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"Private Encounter"

Alexy Tyler & Emilio Calabria

March 10, 2015

"Ok. So two hot guys. Two similarly shaped guys, equally inked and hunky. Both primarily hungry bottoms.... So who goes to the top? In this case, Alexy Tyler pops Emilio Calabria's hole. When they both arrived, there was little time to waste (in their opinion) with preliminaries. So right down to business here. They get it on and this all starts with Emilio servicing Alexy's bone hard cock after they lock lips passionately for a while. The rest pretty much speaks for itself as these two get it on with intensity."














Alexy Tyler and Mario Torrez

"Repeat Offender"

Alexy Tyler and Mario Torrez

June 13, 2014

"We teamed up two intense guys for this scene putting together Power Top Mario Torrez and cock hungry bottom Alexy Tyler. Alexy arrived with a hood in hand and that inspired us to have him play the repeat burglar at Mario's place, knowing fully well that his punishment would be, as with his previous burglaries, a good pounding from his 'victim'.

The scene speaks for itself as these two guys waste no time in getting down to business. Alexy was the first to tackle his partner's cock, getting on his knees and quickly gaining access to Mario's large cock. After Mario unlaced his lounge pants, Alexy's mouth and throat were quickly getting his top man stiff and excited. Alexy devoured Mario's cock and Mario face-fucked his bottom boy with vigour.

As Mario loves to do, he then got Alexy undressed, shifted him around and bent over so his tongue could gain access to his buddy's ass hole. Mario went to town, and Alexy was moaning and groaning with pleasure as he was getting a delectable rim job. He was definitely getting excited and he knew his partner was readying him for a good fucking.

A good fucking is exactly what Alexy got! First against the dresser where he was getting pumped from behind, then it was onto the bed. Once there Mario started sucking his friend's bone hard cock. And, after a good mouth fucking, Mario got Alexy back into a position where he could get his hard dick back into that hole. Alexy sat on Mario's cock and started riding it in a reverse position. They then moved to the edge of the bed where Mario continued to pound his experienced bottom. Alexy surprised us and himself as he shot his load while lying on his back and taking Mario's cock. But our top was not yet finished. He put Alexy face first into the mattress and got his cock back in Alexy's ass and resumed his pounding action. As he was getting close to cumming, Mario got on his knees and Alexy on his back as our top jerked off in his partner's face spilling a generous amount of jizz in his mouth. Then, Alexy shoved Mario's cock in his mouth to milk it dry. Mario was squirming. Alexy couldn't get enough and with a cum filled chin he kept sucking away at Mario's cock...Sweet!"

Alexy Tyler and Mario Torrez

Alexy Tyler and Mario Torrez

Alexy Tyler and Mario Torrez

Alexy Tyler and Mario Torrez

Alexy Tyler and Mario Torrez

Alexy Tyler and Mario Torrez

Alexy Tyler and Mario Torrez Alexy Tyler and Mario Torrez

"Toying With The Masseur"

Max Chevalier and Alexy Tyler

December 27, 2013

"Max Chevalier and Alexy Tyler are two fit guys always ready for action. And Alexy is a bit of a toy fiend as he loves sticking things up his ass. When he came in for the shoot, he told us he was experiencing some pain in the lower back. This gave us the idea to have Max give him a nice backrub to take out some of the kinks... so to speak.

Well, we pulled out the massage table and let the guys go at it. Max started to do his deed, slowly massaging Alexy's back and making his way down to his butt cheeks. His patient was soon experiencing some tingling in his groin as his thoughts were going from his back massage to the huge cock tenting out of his masseur's gym pants. Max was doing a superb job of oiling up Alexy's tight asshole and bringing it to life.

Alexy needed no more encouragement as he dove right into his masseur's mid-section and started sucking on our bodybuilder's hefty cock, throwing it back as far in his throat as possible. Max started to face fuck Alexy. He then moved down as Alexy turned around exposing his bone hard cock. Our muscleman decided it was time for him to reciprocate. And he did, giving the deep-throat treatment that he had just received. Alexy was in heaven, moaning and gyrating.

Alexy turned around again and this time Max used the opportunity to give his buddy a good rimming prior to pulling out a nice 8' dildo to prep his bottom's ass for the soon-to-come fucking. Alexy was again enjoying this butt play to the hilt... After some pretty firm dildo play, he was ready for a good fucking. Max moved to the other side of the table and just plunged right in knowing that his partner's ass had loosened up enough to take his big cock effortlessly.

