)
Landon Mycles


ALIAS: Marcus Mojo
SITES: Austin Wilde, Boys-Pissing, Boys-Smoking, Cocksure Men, Cody Cummings, Drill My Hole, Falcon Studios, Gods of Men, Hot House, Jet Set Men, Jizz Orgy, Marcus Mojo, Mason Wyler, Next Door Buddies, Next Door Hookups, Next Door Male, PerfectGuyz, SG4GE, Str8 to Gay, Suite 703, Super Gay Hero, The Gay Office, Trystan Bull

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Internal Specialists, Scene 4

JJ Knight and Landon Mycles
Hot House Video

December 22, 2016

"Dr. JJ Knight reviews some x-rays with his patient, Landon Mycles, whose back was sore due to muscle tension. Dr. Knight prescribes a massage treatment, which he personally delivers: a convenient excuse to deepen the doctor-patient relationship! With Landon flat on his stomach, Dr. Knight grabs two handfuls of Landon's jockstrapped ass. Parting Landon's furry cheeks, Dr. Knight dives in face first, administering liberal quantities of spit with his tongue. Landon's need for deep, sexual healing clearly requires a specialist's touch; when Dr. Knight takes his dick out, Landon eagerly swallows the monster meat. Dr. Knight's huge cock drips with spit as Landon opens wide and sucks. Returning to Landon's ass, Dr. Knight probes the tight, juicy center with his thumb, then jerks Landon's cock while eating his ass. Teasing Landon's hole with the tip of his cock, Dr. Knight knows it's time to give Landon an internal examination. Landon's ass spreads wide to accommodate the extreme girth of Dr. Knight's rock-hard rod. As Dr. Knight pushes deeper into Landon's ass, Landon's hefty balls swing back and forth. Turning over on his back, Landon throws a leg over Dr. Knight's shoulder. The intensely deep penetration of Dr. Knight's relentless thrusting makes Landon blast a huge load all over his sweaty abs, moaning and gasping uncontrollably. When Dr. Knight blows his load, it arcs through the air in a powerful jet, drenching Landon from his chest to his cock. With Dr. Knight's good loving, Landon's aches and pains are cured for good."

WATCH Internal Specialists, Scene 4 Starring JJ Knight and Landon Mycles















The Trainer, Scene 2

Jimmy Durano and Landon Mycles
Hot House Video

September 15, 2016

"It's leg day, and personal trainer Jimmy Durano starts by stretching out his client, Landon Mycles. As Jimmy massages Landon's thick, beefy legs, the big bulge in Jimmy's spandex swells. After their intense workout, Landon and Jimmy can't resist decompressing by making out with each other. Landon strips off Jimmy's shirt, revealing Jimmy's incredible, sculpted physique. Jimmy removes Landon's shirt, showing off Landon's incredible pecs. Freeing Jimmy's cock from its spandex, Landon goes down and gives Jimmy deep, intense oral. Sweat and spit drip from their bodies as they rub themselves together. Spreading his ass, Landon invites Jimmy to dive in tongue first, and Jimmy eagerly buries his face in Landon's hole. The rim job has Landon horned up and ready to get pounded, and Jimmy slides in his huge, uncut cock. The intense, doggy style pounding makes Landon moan and writhe. Flipping over, Landon jerks his cock while Jimmy pounds away in missionary position. Their washboard abs ripple as they slam their perfect bodies together. With Jimmy still inside him, Landon blows his load all over his stomach. Pulling out, Jimmy blasts off thick ropes of cum that splatter across Landon's chest."
















Brady Jensen and Landon Mycles

"Piece 'a Boy"

November 12, 2010

"You'll never think of take-out delivery the same after watching these two hot studs devouring each other in this new video! When Brady Jensen gets on the phone to order "Number 22" it's a lip licking surprise when he answers a knock at the door and finds hunky Landon Mycles waiting to be let in. It takes about two seconds for these muscle boys to start undressing each other, make out and explore each other's incredibly toned bodies. Their hard cocks are begging for some attention before Brady's got Landon--his special order--on his back, legs spread wide open. That tasty man hole needs some cock and Brady is more than up for the job. Our cameras catch every angle up right up until the moment both guys release their loads. Definitely good to the last bite!"







Ball Play

Featuring Landon Mycles and Jimmy Coxxx

September 24, 2010

"Landon Mycles (aka Marcus Mojo) and Jimmy Coxxx (aka Jimmy Cage) are playing catch on a warm SoCal afternoon. After working up quite a sweat, they head inside, but not to cool down. Admiring each others' glistening bodies, they quickly strip down to their jocks. Landon's oral skills are incredible to put it mildly. He deepthroats Jimmy with ease while giving him a sloppy wet blowjob he'll never forget. Jimmy gets on his knees to return the favor and swallows as much of Landon as he can handle while gazing up at his perfectly sculpted physique. Neither stud can get enough so they roll into a 69 suckfest to ensure both get a mouthful of rock hard cock. With their oral cravings satisfied, Jimmy works Landon's hole with his fingers, getting it ready for his thick dick. Landon LOVES the feeling of Jimmy thrusting away inside him. Jimmy works that hole fast and hard bringing both of them to the brink. Both guys jack HUGE loads all over Landon's ripped abs, perfect pecs and beautiful cock.






