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Master Plan, Scene 4

Featuring Casey Everett, Jessie Colter, and Kory Houston | Fisting Central

December 5, 2019

"It's time for Master Jessie Colter to put his slaves and their lessons they've learned to good use. He gets Kory Houston on the floor to slide his dick down Kory's hungry throat. Kory gags and chokes as Jessie fucks his face balls deep while Casey Everett looks on from the side riding a giant dildo. It's time for Kory to bury his face in Casey's ass and he goes in deep to keep Casey's hole as open as it can be. Casey goes ass to mouth on his own dildo and licks it clean as Kory keeps licking from behind. Jessie wants in on the action and slides his cock deep into Kory's ass for a quick feel of the inside of his slave. Jessie likes watching Kory and Casey fuck and steps aside to let Kory plant his dick deep into Casey's hole. Not to be left out, Jessie slips his dick into Casey's open mouth to fill the slutty slave with all the dick he can take. With both holes filled, Casey lets loose and covers his jockstrap with his load. The sight of Casey filled with all that cock and sticky with his own cum makes Kory blast his load. He pulls out and slathers Casey's cock and balls with a geyser of thick jizz as Jessie does the same to Casey's mouth."

GALLERY Master Plan, Scene 4 Featuring Casey Everett, Jessie Colter, and Kory Houston













Master Plan, Scene 3

Featuring Casey Everett, Jessie Colter, and Kory Houston | Fisting Central

November 7, 2019

"Jessie Colter keeps Casey Everett and Kory Houston locked in a cage together and only lets them out to teach them how to be good slaves. Lesson one is flogging, and Jessie pushes his slaves to the limits when he binds their hands over their heads and gets to work flogging his slaves. When Jessie is convinced his slaves have had a good lesson, he moves onto lesson two: face fucking. Jessie rigs Casey to a bench with his hands restrained and a clamp on his balls. It's time for Casey to learn how to take a dick down his throat. Kory face fucks the eager slave until Jessie decides it's time for the third lesson of rimming. Casey gets chained bent over as Jessie teaches Kory how to eat an ass. Jessie and Kory take turns opening Casey's hairy hole before Jessie moves into the final lesson of fucking. Kory stands up and fucks Casey hard, pounding with a relentless pace until he blows his big creamy load all over Casey's used-up ass."

GALLERY Master Plan, Scene 3 Featuring Casey Everett, Jessie Colter, and Kory Houston















Brothers 3 - Blood Brothers


Brothers 3 - Blood Brothers, Scene 4: Professor's Twink Craving

Featuring Hans Berlin and Kory Houston
Icon Male

February 13, 2018

"Devious hung twink Kory Houston seduces older man Hans Berlin by surprising the college professor with an impromptu blow job. The ethically-compromised Hans can't resist a young, hung stud like Kory, and enthusiastically responds to the younger man's sexy advances. Hans fucks Kory senseless on his big couch, and brings the hot teen to a huge orgasm before drenching the slender Kory with his own hot cum."

WATCH Brothers 3 - Blood Brothers, Scene 4: Professor's Twink Craving Featuring Hans Berlin and Kory Houston

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His Hot Brother In Law 2, Scene 4: Need A Hand?

Featuring Jaxton Wheeler and Kory Houston
Icon Male

July 20, 2017

"While Kory Houston is creeping in Jaxton Wheeler's room he starts jerking off to the thought of fucking Jaxton. In the middle of his jerking off session Jaxton happens to walk in and catch him. He is extremely turned on and decides to give him a hand. He then he gives him his mouth, ass and cum. All of Kory's jerking off fantasies just became a reality! "

WATCH His Hot Brother In Law 2, Scene 4: Need A Hand? Featuring Jaxton Wheeler and Kory Houston





















I Only Care About You, Scene 3

Kory Houston and Rodney Steele

October 13, 2016

"Kory Houston decides it is time to pack up and leave once he realizes Rodney Steele is in love with his assistant. Rodney explains to him that he is in love with him and not his assistant and begs him to stay! Kory is shocked to hear this, the two passionately make up, by sucking each other's cocks and fucking each other harder than ever. They both climax into cum filled orgasms." WATCH Kory Houston and Rodney Steele