They initially started in a missionary position, then we were in awe as Max moved Alexy to the edge of the massage table and our bottom boy just held himself in position with his hands and arms, as his ass was being plowed in mid-air. Max was pumping away. But this seemed to be Alexy's downfall, as Max got really excited and needed to unload his jizz. As he came on Alexy's balls and cock, our patient's back pain returned and Max, the gentleman, laid him on his back and pulled out the dildo again to help him shoot his load. It was a smoother ride than getting a hard fuck.

A real trooper, Alexy took it all in stride. As they kissed in the finale, it was now time to give his back a rest."






Gabriel Clark and Alexy Tyler

"Pile Driving On The River Bank"

Gabriel Clark and Alexy Tyler

September 6, 2013

"A few weeks ago we visited the cottage of a fan of Men of Montreal to shoot a couple of scenes. It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm with a light breeze along the edge of the mighty St-Lawrence River. We thought it would be a great idea to team up two seasoned models and when we suggested to Gabriel Clark that he shoot with Alexy Tyler, and to Alexy that he shoot with Gabriel, the two were thrilled. Once we got to the cottage, both were keen on taking a swim in the calm waters and were just as keen about getting nasty together. So what better way to meet both their needs than by getting them to make out in the river.

While the guys were swimming around, they started getting frisky and boners started to edge out of the water. After playing with each other's cock and balls, they then got into some mutual cock-sucking. The water might have been a bit cool, but things between these two were obviously heating up.

Gabriel then challenged his partner to a race to the dock and the winner would be the top. Was it Gabriel's swimming skills that were better or simply Alexy's deliberate desire to serve up his ass to such a power top, we don't know; but Alexy didn't seem disappointed in any way to lose the race.Once on the dock, the guys really got going, rimming, sucking and... obviously fucking their way to orgasm. It was cool to see how the two were so attentive to each other's needs. They just seemed to know what each other wanted. They were in sync. It was particularly hot to see Alexy ride Gabriel's cock on the lounge chair, then to see Gabriel plow his partner's ass, pressing Alexy back and forth against the dock's guardrail. At one point, we were afraid it might give way... All went well though and the look of contentment on Alexy's face told the story of a very happy bottom.

Gabriel loves to pile drive a hot ass, so it was normal that this was how the two would ready up to shoot. Gabriel did such a good job at opening Alexy's ass up on the lounge chair and against the guardrail, that when he plowed into Alexy's ass on the deck floor it went in like a breeze. We could see that Alexy was getting close. So, Gabriel laid him flat down on the floor and continued to fuck his bottom boy, talking dirty to him as he was getting closer and closer to shoot. This took Alexy over the edge. With Gabriel's cock still in his ass, he released a nice thick load. Gabriel didn't waste time and started sucking on his Alexy's now spent but very sensitive dick, lapping up his mate's white jizz.

Gabriel then went back to pile driving Alexy's ass to get himself ready to shoot. Once he pulled out, he knelt down and shot another one of his notoriously huge loads in Alexy's face, mouth, and tongue, and well beyond his head. Alexy returned the favour of sucking his partner's knob. They then kissed and swapped the oozing cum out of each other's mouths.

On the ride back to Montreal, these two hit it off pretty well, chatting non stop. I'm guessing this first encounter won't be their last."

Gabriel Clark and Alexy Tyler Gabriel Clark and Alexy Tyler

Gabriel Clark and Alexy Tyler

Gabriel Clark and Alexy Tyler

Gabriel Clark and Alexy Tyler

Gabriel Clark and Alexy Tyler

Gabriel Clark and Alexy Tyler Gabriel Clark and Alexy Tyler
Christian Power and Alexy Tyler

"Initiating Christian – Round 2"

