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Dakota Rivers & Colby Keller


October 27, 2009

"Friends are great. Friends with benefits are better. Dakota Rivers and Colby Keller are two friends who are hanging out under the hot California sun and decide to have some fun together. Clothes gone, they work each others cocks until both men are raging hard and ready to fuck. Colby arches back and Dakota eases his throbbing member slowly inside. Our bearded bottom moans wildly from the intense fuck Dakota gives him. Both men can resist no longer and Dakota cums all over Colby's dick which immediately bring Colby over the top, releasing a thick wad of cum all his own."

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Samuel Colt and Colby Keller

Samuel Colt and Colby Keller


March 2, 2012

"We find Colby Keller giving Samuel Colt a nice rubdown on the bed. Samuel complains to Colby that he didn't massage his ass. Colby slides down Samuel's underwear and gives his ass a rub. Colby can't resist that bubble butt and drops down to get a lick of Samuel's tasty asshole. Next thing you know Samuel's cock is completely down Colby's throat. Colby makes sure Samuel gets a mouthful of meat before he leans back and offers up his own tight hole for Samuel to fuck! Colby strokes his thick cock as Samuel bangs his tight hole. The guys flip and now Samuel is getting stuffed by Colby! Riding Colby feels so good that Samuel pops his load all over Colby's stomach with Colby still deep in his ass. Colby jacks his cock with Samuel's head on his belly, then explodes a wallop of a load onto Samuel's face. Samuel sucks the last bit of cum out of Colby's cock and, with cum dripping off his chin, goes in for a hot cum kiss."

Samuel Colt and Colby Keller

Samuel Colt and Colby Keller

Samuel Colt and Colby Keller

Samuel Colt and Colby Keller

Samuel Colt and Colby Keller

Samuel Colt and Colby Keller

Samuel Colt and Colby Keller

Samuel Colt and Colby Keller
John Magnum and Colby Keller

"Hard Trainer"

John Magnum and Colby Keller

January 22, 2010

"John Magnum is really pushing Colby hard at the gym. One look at John and the results of his intense workout are obvious, so Colby grits his teeth and punches out set after set. With every rep, the testosterone level gets higher and higher, and both men start to sport erections beneath their gym shorts. Seeing this, John decides Colby's legs have had enough, and it's time his cock had a workout. He swallows Colby's thick dick and then spins around and sits on Colby's face. Colby buries his tongue deep inside John's ass before the muscled studs move into some hot 69 action. Colby raises his ass up, and John slides his monster in his hole. This was not the workout Colby had in mind when he signed up John to be his trainer, but he is definitely NOT complaining. John fucks the cum out of Colby, and then splatters Colby's beard with his own. This workout isn't over yet though. John immediately orders Colby to grad the dumbbells to bang out another set of lunges. Now that's a hard trainer!"

John Magnum and Colby Keller John Magnum and Colby Keller John Magnum and Colby Keller

John Magnum and Colby Keller

John Magnum and Colby Keller

John Magnum and Colby Keller

John Magnum and Colby Keller

John Magnum and Colby Keller

John Magnum and Colby Keller
Nick Capra and Colby Keller

Nick Capra and Colby Keller


November 27, 2009

"A constant audio of primal moans emanates from dark and hairy Nick Capra and bearded bottom Colby Keller as they suck cock, eat ass and bring their blood to a boil. Nick slides his thick dick in and out of Colby's tight hole until the heat reaches critical mass and Nick can take no more. He pulls out, pumps wildly at his cock and cums onto Colby's butt, which he then licks clean. Colby isn't ready to pop just yet and lets Nick know he's not done. Colby rides Nick until his carnal desires are quenched and blows a load all over Nick's furry chest. Colby cleans up his mess, lapping up his warm cum. This gets Nick worked up all over again and he cranks out a second load before the guys finally collapse into each other's arms."

