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Billy Santoro


ALIAS: Santoro
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Billy & Ricky In 'Bros & Toes 2'


August 22, 2015

"Ricky Larkin sees his big, hairy brother sleeping and he can't resist tying him to the bed to torment him. It is Billy Santoro's birthday, and the night before he told his brother he was ready for some sexual variety in his life. He wakes Billy up, who is completely confused about his situation. Before long he's tickling Billy's toes. Of course, that isn't the only thing he ends up tickling. Ricky's sweaty feet are also part of the meal and Billy laps them up happily, completely submitting to his little brother. He really had no choice though - where was he going to go, being tied up and all? After feeding him his toes and getting him off, Ricky ends up tickling the hell out of Billy and giving him a birthday he'll never forget!"





















Billy Santoro Ticked Naked


July 2, 2015

Comments from MyFriendsFeet:

"Gorgeous, hairy stud Billy Santoro ended up in the MFF tickle chair and I have to say that I was completely beside myself with glee and lust as Ricky and I had our way tickling Billy's furry body all over! Billy, dressed here in business attire and dark socks, is definitely ticklish as hell, squirming around like a mad man as we tormented him relentlessly. And wouldn't you know it - Billy ended up getting a raging hard-on while being tickled. It appears he likes it a lot more than he let on!"

Billy Santoro Tickled Naked

Billy Santoro Tickled Naked

Billy Santoro Tickled Naked

Billy Santoro Tickled Naked

Billy Santoro Tickled Naked

Billy Santoro Tickled Naked

Billy Santoro Tickled Naked

Billy Santoro Tickled Naked

Billy Santoro Tickled Naked

Billy Santoro Tickled Naked

Billy Santoro Tickled Naked

Billy Santoro Tickled Naked

Billy Santoro


November 1, 2014

BILLY SANTORO Heats up our November issue...

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Younger Love, Scene 1

Billy Santoro and Griffin Barrows

September 1, 2016

"Muscular older man Billy Santoro fucks gorgeous younger man Griffin Barrows in a hot, intimate sex scene filled with kissing, rimming and foreplay culminating in two explosive cum shots and deep after-sex kissing. Wild and passionate guy on guy action you don't want to miss!" WATCH Billy Santoro and Griffin Barrows in Younger Love, Scene 1

















Brandon Wilde's First Gangbang


Brandon Wilde's First Gangbang, Part 1

Jaxton Wheeler, Logan Moore, Billy Santoro, Jack Hunter, Brandon Wilde, Vadim Black

June 2, 2016

"Brandon Wilde doesn't know that car troubles will be the catalyst for the most exciting sexual adventure of his life.

After being stranded on the side of the road in the middle of winter, Brandon is given the run around by road side assistance. Thinking he's completely out of luck, he's relieved when a mysterious black SUV pulls up behind him. A group of strapping young men, Jaxton Wheeler, Billy Santoro, Jack Hunter, Logan Moore and Vadim Black get out and offer to help. After a few minutes they have his car back up and running. Brandon is delighted. To thank them, he invites his knights in shining armor over to his house for a few drinks.

After some good conversation and plenty of wine, the men begin to loosen up. It doesn't take long before they start undressing, putting their tattoos and tight bodies on display. The sexual chemistry in the air is intense; 'it's all just bros here,' one of them says. 'Your girlfriend won't even know.'

Brandon makes the first move, taking Vadim's cock in his mouth while everyone else watches. The action quickly heats up with Brandon taking center stage. There's passionate kissing, intense anal sex, and tag teamed blowjobs, finally ending with Brandon jerking off while Jack fucks him. The rest of the boys follow suit, taking turns unloading all over him while he lays beneath them, completely satisfied."










82674_03 82674_04

82674_09 82674_11

Sugar Daddies 3, Scene 3

Billy Santoro and Jaxton Wheeler

March 31, 2016

"Tony Salerno comes out of his room to notice Jaxton Wheeler and Billy Santoro have left and Alexander Gustavo sleeping on the couch. He wakes him up to ask about the other boys' whereabouts, but he is just as clueless as Tony. In any case, Tony decides not to wait for them and to treat themselves with breakfast by calling room service.

Meanwhile, in the hotel's spa, Jaxton and Billy are enjoying themselves in the hot tub. But things quickly change when Billy admits to knowing Jaxton's true agenda for being with Tony. This young stud decides to give this ignorant mature man a reality check, and states that Alex is treating him the same way. In any case, Billy is convinced he knows just what kind of man Jaxton is and believes he should pick on someone his own size. With that said, Billy jumps out of the hot tub, leaving an angry Jaxton behind.

