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Jimmy Fanz and Roman Todd

Jimmy Fanz and Roman Todd

May 21, 2013

"Jimmy Fanz is a dirty little sex pig. There I said it. And I will not take it back. Because I love that about him. And Roman Todd loved it too. Jimmy lay seductively on the bed as Roman came inside to gaze at his fuzzy body. Roman beckons him to come closer. The two embrace, and the rest is steamy fuck fest history. These two could not keep their fucking hands off of each other. First Roman sucked off Jimmy. He loved the way that hot big mushroom head fit into his mouth. Jimmy slammed that cock deep down his throat. Jimmy was impressed. He decided he wanted to show off his cock sucking skills too. He sucked on Roman in a hot wet spit covered frenzy. Roman then turned him around and began devouring his hole. He was getting it ready. And Jimmy could not wait. The first thrust inside of him had Jimmy screaming for more. He got fucked standing up, he got fucked on his back, and then he got fucked in the pile driver. This was too much for Jimmy to handle. He started to spasm. Roman pulled out and fingered his hole until Jimmy came right into his own mouth. Roman then literally back flipped Jimmy over and then nutted all over his face. This video was a passionate fuck fest you will want to watch again and again."

Jimmy Fanz and Roman Todd Jimmy Fanz and Roman Todd

Jimmy Fanz and Roman Todd Jimmy Fanz and Roman Todd

"Office Cock Seduction"

Jimmy Fanz and Sebastian Keys
Gay Room | Gay Creeps

February 7, 2012

"Jimmy took a nap in the break room. He decided to get a bit too comfortable by taking off all his clothes. Jason, his co-worker, found him and got all horny over Jimmy's hot body. They have about 45 mins to get a good fuck before everyone goes to lunch.

Jimmy Fanz and Sebastian Keys

Jimmy Fanz and Sebastian Keys

Jimmy Fanz and Sebastian Keys

Jimmy Fanz and Sebastian Keys

Jimmy Fanz and Sebastian Keys

Jimmy Fanz and Sebastian Keys Jimmy Fanz and Sebastian Keys

Jimmy Fanz and Sebastian Keys

Jimmy Fanz and Sebastian Keys
Jimmy Fanz in Office Cock Seduction

"Office Cock Seduction"

Jimmy Fanz
Gay Room | Office Cock

February 3, 2012

"Jimmy Fanz had no clue what he was in for when he walked into the office. Luckily he was surprised with a hard, thick cock that was going to train his ass!"

Jimmy Fanz in Office Cock Seduction

Jimmy Fanz in Office Cock Seduction

Jimmy Fanz in Office Cock Seduction

Jimmy Fanz in Office Cock Seduction

Jimmy Fanz in Office Cock Seduction

Jimmy Fanz in Office Cock Seduction

Jimmy Fanz in Office Cock Seduction

Jimmy Fanz in Office Cock Seduction
MenOver30 Jimmy Fanz & David Chase

Jimmy Fanz & David Chase

"The Erector Detector"
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

April 19, 2012

"David Chase is back on and is in for a real treat as he christens newcomer Jimmy Fanz to the MenOver30-by-injection club. David is on a ladder at Jimmy's installing a smoke detector. When he reaches for the unit, his hand lands on Jimmy's head instead. Jimmy's head makes more sense as David chucks the smoke detector and pulls Jimmy's face into his crotch. Jimmy hauls out David's cock and goes to work swallowing every inch of David's thick cock as David slams his cock down his throat. David can't get enough of that mouth and wants to see what else Jimmy's good for. He puts Jimmy against the wall as he pulls down his jeans to check out his furry ass. He dives right in eating that hole, flipping around so Jimmy can just sit on his face. Jimmy then turns around and slides his cock into David's eager mouth. "Smack it on my lips" he orders as Jimmy obliges before getting into a hot 69 so they can each have all the dick they want. Jimmy slides a rubber onto David's thick cock and straddles it. He grunts as that sweet ass slowly takes it all. Jimmy arches back and rides that cock. David then holds Jimmy still as he starts to ram his dick up into that tight ass making Jimmy moan for more. David pounds away at that hot hole as Jimmy strokes his hard cock. David wants Jimmy's dick inside him too so he bends over and gives it up. Jimmy rams his meat into him doggy style as he slaps that ass and mounts him. Jimmy fucks him for a while before getting him on his back for more dick missionary style. Jimmy's cock hits David's sweet spot and in no time David's cum is airborne. Jimmy then pulls out and follows suit busting his own nut all over David."

