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Adam Bryant and Toby Springs

November 3, 2016

"Adam Bryant and Toby Springs kick their scene off with some great energy, barely able to keep their hands off each other or contain their cocks as they make out. They drop their clothes piece by piece as they kiss and Toby gets a taste of cock first when he goes down on Adam, deepthroating that delicious fat dick as Adam pushes it deeper into Toby’s mouth. Toby gets head from Adam next, getting hard and horny as Adam works Toby’s prick with his mouth and then turns him over and rubs Toby’s ass, prepping it for his big dick.

Toby’s sprawled out on the bed on all fours and Adam pushes his cock inside of Toby’s tight ass, stretching his ass to the limit as he goes balls deep and fucks Toby hard! Toby climbs on top of Adam and rides his dick reverse cowboy while he yanks on his own hard cock and get closer to cumming. The boys switch positions one more time and Toby drains his cock and then lets Adam bust a nut across his stomach as he squeezes out the very last drop!"

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Adam Bryant And Javier Cruz

February 25, 2016

"Adam Bryant can’t wait to get to Javier Cruz’s huge cock, and when he finally gets his pants off, they quit with the kisses and Adam gets on his knees to suck on Javier’s juicy meat, licking and sucking that thick dick as Javier enjoys the show. Adam’s already hard, making it easy to rub those big dicks together when Adam stands up, but his dick seems to get even harder, throbbing and thick as Javier wraps his wet lips around it and gives him head.

When Adam is craving Javier’s tight ass, Javier straddles Adam and lowers his ass onto Adam’s long shaft, taking it all the way up his hole before riding it hard and making Adam moan for more! They try a different position, doggy style as Javier takes it from behind, his ass bouncing with each of Adam’s deep thrusts as Javier plays with himself and takes that dick like a champ. When Javier lies on his back with his legs spread wide apart, Adam claims that ass and makes Javier come all over himself, then Adam pulls out of that sweet ass and adds his own hot jizz to the mess all over Javier!"

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Adam Bryant And Sean Christopher

February 11, 2016

"Adam Bryant and Sean Christopher strip down between kisses as they make out and reach for each other’s big dicks, barely able to contain their excitement as they see each other naked and hard, their cocks touching as they stroke one another’s erect cock! Sean gets on his knees in front of Adam and sucks that fat prick, Adam pushing Sean’s head farther down onto his cock as Sean takes as much of that long shaft down his throat as he can!

Sean plays with Adam’s balls as he licks that dick, but Adam pushes Sean onto the bed and dry humps the fuck out of him, grinding his cock against Sean’s as he moves on top of him. After more oral from Sean, Adam is ready for some ass and Sean bends over as Adam slowly pushes his massive prick into Sean’s tight hole, slowly going deeper until he’s buried his full length inside of Sean.

He fucks him hard, stretching Sean’s ass around his thick member and then lying down on the bed and letting Sean ride that cock, then changing positions one more time. Sean spreads his legs apart and takes Adam’s meat until he gets the cum fucked right out of him, and after more deep thrusts when Adam’s had his fill of that sexy ass, he pulls out and drains his cock!"

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Adam Bryant And Patrick Ridge

April 4, 2015

"Adam Bryant and Patrick Ridge’s lips are locked from the moment they see each other, and those passionate kisses don’t stop them from slowly dropping their clothes as things get more heated between this hot pair! Adam is the first one on the bed, pants off and dick out ready for sucking, and Patrick doesn’t hesitate, he goes right for that sweet cock and deepthroats it, sucking on Adam’s smooth balls in between licks of his long shaft.

Patrick and Adam switch places and now Patrick is on the bed while Adam kneels above him and rubs their pricks together before he stands up and demands some more oral from Patrick! As much as these boys are enjoying their foreplay, Adam’s dick is aching for ass and Patrick is more than willing to help him satisfy that craving for a tight hole around his cock.

Adam enters Patrick from behind, doing him doggy style and Patrick moans in pleasure as that thick cock slides in and out of his entrance, Adam pounding him harder and faster with each thrust. When they know they’re close to cumming, Patrick turns on his back and spreads his ass for Adam, letting him fuck him until Patrick is covered in cum!"