Nick Capra and Colby Keller Nick Capra and Colby Keller

Nick Capra and Colby Keller Nick Capra and Colby Keller

Nick Capra and Colby Keller Nick Capra and Colby Keller

Nick Capra and Colby Keller Nick Capra and Colby Keller

Nick Capra and Colby Keller

Nick Capra and Colby Keller

Nick Capra and Colby Keller

Nick Capra and Colby Keller

Colby's Size 15 Feet In Wool Socks


December 22, 2015

"It's always a great pleasure to have Colby Keller visiting me. Especially when he shows up in a sexy pair of red and grey wool socks. Of course, his size 15 feet would look great in anything. Especially bare. And, of course, Colby ended up shedding his seasonal socks in order to show off his perfect feet. I have consistent fantasies and dreams about Colby's feet. He loves that!"




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Johnny Hazzard Worships Colby Keller's Socks & Feet


January 23, 2015

"Who knew that Colby Keller and Johnny Hazzard love worshiping feet so much? Well we sure found that out in this MyFriendsFeet shoot. Both men really got off on each others big, sexy feet here and put in just about the same amount of time on one another. And we have to know that both men eventually pulled out their big cocks so they could jerk off and shoot their loads. One right after the other!"




















Stud Colby Keller Tied Up and Tickle Tortured


January 2, 2015

"Colby Keller is certainly one of the finest men we've had on MyFriendsFeet and we get to see him again here, tied up and tickle tortured. Colby has the perfect body to me. Muscular, very fit and slightly hairy. And I love the fact he showed up with a 5 o'clock shadow. SO sexy. Colby has big feet size 15 too and they're ticklish as hell. By the time I finished with his ticklish feet and body he was going crazy in the tickle chair!"





















Colby Keller Shows Off His Big Feet and Flip Flops


December 24, 2014

"Colby Keller has really been making the rounds these days in the gay porn scene. MyFriendsFeet grabbed him up a while back though so Colby could show off his big, sexy feet. Colby is very mischievous and you realize that as soon as you meet him. So showing off his dirty socks and big, smelly feet was a blast to him. It certainly was to me too as I snapped pics of this sexy lad!"



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Trapped, Scene 6

Starring Colby Keller, Kurtis Wolfe, and Tegan Zayne
Raging Stallion Studios

November 3, 2017

"The local sheriff and his deputy get a tip on where kidnapping victim, Tegan Zayne, is being held. After investigating, the lead detective lets Kurtis Wolfe know where his boyfriend is staying. Kurtis needs to see Tegan and shows up at the cabin in the woods. After Tegan expresses his concern that he can no longer choose who he loves, Kurtis suggests that they all love each other. To show that he means what he says, Kurtis gets on his knees and sucks Colby's big veiny cock. Tegan follows along and the two studs service Colby together, taking turns slurping on his big pole. Tegan wants to pleasure both of his men and opens wide to get both Colby and Kurtis in his drooling mouth at the same time. Colby is revved up and gets Tegan and Kurtis to lie back on the bed with their legs in the air. He eats both of their tight hairy assholes, making sure to give each one plenty of attention. He loosens them up as he fingers both asses, then slips his cock into Tegan and starts pounding a steady rhythm. Kurtis wants to feel Colby inside him and assumes the position to eat Tegan out while Colby opens his hole with his giant dick. Colby is good at what he does and he pounds the cum right out of Kurtis, who drops his load on Tegan's face. After getting a fresh batch of cum in his mouth, Tegan can't help but to give into his instincts and let his own cock explode on both Colby and Kurtis. Once Colby gets his own mouth sprayed he's ready to reward his two lovers with milky ropes of pure white jizz. Tegan and Colby lap up the juice and kiss away any remnants that remain. Can the kidnapper, the victim, and the former lover live together in harmony or will there be trouble in paradise?"

