Justin DeRoy
Christian Wilde (1)
Shay Michaels


SITES: Bareback That Hole, Bound Jocks, Cocksure Men, Colt Studios, Drill My Hole, Fetish Force, Hot Barebacking, Jake Cruise, Lucas Entertainment, Lucas Raunch, Raging Stallion Studios, TitanMen


Break a Sweat, Scene 2

Adam Champ and Shay Michaels

October 15, 2015

"After a tough workout, Shay Michaels gets his shoulders rubbed from behind by the huge man hands of Adam Champ — who reaches around to rub his bud’s pecs. Shay slides his arm around Adam’s ass, Adam bending down for a kiss. Shay buries his face into the muscle man’s massive hairy chest, licking and punching it before working on the bulge in Adam’s shorts. Shay releases Adam’s uncut throbber and gulps it, gasping for air as he deep throats it. He snaps Adam’s glistening cock up, spits on it and sucks it again, a spit strand connecting his mouth to the shaft. Adam sucks Shay back and eats his hole, then fucks him as Shay’s big sac shakes. Adam’s hairy muscle legs slam against Shay’s ass, the top’s pecs quivering as he rams him. The two shoot, Adam landing a sticky white wad on his own chest that clings and then drips to his stomach."









Wet and Wide: Scene 2
Aymeric DeVille & Shay Michaels
TitanRough / TitanMen

July 12, 2013

"In assless chaps and a harness, Aymeric DeVille is on all fours on a bench as Shay Michaels buries his bearded face inside the muscle jock’s hole. “Push it out!” demands Shay as he slaps Aymeric’s ass, sliding his thumb inside before rubbing his scruffy chin over Aymeric’s cheeks. Shay grips and slaps Aymeric’s balls, soon sliding a hollow Pig Hole inside and fucking him through it—crouching up on the bench and fucking him doggie style. On his back, Aymeric gets a big stream of piss all over him. Shay then clamps clothespins all over the bottom’s bod, starting with his nipples and all over his stomach, with a handful squeezing the bottom’s sac skin, shaft and inside his foreskin fold. Shay feeds Aymeric his cock, then flicks a clothespin. He removes them all expect the foreskin pinch, which he tugs as Aymeric writhes—the two soon coming."

Incubus, Scene 1

Starring Francois Sagat, Shay Michaels, and Spencer Reed

January 26, 2012

"During a wild night of partying, Francois Sagat passes out on the dance floor—and wakes up naked on a desert hillside. He stumbles back to the house from the previous night’s party and finds fellow muscle men Shay Michaels and a latexed Spencer Reed kissing as their boners throb. Francois inserts himself into the action, the two feasting on his dirty bod before he drops to his knees. Spit gobs fall to the floor as Francois deep-throats the strangers, with Spencer soon returning the favor. Shay and Francois piss on Spencer, the three soaked before Francois deep sucks them again. The three men cum, Francois licking his load off Spencer’s boot. Spencer then takes turn fucking the two men, snapping up Francois’s boner as he plows. Francois then rams the moaning Shay (“Fuck me! Please fuck me!”) before Shay and Spencer take turns ramming Francois—who is soon coated in cum and piss."

Incu_1134 Incu_1236

Incu_1757 Incu_2119

Incu_2276 Incu_0928

Incu_1003 Incu_1038




















Full Fetish, Scene 2

Starring David Anthony and Shay Michaels

October 4, 2011

"Handsome David Anthony, ripped and stern in a rubber harness and chaps, teases the thick-muscled, hairy-chested Shay Michaels, down on his knees in a rubber jock and gas mask. David slaps his gargantuan cock against Shay's mask, before unzipping it to let Shay feast on his amazing piece of meat. Shay's obedient, eager mouth sends David over the edge, and he covers Shay's hard chest and abs with a thick coating of cum, as Shay blows his load all over the floor. Then David bends Shay over a sling and plays with his round hairy ass, before sliding his massive meat up Shay's muscle hole. After a good hard fuck, David pulls out and sprays jets of piss all over Shay's broad back and ass, wetting him down completely. Shay pisses all over his bondage boots before David straps him into the sling, tying his cuffed arms up to the chains. "You ready to get fucked again?" David says. Shay begs for it as David shoves a couple of fingers up his slick hole, before ramming his tool up Shay's willing ass, rocking him back and forth in the sling, David's ripped abs contorting in pleasure as he fucks the muscle stud under his control. David unties one of Shay's hands so he can stroke his meat while getting his ass pounded, ramming away until they both erupt again, blasting thick ropes of cum all over his Shay's abs. With Shay still in the sling, David slicks up a metal sound and slowly works it into Shay's piss-slit. Shay grunts in apprehensive pleasure, barely able to look at his own cock as David pulls the sound from his shaft. David releases Shay from the sling, puts him down on his knees, and pisses straight into Shay's open mouth. Shay moans as he pisses a full river out of his now-tender cock, wetting David's boots and the floor beneath them."

