While Billy puts on his bathrobe, Jaxton storms in and expresses his anger towards him. He assumes jealousy is getting the best of him, but Billy disagrees and says he could just buy him off if he wanted to. But it wouldn't come cheap.

Jaxton wants to show what he's worth to this sugar daddy. He makes Billy get on his knees and forces him to suck his big dick. With one hand over Billy's head, Jaxton makes sure he gets every inch of his cock in his mouth. Billy stands up and opens his ass up for Jaxton to rim. They flip flop, giving each the chance to taste their hole.

Jaxton gets comfortable on the bench while Billy starts riding his cock, bouncing on it. They exchange positions, but Jaxton puts his sugar daddy's legs over his shoulders and pushes his knees down on his chest, spreading that asshole. He slides his uncut cock back inside and starts pounding his ass. He fucks Billy hard until he makes him cum all over himself. Billy pulls out and shoots his load on his daddy as well."










Cheaters, Scene 3

Billy Santoro and Kory Houston

March 1, 2016

"Billy Santoro is worried that his boyfriend suspects of his affair with Kory Houston. But Kory figures that it might be for the best, since they won't have to sneak around anymore. Their secret love affair would finally be out in the open. Nonetheless, Billy fears for their lives, seeing as his boyfriend has done time for attempted murder in the past.

Taken aback by this news, Kory contemplates whether or not they should continue seeing each other. But Billy is not ready to give up on him. In fact, he would be devastated if Kory left him. Kory leans in to give him a hug, promising that he would never do such a thing. He kisses Billy on the neck, another on the cheek, and one more on the lips.

As they start to make out, Billy reaches inside of Kory's pants to feel his hard on. Then, the boys take their shirts off and get right down to business. Billy unbuttons his lover's pants and pulls out his uncut dick for him to suck. As he's giving him a blowjob, Billy looks up to notice how pleased Kory is. Now it's Kory's turn to go down on his hairy guy and suck his huge cock. As he's performing oral pleasure, Kory prepares Billy's hole by massaging it with his fingers. When ready, Billy sits on his young boy's long dick, feeling his cock far inside of him. Kory looks at Billy riding his tool, before flipping him over on the bed, pounding his ass hard.

Now that Kory had his moment, it's time for Billy to show him what he's got. He gets on top of Kory and slides his cock up inside him, fucking him fast and hard to the point that the bed is shaking. Kory can't help but jerk off while watching his big man fuck him. This makes him cum all over himself. But before Billy does the same, he continues to pound Kory's ass some more. When he feels like he's about to cum, Billy gets up on the side of the bed and shoots his load on Kory's stomach." WATCH Billy Santoro and Kory Houston















Icon Male Cheaters


Cheaters, Scene 1

Billy Santoro and Armond Rizzo

February 16, 2016

"Young Armond Rizzo isn't very content with the fact that Billy Santoro, the older man he's been seeing in secret, is still with his boyfriend. Feeling 'second placed', Armond feels he should tell the truth so they could finally be together. But Billy is concerned that if he tells his boyfriend that he's been cheating on him, he might get violent. Despaired, Billy lowers his head and places his hands over his face.

To comfort him, Armond leans in to kiss Billy's ear, then slowly makes his way down the neck. To forget about his concerns over his boyfriend, Billy turns his head to face Armond and makes out with him. Armond slides his hand inside of Billy's half buttoned shirt feeling his warm hairy chest.

Things get steamier when Armond decides to get on top of his man and proceeds by taking off his shirt, showing off his ripped abs and tight muscles. Clothes are flying off fast as the two get closer as they've ever been. Billy flips his young mistress onto his stomach before taking his briefs off, revealing his hot bubble butt. Unable to resist, he begins rimming that horny hole, making sure to soak it well, inside and out. With Armond's moaning, Billy can tell that this young boy wants his cock inside of him. Billy lays on top of him with his solid cock rubbing against Armond's wet hole. Billy grabs him by the back of the neck and kisses him, while massaging his lover's muscled ass and hole with his big furry hands. Armond sits on top of Billy, who's huge dick starts to penetrate him. Once inside, Billy grabs him by the waists, holds him down while he fucks him. Then he flips Armond on his back, puts his legs over his shoulders, and pounds that ass hard.