WATCH Trapped, Scene 6 Starring Colby Keller, Kurtis Wolfe, and Tegan Zayne

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Trapped, Scene 4

Starring Colby Keller and Tegan Zayne
Raging Stallion Studios

October 20, 2017

"Tegan Zayne is still with his captor, Colby Keller. After thanking Colby for taking such good care of him, Tegan gets on his knees between Colby's legs and starts servicing his giant cock. Is Tegan starting to really fall for his captor, or is it a classic case of Stockholm Syndrome? Perhaps Tegan has something else up his sleeve. Whatever the case, Colby is in for the time of his life with Tegan's tight muscled body. Wanting to provide the best service he can give, Tegan opens his mouth wide and takes Colby's massive junk all the way down his throat. Colby is hard as a rock and ready to explore Tegan from the inside. He spits on his hand and jams three fingers up Tegan's hairy ass to stretch it out and to make way for his big glistening cock. To prolong the fun for just a little bit longer, Colby pulls Tegan back to the bed and the studs 69 while Tegan keeps plugging away sucking Colby's big cock. Tegan is Colby's dream man, and he wants to please Tegan with a long and hole-widening rim job. Once Colby has succeeded in opening Tegan up as far as he'll go, he throws Tegan down on the bed to pile drive his prisoner. Colby pounds away as Tegan grunts with each plunge from Colby's big hard dick. Colby wants to be face to face with Tegan so he can kiss him and worship his hairy chest and pits. As the studs passionately make out and rub beards, Colby enters Tegan from behind and fucks him. The feel of a strong man holding him and fucking him from behind is enough for Tegan to blast his load. When Colby sees that his hostage has been satisfied, he pulls out and goes ass to mouth on Tegan's face. Colby blasts his thick sperm all over Tegan's big full lips and dark bushy beard. 'Thank you, Sir,' is all Tegan can muster to say after such a satisfying and unexpected experience."

WATCH Trapped, Scene 4 Starring Colby Keller and Tegan Zayne

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Falcon Studios Indiscretion

Indiscretion, Scene 3

Featuring Colby Keller, Dylan Roberts, and Jesse Santana
Falcon Studios

July 29, 2011

"Knowing that he's been an unfaithful boyfriend, Jesse Santana's only way to deal with the guilt is to drown himself in mindless frenzied sex. He hits up his bartender buddies Colby Keller and Dylan Roberts just as they're getting ready to open shop and with no debate, the three horndogs sneak off to a backroom to get it on. Colby and Dylan ease Jesse into a state of euphoria as they take turns sucking his engorged cock and then it becomes a frantic free-for all as the trio twist themselves into different positions so everyone can get their licks in. Then, with Jesse in the middle greedily nursing on Dylan's cock, Colby rams him up the ass. They switch it up again with Dylan now as the center of this meaty manwich. Ready to blow, Colby, Jesse and then Dylan take turns jacking themselves off and finally shoot their loads."

WATCH Indiscretion, Scene 3 Featuring Colby Keller, Dylan Roberts, and Jesse Santana

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Colby Keller, Conner Habib, Girth Brooks

Laid-Off, Scene 2

Colby Keller, Conner Habib, Girth Brooks
Mustang Studios / Falcon Studios

July 1, 2010

"Worrywart Conner Habib is running off at the mouth again, fretting about the prospect of being laid off. Annoyed with his non-stop blathering, co-workers Girth Brooks and Colby Keller devise a scheme to shut him up. They immobilize the chatterbox and quickly silence him with Girth's big dick and then Colby's stiff staff stuffed down his throat. Then it's a daisy chain ass-eating session with Colby licking Conner's hole as he rims Girth's. Maintaining the middle position, Conner resumes fellating Girth while Colby starts piledriving his ass. Gagging continuously on 2 slabs of monster meat, moaning with Girth's cock pumped up his hole, then having Colby sitting on his face, Conner is transported to hog heaven, forgetting his troubles for awhile. Then lined up with Girth screwing Colby who's boning Conner, the three excited employees -- linked together by big cocks and office drama -- work out their petty differences and end up with three milky blasts of spooge."

Colby Keller, Conner Habib, Girth Brooks

Colby Keller, Conner Habib, Girth Brooks

Colby Keller, Conner Habib, Girth Brooks

Colby Keller, Conner Habib, Girth Brooks

Colby Keller, Conner Habib, Girth Brooks Colby Keller, Conner Habib, Girth Brooks

Colby Keller, Conner Habib, Girth Brooks Colby Keller, Conner Habib, Girth Brooks
Kink Men


Bondage Gym

Featuring Colby Keller and Dakota Rivers
Kink | Bound Gods

June 18, 2009

"Dakota Rivers is working out at his local gym late one night. He's mostly hanging out and looking for trouble. You know the type. Colby Keller is an out of town visitor. Before heading off to a party, Colby is trying to get a good workout. Let's just say that Colby gets held up momentarily. He manages to teach Dakota a lesson. Dakota endures a heavy flogging, an exhausting bondage workout and a bondage fuck of his life."














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