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Adam Bryant And Zeke

May 28, 2015

"Adam Bryant and Zeke are already on the bed and sucking face when we get the camera rolling, and Adam is the first to take off his shirt and lie back, letting Zeke kiss him all over and grab his already-hard dick through his shorts. But it’s not long before those come off too and Adam is naked in bed with Zeke’s mouth around his thick cock, licking and sucking out all the precum that Adam’s leaking out.

Adam shoves Zeke’s head down, pushing his prick down Zeke’s throat and face-fucking him until Zeke is choking on Adam’s dick. When Adam has decided he’s had enough of Zeke’s amazing mouth, he stands him up and rubs their dicks together then bends Zeke over the bed and slowly slides into him. Zeke arches his back as Adam’s dick buries itself deep inside of him, and Adam starts pulling in and out, fucking Zeke slow and steady while he massages his own dick from behind.

When Adam has stretched Zeke’s ass out, he starts pounding him faster and harder, making Zeke’s sweet ass bounce with each powerful thrust of Adam’s cock. Zeke rides Adam’s cock for a little bit before Adam takes back control and gets Zeke on the bed, legs spread and cum all over as these guys both unleash a huge load!"









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Adam Bryant Fucks Dylan Drive

May 14, 2015

"What better way to get warmed up for a good fuck than with a massage? Adam Bryant is one lucky dude, not only is he about to bury his cock in Dylan Drive’s tight ass, but he gets his toned torso oiled up and worked over by his bottom! Dylan grinds his package on Adam’s as he massages him, and it’s enough to get Adam hard before his dick is even out!

Dylan releases Adam’s cock from his boxers and takes it in his mouth, licking that thick, throbbing shaft and stroking it with his hand, driving Adam crazy with each stroke of his lips across his dick. When Adam is ready, Dylan bends over and sticks his ass in the air, letting Adam admire it for a while, fingering his hole a little and warm it up for his dick.

But a little bit of spit and fingering isn’t enough to prepare Dylan for the wrath of Adam’s big prick, and he gasps as Adam slides his full length into Dylan’s ass. Adam fucks him hard, barely giving him time to adjust to his size before he’s pounding him, then lets Dylan on top to ride and grind on his delicious dick. When Dylan lies on his back and lets Adam take him, he starts jerking his dick until he cums, followed by Adam who finishes with a hot cumshot!"

Adam Bryant Fucks Dylan Drive

Adam Bryant Fucks Dylan Drive

Adam Bryant Fucks Dylan Drive

Adam Bryant Fucks Dylan Drive

Adam Bryant Fucks Dylan Drive

Adam Bryant Fucks Dylan Drive

Adam Bryant Fucks Dylan Drive

Adam Bryant Fucks Dylan Drive
Adam Bryant Fucks Billy Warren

Adam Bryant Fucks Billy Warren

May 7, 2014

"Adam Bryant and Billy Warren can barely keep their cocks in their pants, and the way they’re going at each other, kissing and touching and grabbing, it’s not long before their meat is out and they’re grabbing that too! They yank each other’s cocks for a while, getting their dicks good and hard before Billy gets on his knees and gives Adam head, sucking that sweet prick while he drools all over it, Adam’s balls dripping with Billy’s warm spit.

Once Billy’s got Adam’s dick dripping and throbbing for some anal action, he straddles him and sits right on Adam’s pulsing thick cock. Billy rides Adam, shoving Adam’s dick deep inside of his tight ass as he bounces on it, and Adam pushes it even deeper as he thrusts into him, then switch it up to some doggy style action so that Adam can enjoy the view as he pounds Billy over and over. As much as Billy is loving Adam’s fat cock in him, he wants release and they try one more position with Billy on his back and Adam fucking him from above, until they both shoot their load and cover Billy in hot cum!"