MenOver30 Jimmy Fanz & David Chase MenOver30 Jimmy Fanz & David Chase

MenOver30 Jimmy Fanz & David Chase MenOver30 Jimmy Fanz & David Chase

MenOver30 Jimmy Fanz & David Chase MenOver30 Jimmy Fanz & David Chase

MenOver30 Jimmy Fanz & David Chase

MenOver30 Jimmy Fanz & David Chase MenOver30 Jimmy Fanz & David Chase

MenOver30 Jimmy Fanz & David Chase

MenOver30 Jimmy Fanz & David Chase
Jimmy Fanz & Gavin Waters

"Parker's Ranger"

Jimmy Fanz & Gavin Waters
Pride Studios | CircleJerkBoys

February 24, 2012

"Today we welcome a new face to as Jimmy Fanz makes his debut. Jimmy is 20 years old and a hottie from the 305-Miami, Baby. With a handsome face, killer smile and a furry chest we're sure you'll love this guy. Helping us welcome him aboard is Gavin Waters. Gavin and Jimmy are talkin sports when Gavin brings up the Tim Tebow kiss everyone's talking about. Jimmy is curious about how the kiss actually was that it would make people think he might be gay. Gavin comes over to show him the difference as they start to make out. Yup, plenty gay. Jimmy gropes at Gavin's growing cock as he undoes his pants and pulls out his uncut cock. He wraps his lips around it and gets to work sucking on that dick as Gavin moans his approval. Jimmy caresses his smooth balls as he slides that dick down his throat over and over. He looks up at his friend to make sure he's doing it correctly as Gavin starts to fuck that pretty face of his. Gavin then gets Jimmy on the floor; strips of! f his pants and takes his turn at bat. He strokes Jimmy's dick as he swirls his hot tongue around his knob. He swallows it deep as Jimmy lays back and enjoys the special attention. Jimmy's so horny from the head he's getting he gets an urge to taste some ass. He bends Gavin over and dives into that hot ass tongue first. Gavin is rock hard as he sits back and watches Jimmy straddle his dick. He holds it in place as he impales himself on it as Gavin revels in ecstasy. Jimmy is horny for that dick as he starts to ride it hard. Jimmy's own dick is rock hard and slapping at Gavin's abs with every thrust he's given as Gavin starts to slam that dick up into that hole even deeper. Gavin then gets Jimmy on his back and flips his legs up and pile drives his meat down into his ass. He bobs up and down as his dick stretches Jimmy's tight hole. Doggy style is next as Jimmy gets on all four as Gavin taps that ass some more. Jimmy gets so turned on, he nuts while Gavin's pounding him. He gets up on his knees and beats off all over before resuming the position for Gavin. Gavin slides his meat back into Jimmy until he's ready to nut blowing his huge load all over Jimmy's hairy ass."

Jimmy Fanz & Gavin Waters

Jimmy Fanz & Gavin Waters

Jimmy Fanz & Gavin Waters

Jimmy Fanz & Gavin Waters

Jimmy Fanz & Gavin Waters

Jimmy Fanz & Gavin Waters

Jimmy Fanz & Gavin Waters

Jimmy Fanz & Gavin Waters

Jimmy Fanz & Gavin Waters

"I'm your biggest fan."