TitanMen Impulse

Impulse, Scene 1

Featuring Adam Killian, Jessy Ares and Shay Michaels

July 15, 2011

"Jessy Ares, Adam Killian and Shay Michaels show off their underwater talents, sucking each other in the pool as the sun and blue hues dance across their muscular bodies. After some ass eating, Jessy dumps his load in the pool before his buds stroke off on the lawn. Hairy Shay then gets rammed by Jessy while slurping on Adam. The verbal bottom ("Stretch me out... balls deep! Spit on me!") whips his boner on Jessy's stomach, then punches the top's pec. Adam fucks Shay doggie style, the bottom's jock ass rippling as he gulps Jessy's beast. Adam pins the grunting Shay to the ground, the top's muscular back and ass filling the frame as he reaches over to suck Jessy -- who then gets behind his buds and slides inside for a hot fuck chain, the tan and tattooed Adam grinding between them. Adam gets both of his holes stuffed as Jessy continues to fuck him, the three squirting again as an excited Adam writhes in pleasure."




































Sting, Scene 1

Starring Dirk Caber, Shay Michaels, and Hunter Marx

June 16, 2011

"A trio of agents run surveillance on criminals, monitoring a video feed of the suspects. But when the footage turns dirty, investigator Dirk Caber can't contain his excitement -- his hand quickly on the thigh of co-worker Shay Michaels. The bearded muscle buds are soon kissing before Dirk slurps on Shay's cock, spit gobs falling to the floor. Shay returns the favor, gurgling as he deep throats Dirk down to the thick base. Hunter Marx awakens, whipping out his big banana dick and stroking on the sofa before feeding Shay. The sucker takes turns voraciously devouring both boners before pulling them down and letting them snap up in a hot sequence. The two alpha studs spit down, lubing up their cocks as their heads graze each other. The three shoot, Dirk's massive wad coating Shay's muscle pecs.

Now lying on the table, Shay feasts on Hunter's beast while getting eaten, fingered and fucked by Dirk. "You like that, you pig?' asks Hunter as Dirk rams the moaning bottom. Hunter then slides his monster cock balls-deep into Shay's hole, the top's sweaty ass hair clinging to his skin as he plunges all the way in and out. Shay sucks Dirk, who kisses Hunter above the bottom. Shay then takes out his aggression, getting Dirk's ass to ripple as he rams him doggie style. Hunter encourages the duo ("Squeeze that hole!") before topping Dirk, a hot smile across the top's face. He also jacks Shay, the three tactile studs all over each other. Hunter gets Dirk on his back for more, then lets Shay back in before getting behind him for a hot fuck train. Shay gyrates between his buds as the skin of his dangling sac clings to Dirk's ass. Hunter takes over, a low shot capturing the plunging penetration and his smooth, tight balls. The three squirt again, including another rocket from Dirk that flies over his shoulder."

Stng_0009 Stng_0037

Stng_0275 Stng_0323

Stng_0854 Stng_0863










Exposed, Scene 1

Starring Aymeric DeVille, Junior Stellano, Shay Michaels

June 13, 2011

"In a dirty men's room, tattooed Aymeric DeVille approaches the urinal, his muscular back filling the frame. He pulls down his jeans, his jock butt exposed from his open-ass briefs as he strokes his uncut cock. Dark and hairy Junior Stellano makes his way to the open stall, sitting on the toilet and stroking his big dick as he eyes Aymeric through the glory hole. Aymeric shoves his cock through the wall as Junior starts to feast. Shay Michaels eyes the action from the sink mirror as the suck sounds turn him on. He's quickly on his knees, burying his bearded face inside Aymeric's hole as Junior continues to blow. Shay reaches underneath to stroke Junior's cock, then strips down to show off his built bod. He slides his hard dick inside Aymeric's hole, rubbing the groaning bottom's back. Shay kisses Aymeric's neck and ear, wrapping his arms around the stud to rub his pecs. Junior jacks Aymeric's load out before Shay squirts on Aymerric's ass. Junior comes, then offers his ass to Aymeric's tongue while wrapping his lips around the increasingly verbal Shay: "All the way... there you go!" As Junior deep throats Shay, Aymeric fucks the muscle man from behind -- the bottom’s monster quads clenching. The two rub Junior's bod as they double-team him, then switch positions. Shay's pecs bounce as he plows Junior deep, but the bottom soon turns the tables. Sitting on the toilet, he gets both studs to take turns riding his cock. Their bods tighten up as they shoot their loads while getting fucked, Junior then letting go of his second wad as the three kiss to end the steamy threesome."







