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Dudes In Public 4

Featuring Brandon Evans and Spencer Whitman
Reality Dudes

April 28, 2017

"A walk on the beach quickly turns naughty as these two guys begin exploring their tight bodies, huge cocks, and hot asses while being perfectly hidden in plain sight."

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My Sexy Coach

Featuring Kyle Kash and Spencer Whitman

"You’d think that after pushing an athlete beyond his physical limits, he would start hating his personal trainer. But no, even after a grueling workout, Kyle Kash is ever so grateful for Spencer Whitman’s assistance in getting ready for next week’s triathlon. But Kyle’s PT has bad news. He can no longer train the athletic muscle stud for free. Kyle is devastated. He volunteers to do anything to keep training with Spencer… anything. Spencer seems inspired by this offer and extends his hand onto Kyle’s thigh. Kyle is more than willing to respond favorably to Spence’s advances. Indeed, the guys start making out on the living room sofa, kissing and fondling each other. As Kyle is only wearing his swimsuit, Spencer spins him around pulling the flimsy material below his ass, exposing the pervy athlete’s ball and butt crack in all their glory. Spencer dives right in to tongue and chew on Kyle’ hot crack. The kid is moaning and squirming, begging his coach to eat his ass more and to slap it good. He’s gyrating back and forth as Spencer keeps on plowing his tongue into his triathlete’s hot hole. Spencer then starts banging his stiff cock on his boy’s crack, before Kyle spins around and starts giving him a slutty blow job. The hairy coach is bone stiff and loving every minute of his pig-boy's lip and mouth job. Spencer pig-talk's his way into Kyle’s heart, and Kyle responds in kind while gagging on his trainer’s meat. Just a little bit more rimming to get his bottom boy’s ass all wet gets Kyle begging for his coach to bang him up. True to form, Spencer plunges in from behind and starts to fuck the daylights out of his sub boy. Kyle is in perv heaven as his ass is ripped apart. He shifts position so he can ride Spence’s fat meat hard. As he rides a seated Spencer’s bopping up and down, he moans relentlessly. As his coach shifts his own upper body forward, Kyle leans back, allowing Spencer to suck him off while still fucking his tight ass. Kyle turns and sits back on his PT’s hard cock riding hard once again. Kyle just can’t get enough of Spencer’s hard dick. Now lying on his back, he jacks his own stiff rod, responding well to Spencer’s aggressive tone. Kyle is so cranked that he shoots his load, as jet after jet spews out reaching beyond his shoulder. Spencer swipes some spunk off of Kyle’s chest and laps it up. The guys then lie side by side on the couch. As Kyle pinches his coach’s nips, his action is pushing Spencer over the edge. Seconds later, he shoots his load all over his hairy abs…"










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My Hairy Uncle

Austin Ryder and Spencer Whitman
Pride Studios | Dylan Lucas

October 3, 2016

"Austin is hanging out at his Uncles pad Spencer's, lounging about shooting some FB IM's to a friend. His Uncle comes outside to check on him and sees him on the phone. His Uncle Spencer has his shirt off to reveal all his manly chest hair. Austin has his shirt off as well with all his lovely young man hair out for all to see. Spencer can't believe how hairy Austin is and begins to rub his chest. Austin loves the way it feels and slides his fingers through his Uncle's hairy chest too. Austin can see that Spencer is getting hard so he takes advantage of it and pulls down his Uncle's pants to reveal his uncut thick cock. Austin begins to suck him off stroking and licking every inch of his dick. Spencer is enjoying his nephew servicing him so much so he lays him down on the couch outside and takes his young cock deep into his mouth. Sucking and playing with his young smooth balls Spencer spreads Austin's legs wide to reveal his sexy smooth hole and then begins to rim him deep. Austin can feel his Uncle's wet tongue swirling around his tight eager hole. He can't take the teasing no longer and wants his Uncle to fuck him in the bedroom. They head back into the house making out and fondling each other every step of the way. Spencer spreads that young ass wide and far than pushes his hard uncut cock into that ass pumping slowly at first but building up speed until his balls are slapping that sexy ass. Spencer fucks him in a couple positions but finally blows his load all over Austin's sweet ass. Austin lays on his back as his Uncle services his balls until his load is released all over his very own hairy chest." WATCH Austin Ryder and Spencer Whitman in My Hairy Uncle