Christian Power and Alexy Tyler

February 22, 2013

"This scene could almost be called Men in Black as Alexy Tyler, Christian Power and our host Marko Lebeau are all wearing black T’s for the opening interview.Christian has launched on a path of discovery, a discovery of gay sex. Although in his first interview, we got the impression he has had sex with guys in the past, we could see that this wasn’t necessarily an environment he was all that familiar with. So today, our bodybuilder is moving forward on the road to bulkier and more endowed guys. After Marko Lebeau and Alexy Tyler, this leaves you wondering who his next scene partner will be…For Alexy, a veteran porn star from Germany who has made Montreal his home for the time being, he was more than willing to help our muscle man get better acquainted with dicks and ass. In fact he was rather excited at the prospect of taking on this massive, yet gentle hunk. But don’t call Alexy cute! He’s hot, handsome, and no puppy… Hehe!! Master of several languages this guy will show Christian some pretty hot tongue action. Christian is certainly progressing, but still queasy about some things with guys, like sucking a dick or getting a cum facial. Funny that he will bottom though… Even if it hurts. The line between pain and pleasure is often a fine one. And, that big 8 incher of his will bone up in no time. I guess he loves all that attention. In fact, you’ll notice just as he is starting to kiss Alexy that the top of his boner has popped out of his boxers. Yet, you can see that he still is nervous and easily distracted by the presence of cameras, lights and crew. Alexy does a masterful job at deep-throating our incredible hulk, going all the way down on his big cock again and again. He then flips Christian over to give him one hell of good ass tonguing, before launching a full-on dick assault of his ass. What a tight squeeze that was as we hear Christian groaning and we see him squinting. After a good fuck, Christian is first to shoot, covering his abs and Alexy’s face and shoulder in cock juice. Alexy follows shortly after adding to the juice on his partner’s stomach. After the scene, Christian told us that he was getting more and more comfortable. So let’s see where that lands him in his next scene."

Christian Power and Alexy Tyler

Christian Power and Alexy Tyler

Christian Power and Alexy Tyler Christian Power and Alexy Tyler

Christian Power and Alexy Tyler Christian Power and Alexy Tyler

Christian Power and Alexy Tyler Christian Power and Alexy Tyler
Jimmy Z Productions Max Chevalier and Alexy Tyler

Room Service - Part 2

Featuring Alexy Tyler and Max Chevalier

January 26, 2014

"In Part 2, the passion continues between Max Chevalier and Alexy as Alexy sucks Max's huge cock. Then its Max turn to service Alexy's tasty ass and cock. He really enjoys rimming Alexy and getting that hole ready. Max fucks him on all fours, pounding his ass and showing off his hard muscles with each stroke. Alexy's beefy body is built to take whatever Max can give him. They suck each other more and Max drops his load into Alexy's hungry mouth. Afterwards both studs share a steamy shower."





Max Chevalier and Alexy Tyler

Room Service - Part 1

Featuring Alexy Tyler and Max Chevalier

October 13, 2013

"In Part 1, Max Chevalier brings Alexy his room service but Max's muscles soon become part of the menu. Max is hesitant at first and with Alexy's hands all over his ripped and hard body, Max gives into his muscle lust. They kiss passionately and explore each others bodies to the fullest. Max gets oiled up and his tight muscles worshiped by Alexy who saves Max's biggest muscle for last, his huge hard cock."






Long Time No See

Featuring Alexy Tyler and Trystan Bull
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

April 15, 2010

"Trystan Bull just got done doing a scene for NextDoorMale and he wanted to up the anti by finally hooking up with a guy!

Yeah, that's right. Trystan Bull not only gets his long cock sucked by the hunky Alexy Tyler, but he also bends over his buddy and stuffs his ass with that hog!

What more is there to say? TRYSTAN BULL FUCKS ALEXY TYLER. We'll let your imagination figure it out, or you could just watch the video! Enjoy!"

WATCH Long Time No See Featuring Alexy Tyler and Trystan Bull

5349_010 5349_012

5349_016 5349_020

5349_028 5349_030

5349_031 5349_033











Alexy Tyler and Spencer Reed (2)

Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

May 21, 2009

"Spencer Reed found his buddy Alexy Tyler napping the other day. Spencer happened to be really horny and the site of his muscled friend sleeping turned him on, which left him with only one thing to do: pull out his cock and stuff it into his mouth. Don't worry, as you'll see, Alexy sure didn't mind. He even let his buddy pound his ass and cum on him."








2807_005 2807_008

2807_009 2807_026

2807_027 2807_020

2807_018 2807_030

Alexy Tyler and Spencer Reed

Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

April 9, 2009

"This week's update is featuring the tattooed hunk Alexy Tyler and the hung Spencer Reed. The scene starts out with Alexy relaxing to a nice book on the bed. His playful buddy Spencer comes in and has something way more interesting to do than read a book. Once that book is tossed to the side, the wildness comes out from both these two tanned muscle bodies.