Shay Michaels & Armond Rizzo

Shay Michaels & Armond Rizzo


November 7, 2014

"Armond Rizzo is in for a treat today as he's been paired with muscle daddy Shay Michaels. Shay can pick up the cute twink with ease and tosses him around like the cum rag that he becomes. Of course Armond's incredible flexibility comes into play as Shay bends him every which way as he pounds his smooth ass. Shay comes deep inside his hole - there's so much cum shoved inside him it oozes out as Shay pulls out."

Shay Michaels & Armond Rizzo

Shay Michaels & Armond Rizzo

Shay Michaels & Armond Rizzo

Shay Michaels & Armond Rizzo

Shay Michaels & Armond Rizzo

Shay Michaels and Gio Ryder

December 13, 2013

"Bareback cross over sensation Shay Michaels is the lead in this scene that would leave any bottom breathless. Gio Ryder is the lucky hole that gets stuffed and filled by Shay's masculine raw cock. On a mission to service Shay as he deserves and commands, Gio plants his face into his crotch and never loses focus on the stiff bare cock bouncing in front him. He sucks and swallows Shay's tool getting it ready for his own twitching hole. What ensues next is pure lust and sexual magic. Gio is fucked like a rag doll by Shay and is rewarded with a sloppy seeding and breeding. Gio then explodes in ecstasy as Shay felches his own fresh load out of his used hole."
Shay Michaels and Chad Brock

November 8, 2013

"If rugged masculine men, hairy chests and muscles are what you're into, then have we got a scene for you. Shay Michaels and Chad Brock sizzle in this scene as these two muscle studs are eager to do each other. Chad is fucked from head to toe, stem to stern by Shay's thick raw cock. His oral skills are put to the test as Shay power fucks Chad's face without hesitation. Shay Michaels rises to the Top in his raw debut as we are seeing the making of a Bareback Legend."
Nick Capra Pounds Shay Michaels

Nick Capra Pounds Shay Michaels


June 5, 2014

"A little pillow talk today between Nick Capra and Shay Michaels leads the gentlemen to a discussion of their massage techniques. Shay offers to show his expertise and it's not long before Nick is on his stomach awaiting the caresses of his furry buddy. Shay's massive arms flex as he rubs Nick's back and shoulders. Shay spits in his hand to lube up his subject and Nick thinks that's hot. Nick says another muscle is getting stiff and Shay suggests that he take his pants off to "make things easier". With Nick's perfect white globes in his face, the temptation is just too much for Shay. Soon his beard is tickling Nick's sphincter, who's moaning quietly. As the ass eating continues, Nick's cock is getting so stiff, it's sticking out from underneath his hip. Spying the tasty treat, Shay suggests he turn over so he can have a lick. Nick is hungry for a taste of ass too and orders Shay onto all fours. The beefy stud obliges, arching his back and offering up his muscled ass to his new buddy. Nick explores the fur lined canyon with his tongue before burying his face deep into the crack. He spits on the pink pucker and shoves an index finger in, then tastes it. All this hole play is making Shay eager for penetration, telling Nick he needs to fuck him. Nick slides his dick closer to the hole, pounding it against it, teasing it, spitting on it. Finally, Nick shoves it in all the way as Shay groans loudly, feeling his guts expand from inside. Every so often Nick spits to lube it up a little, his fat cock stretching the anal walls to the limit. As Nick jams his cock deeper into his muscle-bear buddy, Shay's hard cock bounces against his furry abs. While Shay's legs are up in the air, Nick enjoys the opportunity to suck on Shay's foot, biting and licking as he continues to pound away. Suddenly, Nick pulls out and maneuvers his dick into Shay's face. Shay opens wide and catches a giant load of thick white sperm in his mouth and beard as he grunts loudly. As he sucks the last few drops of cum from his Nick's pulsating cock, Shay jerks his curved cock until it spews a load onto his hairy tummy."