Adam Bryant Fucks Billy Warren

Adam Bryant Fucks Billy Warren

Adam Bryant Fucks Billy Warren

Adam Bryant Fucks Billy Warren

Adam Bryant Fucks Billy Warren

Adam Bryant Fucks Billy Warren Adam Bryant Fucks Billy Warren

Adam Bryant

January 1, 2015

Paragon Men Adam Bryant

Paragon Men Adam Bryant Paragon Men Adam Bryant

Paragon Men Adam Bryant Paragon Men Adam Bryant

Poke Me Man Part 2

Featuring Adam Bryant and Austin Carter
Pride Studios

October 25, 2016

"Adam is enjoying a nice hot shower after an amazing workout at the gym. He's all alone taking in the silence until Austin Carter comes into the locker room screaming he caught some creature on a new augmented reality game from his phone. He finds himself in the locker room with Adam staring at him trying to figure out what's so exciting. Austin has been following the newest craze and now he has caught himself a naked Adam. He joins Adam in the shower and they begin a nice sexy rub down as they let each other's hands explore their bodies from head to toe. They both kiss and rub their bodies together until Adams hard cock gets in the way. Austin drops down to his knees and sucks his cock in the shower. They turn the water off and relax on the bench where Austin continues to service Adams throbbing dick until he's ready to fuck that round smooth ass. Adam fucks Austin up against the walls of the shower and on the bench. Adam can't believe how tight his ass is with every thrust he gives Austin. The two finally bust their nuts and afterwards they shower up. Enjoy!"

WATCH Adam Bryant and Austin Carter in Poke Me Man Part 2

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The History Tutor

Featuring Adam Bryant and Javier Cruz
Pride Studios

August 30, 2016

"Adam is helping Javier study for his citizenship test which he's been tutoring him on for weeks now. With the deadline coming up today is the last day they get to study before the test. Javier tells Adam that he appreciates all the work he has done but he just doesn't have the money right now to pay him. Adam is fine with that and tells him there are other ways to pay. Javier isn't quite sure what he means by that but he notices that Adam is beginning to rub his dick. Adam looks Javier in the eyes and right then and there Javier understands. He gets down on his knees and unzips Adam's pants to reveal his fat hard cock. Javier starts to give him the best blow job he has ever had. They stand up to rub their cocks together and kiss. Adam loves uncut Latinos and bends Javier over the desk pushing his throbbing cock deep into his tight ass. Adam fucks Javier all over the office and eventually Javier ends up on his back cumming while Adam fucks him. Adam is turned on to see how much cum Javier blasted all over himself so Adam beats his dick until he unloads all over Javier's cum drenched chest."










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Freeballing Physical

Featuring Adam Bryant and Ethan Slade
Pride Studios

June 7, 2016

"Adam is seeing his Doctor Ethan Slade today for a routine checkup on his knee. Its been a few weeks since he's been able to run and hit the gym hard like he use too. Today should be the day he gets confirmation that he is good to go. Ethan does a very thorough check on his knee and hamstring. He has Adam take his shorts off but Adam isn't wearing any underwear which doesn't matter to Ethan since he's a Doctor anyways. Adam drops his shorts and reveals his hard cock. Ethan slowly makes his way up Adam's muscular thighs with his hands gently rubbing against his balls to perk Adam's interest. Adam doesn't seem to mind and so Ethan grabs his dick firmly with his hand and slowly strokes his hard throbbing cock. Adam is laid back loving each stroke and then he feels a warm mouth wrap around his dick. The Doctor is in and giving him the best BJ service he's ever hard. Ethan has Adam lay all the way down on the table while he puts a condom on and mounts his hard dick. Adam's dick is pointing straight up in the air as Ethan slowly sits down on his thick dick. Once deep inside he begins to ride and grind Adam making him moan and forgetting about any pain that may be left in his knee. Ethan eventually has Adam bend him over the table and fuck him doggy style until his ready to cum and wants to be flipped over on his back so he can bust his big nut. Adam has him on his back and Ethan let's all of this cum loose on his chest and once Adam feels that tight ass squeeze his cock as Ethan is cumming he pulls his dick out and cums all over Ethan's leg."









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"Ready. Set. Fight!"

Adam Bryant and Justin Beal
Pride Studios: High Performance Men

February 18, 2015

"The match is on and Justin Beal is not doing so well against his team mate Adam who is pounding him to the ground every round. Adam begins to get overly excited and notices Justin has a raging boner but so does he. Both of their bodies in their tight suits and cock pressing up against each other was just too much for Adam to handle so he starts to rip Justin's clothes off. Adam pins him down playfully and to showcase that round ass and pulls out his cock and face fucks Justin before he lubes up and goes deep into his tight sweet ass. Adam takes full control of the situation as he pummels that ass until he blows his hot load all over Justin. Enjoy!"