Morgan Shades and Jimmy Fanz

January 19, 2012

"It's 'Fan Appreciation Day' at and Jimmy is back at the request of a fan who has been driving Caruso nuts with email requests almost since the day this cute straight boy was introduced to gay sex by our Bait boy Max (see Jimmy and Max). Our fan, Morgan Shades, is a hot piece of ass himself. He's just 22 years old with a great compact body, blue eyes, blond hair and a fat 7" cock. Jimmy is only 20 and as cute as they come. He has a defined body with hair in just the right places, a handsome face, great smile and adorable personality. Jimmy is happy to come back and make a few bucks. He likes sex with guys, but still prefers pussy and that's fine by us. Since both guys knew what they were there for, Caruso tells them to get to it and like the two horny dudes they are they waste no time grabbing for each other. There's lots of hot kissing while they explore each others bodies and you can see they're both really into it as if there were no cameras or director in the room. The sex progressed naturally from kissing to mutual blowjobs and ball sucking and finally a flip flop fuck which ended with Jimmy plowing his biggest fan's cute butt as he sits atop his rock hard cock until he blows a huge load which is so big and shoots so far, some gets into Jimmy's mouth! Now it's Jimmy's turn to cum and Morgan shyly says "I'm into cum, can he cum in my mouth?" So, Morgan sucks on Jimmy's cock until he busts his nut right in his mouth and then deep throats the entire cock to get every drop of cum he might have missed. Now that's a dedicated fan for ya! Keep those cards and letters coming, maybe you'll be the next lucky one invited to the next 'Fan Appreciation Day'."

Morgan Shades and Jimmy Fanz

Morgan Shades and Jimmy Fanz

Morgan Shades and Jimmy Fanz

Morgan Shades and Jimmy Fanz

Morgan Shades and Jimmy Fanz

Morgan Shades and Jimmy Fanz

Morgan Shades and Jimmy Fanz

Morgan Shades and Jimmy Fanz

Morgan Shades and Jimmy Fanz
Paddy O'Brian Fucks Jimmy Fanz


Summer Lust, Scene 1

Starring Paddy O'Brian and Jimmy Fanz
Falcon Studios

August 24, 2012

"A pair of pretty stunning Falcon Exclusives take a thrilling tumble when Paddy O’Brian gives his dominating cock to dazzling newcomer Jimmy Fanz. Jimmy’s a happy-go-lucky hottie, who takes a fiery ass-grilling and busts a nut all over Paddy. Jimmy goes googly-eyed when Paddy walks in, and when Jimmy cunningly strips off his clothes and wades into the pool, the sparkling super stud, Paddy, is quick to follow. Paddy locks lips with Jimmy and clutches their bodies together, pressing their cocks into one over heated package. Jimmy gets seriously down on Paddy’s supersize tool, and drags him to the bedroom where the two hairy chested men get into high energy fucking. Paddy’s a heaving, sweaty fuck machine. His bodacious cock jackhammers nuts deep into Jimmy’s hole, stretching it wider than Jimmy thought possible. The pummeling speed strokes make Jimmy wail. It’s a total meltdown for Jimmy, and his spunk explodes. Paddy blows an earthquake orgasm, leaving a prize of thick white cum pearls nestled in the curly black hair on Jimmy’s belly."

Paddy O'Brian Fucks Jimmy Fanz













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Jimmy Fanz and Rylan

Jimmy Fanz and Rylan Shaw

Members Exclusive
Falcon Studios

June 20, 2012

"Bathed in sunlight, surrounded by palm trees, desert peaks, and the gentle murmur of a turquoise swimming pool, the handsome, stunning and sculpted Rylan Shaw is serving his huge cock to the strikingly good looking stud, Jimmy Fanz. Jimmy eagerly takes every inch that Rylan dishes out, gagging on the monster dick attached to this exquisite specimen, devoting himself to Rylan's pleasure. The meat fills Jimmy’s mouth so full that he has to take a break and lick on Rylan’s perfect balls while jerking on his piece. Jimmy is up to the challenge of this remarkably gigantic cock slurping it down and allowing Rylan to force it down his throat. Any fan of cocksucking is going to appreciate Rylan’s huge tool and the way that Jimmy services it. This is non-stop oral action delivered by Jimmy’s sweet mouth and he’s determined to get a huge load of Rylan. Mission accomplished: a huge load sprays out of Rylan’s perfect dick onto his chest, moving Jimmy to shoot out a thick, milky load as well."