Nick Capra Pounds Shay Michaels

Nick Capra Pounds Shay Michaels

Nick Capra Pounds Shay Michaels

Nick Capra Pounds Shay Michaels

Nick Capra Pounds Shay Michaels

Nick Capra Pounds Shay Michaels

Nick Capra Pounds Shay Michaels

Nick Capra Pounds Shay Michaels

Nick Capra Pounds Shay Michaels Nick Capra Pounds Shay Michaels

Shay Michaels Barebacks Kyle Savage


October 18, 2013

"Scruffy Shay Michaels and rugged Kyle Savage make out shirtless. They are horned and hard, so it's not long before the pants come off. Kyle climbs on a work ladder so Shay can eat his plump ass. Shay shoves his thick raw cock inside Kyle's hole and pounds fiercely bareback. He pulls out so Kyle can deep throat his dick. Shay throat fucks Kyle then goes back to drilling his raw hole. Kyle begins riding bareback Shay's dick, swallowing the cock with his ass. Kyle is bouncing hard and fast when he shoots a huge load all over the ground. He hops off and starts deep throating Shay. Kyle Savage lays on his back so Shay can pummel his ass bareback. Shay Michaels releases a nice load and thrusts his cum-covered cock back inside Kyle, seeding his hungry hole."

Shay Michaels and Derek Parker


May 10, 2013

"Shay Michaels and Derek Parker are two hairy hunks who can't wait to fuck. They start off passionately making out on the edge of the bed. They quickly take each other's shirts off and Derek's tongue goes straight for Shay's pits. They both stand up and strip off their pants. Derek gets on his knees, Shay's hard cock slipping into his warm and hungry mouth. Shay pushes Derek onto the bed where they take turns swallowing each other's stiff cocks down their throats. Derek gets on his hands and knees, his ass up high in the air. Shay spreads his smooth ass open and licks Derek's tight hole. Once Shay has gotten Derek's ass wet and ready, Shay slips his cock into Derek's ass. Shay pounds Derek doggy-style then Derek rides Shay's hard cock. Shay spreads Derek's ass cheeks as he pumps his throbbing cock in and out of Derek's tight hole. Shay fucks Derek in the missionary position until Derek blasts his thick load onto his chiseled abs. Shay bends over, licks Derek's cum up and spits it into Derek's mouth. They kiss passionately. The cum swapping gets Shay Michaels close, he sits up and jerks his dick until he cums on Derek. Shay scoops up some of the cum with his hand and puts it into Derek Parker's mouth. What a hot treat."


Arpad Miklos and Shay Michaels


March 30, 2012

"Arpad Miklos and Shay Michaels are two giants when it comes to muscle, cock, and hotness. Together they make for a great scene with lots of passion, kissing, sucking and hard fucking. Shay is dragged back to bed by Arpad while they are both wearing underwear. Shay pulls out Arpad's thick uncut dick and sucks. They kiss and Arpad sucks on Shays huge rod. Shay gets on all fours and Arpad's tongue licks his tasty ass. With Shay already on his knees Arpad pounds his cock deep inside. Shay loves every bit of Arpad and moans in ecstasy while getting fucked. Arpad nails Shay, now on his back, hard and fast. Shay sits on Arpad's cock, bobbing up and down. When he gets close Shay jumps off and kneels next to Arpad. Shay's huge muscles flex and bulge and he splatters Arpad's thick fur with his white cum. Shay lays his face on Arpad's belly waiting for a thick splash. Arpad strokes until he blasts Shay's face with a huge load. Shay sucks out every last drop and the two studs exchange cummy kisses."











8 15

28 41

Shay Michaels & John Magnum


February 21, 2012

"Shay Michaels is a BEAST and John Magnum is his latest prey. As they come into view the guys are already on the couch, jostling for dominance. With John on his back, Shay pulls out John's THICK dick and aggressively swallows as much of John as he can. John throws his legs high above his head and Shay slaps and licks his delicious asshole. Shay rises up and hovers over John, his cock begging for attention. John deep-throats Shay to his base. Shay ensures John gets every inch, thrusting his head down until John chokes. With the adrenaline pumping, John jumps on the couch and arches his bubble-butt in the air for Shay to fuck. Shay makes him beg before sliding his perfectly curved cock deep inside John's hole. Deep, guttural moans of pleasure spew forth from our hairy hunks as Shay thrusts relentlessly from various angles. While still getting fucked, John sprays his load onto his ripped, furry abs. Shay pulls out and spews all over John's big dick. Shay bends over lapping up their cum, sucking the last bit out of John's cock, then kisses John with a mouthful of spunk."

Shay Michaels & Kyle King

Shay Michaels & Kyle King


July 1, 2011

"It's just another day at the Oxballs Sex Toy Factory. There's a lot of work to do and no time for fucking around. Ox himself gives employees Shay Michaels and Kyle King some tasks to get done while he's gone, but since he knows his staff well, he reminds them "No fucking while I'm gone." Undeterred, the two guys waste no time licking and touching each other's muscular bodies the moment they're left alone. Sucking at their work station, fucking on the work room table, in the warehouse and the stock room, these guys use every hairy square inch of each other's bodies, in every square foot of the huge factory they're in. Shay's strong ass muscles flex as he drives his rock-hard dick deep into Kyle's hairy hole, both of their loud voices echoing through the whole place. Shay blows his load all over Kyle's dick and then thrusts his cum-covered fingers into Kyle's mouth. Kyle can't take any more and blows his load right into the waiting open mouth of Shay and the two collapse in a pool of cum and sweat."