All His Needs, Scene 2

Kory Houston and Killian James

October 6, 2016

"Killian James is feeling a little jealous when Kory Houston comes to live with Rodney Steele and him. He lets him know that he is the one who is there to take care of Rodney's needs! At the same time he shows Kory who is in control here and seduces him. Kory doesn't hesitate for a minute and lets him take control! He wants him to fuck his tight little asshole! He likes a man in charge and needs a good fucking, by a jealous man!" WATCH Kory Houston and Killian James
















Locker Room Lessons, Scene 1

Kory Houston and Rodney Steele

September 6, 2016

"Cute blond twink Kory Houston gives older stud Rodney Steele attitude during running practice. Rodney gives Kory a lesson in the locker room, making out with the boy until his knees turn weak. Rodney then sucks Kory's eager cock, using lots of spit, and Kory returns the favor as Rodney reveals his enormous dick. Kory's tight asshole manages to receive Rodney's huge shaft, and Kory gets fucked all over the locker room, until both guys unload ample amounts of cum." WATCH Kory Houston and Rodney Steele







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Spankings with Daddy, Scene 2

Kory Houston and Max Sargent

August 11, 2016

"Cute little bad boy Kory Houston is acting like a spoiled brat. His manly step-dad (Max Sargent) is sick and tired of his attitude and thinks it's time to give Kory Houston a spanking that he deserves. Time to teach him a lesson! But the hardcore spanking is exactly what he wanted. They both engaged in cock sucking and fucking each other's asses! Boy banging & cum eating is exactly what they both needed to release the tension between them!" WATCH Kory Houston and Max Sargent















Sweaty Athletes, Scene 1

Andrew Fitch and Kory Houston

August 9, 2016

"Young athletes Andrew Fitch and Kory Houston are bros with benefits, and after an intense, hot workout session seeing each other's sweaty glistening bodies makes the two hungry for cock! They decide why not give each other a good fucking! It's about to get even hotter with a boy on boy dick sucking session. Getting deep with full on ass penetration, it's all about sexual satisfaction with these two bad boys!" WATCH Andrew Fitch and Kory Houston





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Cheaters, Scene 3

Billy Santoro and Kory Houston

March 1, 2016

"Billy Santoro is worried that his boyfriend suspects of his affair with Kory Houston. But Kory figures that it might be for the best, since they won't have to sneak around anymore. Their secret love affair would finally be out in the open. Nonetheless, Billy fears for their lives, seeing as his boyfriend has done time for attempted murder in the past.

Taken aback by this news, Kory contemplates whether or not they should continue seeing each other. But Billy is not ready to give up on him. In fact, he would be devastated if Kory left him. Kory leans in to give him a hug, promising that he would never do such a thing. He kisses Billy on the neck, another on the cheek, and one more on the lips.

As they start to make out, Billy reaches inside of Kory's pants to feel his hard on. Then, the boys take their shirts off and get right down to business. Billy unbuttons his lover's pants and pulls out his uncut dick for him to suck. As he's giving him a blowjob, Billy looks up to notice how pleased Kory is. Now it's Kory's turn to go down on his hairy guy and suck his huge cock. As he's performing oral pleasure, Kory prepares Billy's hole by massaging it with his fingers. When ready, Billy sits on his young boy's long dick, feeling his cock far inside of him. Kory looks at Billy riding his tool, before flipping him over on the bed, pounding his ass hard.

Now that Kory had his moment, it's time for Billy to show him what he's got. He gets on top of Kory and slides his cock up inside him, fucking him fast and hard to the point that the bed is shaking. Kory can't help but jerk off while watching his big man fuck him. This makes him cum all over himself. But before Billy does the same, he continues to pound Kory's ass some more. When he feels like he's about to cum, Billy gets up on the side of the bed and shoots his load on Kory's stomach." WATCH Billy Santoro and Kory Houston
















Fathers And Sons 3, Scene 2

Kory Houston and Rodney Steele

February 2, 2016

"The whole gang is out playing sports, and Kory Houston gets hungry, and decides to head back to the house with Professor Rodney Steele. Chatting on the couch with his Dad's mentor they chat about how they're similar. Rodney reaches out to the boy's thigh, caressing it slowly, touching each other unsure at first. Making out, Kory holds the professor close, their lips intertwined.