Adam Bryant and Justin Beal

Adam Bryant and Justin Beal

Adam Bryant and Justin Beal

Adam Bryant and Justin Beal

Adam Bryant and Justin Beal

Adam Bryant and Justin Beal

Adam Bryant and Justin Beal Adam Bryant and Justin Beal
Adam Bryant

"Singlet Constriction"

Adam Bryant
Pride Studios: ExtraBigDicks

November 20, 2014

"Adam is ready for some wrestling but then realizes that the singlet feels amazingly great against his cock. Once his cock begins to grown in the singlet he starts to use the fabric to stroke his cock slow and steady. He stands up against the lockers rubbing and pulling on his dick and then pulls it out in all its glory. He has a thick veiny cock as he strokes it to completion in a few different positions. He loves to show his muscles off and that round firm ass for all the viewers. Enjoy!" Visit Pride Studios for all-in-one access!

Adam Bryant

Adam Bryant

Adam Bryant

Adam Bryant

Adam Bryant Adam Bryant

Adam Bryant’s Private Session

December 19, 2014

"We have to begin this week's update description with the mantra shared by our director: "Adam Bryant is sex on a stick!" Maybe that's better said than printed because it looks a little funny now, but it's the perfect description of this sexxy, hot newcummer. Ever met that guy who just oozes sexuality but doesn't even know it? That's Adam. He's that rare combo of muscle thickness with rippled abs. And everything about the guy is wide. Wide shoulders. Wide back. Wide thighs. Wide butt. And best of all for you bottom dreamers out there, wide cock! Adam doesn't say one single word during his Private Session until he's about to cum, but he never needed to anyways. You only need to stare down that phine-ass'd body of his and listen to him breathe… Enjoy guys!"

Adam Bryant’s Private Session

Adam Bryant’s Private Session

Adam Bryant’s Private Session

Adam Bryant’s Private Session

Adam Bryant’s Private Session

Adam Bryant’s Private Session

Adam's Hot Bare Feet

Featuring Adam Bryant

January 25, 2021

"Adam has a smoking hot body and outstanding size 10 feet. Adam is a great guy with a fun attitude, and he's always a blast to work with. I love the shape of his feet - and how ticklish they are. Adam lifts a lot but he always takes care of his feet and you can tell because they look amazing all the time."








Braden Jerks & Tickles Adam

September 22, 2016

"Braden Charron had a great time tickling Adam Bryant with me in this scene. He's a great tickler and he showed little mercy, even though Braden has been in Adam's exact situation before. These guys are tight, so they're trying to torture each other for fun. Adam is VERY ticklish, reacting with huge laughter to some light tickling on the soles of his size 10 feet. Braden loves tormenting Adam, especially by running electric toothbrushes across the bottoms of his feet and his crotch. That drove Adam completely insane. We eventually had to get him completely naked, of course. Braden and I took turns stroking Adam's cock and tickling him at the same time so he was driven crazy by the conflicting sensations of torture and bliss. After he came we REALLY let him have it with the tickling..."
















Derek Parker's Socks and Feet Worshiped

April 2, 2016

"This is more of a dress socks worship scene, but does have foot worship in it too. Derek Parker and Adam Bryant kick back on the bed after a long day of work when Derek brings up a conversation he and Adam had had about him wanting to suck on his girlfriend's toes but her not letting him. Adam gets his chance to worship a hot pair of feet here, those belonging to Derek of course. Adam didn't really have worshiping a man's feet in mind, but by the time he had his face in Derek's smelly dress socks he was soon loving man feet. Adam sniffed, sucked and even nibbled on Derek's socked feet and toes before stripping his socks off. Derek soon had his big cock out to stroke as Adam worshiped his fantastically masculine feet. As we would expect, Derek shot a blissful load of cum while Adam worshiped his tasty feet!"













Braden Fucks Sleepy Adam's Feet

September 12, 2015

"Braden Charron saw Adam Bryant sleeping in the guest bed and couldn't resist trying to get at his feet. Adam must have been very tired though because he didn't wake up. Braden still went about worshiping his feet though. He pulls the comforter up over Adams's socked feet, puts his face against them and inhales the aroma. He rubs his face against them, fondles and literally adores them. By the time Braden starts worshiping Adam's socks he's rubbing his cock through his pants. SO hot. Engaging in one of the most erotic foot worship scenes I have ever witnessed, Braden loves Adam's feet in the most amazing way. Braden ends up fucking and cumming on them, all the while Adam remains asleep!"