Jimmy Fanz and Rylan

Smoldering Hot, Scene 2

Donny Wright and Jimmy Fanz
Jocks Studios | Falcon Studios

October 24, 2012

"Donny Wright is fast asleep on the couch when Jocks Exclusive Jimmy Fanz tiptoes into the room and wakes him with a tender kiss. Lean, furry muscle collides with more of the same as Donny responds with a smile and reaches over to pull the t-shirt off of Jimmy. Donny then slides out of his shorts to give Jimmy full access to the hard on their kissing has also awakened. Jimmy's mouth, tongue and hands go to work full-time: sucking, licking, tapping Donny's balls and massaging his taint, coming up periodically for air and more kisses. Then it's a slow strip for Jimmy, who, now naked, throws one of his legs over Donny's head and goes back to sucking, giving Donny the cue to put his mouth to work on Jimmy's dick and ass. Jimmy's invitation to 'fuck my sweet hole' needs no encouragement. The sound of flesh slapping flesh is punctuated by competing groans of satisfaction. Donny's thrusts are met with the flexing of Jimmy's hips and the squeezing of his muscled butt. Then, in good old-fashioned jock spirit, they stand side by side and squeeze out monster loads onto the couch pillows."

Jimmy Fanz and Tucker Phillman

Knockouts And Takedowns, Scene 1

Jimmy Fanz and Tucker Phillman
Jocks Studios | Falcon Studios

November 30, 2012

"Coach Tucker Phillman has summoned his newest wrestler, fresh and sexy Jimmy Fanz, to his office. Jimmy arrives in his wrestling gear, and he knows why Coach Tucker asked for him. Instantly they are chest to chest lip locking. While kissing Tucker reaches under Jimmy's tights to grope his sexy goods, and Jimmy handles Tuckers stuff as well. Jimmy drops down to the floor giving grade-A head. Proving a committed cocksucker, Jimmy gazes up at Tucker who is eyeing his desk for potential game play positioning. Asserting authority,Tucker picks Jimmy up and places him on his desk so he can lean over and blow Jimmy's rock hard dick. Tucker then turns over his newest stud, featuring Jimmy's fuzzy ass.Fingering and slowly slobber soaking Jimmy's sweet hole, Coach preps Jimmy for the real intense training. Jimmy's ready for the final workout his ass is about to receive, and he delivers gasps and awes as Tucker breaks him in from behind. Tucker maneuvers Jimmy onto his back, and guides him down the homestretch, getting tougher and pounding his cock deep into Jimmy, showing him how to take one for the team. Jimmy jerks out a load onto his stomach with Coach Tucker deep inside him. Tucker follows suit adding to the creamy cum mess."

Jimmy Fanz and Evan Mercy

Knockouts And Takedowns, Scene 2

Jimmy Fanz and Evan Mercy
Jocks Studios | Falcon Studios

December 7, 2012

"Bulging in his wrestling singlet, the stunning Jimmy Fanz eyes the enticing, Evan Mercy during his boxing warm up. After noting the come-hither stare Evan seems eager for a real work out. Jimmy doesn't hesitate pulling down Evans shorts, pulling his jock strap to the side and hungrily servicing Evan's gold-medal cock. Jimmy continues his oral expertise on Evans backside, while he arches his ass outside the ropes of the ring. These hot studs showcase stellar skills in a vertical 69, Evan standing upright and Jimmy upside down with both jocks bobbing on boners while weaved within the boxing ring ropes. Jimmy and Evan take the match to the floor, as Jimmy rides Evans cock. Jimmy's on his back with legs to the sky as Evan dicks down the newbie butt hole with a ferocious attack. Pounding and panting until pulling out and pouring his dick juice on the crack of Jimmy's ass using the head of his dick to spread and smear his jizz all over Jimmy's fuzzy ass. Jimmy still on his back yanks himself to the finish filling his own mouth as he spews his cum shot downward in a self-facial."