Stumbling from the couch into the bedroom, Kory pulls at the older man's shirt, stripping it off his muscular frame. They kiss deeply, their excitement is palpable, both breath heavy in this moment of passion. Rodney reaches into Kory's pants, playing with his sizable bulge before climbing up onto the boy, feeding him his lengthy dick. Shoving it to the back of his throat, the boy gladly chokes on it.

Switching things up, Rodney tears off the boy's cloths and briefly swallows his dick before getting into a passionate 69. Sucking on his dick, balls and rimming his smooth ass, Rodney pulls the boy on top of him, and rubs their shafts together. This frotting has them both bursting with excitement and Kory humps down into him. Rodney climbs over the boy, fucking him doggiestyle, pushing his long meaty cock into the young man's ass. Pumping it in and out, Kory moans in ecstasy as he gets fucked, taking his dick like a champ.

Rodney pulls the young man into him, their bodies pressed against each other in full body contact as he penetrates him from behind. Laying on top, he pounds his boy hole before laying the boy onto his back. Fucking him with stiff and hard strokes, he pounds him until Kory shoots his cum onto his toned stomach. Pulling out of him, Rodney cums onto him, kissing him with deep satisfaction." WATCH Kory Houston and Rodney Steele





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Fathers And Sons 3, Scene 1

Armond Rizzo, Tony Salerno, and Kory Houston

January 26, 2016

"Kory Houston and his Dad head up to the mountains to bond. His dad was never around, but when he got caught having sex with an older man in the school washroom his mother freaked. Maybe having a father-son retreat to the mountains would set the boy right. Getting to the site, they run into his Dad's old college professor, there with his son Armond Rizzo. After an evening of chatting in the cabin, the fathers and sons make plans to go out and collect biology specimens the next morning. Wanting to make it an early day they decide it's best if they all sleep over.

Armond and Kory Houston are in bed, ready to head to bed early when they get to chatting about their lives. Armond tells Kory about the time he was at a party and hooked up with his friend's Dad, Tony Salerno.

It was at a party, Armond and his buddy's dad had an immediate attraction and later in the party make their way to a secluded corner of the house, making out. Getting on his knees, Tony unbuttons the younger man's pants and starts worshiping the younger man's long tanned dick. Armond's bulging pecs and washboard stomach flex in pleasure as the older man works on his stiff throbbing cock. Tony is more than happy to help him get off, rubbing his ripped stomach as Armond massages his thick load from his hard dick.

Telling Armond that the story is getting him all hot and bothered, Kory jumps at Armond's offer to tell him a bedtime story. As he climbs from one bed to the other, his pajamas are already tenting out. Armond notices, and starts rubbing his chest as he tells him his fairy tale bedtime story. As they make out, Armond pays close attention to Kory's nipples. He reaches into the tenting bottoms and Kory's dick twitches as the young biology major's hot tongue glides across his shaft. He takes his cut cock into his mouth, sucking it up and down. The boys kiss the other boy passionately; Armond's own long johns prominently tenting. It's Kory turn to suck on his prize, Armond's long uncut cock. He teases his foreskin, before deep throating his long dick. Armond plays with the beautiful ass in his face, tonguing his hole, before Kory takes his turn playing with Armond's. Kory gets the hole wet before plunging his long cock into his hole. Kory pounds him, taking him to town, Armond pushing back into him, kissing him while the tall beautiful man slams his hungry ass.