20 27

72 73
Kevin Crows and Landon Mycles

Beyond Straight

Featuring Kevin Crows and Landon Mycles

October 22, 2010

"Normally it would be ill advised to the the girl that comes between two best friends, but in Addison's case, she's the girl that cums between two best friends. Landon walks in to find his now ex-girlfriend, Addison, sucking his best friend Kevin Crows' dick. Landon is pissed but he wants her back and is willing to do anything Addison says. Addison will consider taking Landon back but not before she gets her fill of both guys in bed. Once the action starts to heat up, she easily convinces the guys to take it a little further...and a little further with each other. With a little coercion she has them sucking cock, eating ass, and even manages to talk Landon into getting fucked by Kevin! Getting fucked feels so good that Landon blows his load with Kevin still inside him. It's Kevin's turn next and he launches a HUGE load which all three swap in cummy kisses. A sticky mess, Kevin leaves to grab a shower and it's revealed Landon and Addison were in on the three-way all along! It was a trick to get Kevin to fuck Landon and he bought it hook, line and sinker!"












Alexsanderfreitas_landonmycles_P8146688 - Copy

Alexsander Freitas & Landon Mycles

Hot Jocks Nice Cocks at

"Everybody wants to fuck in a pool, and Alexsander loves playing with himself in one. His brother however, likes to swim in them and has told his friend Landon that it's OK to come over to practice his strokes whenever he wants. When the brother is out, and Alexander has his cock out, Landon finds more than one way to practice his strokes." See more of Alexsander Freitas & Landon Mycles

Alexsanderfreitas_landonmycles_P8146711 - Copy

Alexsanderfreitas_landonmycles_P8146789 - Copy

Alexsanderfreitas_landonmycles_P8146818 - Copy

Alexsanderfreitas_landonmycles_P8146530 - Copy Alexsanderfreitas_landonmycles_P8146572 - Copy

Alexsanderfreitas_landonmycles_P8146226 - Copy Alexsanderfreitas_landonmycles_P8146394 - Copy
Landon Mycles & Vince FerelliLandon Mycles & Vince Ferelli
Men Hard at Work at

"Landon Mycles loves his new internship and approaches head honcho, Vince Ferelli, on how to move up the ladder and become a permanent employee. Vince has a few ideas on how to secure a spot at the company and wants to teach him the lesson on how to suck up to the boss." See more of Landon Mycles & Vince Ferelli

Charlie Roberts & Landon Mycles Charlie Roberts & Landon Mycles

April 1, 2011

"We here at Zack Asher's PerfectGuyz have been smitten with Charlie Roberts ever since he first appeared on our site just a couple of months ago. Since then, Charlie has been hard at work improving not just his body, but his on-screen presence as well. And at no time is that more apparent than in his latest performance with the incredible Landon Mycles. The chemistry between these two twenty-one year old California boys is so strong you'll find it hard to believe they've never hooked up with each other before! What starts out as a bit of innocent muscle flexing and body admiration quickly turns into a pretty hot make-out session. Charlie wastes no time freeing Landon's cock from the constraints of his briefs and goes down on him. Landon returns the favor before the two end up on the couch in a 69 position where Landon seems even more eager to show off his oral skills while Charlie rims his ass, getting him ready for what is surely to come next! Charlie knows exactly what he wants and instructs Landon to sit on his cock and ride him. Landon takes it like a pro and moans with pleasure. Next, the two go doggie-style and the heat continues to intensify and seems to actually radiate from the screen. Finally Charlie turns Landon onto his back where their session ends in a double cumshot that is not to be missed! If there was an award being handed out for who shoots the furthest, we would clearly have a winner! You'll just have to see it for yourself!"
Charlie Roberts & Landon Mycles Charlie Roberts & Landon Mycles
Charlie Roberts & Landon Mycles Charlie Roberts & Landon Mycles
Charlie Roberts & Landon Mycles Charlie Roberts & Landon Mycles

PerfectGuyz Landon MyclesLandon Mycles


Age: 21
Zodiac: Pisces
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 190lb
Waist: 32"
Chest: 44"
Shoe Size: 13
Cock: 8" cut
Physique: Ripped


A few weeks ago, we here at Zack Asher's PerfectGuyz had the pleasure of capturing on film a performance by none other than Landon Mycles. At that time, Landon was paired with the equally enigmatic Charlie Roberts in, what turned out to be, one of our highest Viewer-rated scenes ever.