Shay Michaels & Kyle King

Shay Michaels & Kyle King

Shay Michaels & Kyle King

Shay Michaels & Kyle King

Shay Michaels & Kyle King

Shay Michaels & Kyle King

Shay Michaels & Kyle King

Shay Michaels & Kyle King
Shay Michaels and Heath Jordan

Gym Jam

Featuring Heath Jordan and Shay Michaels

May 13, 2011

"Shay Michaels is flat on his back pumping iron as his spotter, Heath Jordan, keeps a close eye on him. After three vigorous sets, Shay takes a well-deserved break. This hairy stud's idea of a 'rest' means opening wide and swallowing Heath's throbbing cock. Heath then gets on his knees alongside the bench and services Shay's thick rod. Totally horned up, Shay gets up and bends over to return the favor, giving our director an awesome view of his ass as he goes down on Heath. A couple of floor mats sure come in handy as Shay and Heath lay side-by-side to stroke and make out. A sizzling hot 69 session is followed by Shay giving Heath a rim job. They switch positions and Shay starts to get real verbal, especially after Heath probes him doggie-style with every inch of his dick. We can still hear Shay Michaels hollering as he cums and the sight of Heath Jordan shooting all over Shay's face is also stuck in our memory!"



















Shay Michaels and Devin Draz

"Coffee and Cock"

March 18, 2011

"Had Devin Draz been alive in Roman times, he would have definitely been a gladiator. Tall, broad, and thickly built, he needs no shield but definitely has a sword, one that's a good 8 inches long and positioned right between his legs! Devin's found the perfect sex buddy in Shay Michaels, an equally masculine man with a buzz cut, goatee, and a ripped-up torso. Shay needs stamina to suck and slurp Devin's impressive tool but he is more than up to the task. Turns out he has a few other skills, like eating ass and fucking long and hard. Wait until you see him stretch Devin out with those powerful thrusts, lifting Devin up and away. When these guys are about to blow their loads, the sound of ecstasy is literally echoing off the walls."

Shay Michaels and Devin Draz Shay Michaels and Devin Draz Shay Michaels and Devin Draz Shay Michaels and Devin Draz Shay Michaels and Devin Draz
Shay Michaels & Dylan Knight

Shay Michaels & Dylan Knight


September 27, 2013

"Coach Shay Michaels is ready to go over his new hurdle strategy, but first Dylan Knight needs some physical attention. Dylan has a cramp so Shay massages Dylan's legs, paying special attention to his upper thighs and bubble butt. It turns out that Dylan doesn't have his jock on and his big balls are bursting out. It's not long before they find themselves making out in each others arms. Dylan's huge cock sticks out of his shorts and pokes against Shay's firm body. Dylan goes down on Shay and deep throats his thick dick. Shay eats Dylan's ass on top of the desk and plunges his cock deep inside. Coach Shay loosens Dylan's tight hole with his dick and begins pounding faster. Dylan leans against the desk and lets his coach suck his gigantic rod. Shay sucks every inch like a pro. He slides his cock back in Dylan's ass and fucks him hard. Dylan Knight rides Shay's dick before shooting a hefty load on his face. Shay Michaels returns the favor by releasing a thick nut on Dylan's cock. Great Teamwork!"

Shay Michaels & Kyler Ash

Shay Michaels & Kyler Ash


September 6, 2013

"In the showers of the local gym young and hung Kyler Ash soaps up muscle daddy Shay Michaels. Kyler passes the soap through Shay's chest hair, abs and balls. Kyler lathers up Shay's bubble ass and thick cock. Shay takes the soap from Kyler and soaps up his smooth, young, toned body. Once they're all clean Kyler gets down on his knees and takes Shay's cock into his hungry mouth. He works on Shay's cock and balls, getting him hard as a rock. Kyler turns Shay around and digs into his hairy hole with his warm tongue. Shay has Kyler sit on a ledge while he swallows Kyler's cock. He lifts up Kyler's legs and spits on his tight boy hole. Shay eats the ass until it's wet enough for his huge cock. Shay pushes his thick daddy dick slowly into Kyler's ass while Kyler legs are up in the air. Kyler gets on all fours on the floor and Shay slips his cock in. Kyler moans as Shay's dick slides in and out of his tight young hole. Shay sits down and Kyler Ash rides his cock hard until he shoots his thick load on the shower room floor. Kyler gets on his knees and prepares to take Shay's load. In a fit of ecstasy Shay Michaels shoots his warm load all over young Kyler's face."