Braden Fucks Sleepy Adam's Feet

Braden Fucks Sleepy Adam's Feet

Braden Fucks Sleepy Adam's Feet

Braden Fucks Sleepy Adam's Feet

Braden Fucks Sleepy Adam's Feet

Braden Fucks Sleepy Adam's Feet

Braden Fucks Sleepy Adam's Feet

Braden Fucks Sleepy Adam's Feet

Braden Fucks Sleepy Adam's Feet

Braden Fucks Sleepy Adam's Feet

Braden Fucks Sleepy Adam's Feet

Braden Fucks Sleepy Adam's Feet

Braden Fucks Sleepy Adam's Feet

Braden Fucks Sleepy Adam's Feet

Braden Fucks Sleepy Adam's Feet

Adam Jerked Off and Tickled By Ricky Larkin

April 9, 2015

"Ricky Larkin has been hanging out again with me and when he saw Ricky he knew he wanted to get him tied up and tickled. So it wasn't long before the two of us talked the muscle hunk into some tickle torture. Adam turned out to be super ticklish and everyone knows what happens when a sexy hunk is ticklish and I get my hands on him. Ricky and I ended up hitting almost every part of Adam's superb body and of course his feet got the most tickling. Adam's cock got stroked for a while too. Super hot!"

Adam Jerked Off and Tickled By Ricky Larkin

Adam Jerked Off and Tickled By Ricky Larkin

Adam Jerked Off and Tickled By Ricky Larkin

Adam Jerked Off and Tickled By Ricky Larkin

Adam Jerked Off and Tickled By Ricky Larkin

Adam Jerked Off and Tickled By Ricky Larkin

Adam Jerked Off and Tickled By Ricky Larkin

Adam Jerked Off and Tickled By Ricky Larkin

Adam Jerked Off and Tickled By Ricky Larkin

Adam Jerked Off and Tickled By Ricky Larkin

Adam Foot Worshiped By Ricky

February 28, 2015

"Ricky Larkin is up to his foot worshiping antics again and this time he gets to adore the feet of sexy business hunk Adam. We all know how good Ricky can worship feet and he certainly doesn't disappoint Adam in this video. Ricky always puts his best foot forward when it comes to worshiping a foot stud like Adam. From sniffing his black dress socks to sucking on Adam's toes - he does it all!"





















Adam's Wide Size 10 Feet and Dress Socks

December 30, 2014

"In his loosened tie and bulging dress shirt, muscular Adam looks every inch the part of the tired middle-manager whose tired feet need some attention. His damp dress socks and wide size 10 feet (not to mention those armpits) are ready for you to sniff, lick and service -- as soon as he gets those shoes off. Those awesome feet and his tight body are super-ticklish too - be sure to check his tickling video out if you haven't seen it already!"

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Personal Trainer Adam's Feet & Socks Worshiped

"Cameron Gives Him A Foot Massage & Then Makes Him Cum!"

November 1, 2014

"Cameron Kincade has had his eye on his sexy trainer Adam's feet for a long time. When Adam stops over Cameron takes the opportunity to make his move and see if Adam is open to a little foot massage. The muscular stud likes it so much that the sock and foot worship leads to Adam blowing his load with Cameron at his feet..."

Personal Trainer Adams Feet & Socks Worshiped

Personal Trainer Adams Feet & Socks Worshiped

Personal Trainer Adams Feet & Socks Worshiped

Personal Trainer Adams Feet & Socks Worshiped

Personal Trainer Adams Feet & Socks Worshiped

Personal Trainer Adams Feet & Socks Worshiped

Personal Trainer Adams Feet & Socks Worshiped

Personal Trainer Adams Feet & Socks Worshiped

Personal Trainer Adams Feet & Socks Worshiped

Personal Trainer Adams Feet & Socks Worshiped

Personal Trainer Adams Feet & Socks Worshiped

Adam Tickled Naked

October 3, 2014

"Beefy hunk Adam Bryant gets tickle tortured in the tickle chair and damn, did he ever look good doing it. Adam is one strong but ticklish dude, so to watch him squirm around while being tickle tortured is amazing. Adam vowed when it was done that he wouldn't go through this kind of hysterical scene again, but MyFriendsFeet and Cameron hope to prove him wrong."