Billy gives Armond a rest, but isn't done with him yet. To sooth that hole, Billy licks and lubes it up some more before turning him on his stomach and putting his huge cock back inside. Billy now rests on top of little Armond's body, shoving his tool back inside.

Armond begins to jerk off, while Billy continues to fuck him. As he gets close to ejaculating, Armond gets on top of Billy, and cums all over his partner's hairy body. Billy pulls out his cock out of Armond and also cums on himself. They both lay still on the bed."













Billy Santoro and Colton Grey

Daddy's Big Boy, Scene 4

Starring Billy Santoro and Colton Grey

June 4, 2015

"Billy Santoro has hired his college buddy's son, sexy bad boy Colton Grey, to do some work around the house. When the rain starts pouring down, Billy invites Colton in to warm up. He offers Colton some dry clothes to change into but he's shocked when Colton drops his jeans in front of him and Billy can't keep his eyes of Colton's bulging package. Billy has known Colton since he was a little kid but it's clear to him that Colton is a big boy now. Colton grabs Billy's hand and places it on his crotch and they let their mutual attraction take over as they start to make out passionately.

Billy leads Colton into the bedroom where he quickly tears off Colton's clothes, to reveal his hard, throbbing cock. Taking it fully into his mouth, he sucks on it slowly before flipping him over for an enthusiastic rimjob. Colton loves it, and turns over displaying his huge erection. Billy climbs on top of Colton and grinds himself onto Colton's stiff cock. Billy pulls out his own dick and they both jerk themselves until Billy shoots his load all over his belly and Colton releases his seed not far behind. Moving closer they kiss each other, satisfied and content."

Billy Santoro and Colton Grey

Billy Santoro and Colton Grey

Billy Santoro and Colton Grey

Billy Santoro and Colton Grey

Billy Santoro and Colton Grey

Billy Santoro and Colton Grey

Guaranteed Deposit

Starring Denis Vega and Billy Santoro

March 3, 20017

"Guaranteed Deposit" Starring Denis Vega and Billy Santoro









GDeposit_08 GDeposit_09

GDeposit_22 GDeposit_12

GDeposit_11 GDeposit_13

GDeposit_14 GDeposit_15

GDeposit_16 GDeposit_17

GDeposit_18 GDeposit_19

GDeposit_20 GDeposit_21

The Upper Hand

Starring Billy Santoro, Denis Vega and Scott Hunter

April 4, 2014

"Menatplay got such an explosively hot scene when they put Billy Santoro and Dennis Vega in a room together for “Top and Tails” that they decided to revive the paring and offer up British power bottom Scott Hunter for them to play with. See the results in “ The Upper Hand”. You wont be disappointed. When Billy Santoro and Denis Vega are sat opposite you at the poker table and the stakes are ‘WIN, or STRIP and let the boys have their way with you’ then, like Scott Hunter you’ll most likely throw in a bad hand or 2 to let the real games begin! Or is it slick executives Mr. Santoro and Mr. Vega who hustle poor Scott in to a game he can’t win. Either way, Scott looses everything, from his poker chips to the shirt off his back, literally, and with nothing left to give he’s down on his knees repaying his debt to both Dennis and Billy by taking their hard juicy cocks deep in his throat. But it’s a big debt and the men want more from young Scott, so poker table becomes fucking table as the men take it in turns to ride, finger and spit roast Scott. Don’t worry, Scott does finally win something tangible in the form of 2 loads of hot cum all over him… and from 2 of the hottest guys in porn. So the question is who really got the upper hand?"


Indecent Bahaviour

Starring Billy Santoro and Paco

March 20, 2014

"Billy Santoro is all suited up and ready to get very wet and filthy this week on Menatplay, as he breaks in Paco for his first hardcore scene… and boy does he break him in. Intent of getting some information out of Paco, Billy blindfolds and ties him to a chair, slaps him around a bit, spits on him and when that doesn’t work he takes out his dick to piss all over him and get his shiny grey suit completely soaked through and ruined. But clearly Billy has underestimated Paco as he barely even flinches, intact Paco just takes it in his mouth and gets off on the abuse. So Billy is forced to turn his sexual torture games up a notch and what follows is a no holds barred ass-breaking session. Warning extreme hardcore sleaze action!"