ThePleaBargainSTG (6)

The Plea Bargain

Featuring Shay Michaels and Tony Newport
Drill My Hole at Men.com

July 18, 2012

"Tony Newport is a recently busted shoplifting bad boy who is facing some serious jail time. Shay Michaels makes a direct offer to drop the charges, but first Tony will have to go from Str8 to gay!"

ThePleaBargainSTG (7) ThePleaBargainSTG (8)

ThePleaBargainSTG (4) ThePleaBargainSTG (11)

ThePleaBargainSTG (15) ThePleaBargainSTG (17)

ThePleaBargainSTG (18) ThePleaBargainSTG (1)

ThePleaBargainSTG (2)

ThePleaBargainSTG (3)

ThePleaBargainSTG (5)

ThePleaBargainSTG (9)

ThePleaBargainSTG (10)

ThePleaBargainSTG (12)

ThePleaBargainSTG (13)

ThePleaBargainSTG (14)

ThePleaBargainSTG (16)
Brian Davilla and Shay Michaels

April 13, 2012

"Brian Davilla makes the mistake of letting Shay Michaels get loose - Shay takes full advantage and turns the tables by wrestling Brian down to the table on his stomach. Brian’s ass is fully exposed in the air and ready to be plowed by Shay. After a heavy pounding Shay flips Brian over and relieves a big load on his hairy chest!"
Brian Davilla and Shay Michaels

April 6, 2012

"Brian Davilla and Shay Michaels are real-life boyfriends and begged us to shoot them fucking the way they like to do it in the privacy of their own home... So of course we obliged. We started with Shay on his back with his knees spread wide and tied to his wrists. This exposes his ass in the air for Brian to easily maneuver his cock deep inside Shay’s eager hole. Watch these two tops in real-life give it up to each other in the BoundJocks locker room!"
Coach Bob Hager and Jock Shay MichaelsCoach Bob Hager and Jock Shay Michaels

"In his bright red soccer kit, Shay Michaels is straining against the blue ropes that bind his wrists to his thighs. Coach Bob Hager walks in and gags the enraged jock with blue tape. Coach Hager drops Michaels to the matt and slowly pulls his captive’s shorts down enraging him even more. After rimming his victim’s juicy hole, Hager walks around to Michaels’ face, removes the gag and make the athlete suck his hard cock till he blows!"
Coach Bob Hager and Jock Shay Michaels
Coach Bob Hager and Jock Shay Michaels
Coach Bob Hager and Jock Shay Michaels

Fur Mountain, Scene 2

Starring Brad Kalvo and Shay Michaels
Colt Studios

July 26, 2012

"Beefy stud Shay Michaels and muscle-bound Brad Kalvo come together for a hot and heavy, outdoor play session. Shay drops straight to his knees, eager to get at the meaty package inside Brad's bulging pants. Once that hefty piece of meat is unleashed, Shay goes to town swallowing every inch of Brad's thick, hard cock. Brad returns the favor and gets down on his knees, worshipping Shay's thick monster with a deep throated hunger for cock.

Kissing and grinding their cocks together, Shay asks "you want some ass"? Turning around he bends over and offers Brad his beefy, hairy butt. Spreading those muscled mounds wide, Brad drives his tongue deep into Shay's hot, manly hole, slapping those furry cheeks as he buries his face. "Get in there" says Shay as Brad takes his rock hard cock and rams it in deep. Brad gives that ass a solid pounding, flipping Shay over on his back to drill his ass even deeper. Shay spreads his legs wide and takes it hard. “Yeah, keep fuckin' me” Shay begs as his throbbing cock swells. Pounding his meaty cock in hand, Shay jacks out a gushing load. Seeing Shay's cum flying high sets Brad’s swollen balls on fire. Pulling out Brad strokes a thick and steamy load, drenching Shay in hot, white cum."

23426_001 23426_002

23426_003 23426_009

23428_001 23428_003

23428_012 23428_016

23428_027 23428_028
























Uniform Men, Scene 3

Starring Samuel Colt and Shay Michaels
Colt Studios

April 26, 2012

"If you ask me… a man in Leather, that’s my thing” says Samuel Colt, fresh off his smoking hot photo-shoot and sex scene with Spencer Reed. Watching as Shay Michaels shows his beef and his brawn in a Leather-Cop fantasy photo-shoot, Samuel goes on to say “…a man in Leather… just makes me wanna do bad things to him”.