81714_01 Spencer Whitman and Roman Daniels in My Cousin Spencer

My Cousin Spencer

Spencer Whitman and Roman Daniels
Pride Studios | Dylan Lucas

April 18, 2016

"Spencer is working on his car trying to figure out what the problem is but just can't seem to locate it. Roman decides to stop by and see Spencer who is his step-cousin. After some small talk which turns into some dirty talk Spencer and Roman start making out in the garage. Roman loves how hairy his chest is and can't keep his hands off of it while they make out. Roman pulls out Spencer's big fat uncut cock and gives him the best blow he's had in a very long time. Still in the garage but the heat is on they decide to take the action into the house before Spencer's dad arrives home. They throw their clothes off and Roman's huge dick flops right out. Spencer has never seen Roman's cock and once he does he instantly has to wrap his mouth around it so he can feel it throb against his tongue. Spencer is ready to fuck that ass so he fucks Roman with his thick dick on his back. Roman's ass swallows up that uncut cock and Spencer loves how he feels as his big sweaty balls keep slapping against him. Roman decides to take control and gets on top of Spencer to ride that huge hard dick. It's so long that Roman glides up and down slowly and fast as Spencer pumps deep into him with each thrust. These two cousins definitely know how to have fun together as they finally get to release their built up loads. Enjoy!"











Destroyer, Scene 1

Spencer Whitman and Tegan Zayne
Raging Stallion Studios

November 11, 2016

"Navy seamen Tegan Zayne and Spencer Whitman are on the job in the boiler room, making sure everything is ship-shape. When Spencer's navy blues start slipping off his ass, Tegan sees an opportunity to get better acquainted. As Spencer's pants fall, his throbbing, uncut cock is exposed. Unbuttoning their shirts, both men reveal their hairy, muscled chests and plump nipples. Going down to his knees, Tegan gets a mouthful of Spencer's huge, foreskinned meat, rubbing his tongue inside the tip. Thick gobs of spit pour from Tegan's mouth when Spencer withdraws his cock from the back of Tegan's throat. Pinching his nipple, Spencer thrusts his hips and fucks Tegan's face faster. Rising to his feet, Tegan stands at attention while Spencer returns the oral favor. The thrill of sucking cock on the job has both men boned up and eager for more. Spreading his hairy ass cheeks, Tegan gets his hole eaten out by Spencer. The feeling of Spencer's scruffy beard in his hairy Hole makes Tegan's cock swell. Licking his finger, Spencer prods Tegan's hole, preparing it for pounding. Tegan throws his legs in the air, and Spencer shoves his meat deep into Tegan's hole. Sweat drips on their bodies, and Tegan's ass hair surrounds the shaft of Spencer's girthy cock. Trading places, Spencer bends over and takes Tegan's dick doggy style. Spencer jerks his hard cock as Tegan pounds on Spencer's prostate. Pulling out, Tegan works his cock and explodes with a massive, spurting load that drenches Spencer's hairy ass with cum. Spencer turns around and Tegan gets down on his knees, his mouth wide to swallow Spencer's thick, white load." WATCH Destroyer, Scene 1 featuring Spencer Whitman and Tegan Zayne