Warehouse Kinks, Scene 2

Preston Steel and Jimmy Fanz
Fisting Central

January 8, 2015

"An erotic spanking is in store for Jimmy Fanz. It will be administered by Preston Steel, who ties Jimmy's hands behind him with in elaborate harness encircling his chest. Ankles are next: each lashed to a post so Jimmy is spread-eagled. Preston dives into Jimmy's hairy hole with his tongue, then announces 'This is the best part' as he plunks down a menacing looking wand. The wand can deliver an electric charge via a collar around Jimmy's neck. The scenario repeats: rim, spank, zap. Preston's beard adds an extra tickle when his face is buried between Jimmy's buns. Jimmy's glutes turn from pink to red, but as much as he struggles, the ropes keep him in place. When he's had his fill of eating Jimmy's ass, Preston stands and strips. He has a hairy ass himself, and a hairy chest. His entire back is inked with a sketch for a massive tattoo. Preston changes the ropes to accommodate fucking, tying Jimmy's left wrist to his left ankle and right wrist to right ankle. Jimmy's face, neck and chest are now as red as his ass as Preston slams his hole with cock. Since Jimmy is unable to touch himself, Preston jacks him to orgasm while fucking him, then adds his own spooge to the puddles on Jimmy's belly."

Safeword, Scene 4

Tristan Phoenix and Jimmy Fanz
Fisting Central

March 26, 2013

"Jimmy Fanz lies nude on a leather table, his wrists, knees and ankles securely bound. He's lean, muscular and hairy, a carnal temptation to be bad. Bewildered at his predicament, he tests the ropes, causing his muscles to bulge and his cock to twitch. Tristan Phoenix, his captor, enters, twitching a riding crop. Demanding to know Jimmy's Safeword, Tristan cracks the whip on his flesh. Jimmy flinches and squirms but refuses to cooperate. When Tristan unintentionally brushes Jimmy's foot, he discovers Jimmy is ticklish and a new plan emerges to elicit the word he wants to hear. He tickles Jimmy's feet, his ribs, his armpits. Jimmy writhes and giggles, spitting out one false Safeword after another. They sweat and the suspense fills their heavy cocks. Tristan clasps Jimmy's upper body in his arms as he continues to tickle him, adding a few slaps. Jimmy caves. Tristan unties him, flips him onto his tummy, and fucks him. No foreplay or preliminaries: they're both ready for this. Jimmy spreads his legs, the table up-ending his sweet butt at the perfect angle for Tristan's cock to ram deep and hit Jimmy's sweet spot. Jimmy's cock begins spewing its juices onto the floor as Tristan lashes Jimmy's chest with his cum."


Open Road - Part 2, Scene 2

Christian Wilde and Jimmy Fanz
Raging Stallion Studios

January 24, 2014

"Christian Wilde's muscle car won't start, so while he sits behind the wheel in frustration, he decides to rub one out. It's a full-on, take-your-clothes-off, leave-the-door-open, hope-for-the-best wank, and his cock is at maximum hardness. He attracts young passerby Esteban Del Toro who watches greedily until he hears someone coming and takes off. That someone is Jimmy Fanz, the athletic cub with a youthful face and an irresistible cock and ass. Harder and hotter than ever, Jimmy is just what Christian was hoping for, and though he tries to split when he sees Christian jacking off, Christian grabs him. He bends Jimmy over the open window of the car door, shreds the seat of his pants and just fucks him. Christian's fat cock makes maximum contact with Jimmy's hole, sending jolts of pleasure through both of them. Christian lays on the ground next to the car. Jimmy's so into getting fucked that he quickly mounts Christian and rides his cock in sideways crab position, controlling the depth and the angle at which his hole gets pounded. Christian slams the hood of the car, throws Jimmy down on his back and pound his ass some more. As the sexual energy intensifies with each thrust, they can't contain themselves much longer, shooting two hefty loads."