Standing at attention, Shay Michaels stares straight ahead as sergeant Samuel Colt circles him close, giving Shay a thorough inspection from head to toe. Samuel gets up really close and decides to inspect even closer. Stripping away Shay’s leather shirt and opening the front of Shay’s leather pants, Samuel likes what he sees.

Apparently Shay passes inspection as Samuel then kicks back in old school bootblack’s chair and points down toward his boots. Shay knows his place and immediately gets his tongue down on those knee length leather boots. As Shay is busy down below, Samuel opens up a little and takes his hard cock in his leather-gloved hands, giving Shay an invitation to work his way up from his boots. Shay knows how to give service and gives Samuels throbbing cock a very thorough and deep-throated spit shine.

Samuel gets up and orders Shay “Stand Up! Let me see your ass”. “Yes Sir!” he says as he stands up and bends over. Samuel is all business as he dives his tongue deep into Shays beefy ass and hairy hole. Rimming and probing that ass with a true sense of purpose, Samuel is getting that hot hole lubed and ready for what comes next.

Stripping off his leather shirt Samuel takes his piece of meat and plants it deep in Shay’s eager hole. Grunting, groaning and taking it like a man, Shay enjoys a good hard pounding and Samuel lets him have it.

Using the chair to its full advantage Samuel gets Shay’s ass in the air for an even deeper drilling. And when the fucking has both guys ready to blow, Shay gets on his knees again before Samuel and asks permission to blow his load. Samuel nods his approval just as Shay lets loose a drenching load of white hot cum all over his newly shined boots. Shay then dutifully licks away the extra polish as Samuel jack s and strokes a showering load down on him."


18529_004 18529_009

18529_026 18529_028

18530_002 18530_009

18530_023 18530_028





















Manpower, Scene 4

Starring Nate Karlton and Shay Michaels
Colt Studios

January 12, 2012

"Like a bronzed statue COLT Man Nate Karlton’s chiseled muscular body shimmers in perfect symmetry above the surface of the water of a dark pool. Breathing life into the still erotic scenery, muscle bound Shay Michaels emerges from the dark water between Nate’s legs to feed on the meaty bulge in Nate’s tight fitting bathing suit. Nate’s manly passions ignite as he rises to the occasion. Exploring their muscular bodies with their hands and mouths they come together, kissing, stroking and sucking, their hard cocks throbbing as they grind against each other. Nate feeds Shay an ample mouthful of his rock hard tool. With plenty of intense deep tongue kissing and mutual cock sucking their hunger for each other builds.

Nate turns his attention to Shays furry muscled ass. Lowering Shay’s suit Nate works his way into that hot man-hole. Probing, licking and teasing Shay’s hole with his throbbing cock Nate has that ass begging to get mounted. Nate gives that hole one last tease before diving in. Moaning with pleasure Shay takes every inch as Nate delivers a hard drilling from the get-go. Nate drills that hole hard and deep. Once his ass is good and punished Shay gets up on top of Nate’s meaty pole and takes a hard and wild ride. Muscle pounds against muscle as Shay impales his bubbled, hairy ass on Nate’s cock. Jacking himself off as he rides Shay explodes, shooting a hot wad of white cum across Nate’s tight abs. With his ass punished and his balls drained Shay give’s Nate a helping hand, taking turns they stroke a gushing load from Nate’s pulsating cock. Their steamy hot loads mix together as they melt into each other's grip after a good hard fuck."






























Wall Street Men Dylan Roberts and Shay Michaels Pound AssGentlemen 04: In Hot Pursuit, Scene 4
Wall Street Men Dylan Roberts and Shay Michaels Pound Ass
Lucas Entertainment

March 12, 2012

"The more Vito falls for Chris, the more he obsesses over what he doesn’t have: power, wealth, and a suit to flaunt it all. He sees Wall Street power-player Dylan Roberts down on Gold Street and wonders what his story is. Dylan works the numbers of his bank day in and out, but he needs a break and sneaks away on his lunch to meet his friend with benefits, beefy hedge fund manager Shay Michaels. Up in Shay’s luxurious apartment, he starts sucking on Dylan as he undoes his pants to let his erection out to play. Dylan has a smooth, tight hole, and it calls out to have Shay eat out with his aggressive tongue. Dylan loves it, moaning and craning his head back to see Shay working on him. While Shay is blowing and licking Dylan, he gets hard himself and the two hot guys in suits switch positions and Dylan swallows up Shay’s curved cock. Eventually Dylan hops onto Shay’s bed on all fours, and his asshole is perfect for a fucking. His dress shoes and socks are still on, not to mention his shirt and blazer, and he’s tangled and trapped in clothes as Shay fucks him doggy and on his back -- there’s no escape in Shay’s high-powered circle of sex. The guys switch positions and Shay sits right down on Dylan’s hard cock! They get so hot and heavy they strip their suits off, but there’s not enough time to take their socks off. Their sexy escape leads to two explosive cumshots!"
Wall Street Men Dylan Roberts and Shay Michaels Pound Ass
Wall Street Men Dylan Roberts and Shay Michaels Pound Ass
Wall Street Men Dylan Roberts and Shay Michaels Pound Ass
Wall Street Men Dylan Roberts and Shay Michaels Pound Ass Wall Street Men Dylan Roberts and Shay Michaels Pound Ass
Pigs Alessio Romero and Shay Michaels Spit Piss and Flip-Fuck