IndecentBehaviour_02 IndecentBehaviour_04

IndecentBehaviour_03 IndecentBehaviour_07

IndecentBehaviour_08 IndecentBehaviour_13

IndecentBehaviour_14 IndecentBehaviour_18

IndecentBehaviour_21 IndecentBehaviour_22

IndecentBehaviour_26 IndecentBehaviour_27
















Top & Tails

Starring Billy Santoro and Denis Vega

February 14, 2014

"It's a double whammy week at MENATPLAY as they welcome two brand new faces to their already stunning collection of Men - US Porn Star Billy Santoro makes his suited debut on the UK Site, alongside mega HOT Latino newcomer Denis Vega. And what a pairing this is! You can definitely see AND feel the chemistry between the two men, as they kiss, suck, rim and fuck each other like there’s no tomorrow. Denis, who’s normally Top, takes Billy’s cock deep in his ass… and you know there’s something so incredibly HOT about seeing a big, muscled top getting flipped around and pounded! And if you’re expecting a Valentine themed ‘love scene’ you couldn’t be more wrong, this is 100% man-on-man, hard, sweaty fucking. Denis is a real discovery so you can expect much more of him in the forthcoming months on MENATPLAY."














Top&Tails_Aff_09 Top&Tails_Aff_11

Top&Tails_Aff_10 Top&Tails_Aff_16

Top&Tails_Aff_12 Top&Tails_Aff_22

Top&Tails_Aff_05 Top&Tails_Aff_21

Top&Tails_Aff_23 Top&Tails_Aff_06
Asher Hawk and Billy Santoro

"Just What The Doc Ordered"

Asher Hawk and Billy Santoro
Gay Creeps at GayRoom.com

December 17, 2013

"Asher Hawk shows up at Billy Santoro's house, only to find him recovering from the night before."

Asher Hawk and Billy Santoro

Asher Hawk and Billy Santoro

Asher Hawk and Billy Santoro

Asher Hawk and Billy Santoro

Asher Hawk and Billy Santoro

Asher Hawk and Billy Santoro

Asher Hawk and Billy Santoro

Asher Hawk and Billy Santoro
Billy Santoro and Seth Santoro

Billy Santoro and Seth Santoro

"Freshly Ground"

Billy Santoro and Seth Santoro
Pride Studios / Men Over 30

April 3, 2015

"Billy woke up early and headed out to grab coffee for him and his BF who is sound asleep. When Billy gets back home he has to put the coffee right under Seth's nose to wake him up. Seth is happy to see him and his warm coffee but after a few sips the morning wood kicks in and some intimate sex starts the day off. Billy and Seth have a strong connection that goes deep and passionate. They kiss like it could be their last and they take in the enjoyment of pleasing each other to the fullest extent. These two sexy firm studs know how to start the day off right so pay close attention and try it out for yourself one day. Enjoy!"

Billy Santoro and Seth Santoro

Billy Santoro and Seth Santoro

Billy Santoro and Seth Santoro

Billy Santoro and Seth Santoro

Billy Santoro and Seth Santoro

Billy Santoro and Seth Santoro

Billy Santoro and Seth Santoro

Billy Santoro and Seth Santoro
Billy Santoro and Tony Orion

"Backroom Tease"

Billy Santoro and Tony Orion
Pride Studios / Men Over 30

October 3, 2014

"Billy is at the strip club once again hoping he can get lucky in the backroom but he's been coming here weekly and still nothing. Billy is checking out the stage and sees a new dancer by the name of Orion and they instantly make eye contact. Orion begins his seductive dance swaying his hips side to side and showing Billy everything he has to offer. Billy is definitely interested and begins to pull out the dollar bills and stuff them into Billy's tight stripper underwear. After some hot tantalizing action on the stage Orion takes him to the backroom for a private show. Once in the back Orion begins to rub that booty all over Billy teasing him to the fullest extent. Billy attempts to see how far he can go by sliding his hands under Orion's undies but he gets stopped and Orion waves his finger at him telling him hands off. That doesn't stop Billy and before you know it Orion is naked and they are both blowing each other in the backroom. Luckily it's not a busy night and Billy finally gets to fuck a hot stripper in the back just like he's always wanted. He pounds the fuck out of Orion taking no mercy and blows his hot load all over Orion's mouth and then Billy licks the cum off of Orion's face. Enjoy!"