Ultra-Ticklish College Jock Adam Tickled Naked

Ultra-Ticklish College Jock Adam Tickled Naked

Ultra-Ticklish College Jock Adam Tickled Naked

Ultra-Ticklish College Jock Adam Tickled Naked

Ultra-Ticklish College Jock Adam Tickled Naked

Ultra-Ticklish College Jock Adam Tickled Naked

Ultra-Ticklish College Jock Adam Tickled Naked

Look Ma I'm Bi!

Adam Bryant and Damon Pooch

January 28, 2016

"You'll have to watch the entire video from beginning to end to understand the title, but we guarantee it'll be worth your while. This scene features two hot and sexy straight guys in some of the hottest cherry popping action you've ever seen. First, is returning straight boy Adam Bryant one of our real success stories. He's a true redneck from Titusville, Florida, even the city name sounds rednecky. Adam is a bodybuilder with 16.5'' biceps, a big chest, huge thighs and a hot bubble butt as well as a fat 7'' x 6'' redneck cock! He's a personal trainer and pussy hound who now mostly makes his living doing gay4pay porn (thanks to Caruso) - and he does a hell of a lot of it. His girlfriend doesn't mind, she likes the perks of traveling with him on his many shoots and and living well. Bodybuilders like Adam with big cocks who can get hard, stay hard and shoot a big load are always in demand by studios, especially when they can do gay, straight and bi porn. Adam was first here some time ago when he came to break into the adult entertainment business and fuck some pussy, but wound up fucking a dude named Bradley instead which he obviously liked enough to make a career of it. Well, he recently called Caruso to see if he could come back and do another video and this time he would be the one baiting the guy - he told Caruso he thought it would be fun. So, here we are on the studio couch, Caruso just having introduced the straight guy, Damon, a tall quirky but cute blond boy who wants to give porn a try. He's a local redneck from Ft Lauderdale who's pretty open about sex. He says he was once with a girl who put a finger up his butt followed by a toy and he got off that way. He also tells Caruso that he's had threesomes with two girls and with a buddy and a girl, so he's pretty sexually experienced. We also learn later about his crazy obsession with jerking off and getting handjobs in public. He's really sexy when talking about his experiences - and you can hear all his kinky stories in ''After the Shoot''. Anyway, Caruso is building up the sexual tension by telling the guys he has a hot Latina with a big, meaty ass, which both of the guys like, and that once they strip down and get hard he'll be able to go get her for a hot threesome. The boys watch porn and get their dicks hard, and that's when we learn from Damon that he loves to use spit as lube. He says it's because when he was young and living at home, his mom a bible thumper at the time, had removed the hand lotion from the bathroom because she didn't want him spilling his seed. But, like the rest of us, when he had to jack off, he improvised using the next best thing... spit. Okay, back to the action, the guys are rock hard and horny, Caruso tells them they did good and that he's going to go get the girl - but he returns empty handed with disappointing news. Apparently, the female fell victim to a giant iguana attack and he was unable to find another girl for the shoot. Adam says he's broke and Damon says he's disappointed, he needs money and wants some pussy. Caruso takes this opportunity to give them the option to have sex with each other for double the money. ''Before I came I told you I wasn't going to do something like this'' says Damon, and he remained adamant about not doing it. All the while, Adam is trying to tell him it isn't so bad. ''I feel like this is a set up'' says Damon. So, Caruso goes through the lesbian routine - you don't have to be gay, it's just work. Damon is sitting there with a pillow over his cock, you can see he's about to make a decision, and he's the first one to ever do this, he says to Caruso ''triple, I'll do it for triple''. They go back and forth, but you can tell from Caruso's voice that he's going to concede this one - and he does - the boys are getting paid triple. If you're a big fan of first time gay sex, you'll know that Caruso got a good deal, because this was hot. The details are in the viewing and we don't want to give a blow by blow description (no pun intended), but seeing is believing, and believe us, when this totally straight boy Damon says ''this was an amazing experience'' you know this is a scene you do not want to miss!"