Riding him, his cock hard Armond climbs off Kory, flip-fucking him. From a push-up position, he uses every muscle in his toned core. Kory moans with pleasure as Armond's big dick slams his awesome young hole. Blowing his load all over his stomach, Armond's cock massages him from the inside as he pushes into him slowly. Pulling out of him Armond cums onto Korey's smooth stomach, his cum leaking out from behind his lengthy foreskin. Smearing the cum between them, they kiss goodnight." WATCH Armond Rizzo, Tony Salerno, and Kory Houston











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Forgive Me Father 3, Scene 1

Tony Salerno and Kory Houston

December 24, 2015

"Altar Boy Kory Houston is in training to become a priest, but he fears rejection from the church for bringing men to the bedroom. Wanting to end what he has with parishioner Tony Salerno, Kory has a plan that will allow Tony to keep having sex with other altar boys, so he can use the stories as fuel for his fantasies.

Stripping him of his gowns, Tony makes out with the smooth young man. He feels his chest and erect nipples as the boy strips him of his own Sunday best. Kory gets down on his knees and takes the older man's thick dick into his mouth. Sucking it earnestly, deep-throating it, he tongues the bottom of his shaft.

Taking his turn, Tony sucks the young man's beautiful long cut cock. Slurping the shaft from the base to the tip of the head, he follows with a thorough stroking with his hands. Climbing into bed, they press their excited taut bodies together, Kory sucks on Tony's nipples before taking his throbbing rod back into his mouth, choking himself with pleasure.

Stiff as a board, Kory kisses Tony once again, before positioning his ass for a thorough tonguing. Stroking Tony's cock while he's being sucked, the married man holds firm, massaging his smooth luscious ass cheeks. After getting nice and wet, Kory climbs under his Daddy and takes his thick cock in deep even strokes.

Crying out in pleasure as he's being fucked, Kory looks at Tony longingly, who kisses his cheek lovingly. Passionately making out, they flip it over and Tony takes the younger man's long stiff cock. Kory watches his long white pole disappear into Tony's hot ass, exploring it. Tony takes the pounding, enjoying the long thrusts into him. Getting closer and closer, he explodes everywhere. His cum sprays all over Kory and himself. Kory pulls out of the older man and finally cums onto his stomach with a trembling release." WATCH Tony Salerno and Kory Houston










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Baby Boy, Scene 2

JD Phoenix and Kory Houston

December 8, 2015

"Boys JD Phoenix and Kory Houston are out on the porch shining shoes when they're interrupted by other guests coming out on the porch. Since it's getting crowded their patron shoos them off with some coins, satisfied enough with their work.

Retreating into the hotel they're eager to explore their time off with each other. As soon as they're alone they jump on each other, making out furiously. JD Phoenix pulls off Kory's cap, and slides his suspenders down off his shoulders. Their smooth faces press against each other's and Kory pushes JD down onto the bed, sliding his pant off to expose his white briefs. Grabbing at the front of each others'undies, they play with their stiff dicks. JD's mouth moves towards Kory's long rod, he slathers it with spit as he sucks it up and down. Excited by his hot mouth, he flips JD onto the bed and pulls down his tighty whities, getting face deep into JD's ass, tonguing it deep. JD shakes his bubble butt at the other boy, pushing it into his face, to which Kory responds by spitting on his hole.

Pulling down his own underwear, Hunter readies him throbbing cock to penetrate JD. Guiding the thick dick towards his tight hole, he enters his slick ass slowly but confidently. Kory pumps his cock in and out of JD in a multitude of positions. JD moans in pleasure as Kory fucks the load right out of him onto his smooth taut abs.

Kory kisses JD as he pumps into him and pulls out of his ass. Kory jerks himself to completion, cumming onto JD's muscular stomach." WATCH JD Phoenix and Kory Houston














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Daddy's Big Boy 2, Scene 4

Brad Kalvo, Kory Houston, and Tayveon Martin

November 24, 2015

"Tayveon Martin and and Kory Houston are sitting in bed with Brad Kalvo, who is forced to come clean to his boys about the fun he's been having with each other on the side. Although Kory puts up a fight when Brad suggests that they try something between all three of them, his mind is changed when Brad showing passionately kisses him. Neglecting Tayveon is not an option and Brad kisses him with equal intensity. But Kory doesn't like to be replaced so pulling down Brad's shorts, he sucks on the furry Daddy's hard dick, before being pushed aside by Tayveon, demanding his own turn at sucking it.