Billy Santoro and Tony Orion

Billy Santoro and Tony Orion

Billy Santoro and Tony Orion

Billy Santoro and Tony Orion

Billy Santoro and Tony Orion

Billy Santoro and Tony Orion

Billy Santoro and Tony Orion

Billy Santoro and Tony Orion

Billy Santoro and Tony Orion

Billy Santoro and Tony Orion

Billy Santoro and Tony Orion Billy Santoro and Tony Orion

Santoro & Vander: Pure


June 26, 2013

"I think Santoro really liked being a piggy bottom for Vander! Pure Oink!"









June 17, 2013

"Santoro spent a good many years bar tending and doing the club thing. Sounds like he is pretty well-known after having spent so much time in the social scene. He has had more than a few requests to do porn, but somehow he picked ChaosMen to finally get all naked, and possibly get his sex on for us.

At 37 he is one of the more 'mature' models on the site, but he is packing an awesome body on him. He grew out his hair for us, but I think had all but given up keeping himself shaved. Besides, I think it fits with his hot, daddy look.

He is a little nervous in his solo, but I just let him do his thing. He jerks-off really fast, and gives us a "hands free" cumshot, followed up by a second load! I put him with Vander for an oral video, which airs next week, and things got a lil out of control! Stay tuned!"





Tahoe - Keep Me Warm, Scene 4

Andrew Stark, Billy Santoro, and Brenner Bolton
Falcon Studios

September 7, 2015

"Andrew Stark springs a boner in his pants while describing his most recent tryst to boyfriend Billy Santoro. Billy adds encouragement by massaging Andrew's thickening cock through his pants, then taking it out and sucking it noisily. Brenner Bolton lurks by the fireplace, unseen, stroking his own cock while he watches. Growing bolder by degrees, he catches Andrew's attention and is beckoned over. Brenner and Billy take turns with Andrew's monster cock, each holding it while the other sucks it. Then they put their lips and tongues together to give the shaft a thorough and juicy basting that leaves Andrew gasping for breath. Deciding it's his turn, Billy strips, massages his hairy chest and shoves his cock deep in Andrew's mouth. Brenner strips, then seizes the chance to suck two big cocks at once, getting rewarded when Andrew and Billy shoot extra big gooey loads on his face that he gobbles up while it's still hot. After his double mouthful of creamy jism, Brenner jacks out his own load onto the carpet." WATCH Tahoe - Keep Me Warm, Scene 4 Starring Andrew Stark, Billy Santoro, and Brenner Bolton














Tahoe - Cozy Up, Scene 4

Billy Santoro and Johnny V
Falcon Studios

July 31, 2015

"That look in Billy Santoro's eyes is part jealousy, part lust, as he watches Johnny V and Sebastian Kross making out in the hot tub. Fate intervenes when Sebastian leaves to take a phone call. Fully aware he was being watched, Johnny stands to show off his stunning perfect body with a sexy bump-and-grind. Billy's cock juts out of the fly of his flannel bottoms as Johnny steps out of the hot tub and slowly approaches, crawling inch by inch up the bed until their lips and cocks meet. The tension is electric. Straddling Billy's waist, Johnny gives him a tongue bath and lap dance all-in-one, then slides backward and adds a blow job, until Billy is practically hyperventilating. Billy pushes Johnny onto his back and dives between his legs. He can't decide what he wants more: to suck Johnny's cock or eat his ass. Each wants everything the other wants so only a flip-fuck will satisfy their lust. They flip, and flip again, one furry, one smooth. They break out in a sweat that makes their muscles gleam, erupting in a crossfire of cum that leaves them scalded and drained."

Falcon Studios Billy Santoro and Johnny V

Falcon Studios Billy Santoro and Johnny V

Falcon Studios Billy Santoro and Johnny V

Falcon Studios Billy Santoro and Johnny V

Falcon Studios Billy Santoro and Johnny V

Falcon Studios Billy Santoro and Johnny V

Falcon Studios Billy Santoro and Johnny V

Falcon Studios Billy Santoro and Johnny V

Falcon Studios Billy Santoro and Johnny V Falcon Studios Billy Santoro and Johnny V