Erect This!, Scene 2

Wesley Woods and Spencer Whitman
Raging Stallion Studios

April 1, 2016

"Foreman Wesley Woods is going over the construction plans with Spencer Whitman, but they can't keep their hands off each other. Wesley rips off Spencer's tank, revealing a forest of thick fur. With his tongue, Wesley explores Spencer's plump nipples, hairy pits, and uncut cock. Spencer plays with his nipples as Wesley nibbles on Spencer's foreskin, then deepthroats Spencer's girthy meat all the way to the base. As he sucks, Wesley pulls out his own throbbing cock, and they trade places. Spencer sinks to his knees, cupping Wesley's balls while slobbering on cock. Turning around, Wesley exposes his ass to Spencer's tongue. A finger inside Wesley's ass lets him know that Spencer is eager to fuck. Spencer lies on his back, and Wesley sits down on his throbbing meat. They grind their bodies together, and Wesley's cock slaps against Spencer's hairy stomach with the rhythm of their fucking. They flip; Wesley grabs Spencer's shoulders and shoves his cock deep inside. Wesley slaps Spencer's ass, leaving behind a pink handprint on the cheek. They flip again; Spencer stands and drills Wesley, who sprays his stomach with cum. Wesley exposes his gaping hole to Spencer, who blasts his load directly on the stretched pink skin, smearing it around with the tip of his uncut cock."






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Bareback Boyfriend Swap, Scene 3

Evan Lance Gives Spencer Whitman His Raw Load
Lucas Entertainment

October 9, 2015

"Spencer Whitman returns home to his boyfriend Evan Lance after he and Rafael Lords fucked each other’s brains out. Spencer can get it up and come easily easily, and he’s feeling some guilt over his adultery… that’s why he wakes up the napping Evan and gets his cock hard. Sure, Spencer does fuck Evan, but Spencer ultimately loves it when his man breeds his hole. If you check out 31:05 you’ll see Evan playing with his nipples while he works up a load for Spencer!"









LVP221_03_Evan_Lance_Spencer_Whitman_01 LVP221_03_Evan_Lance_Spencer_Whitman_02

LVP221_03_Evan_Lance_Spencer_Whitman_03 LVP221_03_Evan_Lance_Spencer_Whitman_08

Bareback Boyfriend Swap, Scene 2

Spencer Whitman Pounds Rafael Lords Bareback
Lucas Entertainment

October 5, 2015

"A third is sometimes fun, but every once and awhile you want to experience someone new without your other half tagging along. That’s how Rafael Lords is feeling, and Spencer Whitman is more than happy to help him out with the desire. He enjoys the experience: check out his face at 13:55 as he reaches for the headboard. And the torso shot that follows right after is just as visually captivating -- you can’t miss Spencer Whitman’s gorgeous furry chest at 14:05."









Spencer Reed and Spencer Whitman


January 9, 2011

"We have something special for this weeks update. We have two Spencer's and a nice ten minute video clip in our new larger format (640x480). Spencer Reed gets foot worshipped by Spencer Whitman."









Spencer Reed and Spencer Whitman (2)


"The second installment of our Spencer foot worship. This time it's Spencer Whitman getting worshipped by Spencer Reed. Who wouldn't want this stud at your feet."




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Lucas Fucks Spencer


August 23, 2007

"This is the last video from the shoot we had at the farm.

I don't want to brag or anything, but I can't tell you how much fun it was to be out in the woods on a ranch with some of CF's hottest studs for a week! It was a fantastic experience, tons of fun, and a great opportunity to get to know the guys better and really experience just how much fun they all are to be around! It left a tremendous impression upon me and, I hope, the guys as well!

But now to the naughty stuff!

Another thing that left a tremendous impression upon me was a particular position Lucas and Spencer get into in this video while they fuck in the hayloft of this old barn. I have to say, the position in which one guy is lying face down on his stomach while he's getting fucked from behind, the bottom pushing his ass back and lifting it up a bit to get the top's dick in him deeper has to be one of the hottest positions around! It's made all the more hot in this vid with the ever-studly Lucas on top and Spencer's insanely hot ass pushing back to get as much of that dick as possible.