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PP0A7706 PP0A7715
Bradley Boyd and Adam Bryant

"Considering I Love Women"

Bradley Boyd and Adam Bryant

August 28, 2014

"Caruso is in hog heaven this week with not one, but two hot redneck boys... a favorite category of men for him. Our bait boy, Bradley, is a hunky dude from North Carolina who loves snow boarding in the winter, the beach in the summer and a six pack of beer or two or three, any time of they year. Adam is our straight boy and he's to die for. Straight from Titusville Florida, a place which used to be referred to as ''Space City, USA'' because of it's proximity to the Kennedy Space Center and a well known tourist trap in the days before the shuttles stopped launching. Now it's known mostly for the super Walmart and rednecks. And, boy does Adam fit that bill, he's all country boy, a little rough and likes to be dominant, on top, and in control when it comes to sex, which he says is ''something I do well''. We believe what he says about doing sex well,, especially when he strips down to reveal a bodybuilder physique with 16.5'' biceps, a big chest, huge thighs and a hot bubble butt as well as a fat 7'' x 6'' redneck cock! He tells Caruso that since he has a talent for sex, he thought he might as well get paid for it. So, he's horned up and ready to fuck some big titted pussy and hopes today's girl is foreign as that really turns this country boy on. Well, we let him think what he wants about pussy, until we get around to telling him that he's going to be having sex with a dude today. Caruso has the boys on the couch and naked for their boner test where he'll find out if they can get it up and keep it up in front of each other and on camera... they pass with flying colors. Caruso leaves to fetch the 'girl', but he soon returns to tell the guys that she never showed up, they don't where she is and there's no other female talent available for the day. So, he offers the boys double the money to have sex with each other. Caruso tells them that his way they won't waste the day and everyone can get paid. Adam lowers his head, shaking it back and forth in the negative and just barks out ''I came here for a woman''. Caruso tries to explain it's no big deal, but Adam is not buying any of it - that is until he hears that Bradley will do it for the money. Our straight boy is a bit in disbelief, but all of a sudden says ''fuckin' do it''. Caruso confirms with Adam that he's agreeing to have sex with Bradley and he acknowledges the fact. So, Bradley moves closer and takes Adams now deflated cock in hand and starts to stroke it. Check out the faces and distressed moans Adam makes with his first gay contact - it looks like he's in excruciating pain. He doesn't look much better when Bradley grabs his hand and pulls it across to get him to stroke his hard cock. But, once Bradley starts sucking, we see that Adam's cock is rock hard and he's now a bit more relaxed. The boys then do some uninspiring cock fighting when Bradley works up the nerve to go in for kiss which is quickly rejected by Adam. Caruso asks him what's up and Adam just shakes his head and says ''I can't, I can't'', so Caruso moves things along and asks him if he's ready to return the cocksucking favor to Bradley and again he answers negatively ''I don't do that!, I've gone further than... ''. Caruso tells Adam that he has to do something more sexual with Bradley if he wants to get paid and suggests it's time he fucks the boy. Adam sees this as a masculine, dominant thing and agrees to fuck Bradley. Caruso pushes him a bit and tells him to feel up Bradley's ass - ''it won't bite'' - and he hesitantly does that. Next thing we see is Bradley sitting down on his new buddy's fat cock and riding it for all it's worth - and you can tell he's loving it. Adam has enough of being on the 'bottom' so to speak, so he tells Bradley to get on his back. Adam then hops on top and and fucks the cum out of his bottom boy until Bradley is a groaning, sweaty, cummy mess. When Caruso asks Bradley how it was, he can barely talk, but says it was real good. Adam now whips off the rubber and jacks a big, hot load all over Bradley's beefy thigh - Bradley tells him what a hot load it is. Adam is sweaty and out of breath now himself and tells Caruso that his first gay4pay butt fuck was pretty good. In the end Caruso asks Adam to rate the sex with Bradley between 1 and 10, 10 being the best he says ''7.5... considering I love women''. We know you love straight men, and we're sure you'll love Adam!"