WATCH Open Road - Part 2, Scene 2 Starring Christian Wilde and Jimmy Fanz


















Timberwolves, Scene 3

James Jamesson and Jimmy Fanz
Raging Stallion Studios

October 29, 2013

"Jimmy Fanz displays maximum fur as he tangles with James Jamesson on an iron bed. Jimmy's devilish grin says he's looking forward to getting ravished by this mountain man whose hair is long and whose full red beard reaches the middle of his chest. James rolls Jimmy onto his tummy, going straight for his ass, giving Jimmy's hairy hole a serious tonguing. Jimmy assists by curving one arm over his back and stretching another between his legs to finger his hole with both hands. James takes the cue and adds two fingers of his own, plus a thumb and some spit. They take turns prepping the hole for James' throbbing hard on that is set off by bushy, shockingly red pubes. All human inhibitions slip away as they quickly turn into animalistic fuck machines, with Jimmy bouncing on James' red bush milking James thick hard cock with his hole. James topping is like watching the mating of wild beasts, aggressive and rough while effortlessly switching positions from doggy to sideways to missionary. Their aggressive momentum makes the bed creak, while Jimmy's cries become a crescendo that peaks when his cock spews jism across the bed. James cock is bigger and harder when he pulls it out that it was when he stuck it in and it erupts with unnatural intensity."

WATCH Timberwolves, Scene 3 Starring James Jamesson and Jimmy Fanz
























Hole 1, Scene 2

Tommy Defendi and Jimmy Fanz
Raging Stallion Studios | Monster Bang Productions

September 24, 2013

"Tommy Defendi is relieving himself in a bucket. Jimmy Fanz, peering out behind a dirty shower curtain, can't take his eyes off that humongous cock. He slowly crawls towards Tommy, his lips ready to capture the last drops. Tommy's dick grows bigger and harder in Jimmy's mouth and the veins throb. Tommy growls as his cock sinks deeper into Jimmy's determined throat. Jimmy sucks Tommy's balls, nearly the size of his fist, and slaps his face with Tommy's cock. He looks up for approval while running his lips along the length of Tommy's wet shaft. Jimmy gets that approval with a kiss, followed by Tommy's tongue in his hairy ass. Tommy grabs Jimmy by the throat and slides his tongue into Jimmy's mouth as he slides his cock into his ass. Jimmy's body welcomes Tommy's massive meat, more so with each slamming and plundering of his gut. The sexual heat these guys generate could set this cell on fire. Tommy fucks Jimmy like a rag doll, tossing him around, slapping him, fucking him on his feet, on his belly, on his back until they erupt like fireworks, their bodies glued together by jism."

WATCH Hole 1, Scene 2 Starring Tommy Defendi and Jimmy Fanz















Heretic, Scene 3

Alexander Garrett & Jimmy Fanz
Raging Stallion Studios

August 2, 2013

"Jimmy Fanz, in a black jock strap, is gyrating against smooth Alexander Garrett as if he were a human stripper pole. Their tongues battle in an aggressive kiss. Alexander is jacking himself with Jimmy's hand, but the hard, slick feel of it makes Jimmy want it in his mouth. His bottomless throat is equal to the task, but Alexander's cum-filled nuts get their share of attention too. Jimmy's tongue flickers and curls. Saliva streams down his chin as Alexander's pumps his hips. When Jimmy lies on his back and spreads his legs, he exposes a puckered hole hidden in damps swirls of fine hair. He smiles when Alexander's tongue finds the warm center. Using lots of spit, Alexander begins a frenzy of sucking, spanking, ball squeezing and rimming. The external world is blotted out and the senses get mixed up. Smell and touch take charge. Jimmy's ass becomes a black hole that Alexander's rampant erection cannot escape. He fucks Jimmy hard, releasing all his pent up aggressions. Gushing ejaculations are a heartbeat away." WATCH Heretic, Scene 1 Starring Alexander Garrett and Jimmy Fanz

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Jimmy Fanz in Fucked Down, Scene 2

Fucked Down, Scene 2

Jimmy Fanz
Raging Stallion Studios

July 3, 2013

"Jimmy Fanz likes it nice and easy as he sits back, looking cool and relaxed with cock in hand. He begins stroking his big boner in a slow sensuous rhythm then gradually speeds up to ensure the fleshy pole is at its thickest and firmest aroused state. Then he reaches between his legs to play with his ass; he pokes the twitching hole with his fingers and cups his balls, making all the right moves to keep the sensation electrified. Then to heighten his excitement, Jimmy jams a big black dildo up his ass. He slides the rubber club in and out with the same speed that he strokes his cock, working his two erogenous zones simultaneously until he squeezes out gobs of thick gooey jizz all over his fingers."