Tayveon works his Daddy's dick, sucking it hard as strings of precum flow from the tip. As Brad is being sucked by the other boy, Kory presents his smooth boy ass to his Daddy. Brad fingers his tight hole, and Tayveon notices this competition is going on, also presenting his bubble ass to his Daddy. Brad pushes his middle finger into their waiting asses. Backing his ass onto the stroking finger, Brad rims Tayveon's ass, as Kory takes another turn servicing his thick cock. Getting it wet, Kory isn't sure he can take Daddy's dick, but Brad pushes it into him slowly, Kory taking it up his ass.

His other boy vying for his attention he rubs his furry chest, and Brad makes out with him. Motioning to move onto the bed, and Tayveon kneels down, and moves his black bubble ass onto Brad's thick meaty dick. Grabbing his slender hips and pulling him into him, the boy bounces his sweet ass on his daddy's dick.

Kory, feeling left out, comes around and cock slaps Tayveon's forehead, who takes his long white dick in his mouth eagerly. Brad flips Tayveon onto his back, and fucks the cum right out of his thick cut black dick. Watching the tick cum pulse out of him, Brad pulls out and unloads his thick creamy seed onto the younger man's taught ebony stomach. Kory and Tayveon take turns making out with brad as the scene cuts out." WATCH Brad Kalvo, Kory Houston, and Tayveon Martin













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Little Piggy

Featuring Kory Houston and Trenton Ducati
Pride Studios | Dylan Lucas

March 19, 2018

"Kory hasn't cleaned up his room and he isn't about too. Trenton Ducati his stepdad comes into the room and sees Kory sitting in bed with an extremely messy bedroom. Trenton is pissed but becomes more pissed when he sees that Kory has been using his dildo. Trenton tells him to assume the position and Kory does just that. Kory bends his ass over and pulls his shorts down so Trenton can begin to rim his smooth hole. Trenton jumps right in and buries his face between those smooth milky butt cheeks. He has Kory moaning and groaning with pleasure. Trenton has his ass lubed up and pushes his hard cock right into Kory's tight little hole. Trenton fucks Kory hard and deep in several positions man handling him all over his bed until he fucks the cum right out of him. Trenton pulls out and blasts his load all over Kory."

WATCH Little Piggy Featuring Kory Houston and Trenton Ducati

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Public Sex Confessionals

Angel Rock and Kory Houston
Pride Studios

September 7, 2015

"Kory is in talks with his therapist about how he likes public sex and the thrill of being caught or someone watching. He can't get enough of the thrill and begins to explain in detail to his therapist his latest encounter at a clothing store. Kory was cruising the clothing store when he saw a super sexy man looking back at him. He followed him around the store until Angel Rock gave him the nod and Kory followed him to the dressing room. No employees in sight so they went behind the curtain and he got down on his knees and began sucking Angel off. His beautiful uncut cock was driving Kory crazy as he yanked and nibbled on the foreskin while stroking his long shaft. He couldn't get enough of that dick and was in heaven as Angel began to face fuck him. Right in the middle of this hot encounter the employee calls out to them to make sure everything is all right which of course it is but that freaked out Angel so they stop and pull their pants up and head into the stock room for some more fun. Now in the stock room Angel rips Kory's pants off and bends him over the metal table and dives in face first lubing up his ass with his wet tongue. The encounter is intense and neither wants to get caught before they get the chance to fuck. Kory pulls out a condom and instantly Angel puts it on and slowly goes deep into that eager ass. Luckily for Kory Angel takes it easy on him in the beginning but once he is warmed up and his cock harder than a rock he goes deep and hard and from being bent over to having Angel flip him over onto his back and being fucked even more was everything plus more that Kory could ask for. Kory blasts a thick white nut on his chest and Angel leaves his juices all over him as well and they both scurry to put clothes back on and run out of the stock room before being caught. Enjoy!" WATCH Angel Rock and Kory Houston in Public Sex Confessionals








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Kory Houston

August 28, 2015


I Want Him

Blake Jordan and Kory Houston

July 16, 2015

"Sexy, cute and straight, 23 year old Texan, Kory, with his hot body, big dick and killer butt was just here about a month ago with his gay buddy Peter. Peter is a fan of and when his bud Kory, a financially struggling college student in Florida with a minimum wage job, told him he needed help with cash, he took advantage of Caruso's offer to help gay guys get into their straight friend's pants. It was a win, win, win, win situation. Kory gets cash, Peter gets Kory, Caruso gets a fucking hot video and you get to watch it all go down! So, if you haven't seen that video yet, go check it out.