Stunners, Scene 3

Billy Santoro and Paul Wagner
Falcon Studios | Falcon Edge

September 29, 2014

"Beefy Billy Santoro presses his thick, black hair against Paul Wagner's fine, blond chest hair. They're already kissing with deep tongue and groping at their jockstrapped bulges. Billy glides his tongue across Paul's furry chest, pauses to tease the erect nipples, and then slides down Paul's thick meat. Paul turns around to let Billy's tongue and beard rough up his ass. The red jockstrap that strained to conceal Billy's boner slips to the side, and Paul takes it doggy style, gasping, 'You're so big.' When it's Billy's turn to take it, his hole puckers in anticipation. Paul slams balls-deep into Billy, spitting in his face and punching at his chest. The two men grasp hands, creating an intense, intimate connection. Then Billy kneels on the ground, locks eyes with Paul, and opens his mouth to receive an incredible load. Paul shoots like a fire hose, covering Billy's eyes, nose, chin, and chest with giant white splashes of cum. Billy's orgasm leaves him breathless, and Paul leans across his heaving chest to kiss him one last time, mixing their cum and spit." WATCH Stunners, Scene 3 Starring Billy Santoro and Paul Wagner















My Doctor Rocks

My Doctor Rocks, Scene 5

Billy Santoro and Darius Ferdynand
Hot House Video

April 7, 2014

"Darius Ferdynand has blue balls! At least that's the diagnosis from Dr. Billy Santoro who happens to have the perfect remedy. He strips naked in the exam room and helps the patient out of his shorts, revealing Darius' huge uncut cock and balls. Santoro bends over to administer phase one of the treatment: a juicy, deep-throat blow job. He swallows every inch of Darius' perfect prick, paying close attention to his smooth, golf-ball sized nuts. Just before bringing his patient to orgasm Dr. Santoro advances to phase two of his unorthodox procedure. He mounts Darius and shoves his rock-hard cock up his ass. Santoro bounces up and down on Darius' dick until it's time to finally drain the patient's blue balls. Doctor Billy lies back on the exam table so Darius can fuck his muscle-butt. Darius pounds the doctor's ass like a jackhammer until neither one can hold it in any longer. Santoro orders Ferdynand to pull out and release his load then pulls a wad out of his own fat dick."

WATCH My Doctor Rocks, Scene 5 Starring Billy Santoro and Darius Ferdynand




















My Doctor Rocks

My Doctor Rocks, Scene 2

Billy Santoro and Liam Soto
Hot House Video

February 24, 2014

"When professional athlete Liam Soto visits Dr. Billy Santoro complaining of a sore leg he notices that the doctor's exam hand keeps moving up the leg of his shorts and getting closer to his huge cock. The thought of his doctor going down on him turns Liam on so much there's no way Dr. Santoro can ignore his patient's throbbing cock. In minutes Santoro has Soto's dick in his mouth and all the pain in his leg magically disappears. In fact Soto doesn't hesitate to jump off the exam table and shove his monster meat deep in his doctor's ass. Dr. Santoro bends over and takes it like a man, hard and deep. Watching this unconventional treatment you can't help but wonder who's going to get the bill?"

WATCH My Doctor Rocks, Scene 2 Starring Billy Santoro and Liam Soto
















46998_001 46998_002

46998_003 46998_004

46998_005 46998_006

Gentlemen 21: Top Management, Scene 3

Hans Berlin And Billy Santoro Fuck Devin Franco
Starring Billy Santoro, Devin Franco, Hans Berlin
Lucas Entertainment

November 3, 2017

"Billy Santoro and Hans Berlin are waiting for Devin Franco’s final decision -- is he or is he not going to sign off on their final deal? Honestly, Devin couldn’t care less about the deal these guys are after -- he just wants to strip them out of their suits so they can take turns banging him in the ass bareback! Devin loves hunky gay guys who can pretend they are his daddy, and both Billy and Hans are more than happy to play along, especially when Devin is always eager to be a good little boy."

LVP273_03_Devin_Franco_Hans_Berlin_Billy_Santoro_01 LVP273_03_Devin_Franco_Hans_Berlin_Billy_Santoro_05

LVP273_03_Devin_Franco_Hans_Berlin_Billy_Santoro_06 LVP273_03_Devin_Franco_Hans_Berlin_Billy_Santoro_10

LVP273_03_Devin_Franco_Hans_Berlin_Billy_Santoro_14 LVP273_03_Devin_Franco_Hans_Berlin_Billy_Santoro_19

LVP273_03_Devin_Franco_Hans_Berlin_Billy_Santoro_20 LVP273_03_Devin_Franco_Hans_Berlin_Billy_Santoro_21














Must Seed TV, Scene 1 (Hole & Face)

Starring Rico Marlon, Shawn Reeve, Billy Santoro
Lucas Entertainment

September 29, 2017

"It’s a parody, it’s a reboot -- it’s a reboot-parody! It’s Must Seed TV! Your favorite gay BFFs are back on primetime, but their G-rated antics don’t compare to the horny hijinx of Will Truvadaman (Billy Santoro) and Ace Gradler (Shawn Reeve)! When Jack (guest star Ken Summers) and Walker (guest star Devin Franco) drop off personal trainer Rosario (Rico Marlon), things go from whacky to wild! You don’t need the will or the grace if you’ve got a Hole & Face!"