Behind The Big Top, Scene 4

Starring Jimmy Fanz and Josh Long
Raging Stallion Studios

May 17, 2013

"Jimmy Fanz and Josh Long are a bear cub lover's double-barreled wet and hairy dream. As circus acrobats, they're practicing a routine in the props tent, outfitted in body-hugging singlets. Their movements ensure maximum contact between intimate body parts. Then Josh announces he has an idea, and he climbs a rope ladder and hangs upside-down so his cock is at Jimmy's eye level and vice-versa. How fast can you say '69'? They face-fuck each other until their jaws are tired. Then it's Jimmy's turn on the ladder. He suspends his ass from a wooden rung so his furry hole is poised directly over Josh's tongue. Josh delves and slurps, then Jimmy drops to a lower rung so Josh can fuck him. The walls of Jimmy's hole give way to Josh's invading tool as Jimmy jacks his cock and squeezes his low-hanging nuts. Abandoning the ladder, they grab heavy ropes hanging from the ceiling, a rope in each hand, and engage in a gravity-defying airborne sit-fuck, until their cocks can't hold out any longer and discharge their milky loads all over Jimmy's hairy stomach. "

WATCH Behind The Big Top, Scene 4 Starring Jimmy Fanz and Josh Long


























Shawn Wolfe & Jimmy Fanz

Cock Shot, Scene 3

Starring Jimmy Fanz and Shawn Wolfe
Raging Stallion Studios | Monster Bang Productions

April 2, 2013

"Lean, grizzled Shawn Wolfe carries a hard on for sexy, homeless stud Jimmy Fanz. He followed him to the decrepit building where Jimmy hangs. Shawn's cock can't wait and he pounces. He tears the seat of Jimmy's dilapidated shorts, exposing the plump, furry buns he lusts after, burying his face in their heat. Jimmy is overtaken by the intense realization of pleasure. He lifts and spreads his butt cheeks, pushing Shawn's head deeper. Not bothering to remove his own jeans, Shawn lies full-length atop Jimmy and spears the warm crack. Jimmy groans, 'Fuck me!' He cranes his neck to kiss his attacker. Wanting to prolong his sexual delirium as long as possible, Shawn goes back to eating Jimmy's ass. Fucking it ... eating it. And again. Jimmy strokes himself while Shawn's tongue and cock alternately drill Jimmy's hairy hole. Jimmy flips onto his back in complete surrender. Both of them are completely naked now, fur and flesh in fierce contention. Jimmy's abs clench and his pecs flex as the mushroom head of his dick begins to spew. Shawn howls, raining down sweat and spooge for Jimmy to scoop into his mouth."

WATCH Cock Shot, Scene 3 Starring Jimmy Fanz and Shawn Wolfe

















The Woods: Part 1, Scene 4

Starring Jimmy Fanz and Zeb Atlas
Raging Stallion Studios

January 4, 2013

"Jimmy Fanz is the kind of guy who when you see him, you want to do him: great legs, cute smile, slim, furry body with little or no manscaping. Jimmy has a huge case of hero worship for Zeb Atlas, who takes him fishing in The Woods. The fish aren't biting, but the same cannot be said for Jimmy and Zeb. Packing up, Zeb tells Jimmy to go shower, and Jimmy can't resist the lure of warm water and soap to engage in a fantasy j/o, starring Zeb, but when the real Zeb steps under the spray with a hardon to match Jimmy's, Jimmy can't believe his luck. First he runs his hands all over Zeb's mountains of muscle, then he sinks to his knees. Using a hand to stroke Zeb's shaft, Jimmy slowly teases the head with his lips before leaning in to swallow Zeb's meat. Jimmy's jaw is at full gape as he struggles not to gag when Zeb grabs his neck and pushes to achieve deeper penetration. Zeb rewards him with a kiss, then turns him 180 degrees and spears his ass from behind — Jimmy's wildest dream come true. When Jimmy's prostate can't take another thrust without cumming, they move to a bench and Jimmy sits on Zeb's cock for a slower, gentler round of thrust and slam, until the cum pours down."

WATCH The Woods: Part 1, Scene 4 Starring Jimmy Fanz and Zeb Atlas














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