Now that you know the back story... Kory returns once again! So, here's how it plays out. Blake, a Florida acquaintance of Kory - they have a couple of the same classes - found Kory's video on He was really surprised, especially seeing Kory around campus with his girlfriend, he couldn't imagine him doing porn - with another dude. At the same time, it turns out that Blake is friends with Peter - and he couldn't wait to get a hold of Peter and ask him how to get in on this deal - he was really hot for Kory's cock - he even tells Caruso during the interview, right in front of Kory ''I want him''. So, with Peter's help and Kory always being in need of money, it wasn't long before the two were sitting on the couch in front of Caruso's camera. But, this time will be a little different as Kory, a butthole virgin, has to agree to get fucked! So, Caruso just tells the boys to get to it. We are a little surprised at how aggressive Kory is, certainly not nervous like his first time. They go right into a make out session with plenty of tongue slurping and probing as they began to undress each other. Kory is a sight to see in his trunk briefs with his killer butt - his new buddy Blake is no slouch in the butt department either. At 22 years old, Blake is a blond hair, blue eyed hottie has a fit body and hot bubble butt. And boy does he love blowing Kory - the passion with which he sucks the straight boy's cock is extraordinary. When it's time to switch, Kory pulls off Blake's underwear and he says ''how the hell do I get the guys with huge ass dicks'', referring to the dude's thick 8.5'' cock, and his prior Bait boy, Peter's, 10 incher. But, Kory seems to be a bit turned on and goes at Blake's major piece of man meat with gusto. ''This can't be your first time'' Blake says to Kory about his enthusiastic cocksucking. Kory takes the big dick out of his mouth just long enough to say it's only his second one. Caruso has the two studs stand up and compare cocks and they take the opportunity from some frot, rubbing their two big, rock hard cocks together as they start to make out again. You can't tell us that Kory isn't 100% into it. Next it's time to fuck and Kory says out loud ''this isn't a good idea'', but he's selected to go first. Initially he tries a sitting position and finally does get Blake's fat cock inside his virgin butthole, but says he can't move. Blake says ''I can help you with that'', to which Kory emphatically replies ''do not move''. Blake doesn't listen and starts pumping, Kory yells out ''stop moving or I'll rip your balls off''. Well, obviously this position isn't working, so Kory volunteers to try it on his back. Blake is happy to oblige as he gets on top and slowly inserts the entire length of his cock into Kory's, straight, cherry asshole. It's a real tight fit and Blake starts pumping again, but it all proves to be too much for Kory, so they decide to flip flop. Kory is now in a position he's used to, and starts fucking Blake like he fucks his girl's pussy (and Blake loves that idea). Blake is so heated up from sex with Kory that he can't hold back too long and pops a big load all over himself. Not wasting a second Kory jacks a thick load onto Blake's belly. This is one hot scene! Don't miss the conversation in ''After the Shoot''."