Since then we've gotten a little selfish and wished – like so many of you out there – that we might someday enjoy the opportunity to have Landon "all to ourselves", as it were. Alas, our wish has been granted! Landon doesn't just have a great body – it's more like something you'd see on a Super Hero in a comic book! Lifting his t-shirt reveals an eight-pack set of rock hard abs and his chest and biceps tighten and flex with even the slightest movement. As he reaches down and unbuttons his jeans, we see yet another muscle bulging in his briefs. After stripping down completely, Landon covers his chest and cock in lube and begins to stroke until he's rock hard. He then moves over to the bed for a few minutes of ass play that will make your own toes curl! And when he's ready, Landon's entire body tightens up, exposing every rippling muscle, as he prepares to shoot his hot load, finally letting go with a cum shot that clears his shoulder and oozes over his chest and stomach.

Landon Mycles is one of those rare performers who understands that putting on a show isn't just about what gets caught by the camera. He knows that delivering the best result comes from enjoying the experience to the fullest. And enjoy it, he does!"

PerfectGuyz Landon Mycles PerfectGuyz Landon Mycles
PerfectGuyz Landon Mycles PerfectGuyz Landon Mycles

Big Wood, Scene 4

Mitchell Rock and Landon Mycles
Falcon Studios

December 24, 2010

"Burly Mitchell Rock is getting quite a workout splitting logs, his muscled arms flexing firm and strong with every swing of his ax. Landon Mycles is drawn to the hunky woodsman and ambles up close to him with mischief on his mind. Mitchell is equally intrigued. He's anxious to get more familiar with the young man and even put the screws to him, so they start to rock'n'roll. They suck face before Landon goes down to suck cock. Mitchell plants his hand firmly on the back of Landon's head forcing him to bob open-mouth back and forth on his pole. Then Mitchell gets his chance to nurse on Landon's swollen cock and he savors every slurp up and down the dick shaft and then all around his bunghole. Ready for more Mitchell splits his pal's asshole with his cock, fucking him faster and faster, harder and harder. Landon is soaring with pleasure and they carry on until both men explode with spurts of messy mancream."





Big Wood, Scene 8
Landon Mycles
Falcon Studios

November 3, 2010

"Landon Mycles has his cock and balls in hand and he's hard at work jacking himself off. He steps outta his briefs and continues polishing his knob feverishly accompanied with coos and hums. Then Landon teases and tickles his manhole with a couple of fingers for added zip. Laying back on a bench with the sunlight bathing his tensed-up ab muscles, this blond babe is a vision. His clenched fist continues to fly faster up and down the length of his love muscle. Soon Landon's cries of pleasure intensify with every new stroke until he finally busts his nut and creams himself all over."

Landon Mycles
Pizza Boy Gangbang-Cover

Pizza Boy Gangbang, Scene 2

Jet Set Exclusives Hayden Stephens & Landon Mycles, Joshua Logan, Chasen, Casey Monroe, Jesse Santana, Elijah Michaels, Parker Perry, Jake Lyons, Dayton O’Connor, Tucker Jennings
Jet Set Men

Scene #2: Landon Mycles continues to flirt, but this time with a restaurant crowded with horny guys short on patience and long on dick. Pizza “boss” Hayden Stephens sees it all and sets Mycles up to go down on all 10 guys. Cornered, Mycles delivers with very little gagging and lots of gusto to the full lineup of dudes, who then mix it up with a little butt pounding added into the mix, ending with Mycles, flat on the floor, being showered by every load and capping it off with his own creamy explosion just seconds after the last guy drops his jizz on him.

IMG_1395 copy

IMG_1496 copy

IMG_1560 copy

IMG_1697 copy

IMG_1762 copy

IMG_1483 copy IMG_2121 copy

Dakota & Landon

Jet Set Men's Straight Edge

"Ever wonder what happens when the two hottest guys in the gym—here, Jet Set Exclusive (and total hottie) Landon Mycles and the ever-studly Dakota Rivers--suddenly disappear at the same time into the locker room? Maybe, just maybe, it would be a fantasy come true—they’d eye each other, chat briefly, kiss and then devour one another just like you imagined. If only you could watch. Now you can!"






Copy of dakota_landon_16

Pizza Boy Gangbang, Scene 2 & 3

Jet Set Exclusives Hayden Stephens & Landon Mycles, Joshua Logan, Chasen, Casey Monroe, Jesse Santana, Elijah Michaels, Parker Perry, Jake Lyons, Dayton O’Connor, Tucker Jennings
Jet Set Men

Scene #3: By the time all 11 guys shoot their first loads on Mycles (including himself), some are horny again, so the gang decides it’s time for the real banging to begin. Mycles and always-eager bottom Jesse Santana serve up their asses to the hungry crowd along with several other “plow me now” bottoms. Santana does double anal duty on the cocks of Stephens and Dayton O’Connor, taking both at once and also topping later himself, while the guys themselves mix and match in a relentless stream of ass slamming that cannot be ordered from the menu but sure delivers a heap of satisfaction to the almost dozen hungry, hungry hunks. The scene ends with each spraying out a second geyser of cum on the chest of the waiting pizza boy, who again shoots on himself and then, having completed his biggest delivery ever, flashes that killer smile.

IMG_2915 copy

IMG_2923 copy

IMG_3061 copy

IMG_3105 copy

IMG_3072 copy IMG_3236 copy
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