LVP272_Rico_Marlon_02 LVP272_Rico_Marlon_03

LVP272_Rico_Marlon_01 LVP272_01_Billy_Santoro_Rico_Marlon_Shawn_Reeve_02

LVP272_01_Billy_Santoro_Rico_Marlon_Shawn_Reeve_05 LVP272_01_Billy_Santoro_Rico_Marlon_Shawn_Reeve_06

LVP272_01_Billy_Santoro_Rico_Marlon_Shawn_Reeve_07 LVP272_01_Billy_Santoro_Rico_Marlon_Shawn_Reeve_11

LVP272_01_Billy_Santoro_Rico_Marlon_Shawn_Reeve_12 LVP272_01_Billy_Santoro_Rico_Marlon_Shawn_Reeve_14

LVP272_01_Billy_Santoro_Rico_Marlon_Shawn_Reeve_17 LVP272_01_Billy_Santoro_Rico_Marlon_Shawn_Reeve_18








Seth Treston and Billy Santoro

Premiere Bareback Sex Scene

Starring Exclusive Seth Treston and Billy Santoro
Lucas Entertainment

September 6, 2013

"Lucas Entertainment Exclusive Seth Treston and his boyfriend Billy Santoro flew all the way from Seattle to New York City to demonstrate exactly what they’re made of as porn stars. And that’s by breaking Lucas Entertainment’s mold and having anal sex together without condoms for the first time in the studio’s history! Housed in a beautiful Manhattan apartment, Billy and Seth walk around in their underwear, enticing each other into a soft and passionate session of kissing. After his lips are wet, Seth falls to his knees and starts sucking on Billy’s thick cock. Billy can never get enough of Seth’s ass, so the couple moves to the sofa where Seth teases Billy’s cock with some gyration -- and Billy teases Seth’s hole with some wet rimming. Billy sticks his fingers inside Seth, prompting him to grab his boyfriend’s cock with these words on his lips: “I want it.” If he wants it, he shall have it -- raw. Billy penetrates Seth skin-on-skin, and with all of the top’s moaning, it’s evident how incredible the bareback feeling is. After awhile Seth doesn’t ride Billy as hard as he’d like. “You’re teasing me,” he says, which leads him to stick his dick inside Seth deep and pound him hard! The couple doesn’t shy away from sex positions: they try them all out in their raw bareback sex romp. Billy Santoro pumps Seth Treston long and hard, and when he can’t hold on anymore, he releases his load deep inside Seth’s ass. Afterward, Billy grabs Seth and demands that he push the cum out, which he licks right out of the bottom’s puckering hole! When the two are spent they whisper to one another, “I love you.”

Seth Treston and Billy Santoro

Harder Faster Rougher, Scene 4

Micah Brandt's Four-Way Slam Fest
Lucas Raunch

July 24, 2013

"It’s been a long time since Lucas Entertainment has shot this many guys in one scene, and never before has one guy been the object of so many guys’ hardcore, rough-riding desire. The guy at the center of all this attention is Micah Brandt, and he’s got to prove he knows how to handle cock! He’s got plenty of guys who are going to put him to the test: furry hunk Tom Wolfe is a power-top who doesn’t put up with a mouthy bottom (unless he’s moaning), Vito Gallo has one of the biggest dicks in gay porn history, and Billy Santoro, who can take as hard as he can give. Micah sucks a lot of cock and takes a lot of dick in this fantasy scenario. Billy needs to help him out halfway through the scene and wrangle Vito’s cock for a while, but it’s Micah who takes it all!"