Peter Fields and Kory Houston

June 18, 2015

"The scene starts out with Caruso interviewing Peter, a 24 year old, very handsome, all American, brown haired, blue eyed, hunky and muscular jock type with a massive, thick, 10'' cock. He's gay and as cocky as they come. He talks about being a fan of and straight guys and let's Caruso know that even straight guys have come on to him - he makes the point more than once - he doesn't haven't to look for sex - it comes looking for him. Well, this hot boy and his very straight buddy, Kory, contacted Caruso because they both needed cash - especially Kory, who is in college. Kory is originally from Texas and these boys have known each other for many years. Kory is currently dating Peter's girlfriend, in the real sense of the word friend, and it's a strange scene, because Peter has hit on Kory many times over the years and Kory's girlfriend knows about it. Kory is 23, stands 5'7'' with hazel eyes and brown hair and has a pretty big cock himself at almost 8 inches. He's cute, slender and HOT! He loves tall girls, up to about six feet, just like his current girlfriend. And, today he's going to grant his longtime buddy a fantasy, first time gay sex with him. Peter is really excited, he's been waiting a long, long time to get his hands on his best friend. Caruso says to Kory, ''you'll probably like it'', ''I don't think so'' was his reply. So, Caruso dispenses with the interview and just says ''Peter, take control!'' Can you say 'awkward'? It was like two inexperienced teens going at it for the first time. Both guys have had more sex than they can even remember, but it's a little uncomfortable to start since they were buddies for so long, and Kory had never done a gay thing in his life. Even in ''After the Shoot'', Caruso has to explain the terms 'top' and 'bottom', in the gay sense, to Kory. They start making out a bit with Peter feeling Kory up, awkwardly, and Peter starts taking Kory's pants down and you can see he's already hard. Caruso asks him later ''you were hard as soon as Peter took your pants down... ''it doesn't take much'' said Kory. Peter is soon sucking Kory's nice size cock. He later says he didn't expect it to be so big, because he's a small guy. Kory is loving it ''my girl never did it this good'' he says. Peter just can't get enough of his buddy's cock, but finally stands up and gets the rest of his clothes off, there's a little more making out, Kory is all horned up now, the awkwardness is gone and they're just going with flow. Peter asks him him to suck his cock, but Kory says ''I don't know about that''. Nobody says ''no'' to Peter and he just gets Kory in position - Kory's mouth opens and the game in on as he goes to town on his friend's huge cock. Peter is begging him to deep throat it, ''go all the way down on it'' he says, ''I doubt that's going to happen'' says Kory. So, cocky boy just grabs Peter's head and shoves his cock down the boy's virgin throat. ''It's so nice to see your face on my cock'' Peter tells Kory. Even with some gaging he continues to give Peter a really erotic straight boy, blow job. Peter now tells Kory that the blow job made him so hot he wants to ride his cock. He helps Kory get a condom on and then lubes the condom with his mouth. ''It can't taste that good'' says Kory, ''It's cock - it tastes good'' Peter flippantly replies. Peter sits down on on Kory's dick and yells out ''oh yeah... fuck me!'' as Kory gives him a reach around and the boys make out. Peter is so turned on by his buddy's fucking, that he grabs on to him while turning on to his back, inviting Kory to fuck him just like he fucks his girlfriend. Lost in passion, Peter says to Kory ''I so wanna cum when you're inside me''. Kory rails away at Peter's hot bubble butt and it isn't long before Kory says ''I'm gonna cum'' as he pounds his giant cock until he starts convulsing from the ecstasy of it all and shoots a big, creamy load on his scorching hot torso. Kory pulls out, yet Peter is still humping the now phantom cock with his butt as Kory pumps his straight boy load onto his buddy's belly - we are all left breathless!"










Kory Houston And Rico Romero

July 9, 2015

"Kory Houston and Rico Romero go at it hot and heavy, getting warmed up with some intense kisses before Rico is going down on Kory, releasing his big cock from his pants then sucking on that sweet cock until it’s even harder than before…if that’s even possible! Kory pushes Rico back onto the bed, kissing him on the lips before moving down to Rico’s prick and giving that some oral attention too!

He pulls Rico’s dick in and out of his mouth before they stand up and rub their rock hard cocks together then 69, getting the best of both worlds as they each suck cock and get their cock sucked! Kory’s got a taste for something else, though, and he bends Rico over and buries his face between Rico’s ass cheeks, rimming Rico’s tight hole as he gets it wet with spit and lube before very slowly filling up Rico’s ass with his cock.

After Rico’s had a few seconds to adjust to Kory’s big cock in him, Kory starts to fuck him, going in and out harder, faster and deeper as Rico enjoys the feeling of Kory filling him up inside. A few more good thrusts and Kory is making Rico explode all over, and Kory isn’t far behind as he busts a nut and covers Rico in cum!"

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1096-pic-18 1096-pic-25