Spencer was a bit out of his element at the farm - a young city boy not quite used to the country. But he was certainly in his element with Lucas pounding away at his hole! His big, thick, uncut dick was rock hard throughout the pounding and you could tell he was in absolute heaven!

Likewise, Lucas was definitely in his element as few guys know how to pound a hot hole better than this young man and looked as hot as ever!

By the time Spencer blew his load while getting drilled and Lucas sprayed his load across Spencer's face and in his mouth, that old barn was ready to collapse!"

Spencer Fucks Ben


March 29, 2007

"With Ben and Spencer being our two resident hairy-chested studs, you can't imagine the amount of e-mail I get asking to see them both together! We'd paired them up before, having Ben top Spencer in a sizzling hot duo not too long ago. But rather than satisfy all those demands to see them together, it only fueled that fire and inspired even more e-mail from both their fans and hairy chest lovers out there!

Well, now that Ben had a taste for dick up his ass it was only fitting we get him and Spencer together and flip the roles, so to speak, giving Spencer a chance to drive that big, thick, uncut cock deep into Ben's tight hole. And boy, are the results amazing!

We learned from his first bottoming experience that Ben can be quite a loud bottom, and that's certainly the case here! Can you blame him?! Spencer's dick is big and thick and obviously, while driving in and out of Ben's hole, it was hitting all the right buttons! When Spencer's mercilessly pounding Ben doggy style, Ben's rock-hard cock is all the proof we need that he's loving every second of it. And if that still doesn't have you sold, the incredible load he fires off while getting drilled should! In fact, both of these guys are so into every bit of the action that each of their hairy chests are drenched in sweat by the end of this video. And speaking of drenched, Ben's face and mouth are treated to precisely that with Spencer's powerful load when it's his turn to blow. ;)"

Blowing Grant

Featuring Grant and Spencer

February 19, 2007

"Several CF studs have been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of one of Spencer's killer blowjobs, and so when it came time for muscle-stud Grant to get his very first bj from a guy I knew it'd be perfect for Spencer to do the honors and literally blow Grant away with just how good a bj from a guy could be! Grant has himself quite the impressive body, with big, ripped muscle all over and a truly amazing chest. Seeing that chest heave as his cock gets worked over by Spencer is quite a sight, and I think that Grant really was shocked by just how good things felt. At times, he seemed almost stunned by what was going on, and at other times the pleasure he was feeling was clearly evident in his face and reactions.

Spencer is definitely an up and coming star here at CF, with that hot and hairy chest, great muscles, great face, and big, uncut cock. His physical attributes are obviously not all he has to offer, though, as his skills in front of the camera are extremely impressive!

After this bj - Grant's very first experience with another guy - and thanks to Spencer, I think Grant is going to be pretty damn happy he found his way to CF!"















Cade Fucks Spencer


February 9, 2007

"Man, there are a whole helluva lot of inches of collective cock in this video! hehe. With Cade and Spencer, we've paired together two of CF's biggest-dicked studs! Both of these guys are muscular, both hot as heck, and both hung like bulls - Cade cut and Spencer uncut!

With all the many countless e-mails I've received pleading to see Cade top again, it's high time we see just that! It's always ideal to have one of our big-dicked studs top another big-dicked stud because, quite frankly, it's the most fair way to do things! Believe it or not, some of these guys are made quite nervous at the thought of having to take such a big, thick tool up their hole. But a guy just as well-hung with just as much girth and length can't quite complain because all they're doing is experiencing precisely what they put anyone else through when they top! Do unto others! ;)

Few things are as hot as seeing such a big, thick dick stretching a tight hole as it plunges in and out. When you see that amazing sight you just know there are some intense feelings being generated there and can't help but imagine just what they are like. With Spencer's facial expressions and moaning there's little doubt those feelings have to be pretty damn great as soon as he's gotten used to the big tool!

Both Cade and Spencer are two of our most popular, best-performing guys, and this video is yet another reminder of just why!"


















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