Drenched, Scene 5

Pigs Alessio Romero and Shay Michaels Spit Piss and Flip-Fuck
Lucas Raunch

March 29, 2012

"Shay Michaels and Alessio Romero are two furry beefcakes made for each other -- it’s a good thing they’ve been paired up in this Lucas Raunch scene! Along with being a pair of sex-crazed pigs, these hot guys are also whores for streams and streams of warm gay piss! Alessio starts out by dominating Shay, who is on his knees sucking the Latin pig off in between spurts of urine. Alessio is so into himself that he even sniffs his own armpits while Shay services him. The piggish pornstars switch positions and Alessio sucks on Shay’s dick, milking it for the hot golden fluid it’s filled with. Eventually Alessio can’t hold back and he starts hosing down Shay, who loves the golden liquid he’s being showered with. This is a scene all about versatility: Shay and Alessio play with each other’s holes, rubbing them with probing fingers and eating them out. Alessio is the first to get fucked as the guys get down and dirty in puddles of their own urine! Alessio is a rugged beast who loves having Shay’s dick slamming in and out of him, wanting more and more. They flip-flop so Shay can show Alessio what he’s capable of taking: the guys fuck each other while taking brief breaks to piss even more. When all of the urine is out of their systems, the only thing left for their dicks to spray is all of their cum!"

Pigs Alessio Romero and Shay Michaels Spit Piss and Flip-Fuck Pigs Alessio Romero and Shay Michaels Spit Piss and Flip-Fuck
Pigs Alessio Romero and Shay Michaels Spit Piss and Flip-Fuck Pigs Alessio Romero and Shay Michaels Spit Piss and Flip-Fuck
Backyard Boys, Scene 6
Leo Forte and Shay Michaels
Fetish Force

"Leo Forte takes Wild Man Shay Michaels out of his cage, on a chain, for some 'punch fucking the prostate with electro stimulation.' Shay is all fur, meat and muscle and he allows Leo to knead, slap and bite his furry buns. Taking it up a level, Leo rubs his bristly scalp against Shay's taint and hole. Grunting and swaying like a beast in heat, Shay lets Leo shove a brass butt plug into him. Nasty man that he is, Leo pulls out the plug, sucks it, and shoves it back in, snugging it into place. It's like a sedative. Shay flops onto his back and Leo sticks a wickedly curved sounding rod into his cock. With his red neckerchief and unzipped black jeans held up by suspenders, Leo looks ready to hit the midway with a megaphone. Instead, he hits Shay with a double electric charge attached to the sound and butt plug. Leo's response to the Wild Man's cries is 'Let's turn up that juice.' Shay's groans are an aphrodisiac to Leo, making his eyebrows arch, his eyes twinkle and his grin more fiendish. When Shay's toes begin to twitch and his moans grow to orgasmic pitch, Leo knows the destination has been reached, so he removes the electrodes and tenderly strokes out the cum that couldn't escape Shay's cock."
Damien Stone & Shay MichaelsBlue Collar, Scene 2
Damien Stone & Shay Michaels
Raging Stallion Studios

"Shay Michaels and Damien Stone are off the clock and make the most of their break time. Every second counts as they get busy sucking face. The guys rip off their shirts and press their hot bare chests against each other. Shay works his way down his coworker's torso. His tongue traces and licks Damien's fuzzy nipples and continues down across his ripped abs until he reaches his crotch. He pulls Damien's huge swollen meat out and sucks on it hard, servicing his pal the way real men do. Then, Shay hops on top of a stretched-out Damien, wrapping his hole around Damien’s large tool and bounces on it like a crazed piston. They fuck some more with Shay on his back and every thrust Damien delivers causes him to cry out for more. In a display of coworker teamwork, the fellas then stand up side-by-side and begin stroking their rods, going faster and harder until they let go and spray the floor with their spooge."
Damien Stone & Shay Michaels
Damien Stone & Shay Michaels
Damien Stone & Shay Michaels