Clusterfuck! 2, Scene 2

Featuring Billy Santoro, Boomer Banks, Hunter Marx, and Rocco Steele
Raging Stallion Studios

June 19, 2015

"This is a Clusterfuck orgy with four hot studs going at it. Rocco Steele is the only one not wearing a crusty, faded jock strap. Boomer Banks, Hunter Marx and Billy Santoro complete the quartet. They cluster together with hands on each other's cocks and thighs interlocked. Rocco is the focal point. He rides Billy's face while Hunter and Boomer join lips to make a tube for him to fuck before taking turns sucking him. When they recombine, Billy sits on Hunter's face, getting the same thrill he just gave Rocco. Anything goes, as all cocks seek out the wettest spaces to fill. They separate into couples. Hunter gets his hole snaked with Rocco's fingers and tongue. Boomer delivers the same oral and digital treatment to Billy. Then raging cocks take aim and penetrate. The testosterone is overpowering. Boomer finds himself on his back wanting a cock pummeling his hole, and Hunter steps up, with Rocco on deck. As they reach the point of no return, Boomer wants all their cum, so everyone lines up and showers him, then they hunker down and eat up every drop."

WATCH Clusterfuck! 2, Scene 2 Featuring Billy Santoro, Boomer Banks, Hunter Marx, and Rocco Steele

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Bang On!, Scene 2

Starring Billy Santoro and Rocco Steele
Raging Stallion Studios | Hard Friction

May 11, 2015

"Beefy, bearded Rocco Steele has one of the biggest dicks you've ever seen. He sits back and relaxes as muscled, furry Billy Santoro eagerly services Rocco's gargantuan cock. Billy savors every square inch of Rocco's meat, employing his lips, tongue, and hands to deliver maximum pleasure. The blowjob has Rocco wanting more, and he dives tongue-first between Billy's hairy legs. After priming Billy's hot hole, Rocco takes aim and drives his massive pole right into it. Billy locks his ankles around Rocco's neck while Rocco's cock probes deeper and deeper into Billy's ass. A change-up to doggy style position brings Rocco to a splashing orgasm, which he unloads across Billy's round, muscled ass. Groaning with ecstasy, Billy jerks out a load of his own onto his furry stomach."

WATCH Bang On!, Scene 2 Starring Billy Santoro and Rocco Steele

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Derek Atlas and Billy Santoro

Auto Erotic Part 2, Scene 2

Derek Atlas and Billy Santoro
Raging Stallion Studios

January 2, 2015

"Derek Atlas gets his heart pounding, speeding out on the deserted highway; now he has a need for some hole-pounding action! Back at the Auto Erotic Shop, beefy Billy Santoro has the hole Derek wants to fill. Billy drops to his knees to swallow Derek's hefty, thick cock and inhales the pungent smell coming from the bulging pouch of Derek's jock strap. Jumping on top of a dusty storage bin, Derek bends over and offers his hole to Billy, who tongues, fingers, and licks. They switch places and Derek eats Billy's hairy, pulsing hole. With Billy's tailpipe begging to be filled, Derek goes in for an unrelenting pounding. First Billy takes Derek's cock doggy style, then flips over and raises his black-booted feet to the ceiling. Sweat covers their bodies and Derek's huge balls slap against Billy's ass with every powerful thrust. Billy swallows Derek's load, then shoots his cum across his hairy abs."

Derek Atlas and Billy Santoro

Derek Atlas and Billy Santoro

Derek Atlas and Billy Santoro

Derek Atlas and Billy Santoro

Derek Atlas and Billy Santoro Derek Atlas and Billy Santoro

Derek Atlas and Billy Santoro Derek Atlas and Billy Santoro

San Francisco Meat Packers Part 2, Scene 4

Boomer Banks and Billy Santoro
Raging Stallion Studios

July 4, 2014

"Billy Santoro's meat is fat free, thick and juicy. But one package is not like the others in this exchange. It's Boomer Banks' package that is sizably huge and fat. Boomer slaps his member onto the table next to the roasts Billy is carving. It's almost as if Boomer's issuing a challenge, because Boomer packs meat that's nearly a foot long and as thick as Billy's wrist. Billy licks his lips and wraps them around Boomer's cock. Billy's throat gets punished until it's ground beef, then Billy drops his jeans and offers his rump roast to Boomer, and with an ass like Billy's there's no question of whether Boomer will accept. Boomer's enormous endowment is like a rotisserie; he fucks Billy face-up, face-down and sideways. His meat packs heat, and when Billy climaxes after being done on all sides, he squirts a juicy load across his muscular pecs, with Boomer's load cumming right into Billy's mouth." WATCH San Francisco Meat Packers Part 2, Scene 4











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