Bradley Boyd and Adam Bryant Bradley Boyd and Adam Bryant

Bradley Boyd and Adam Bryant Bradley Boyd and Adam Bryant

Bradley Boyd and Adam Bryant Bradley Boyd and Adam Bryant

Bradley Boyd and Adam Bryant

Bradley Boyd and Adam Bryant

Bradley Boyd and Adam Bryant

Bradley Boyd and Adam Bryant

Bradley Boyd and Adam Bryant

Bradley Boyd and Adam Bryant

Internal Specialists, Scene 5

Adam Bryant and Jacob Peterson
Hot House Video

December 29, 2016

"As the doctor leaves for the day, he sternly instructs his assistants Adam Bryant and Jacob Peterson to clean up the examination rooms and get the office ready for tomorrow. When the door closes behind the doctor, Adam and Jacob look at each other mischievously. They know they'll be reprimanded if they don't do their job, but the temptation of the empty office is too much to resist. Without a word, they make their decision: screw work! They want to fuck! Slamming their faces together, they kiss passionately while stripping off their scrubs. Jacob inhales Adam's fat cock all the way down to the base. Adam slaps Jacob's ass and shoves his tongue deep into Jacob's crack. With his boner throbbing, Adam gets Jacob spit-lubed and ready for an internal examination. Sliding his dick into Jacob's tight hole, Adam commences an intense doggy style pounding. Bracing himself against the wall, Jacob savors every second that Adam's cock is inside him, stretching out his hole and massaging his prostate. Adam lies flat on the exam table and Jacob jumps up to go on a ride. Grinding his hips, Jacob uses his ass to milk Adam's cock while jerking himself off. Jacob's hot, white load gushes from his uncut cock while Adam is still inside him. Dismounting from Adam's cock, Jacob sucks on Adam's balls, watching intently as Adam's cock swells and throbs. With giant spurts, Adam shoots his load onto his chest, and Jacob laps it up, savoring the taste on his tongue. Damn the consequences; it was worth it!"

WATCH Internal Specialists, Scene 5 Starring Adam Bryant and Jacob Peterson



















Skuff: Rough Trade 2, Scene 2

Adam Bryant and Johnny V
Hot House Video

November 10, 2016

"Muscly barber Johnny V is strapped in leather, and he's shaving tatted hunk, Adam Bryant's head as he strokes his cock in the barber chair. Adam's cock and balls bulge through his cock ring during the shave. Johnny checks his work, ditches his jock and hits his knees to polish Adam's boots and dick. Johnny lowers his wet mouth onto Adam's hard cock as he shines his boots. Once Adam's cock and nutsack are coated in Johnny's spit, Adam bends Johnny over and spreads his ass open wide to slink his tongue into Johnny's hole. Licking from the tip of Johnny's cock, all the way up to his eager ass, Adam buries his face in between Johnny's cheeks. With Johnny's hole lubed up in spit, Adam glides his meat into Johnny's pink center with one swift thrust. Pounding from behind, Adam holds Johnny in place by his leather harness. Johnny switches to his back and gives Adam direct access to drill his prostate. Johnny's screams intensify until he loses control and explodes thick ropes of pearly white cum onto his washboard abs. Seeing Johnny climax sends Adam over the edge and he bursts his hot load all over the inside of Johnny's thigh."
















Erector, Scene 2

Johnny Ryder and Adam Bryant
Hot House Video

January 8, 2015

"Adam Bryant stands like a god on a pedestal in his rubber gear. Johnny Ryder kneels in worship at his feet, with his mouth wrapped around Adam's thick cock. Spit and slobber drip off the tip of Adam's dick, and he keeps his hand resting on the back of Johnny's neck, offering subtle guidance. Johnny jacks his dick with excitement, and he gets his first taste of penetration when Adam bends him over and works his hole with an extra-long dildo. Adam's hulking biceps flex as he opens up Johnny's man cave with the toy, and Johnny's face contorts in pangs of bottoming bliss. With Johnny's ass good and ready, Adam mounts him from behind for a ball-slapping pounding. Sweat covers their muscled bodies as they slam together again and again. When they come to the edge, Johnny flips onto his back and locks eyes with Adam. They blast their thick white loads at the same time onto Johnny's ripped stomach, panting in their erotic connection." WATCH Erector, Scene 2 featuring Johnny Ryder and Adam Bryant















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