There is a lot of sloppy, wet, juice dropping and cock sucking going on in this bedroom. Once these boys' mouths are tired, Alexy opens up his apple bottom nice and wide so Spencer can pound the fuck out of it. You will definitely love seeing the man juice screaming out of these two when it's time to climax."

2749_002 2749_005

2749_031 2749_039


2749_053 2749_055





After Glow, Scene 3

Alexy Tyler and Sean Zevran
Hot House Video

February 12, 2015

"For Alexy Tyler, there's no greater pleasure than getting his ass filled, and if there's no one around to help, he'll take matters into his own hands! With his legs raised in the air, he fucks himself with a giant butt toy. When he's not pummeling his own hole, he sucks on the toy, savoring his own taste. But it seems Alexy's about to get some very BIG help when Sean Zevran appears; he knows Alexy want the real deal! It's a dream come true for Alexy; he swallows Sean's cock to the base in an eager and impressive deep throating display. Rolling on his back, it's time for Alexy to get his hole filled to the max. Sean fucks him missionary, then from behind; he's a dynamo of sexual energy. Alexy sticks out his pierced tongue to receive Sean's milky load. It shoots forth in massive jets, covering his face and quenching his sexual thirst."

WATCH After Glow, Scene 3 Starring Alexy Tyler and Sean Zevran












After Glow, Scene 1

Alexy Tyler and Jimmy Durano
Hot House Video

January 29, 2015

"Nothing gets Jimmy Durano turned on faster than a hot, juicy hole to rim, and Alexy Tyler has exceptional assets to offer! Jimmy's spit glistens on Alexy's tan ass cheeks as he buries his scruffy bearded chin in Alexy's crack. Alexy turns around to suck on Jimmy's rock hard cock, but Jimmy is the one who takes control by giving Alexy an energetic face fucking. Their muscular asses and toned bodies are on display as Jimmy uses his hips to thrust his cock inside Alexy's hole. Flipping over on his back, Alexy throws his legs in the air to maximize the depth and the pleasure. With an expression of ecstasy on his face, Alexy dumps his load on his abs. Jimmy shoots his wad all over Alexy's dick and ass, and Alexy eagerly tastes Jimmy's hot, white load."

WATCH After Glow, Scene 1 Starring Alexy Tyler and Jimmy Durano















Verboten 1, Scene 1

Rafael Alencar, Alex Collack, Alexy Tyler
Hot House Video

July 28, 2011

"Chiseled Lifetime Exclusive Alex Collack and horse-hung Rafael Alencar stand stroking their rock hard cocks, watching Alexy Tyler struggle against restraints in the center of a Dungeon Bed. The two top men release Tyler and immediately put him to work on Collack's tool. Tyler sucks cock like his life depends on it while Alencar probes his ass crack with his fat meat. Alencar mercilessly shoves his giant cock in and out of Tyler's hole while Collack silences Tyler's cries by shoving his uncut rod down his throat. Next the harness-wearing Masters throw Tyler down and switch places allowing Alencar to feed Tyler his cock while Collack plows Tyler's ass. The sight of Collack's chiseled ass proves too much for Alencar so he moves behind him and shoves his 11' cock in his hole. While he's being punished from behind Collack rips open Tyler's leather codpiece and begins sucking his cock. Tyler takes matters into his own hand and blows his load all over Collack's face. Collack gets his revenge by showering Tyler in cum, shortly followed by Alencar who pumps his monster and releases on Tyler's chest and face."



Backdoor, Scene 4

Alexy Tyler Fucks Tattooed Muscle-Man Junior Stellano
Lucas Entertainment

July 22, 2011

"Jonathan Agassi’s next seedy sighting is none other than the burly hunk Junior Stellano seducing muscled sex-god Alexy Tyler. Alexy’s body is a sculpted work of art, and in no time at all, Junior turns him around, pulls down his pants, and worships his perfectly rounded ass with his lips and tongue; he rigorously eats out his ass. From rimming to blowing, Junior begins working on Alexy’s stiff and alert cock, preparing it to penetrate his rock-hard ass cheeks! When Alexy finally mounts Junior, it’s akin to two powerful beasts fucking in heat. Junior’s furry torso against Alexy’s smooth, olive skin makes this scene especially orgasmic, and when the two bust their loads after Alexy finishes railing Junior, everyone is left out of breath!"










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